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Chief Warrant Officer 3 Marek Pawlak

Name Marek Jarel Pawlak (KIA)

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 3

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39
Date of Birth July 14, 2350
Place of Birth Warsaw, Poland, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number TS-665-6943
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Alpha

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Marek is tall and densely muscled. Everything about him is long: twitchy fingers, lanky arms and legs, gaunt face, and hundred yard stare. His eyes are hazel - green in some light - heavy-lidded and piercing. He is perpetually scruffy, his hair a mess; an appearance that belies his competence as an officer. He always looked exhausted, even if he is well-rested.


Spouse Hanila (divorced)
Children Ania (10)
Father Unknown
Mother Karol Pawlak (deceased)
Brother(s) Ansen

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marek is a driven, uncompromising security officer with an eye for detail and administration. He is merciless with himself, rigorously holding himself to tasks and duties no matter what.
Strengths Intelligent.
Dark sense of humor.
Weaknesses Intense.
Can be obsessive about minutia.
Fierce national identity that can verge on fanaticism.
Hobbies & Interests Chess. Reading. Drinking.
Vernacular Marek has a pronounced Polish accent. W becomes VW; TH becomes D or T (ex. this soup would be good with some bread = dis soup vwud bi good vwit some bread.) Stress is always on the next to the last syllable. He's not a great conversationalist but can be very insightful.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Polish, Federation Standard

Personal History Karol Pawlak was a factory worker, a revolutionary, and a schizophrenic. She bore two sons, each from different fathers, both complete accidents. Her first son, Marek, was nursed in the midst of churning gears and sparks of the factory where she worked and left for hours alone in the changing area. Her second son, Ansen, was born in the hospital ward where she'd been committed after having a break with reality and trying to blow up said factory because . Both boys were sent to state-funded homes. Marek joined Starfleet in order to have a stable income that would allow him to support his brother and specialized in Security because he had a vested interest in overcoming the threat that individuals can pose to the greater good.
Medical History Broke leg and arm in childhood.
No current health concerns.
Service Record 2367 - Enlists in Starfleet Academy, Warsaw
2368 - Deployed to USS Kosciuszco
- Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class, Security Officer
2370 - Promoted: Petty Officer 2nd Class
2372 - Promoted: Chief Petty Officer, Security Officer
2373 - Transferred to USS Marathon
- Promoted: Senior Chief Petty Officer, Tactics/Security Officer
2375 - Promoted: Warrant Officer, Tactics/Security Officer
2376 - Transferred to USS Lorca
- Rank: Warrant Officer, Security Investigations Officer
2380 - Promoted: Staff Warrant Officer
2388 - Promoted: Master Warrant Officer, Master-at-Arms
2389 - Transferred to USS Galileo
- Rank: Master Warrant Officer, Master-at-Arms/Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

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