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Lieutenant JG Ricardo Montoya

Name Ricardo Esteban Montoya

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human / Deltan
Age 35
Date of Birth Sept. 3rd, 2358
Place of Birth Earth, Cordoba Spain

Starfleet ID

Serial Number MR-626-3050
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Pending
Office Sickbay, Exobiology Lab
Quarters Pending
Roommate Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 220
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Lucid Green
Physical Description “Tall, Dark, & Handsome” has been used more than once to describe Rico. His looks alone have gotten him double takes on more than one occasion, but with the added allure from his Deltan heritage he is adored by women. Something that has gotten him in hot water, in both a good way as well as bad, several times.

Muscular and extremely fit.


Spouse None at present
Father Martin Montoya - Human
Mother Liana Montoya - Deltan
Sister(s) Karmen Montoya

Personality & Traits

General Overview Easy mannered, and understanding, he is ready to give most anyone the benefit of the doubt. However he has no problem holding people to task when the time calls for it.

During his off hours you will typically find him enjoying the both the physical and mental pleasures of life…be that the warmth of the sun on his skin or the relaxation of mediation.

Being only half Deltan he was not required to take the oath of celibacy. However he has found himself being warned to behave himself…more than once.
Strengths Disarming manner: Rico is very laid back and calm in virtually any situation and it takes quite a lot to get him angry. His calm demeanor, good looks combined with his Spanish suaveness and Deltan pheromones makes him quite disarming…especially for the ladies.

Empathic abilities: Thanks to his Deltan heritage and his mother’s training he his touch empathic; meaning that through physical contact he can sense emotions and alleviate pain. While full-blooded Deltans have a sub-conscious telepathy, Rico needs actual physical contact and can only read emotional states.

Physical strength: From an early age Rico’s father had encouraged him to hone his body and that is a habit he still practices today. Whether it’s spending time in a gym, dojo, or outdoors he is constantly challenging himself physically.

Generosity: Even as a young child Rico was always helping and giving to others. He never gives a second thought to putting others before himself or to answer a call for help.
Weaknesses Generosity: His generosity has been taken advantage of from time to time. At times even those he considered a close friends would assume that Rico would cover for them in some way, provide whatever was needed, or bail them out of whatever trouble they found themselves. Strangers could be even worse. Luckily He has learned to spot freeloaders early on to he can nip things if needed, but still finds himself falling for a good sob story.

Arrogance: While in his area of expertise Rico is rarely wrong and at times he forgets to humble himself. Luckily that overconfidence has never gotten him into any serious trouble…at least as an adult.

Snakes: Rico can climb a mountain with his bare hands, fly a wing suit, jump out of a perfectly good shuttle, and heal a broken body. You could drop him off in the middle of nowhere wearing a pair of bikini underwear, without his toothbrush, and tomorrow afternoon he's going to show up pool-side with a big smile and fist full of gold-pressed latinum; but if he gets anywhere near a snake it’s red alert and every man for himself.

His fun loving nature also means he can be a bit of a prankster.
Ambitions To live life to the fullest. If that leads to command so be it, but he usually enjoys pushing other to achieve and reach their goals.
Hobbies & Interests Astronomy, Stellar Phenomena, and ‘other’ celestial bodies

Running, Weight Training, Swimming

Enjoys: Riding, Climbing, Surfing, Hiking, Skiing, Dancing, and Candle lit Dinners

Practices: Bujinkan, Kung Fu, & Tai Chi Chuan

Plays a mean game of Poker, especially Texas Hold’em
Vernacular Federation Standard
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Spanish, Deltan, Passable Romulan, and a smattering of Klingon

Personal History Rico learned at a young age how to defend himself. His father said that he would need those skills, and he was right. All during his school years, as soon a girls got into the mix, he had had to defend himself from time to time. Mainly due to unfounded jealousy, but then again he did take advantage of his pheromones from time to time during High School.

As a graduation present he and several of his friends took a trip to the Alps to do some skiing. Like a typical teenager, he was young and dumb and ended up breaking his leg. While at the clinic his natural ‘allure’ attracted the attention of a few nurses and he took advantage of the situation.

On hearing of the incident his parents were furious and his mother took him to Delta later that year. The trip opened his eyes to the damage that he could cause to himself and other if he wasn’t careful.

Highly intelligent, he had easily earned an appointment to Starfleet Academy. Though at the time he didn’t want the responsibility so he decided to enlist, a decision he came to regret. Luckily he was able to transfer his obligation and entered the Academy.

His time as a crewman and Petty Officer was a blast and he made several close friends and accumulated an impressive collection of alcoholic beverages from his poke abilities. But most notable was his relationship with a Lieutenant in the ship’s science department. Though there were several close calls they had managed to keep things of the command sensors.

During his time at the Academy he met a beautiful El-Aurian named Sarina and they did everything together. At first he wasn’t sure if she liked him because of his pheromones or not and he even challenged her on it. But in typical El-Aurian fashion she stunned him with her response and they became even closer.

While on a break one summer he took Sarina to El-Capitan to do a little climbing. Unfortunately due to an equipment failure they both fell from the mountainside. Sarina died at the scene and Rico suffered severe injuries. Blaming himself for her death it was some time before he was climbing again.

Over the years he has had several relationships, but he would never allow himself to get too serious. However as he gets older he sees the enjoyment of family in other and wonders if he will ever be able to let some in again.
Starfleet History After graduating from basic training his first posting was aboard the Excelsior Class, USS Tempest. The Captain was a fair woman but she always seemed guarded around him. He chalked it up to his Deltan half and left it at that.

During one particular mission in the Viele system, the Tempest encountered a series of unexplained malfunctions and crew injuries. During the course of the treatment of several of the crew Rico discovered that that there was an energy signature in the wounded crew that was also found in the damaged systems aboard ship.

It was discovered that both the injuries and the damage was being caused by a xenophobic race that could alter bio chemistry to remain hidden. Once discovered first contact was established and the Tempest saw to it that the system was isolated per the Viele's wishes.

His next assignment was to the Galaxy Class USS Scylax. Now that he had gotten his space legs and shed his academy spit and polish things seemed to go a lot smoother. The Captain, a Deltan himself, served as a sort of mentor and adviser to him at times. The next year went by without incident, but in 2384 the Scylax encountered a cargo vessel adrift in space. An investigation of the ship found the entire crew dead of unknown causes. Tracing the ships path back to an unexplored planet the Scylax found what they believed to be a smuggling base...but everyone found there was dead as well.

Soon after their arrival the crew of the Scylax began to fall ill and there were several deaths. Lt. Breen, a fellow medical officer, found that the deaths were caused by the depletion of neural chemicals in the brain, but couldn't figure out why. Together with Rico they discovered that portions of the victim were out of phase. This discovery allowed them to track down the culprit - a bi-phasic parasite.
It was then that Rico decided that he wanted to become an officer and with the Captain’s sponsorship his earlier appointment was reinstated and PO Montoya became Cadet Montoya.

While preparing to leave the ship the CMO, Dr. Jeremiah Chase, sent him a copy of his report on the incident. In that report he not only credited him with its discovery but he named the parasite after him and Lt. Breen.

The Montoya-Breen Biphasic Parasite.

Not exactly the way he wanted to be remembered, but he appreciated it none the less.

While at the Academy he suffered a broken back, fractured skull, compound fracture of his left arm, broken ribs, perforated liver, internal and external bleeding after a climbing accident on El Capitan. Once he physically recovered he focused of his studies but isolated himself socially. Because of his behavior he was grounded from a training cruise and ordered to seek counseling.

Upon graduation he attended Starfleet Medical.

In 2390, while catching a ride to his first assignment, as an officer, aboard the USS Freedom; the ship was diverted to investigate a loss in communication from a survey team in the Cartaris system.

After arrival at Cartaris II, the crew of the USS Freedom found the survey ship and the equipment on the surface all destroyed and the people missing. And when the Freedom's away team vanished, including the ships CMO, Rico was called on to fill his shoes.

During their investigation it was discovered that the entire planet was a huge biological collective...not so much a hive mind, but collective instinct.

That collective, having incorporated the survey and away teams, had now experienced sentience...and was not about to give it up.

Several vessels were dispatched to the system to secure it and a research facility was established in orbit. Given his familiarity with the phenomena and the rapport with the collective humanoid representatives, Rico was assigned to the project.

In 2392 Rico was rotated out of Romulan space and sent to Earth for debrief by Starfleet intelligence. After his debrief he took advantage of being back on Earth, taking leave and spending time with his family. At the end of his leave he returned to San Francisco to await his next assignment and received orders to report to Risa as the Federation Embassy's Assistant Chief Medical Officer. However the fates had a different plan and he never made it to Risa.

Listed MIA when his transport was reported missing.
Medical History He was severely injured in a climbing accident while at the Academy: broken back, fractured skull, compound fracture of his left arm, broken ribs, perforated liver, internal and external bleeding. Climbing partner killed.
Service Record 2376 – Enlisted in Starfleet
2377 – Assigned to the USS Tempest as a Medical Corpsmen and Surgical Assistant
2379 - Starfleet Commendation for his contributions during the discovery of and first contact with the Viele Tentacled Saches.
2379 – Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class
2381 – Transferred to USS Scylax as a Medical Corpsmen and Surgical Assistant
2382 - Awarded Starfleet Commendation for his discovery of the Montoya-Breen Biphasic Parasite.
2382 – Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class
2384 – Requested and was approved for entrance to Starfleet Academy
2388 – Graduated Starfleet Academy - Medical & Exobiology
2390 - Graduated Starfleet Medical, as a Lieutenant Junior Grade as a Surgical Assistant
2390 - Temporary assignment as the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Freedom.
2390 - Medical Research Team, Bio-Containment and monitoring station on Cartaris II
2392 – Assign to Federation Embassy on Risa - MIA
2393 -

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