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LuAnn Lovegood

Name LuAnn Lovegood PhD

Position Counselor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Human
Age 32
Date of Birth June 20
Place of Birth England, Earth

Character Type

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CV-352-4175
Security Clearance Pending
Duty Watch Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Pale blonde
Eye Color Black
Physical Description LuAnn has long pale blonde hair the color of moonlight. She sometimes wears glasses because she likes to think they make her look more intelligent.

She loves plants and often wears earrings that resemble fruits and vegetables. Or flowers. She loves flowers.

She is tall and slim and a lot stronger than she looks. She is quite proud of that fact, but doesn't boast about it.

She is often called Luna because of her pale hair, her love of taking walks in the moonlight (along with other activities) and her quirky nature.
Body Art Not yet, but give her time.

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Father Mercurial Lovegood
Mother Hepsebah Hornz
Other Family She has one uncle, a big game hunter, who spends most of his time traveling from world to world in search of legal game to hunt.
Pets A snake she calls "Harry."

Personality & Traits

General Overview Luna is generally outgoing and friendly. She loves to talk to people and considers herself a good listener. She is blunt and usually doesn't pull her punches, preferring to speak honestly, especially when on duty.

When she has the opportunity, she often goes walking in the woods, looking for new species of plants to tell her father about. Her knowledge of herbs and herb lore is extensive and she will often use homeopathic treatments when possible.

Because of her Betazoid parentage, she is highly empathic, which helps her with her job as a counselor.
Strengths LuAnn cares about people, which is why she chose counseling. It gives her an opportunity to listen to people and help them with their needs, if she can, and get paid for it. Or the Federation's equivalent of pay.

She is very intelligent and has an inquisitive nature. She loves to learn about all sorts of things, including a general understanding of occupations and the possibility that there was some basis in truth to the early folk and fairy tales.

She can be honest to a fault. Her parents often wished she had more of a filter, but Luna prefers to simply say what she thinks so she doesn't have to remember what she said to whom. This can be a very good thing, or a very bad one.

She is fiercely loyal to her friends, to the point that she has occasionally bent the rules to help someone in need. She has not outright broken the law, but she does find some creative ways to walk the line.

Weaknesses While she tries very hard to be nice, she does have a tendency to blurt the wrong thing at the wrong time, such as telling a superior what she thinks about their new haircut or dress. She is working on tact, but still slips into old behavior.

She has a vivid imagination. This is not a bad thing, unless she is caught daydreaming instead of writing a report, or her mind wanders while she's listening to a briefing. She gets the important details, but will occasionally wonder what would happen if a giant dragonfly flew into the room and carried someone off.

She loves to go walking in the woods. This is her preference if she needs to think. She has been known to slip away between patients to go for a walk without leaving word. She's usually back in time, but once or twice she lost track of time following a rabbit.

Her favorite way to relax is to go skillydipping, especially in the moonlight. It's a great way to shrug off inhibitions and get back to nature, and it does a lot to reduce stress. However, not all of her patients agree. Or her superiors.

Can be too blunt, daydreams too much, likes to go walking alone in the woods. Tends to like odd therapies, like skinny dipping in the moonlight and incense.
Ambitions Luna wants to heal the world. Or create green space in every city in the Federation with a pond in the middle for skinny dipping.
Hobbies & Interests She loves plants and knows what many of them are and how to use them for medicinal purposes. She grows herbs in her office and quarters to use in herb teas and for cooking.

She likes to go walking in the woods, either on a planet, in the arboretum, or on the holodeck. (Although she prefers real trees to holographic ones.)

She is proficient at tracking, hunting, and fishing. She is a survivalist and can take care of herself in the outdoors.

She reads voraciously and always has a PADD on hand with at least a dozen books on it.

She collects knickknacks. They are on display in her office and quarters. Some of her favorites are in both places. She occasionally rotates them for variety.

Because of her love of the outdoors, camping, fishing, etc., she is proficient with many weapons including a phaser, slug thrower, and knife.
Vernacular Standard with a light British accent.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Latin, Greek, Egyptian, Bajoran, Vulcan, Ferengi

Personal History LuAnn was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. The daughter of a research scientist and a horticulturist, LuAnn spent a great deal of time outdoors. At first she would tag along with her parents, but as soon as she got old enough to stay home, she would explore the woods behind her house while her parents worked.

Because of her pale hair color and her fondness for walking in the moonlight, her parents nicknamed her Luna. The nickname stuck.

From an early age Luna would follow her father as he searched for strange and exotic plant life. She could identify most plants around her home and their uses. She is still fascinated with herb and natural medicines but only as a hobby.

As an only child, Luna spent (and spends) a good deal of her time alone. She has a vivid imagination and loves to read. This has led her to be teased a lot by other kids, but she doesn't mind. She firmly believes that a good imagination is a sign of a healthy mind.

She breezed through secondary school focusing on her coursework and smiling vaguely at kids who tormented her. It caused them to back off, but did not bring her any friends. Other "outcasts" began to gravitate to her and she found she enjoyed listening to their problems and helping them, if she could.

She is highly empathic and uses that in her work as a counselor and friend.

She went to University to study plant biology and horticulture, but found she didn't like being told what to study or what to think about different plants, so she changed majors. She still reads about plants and wanders through nature looking for odd plants or identifying ones she is familiar with, but not as a profession. She eventually got a degree in psychology and environmental science with a minor in horticulture. She then went on to get a PhD in clinical psychology and Philosophy from York.

Her driving desire to learn and explore led her to join Starfleet.

She enjoyed serving on starships, but she loved being planet bound most of all.

She generally counsels her patients to get back to nature to help them relax. Walks in the woods--especially in the moonlight, mediation with crystals or candles, and skinny dipping didn't sit very well with Starfleet medical. So, after several threats to demote her, she left Starfleet and went back to the civilian sector.

However, when the opportunity to work as a civilian on a science ship came her way, Luna could not resist and has since joined the crew of the USS Galileo.
Starfleet History Served as counselor aboard the USS Ticonderoga.
Served as counselor aboard the USS Alioth
Served as Assistant Chief Counselor aboard the USS Tremonton.
Served as Assistant Chief Counselor on Obsidian Colony.
Served as Chief Counselor aboard the USS Pendragon.
Currently serves on the USS Galileo.

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