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Vice Admiral Colin McDermott

Name Colin McDermott

Position Starfleet Personnel Command Director

Rank Vice Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 55
Date of Birth October 23, 2335
Place of Birth Quincy, MA, USA, Earth

Starfleet ID

Security Clearance Level 10
Duty Shift N/A

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall and wiry, Colin McDermott doesn't look like he's in his 50s. 40, maybe. Despite his rarified rank as a flag officer, and position has the Chief of Starfleet Personnel, the guy somehow looks like he has the time to work out, not just "fly a desk". There's only a touch of gray to his hair, too. Lucky jerk.
Body Art None


Spouse Laura McDermott
Children Matthew, age 12
Thomas, age 9
Father John McDermott
Mother Kathleen McDermott
Brother(s) James McDermott
Other Family Colin McDermott has a very, very big family. Trying to list everybody would take pages.
Pets One dog - a German Shepherd named Drakken.

Personality & Traits

General Overview When he's on official business, Colin McDermott keeps his cards very close to his vest, his true self something of a cipher to his subordinates. While he's the sort with a ready smile and a quick wit, he manages to be very, very intimidating when faced across a table, even for good reasons. When it's for bad reasons, well. Then the experience tends to be memorable.
Strengths Colin McDermott is a hard-charging commander. He expects a lot from his subordinates and the command staffs he oversees - and he usually does manage to get it. Technically and tactically, this is a guy who knows space - particularly combat and warfare in space - like it's in his blood.
Weaknesses Colin McDermott is a hard-charging commander. He expects a lot from his subordinates and the command staffs he oversees - and if you fail, you're written off instantly and forever. Add to that that he doesn't naturally have brilliant people skills (it's all learned, as he'll be the first to admit), and he's kind of an odd pick for Chief of Personnel.
Ambitions Officially, he has none except to serve. He already has flag rank, after all. Unofficially? Well, he keeps his cards close, let's just say that. If he has ambitions beyond his current posting, he isn't saying.
Hobbies & Interests Sailing, horseback riding, martial arts
Vernacular Colin McDermott, despite decades away from the Greater Boston region in Starfleet service, still speaks Federation Standard with a definite Boston Irish accent - what locals would recognize as a "Southie" accent. (If you've never heard it, think of Matt Damon in the "Departed".)
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Latin, German, Russian

Personal History Colin McDermott was the kind of kid Starfleet, to be frank, dreams of recruiting. A near genius, athletic...His only handicap would be that he was about as non-diverse as you could possibly get, except for sounding like he stepped out of central casting for an Irish kid from the Greater Boston region of New England.

He grew up on Earth, born in 2336 - decades before the events of Wolf 359, or the Dominion War. Back when Utopia seemed achievable.

His childhood was nothing special, really. Born in suburbia, went to public schools. Had the usual adolescent stupidity episodes, but nothing that got remembered formally. And then, like any good kid, he went to college - to Georgetown University, in fact. (What the hell is a Hoya? Even in the 24th Century, that ranks as a Really Good Question, actually.)

It was, to be frank, a little easy for Colin McDermott. Almost too easy. Which might be why, by the time he graduated in 2358, he was itching for adventure. A bit too educated for Starfleet Academy by this point, he went for the next best thing: Officer Candidate School.
Starfleet History In August 2358, Colin McDermott was accepted as an Officer Candidate at Starfleet Officer Candidate School, Earth, beginning in the October of that year.

It was 12 weeks of being turned from, as a drill instructor at OCS put it, "a soft, chewy civilian, not unlike the cookies my wife gives me" into a leader and an officer. He was an honor graduate for his OCS platoon, and won an assignment to training as a Tactical Officer alongside his commission as an Ensign. Thus, 12 weeks of training on Mars followed, then deployment to his first ship: USS Nuncio, an aging Ambassador-class stationed along the Klingon border. It was a rough 18 months, under a department head that wasn't sure he liked the young Ensign with a devastating intelligence....and a cockiness that seemed entirely unearned.

But all good and bad things come to an end, and in September 2360, McDermott was promoted to Lieutenant JG and reassigned to the USS Thoroughbred, a Centaur Class stationed along the Romulan Neutral Zone. This, in contrast to the quiet Klingon border, was a chance for a Tactical Officer to shine, and the young Colin McDermott took it.

His career would rise like a rocket after that. He'd serve in any number of positions, on any number of ships, over the next 10 years - including fighting at Wolf 359 against the Borg, having to bring his ship out by the skin of its teeth after her command staff had been killed. (He didn't get to keep the command; the ship was far too damaged to be worth repairing.)

By 2373, then, and the beginning of the Dominion War, he was a department head himself - a Lieutenant Commander and Chief Security and Tactical Officer aboard USS Winston Churchill, a Galaxy-class that was newly commissioned.

The Dominion War, in a word, was painful. Every day the casaulty lists came in. Every day, friends and comrades were on them. For two years, it was a slog. The Churchill notched up campaign and battle credits like nothing else, and her survival was sometimes the result of Colin McDermott's determined leadership.

These events would shape the rest of McDermott's career, through his time as an instructor at Starfleet Academy, as XO of the USS Warrior, and as Commanding Officer of the USS St. George. Starfleet may once have been focused on exploration and science, to the near-exclusion of military matters. It could no longer afford to be. Only through vigilance, training, and a severe change in mindset could Starfleet, and through it the Federation, hope to survive the turbulent times after the Dominion War. The days in which Jean-Luc Picard could say that "Starfleet is not a military organization" were over. They had to be. There were dragons at the gates to Paradise, and far too many of those.

That would still be his view now, as he serves as Chief of Starfleet Personnel at Starfleet Command. Hic sunt dracones, and it's Starfleet's job to fend em off.
Medical History Nothing significant.
Service Record October 2336: Born
August 2354: Begins classes at Georgetown University, Washington DC, Earth
May 2358: Graduates with BA in History
August 2358: Accepted to Starfleet Officer Candidate School beginning October 2358
October 2358: Officer-candidate at Starfleet Officer Candidate School, Earth
January 2359: Commissioned as Ensign, assigned as Student at Starfleet Tactical Operations Course, Mars
March 2359: Graduates SFTOC, Assigned as Tactical Officer, USS Nuncio (Ambassador class)
September 2360: Promoted to Lieutenant JG, assigned as Tactical Officer, USS Thoroughbred (Centaur class)
September 2366: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned as Tactical Officer, USS Lexington (Akira Class)
September 2373: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, assigned as Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Winston Churchill (Galaxy Class)
September 2375: Assigned as Instructor, Political Science, Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
September 2378: Promoted to Commander, assigned as Executive Officer, USS Warrior (Sovereign Class)
September 2384: Promoted to Captain, assigned as Commanding Officer, USS St. George (Normandy Class)
September 2387: Promoted to Commodore, assigned as Commander, Cruiser Squadron 23-Alpha, Starbase 39-Sierra
September 2389: Promoted to Rear Admiral, assigned as Commander, Starfleet Tactical, Starfleet Command, Earth
September 2390: Promoted to Vice Admiral, assigned as Chief of Starfleet Personnel, Starfleet Command, Earth

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