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Edward Bauer

Name Edward Bauer

Position Master Chef

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 47
Date of Birth October 30th, 2344
Place of Birth Ocean City, Maryland

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CV-499-2901
Security Clearance Level 1
Duty Shift Pending
Office Pending
Quarters Pending
Roommate Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 161 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Although Edward is of smaller physical stature when compared to other Marines, he is still a very capable fighter.
Body Art Right Arm: A Reconnaissance emblem, underneath of the letters S F M C.

Written vertically down right forearm: "Omnes respondendum est consequens"


Spouse Beth Bauer (Deceased)
Children None
Father Johnathan Bauer
Mother Kim Bauer
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Edward would be best described as having a lone wolf mentality. The decorated marine is humble of his service and rarely if ever speaks of his accolades. Duty serves beyond recognition for the seasoned veteran whose only goals now lie with living a quiet life behind a kitchen counter.
Strengths Edward Bauer has been described through transcript and by his former superiors as an adaptable individual whom strives under demanding circumstances. As a situation pushes him, it seems to invigorate him to a new level of performance inspiring those below him. He is extremely loyal and his word will always match his actions.
Weaknesses Unfortunately he is not without his shortfalls as even from Academy he displayed a short temper and at times can act solely on emotions. His time spent in the Corps, especially with the experience of the atrocities war can bring have given him a somewhat bitter outlook on life.
Ambitions As a retired Marine, Edward simply wishes to live a quiet life behind the counter improving his culinary skills.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking
Vernacular He speaks with in a low husky tone that is surprisingly smooth off the tongue. When he becomes agitated, his words become more forceful, volume increases and the syllables are accented. His standard speaking voice is quiet compared to the norm and can sometimes drift into an almost full whisper. His language and diction will also contain various terms acquired from his time as a Marine.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard

Personal History Edward Bauer was born in 2344 in the small town of Ocean City, Maryland. From a young age, Edward was taught the values of hard work and perseverance working on the family farm. The Bauer's were a family whom enjoyed the simple life with the patriarch Bauer having served a long career in the Starfleet Marine Corps.

From a very young age, Bauer was exposed to the labours of a farm with his father imparting on him the lesson of utilizing all resources and skillsets at hand. Despite being young and lacking a great deal of physical strength, he was able to use a mix of aptitude, common sense and what experience he had gained from observing his father to perform anywhere from small tasks (carrying feed buckets, sweeping floors) to utilizing small machinery and the animals around him to move items he would not be able to move himself.

As he grew older and moved onto elementary schooling, Edward never lost the value of hard work nor respect for his parents. Whilst he was by no means a loner often participating in school sports he would not allow his extra-curricular activities to interfere with his duties at home, a behavior stemming from his mother's credence 'a word made is a word kept'. His performance in academics were nothing outstanding nor anything to take particular note of. His strengths seemed to dwell in both Physical Education and some of the basic technical courses. In terms of a social life, the thought rarely occurred to the introverted teen as his main concerns lay with his education and work at home. The young man, while not gifted constantly made efforts to improve himself.

It would be no surprise that at the age of eighteen, he immediately enrolled in the Starfleet Marine Corps in 2362.
Starfleet History His career would begin much like any other marine with recruit training taking place at the Starfleet Marine Academy. Having been a farm boy through his childhood and adolescence the physical rigors of the Academy did little to wear the new recruit. He could operate on little sleep and found himself adapting easily to the Corps lifestyle. His marks academically, while not outstanding showed Bauer had what the Corps was looking for in its recruits. For the most part, he would mesh well with his platoon mates but did nothing to overly stand out. Bauer was for all intensive purposes a gray man.

Two years later, he would graduate from the Starfleet Marine Academy and receive his first assignment aboard the USS Trident. During his first years aboard the Trident, Private Bauer would split his time between his duties on the ship and expanding his knowledge and working towards a goal of becoming an EOD specialist. The vessel had a large contingent of marines allowing the young private the ability to progress his career whilst still remaining aboard the vessel. His first taste of conflict would come in early 2368 during the Klingon Civil War. The Trident along with the rest of the Task Group assigned under the USS Enterprise-D would be sent to the Klingon-Romulan border to determine if the Romulans were interfering in the conflict. Bauer and the Marines would be prepared to deploy as boarding parties should the instance arrive as intelligence would be a key asset in determining how deep the Romulans involvement went. Fortunately for him and his fellow marines, their services would not be required in ending the conflict. Having received the Klingon Civil war blockade medal if only for being aboard the Trident in the conflict, Bauer had previously received his promotion to Private First Class midway through the assignment and received his promotion to Lance Corporal upon his departure. His next assignment would bring him to the USS Odin.

It was during this assignment that Bauer would begin to receive his leadership courses and assume the responsibilities associated with such training. It was noted by his previous officers that while he was a quiet individual, when the requirement arose he seamlessly assumed a confident leadership style and was able to organize, delegate and take charge of a task or situation. It seemed as if responsibility and pressure would flip a switch on the young man sending him into action. In addition to this, he also took a brief leave of absence to partake in a basic reconnaissance course. Once again, his assignment was quiet allowing him the opportunity to advance his skills and career seeing him to his promotion to Corporal three years later and a new assignment aboard the USS Ulysses.

The Ulysses would prove the most challenging assignment for the Marine as it was during this time Corporal Bauer would be exposed to his first real combat. At the height of the Dominion War, The USS Ulysses found itself assigned with many ships to liberate Betazed from Dominion control. Given his qualifications, Corporal Bauer was to be part of a small reconnaissance team assigned with aided the resistance in ridding the surface of Dominion occupation. Bauer and his team of three marines were placed deep in Dominion occupied territory assigned with intelligence gathering and determining locations of Dominion strongholds. Of particular note, during their movements the team encountered a small Dominion labour camp comprised of only just over a dozen guards and several mistreated Betazoid prisoners. The conditions were harsh with many of the occupants suffering from fatigue, starvation and dehydration in addition to being physically abused. With the odds stacked against them, the team chose instead to risk their lives and in the blanket of night successfully took down the merciless guards freeing over 50 prisoners in the process. It was for this and in the acquisition of vital intelligence to the alliance that Bauer and his team were awarded the Star Cross. It was also during this time, Bauer was given a promotion to Sergeant.

Bauer's involvement in the war did not end there. Following the Liberation of Betazed, the Ulysses would be assigned to the Federation fleet that would participate in the final major offensive against the Dominion in the battle for Cardassia Prime. Once again, Edward would be tasked to work with resistance fighters deep within enemy lines. The team was placed within the Cardassian Capital assigned with aiding the resistance in interrupting the communication lines between Dominion HQ and their fleets. However, the team's objectives would soon change as they witnessed first hand the genocidal actions of the female founder. As the team navigated through the streets, they watched as innocent civilians were struck down by Dominion Forces with no mercy. Enraged by the sight of defenseless innocence being struck down, Edward and his team took to the Dominion Forces with bloodlust, swiftly and stealthily moving through the streets killing the foes. During one of the engagements, the Dominion Forces were about to surround the team when his longtime friend and Platoon Commander Marine Captain Lindsay Hunter was trapped in a building. Bauer could hear her faint screams coming from the building but higher authority demanded he leave the scene. Bauer and his team fought waves of Dominion Forces attempting to rescue Captain Hunter but soon became overwhelmed and were forced to retreat. The result, was the Starfleet Silver Palm awarded to him and posthumorously to Captain Hunter who gave her life protecting the civilians.

The loss of Captain Hunter, a loss he blamed himself in part for took a toll on the marine, seemingly a part of him was left behind with Hunter. In 2376, Edward was assigned to the USS Lancelot. With the Dominion war now behind them, the Federation was consolidating losses and regrouping after sustained losses, thus Edward's next assignment afforded little in the way of actual combat. With the scenes of war fresh in his mind, he became even more introverted and bitter. His temper became shortened as his views of life in general became skewed by negativity and through the hatred of anything Dominion. As a section leader, Bauer was tasked with ensuring the high readiness of his section in addition to providing support to personnel on away teams as the Lancelot would be tasked with several humanitarian missions most notably in the Cardassian sector of space. In one instance, Edward was sent with a squad to provide support to a team providing assistance to citizens of Lakarian city, an area heavily ravaged by the war. Once again the sight of misery and sorrow weighed heavily on the marine, his anger increasing as he bore witness again to the atrocities of the Dominion. His assignment on the Lancelot would be an extended stay for an out of war posting seeing him through the ranks of Staff Sergeant and Gunnery Sergeant, both given in recognition for his leadership during his tenure.

The year 2381 saw now Gunnery Sergeant Bauer sent back to the Marine Academy for year long advanced leadership training. During the training was when the symptoms of his experiences in war would manifest themselves with Bauer on instances rejecting officers whom 'lacked combat experience'. His would be cited as once having told an officer that fighting behind a console was nothing to be proud of. With his life beginning to spiral out of control, it seemed as though the marine was headed for a self-destruct until he was confronted by a civilian working with the Academy whom was not afraid to put the veteran in his place. The civilian's name was Beth Abernathy, a woman familiar with all types of marines and not one to be scoffed at. Bauer's newfound attitude did not intimidate the petite woman, instead she saw through the act and knew the marine was in pain. It was her firm but compassionate nature that drew Edward to her. At first, the two would simply talk about anything from life before Starfleet to the contents of the taco meat in the mess hall. Even though the conversations were sometimes seemingly about nothing, the distraction was a welcoming escape from reality and from the past that haunted him. He had learned that Beth was a humanitarian worker on temporary assignment to the academy before returning to space. Their relationship blossomed quickly and the effects began to turn Edward back to the upstanding marine he once was. The endgame was consumated in not only his graduation but a marriage to Beth. Both would then leave the Academy to return to space on an assignment to the USS Olympic.

The Olympic's mission was that mainly of a humanitarian nature. The ship would often be sent into areas of crisis to provide assistance to those in need, federation or not. In 2383, the Olympic would be sent to an outlying planet of Federation space consisting of a Bajoran colony. The colony was experiencing troubles with providing the essentials to it's inhabitance and requested assistance from the Federation. The Olympic heeded the call. While on the surface, a raid would come upon the colony as a group of raiders entered the colony seeking to loot the new found Federation supplies. In the firefight, Beth Bauer was mortally wounded. Once again, conflict had found a way to stab Edward's heart, unluckily for the raiders, that also meant Bauer and his security forces would dispatch of the raiders giving no quarter to the insurgent force. The weeks following the raid would be that of mourning for Edward. The man became inconsolable as once again darkness plagued his mind. His reward for the completion of the mission was to him a slap in the face, a promotion to Master Sergeant. As his tour came to a close in 2387, Bauer was promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major and assigned the position as Starfleet Marine Academy Sergeant Major.

While at the academy, Sergeant Major Bauer would become a shell of his former self, he was strict often imposing his will upon cadets and spending most of his hours patrolling the academy to enforce his unbending standards. Order had become his only friend, his obsession. During his tenure, one of his former Commanding Officer's would visit the Academy and find their former subordinate an ornery visage of what was once a proud marine. The man that now stood was a bitter, battle torn carcass slogging through his days pounding glasses of whiskey back between berating recruits. Edward's former superior would not hide this fact from the Sergeant Major. Edward needed to find new direction in his life, a calling that would not further drive his mind into a void. The man had become hated, leading through fear not respect. The loyal soldier was now a grumpy old drunk.

The heart to heart put life into perspective for Bauer. As he contemplated his next move he one day noted a recruit in the mess hall cooking. While Bauer considered working mess duty a punishment, the man seemed to be enjoying himself, taking great pride in his work. When the salty Bauer approached the young soldier, he was told by the young man that he put his heart into his meals as he believed a good course was an essential part of a soldier's morale. By putting forth this best effort and putting pride into his dishes, he set an example to his colleagues and found respect in the same. The cook would note that some soldiers had even befriended him and sought advice or simply a sounding board at their times of need. Cooking had also served as a healthy distraction for the young man, a way to remove himself from his previous reality as an orphan with nothing but the clothes on his back. Once a lost thought, the cook was now a respected member of the Academy staff, something that could not be said for the Academy Sergeant Major.

It was on that day, that Edward Bauer had found his refuge. In 2389, Sergeant Major Edward Bauer retired from the Starfleet Marine Corps pursuing a new challenge in the culinary arts. Three years later, after having sought education in the culinary arts and in having been afforded experience within restaurants and soup kitchens, Mister Edward Bauer returned to Starfleet, reinvigorated, re-energized to serve as a Chef within the civilian corps of Starfleet.

His first civilian assignment would have him aboard the USS Galileo.
Medical History Edward has had several of his bones broken, sustained two concussions, and suffers from PTSD all as a result of his service to the Marine Corps.
Service Record 2344 - Born Ocean City, Maryland
2362 - Enrolled in Starfleet Marine Academy
2364-2368 - Marine, USS Trident
2368-2372 - EOD Specialist, USS Odin
2372-2376 - Section Leader, USS Ulysses
2376-2381 - Platoon Staff Sergeant, Batallion Gunnery Sergeant
2381-2382 - Advanced Leadership Candidate
2382-2387 - Commander, Marine Detachment USS Olympic
2387-2389 - Academy Sergeant Major, SFMC Academy
2389 - Retired from Active Service
2391 - Master Chef, USS Galileo

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