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Lieutenant JG Stephanie Fraiser

Name Stephanie Fraiser (KIA)

Position Chief Research Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 24
Date of Birth 05/06/2366
Place of Birth Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number VX-720-0051
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 4 - Chief Research Officer's Office
Quarters Pending
Roommate Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 65 kilos
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Unlike most of her family Stephanie is short (Her parents and brothers all top over 6 foot). She keeps herself fit and trim and wears her hair generally in a female version of the men’s short hair cut (think Ezra Dax or Samantha Carter) for safety in the lab. She used to wear it long but having to wear it in a bun all day would give her headaches which caused her to chop it off one night in frustration. She has several scars on her legs from surgeries over the past twelve months after a bad shuttle crash and currently walks with the help of a cane.
Body Art She is the brand new owner of a Phoenix rising from the ashes that covers almost the entirety of her back to the top of her buttocks. It is there to remind her of both the loss of her friends and team and that life will go on in a different way


Spouse James Caine (Fiancé... died twelve months ago in a shuttle accident)
Children Jamie Andrea Fraiser (twelve months old) born a month and a half premature.
Father Ambassador Robert Fraiser
Mother Rachel Fraiser MD
Brother(s) Jayden Fraiser (28) Medical Doctor for Starfleet - USS Akira
George Fraiser (22) Training to be a Security Officer at the academy
Nelson Fraiser (18) Last year of High School before Academy
Sister(s) None
Other Family Martin Nelson Caine - Older Brother of James. Named after Nelson Mandela who was idolised by his father and Martin Luther King Jr. (both were activists in the 20th Century).
Pets German Shepherd puppy 4 weeks old - rescued from a shelter that couldn't afford to look after it when the rest of the litter and mother died.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Prior to the shuttle crash Stephanie was an easy outgoing personality with an easy laugh. Since the crash she has become much more introspective and quiet. She still smiles but it is harder to make her smile and her mischievous streak is well hidden.
Strengths Stephanie has a strong belief in the scientific method and the fact that she can solve most puzzles given time and the correct equipment. Unfortunately this also can be a weakness as she gets drawn into ideas that don’t always have answers which causes her to become frustrated.
Weaknesses She has a curious adventurous nature that can get her into trouble when she goes beyond her abilities. She has a temper when pushed and becomes easily frustrated when stuck on something that has no answer (She stormed out of the Kobayashi Maru after swearing in Klingon at the attackers and calling the instructors some rather nasty names). She found out later that the instructors had been particularly nasty when they set up her test so no tribunal to face for her Conduct Unbecoming of an officer, in fact the Instructors were sanctioned for inappropriate behaviour. One of the instructors was related to her almost mother in law and had family pressure placed on him to treat her badly.
Ambitions To provide a warm loving home for her daughter and maybe eventually a father and half siblings.

To be the best Officer and Scientist she can be.
Hobbies & Interests Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Rock Climbing, Camping, Reading, Playing with her daughter.
Vernacular Quietly spoken with a slightly Australian accent.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Betazoid, Vulcan, Cardassian and Klingon

Personal History Born to Ambassador Robert Fraiser and his wife Rachel in 2366 while they were seconded to Earth before the Dominion War, Stephanie had a relatively normal upbringing. Well normal for living part of it in a war zone as the Federation fought for its autonomy from the Dominion of the Founders.

Her parents worked hard to ensure that she and her brothers stayed safe during the war. This included sending them to obscure planets and boarding schools where they were separated but still able to contact each other.

It was at Scotch College a church based Co-educational boarding school, that her love for science was fostered by one of the teachers who had been a Starfleet Scientist before he was pensioned out and chose to go into teaching. Thanks to his encouragement she successfully completed the entrance exams at 17 and joined the next year's intake. She met both her future fiancé and his brother. James, her fiancé was a year older and his brother, Martin, was six years older than her. The teacher encouraged Stephanie and James to work together due to a mutual love they saw growing.

A year after graduating Starfleet Academy she reconnected with James on Starbase 12 and after a whirlwind romance where she became pregnant they were engaged to be married. Two months before the ceremony and a month and a half before their daughter was due Stephanie and her fiancé were in a shuttle accident in which everyone died except her and their unborn daughter.

Giving birth a month and a half early and having spent the last year in Rehab from the shuttle accident Stephanie decided she needed a change of scene when her in laws threatened to sue for full custody of their son’s child so she applied for the CRO role on the USS Galileo.
Medical History *Stephanie was diagnosed with a learning disability (dyslexia) at age 8 and her parents were warned that she may struggle to achieve much. She and her parents took this as a challenge to prove the specialists wrong.

*Medication dependent diabetic - born with a hyperactive pancreas that created too much insulin - currently controlled

*Has had all normal vaccinations and no major childhood illnesses - 2 fractured fingers and a fractured wrist as a child learning martial arts.

*Emergency C-Section twelve months ago - no complications

*Damage to bones and muscles in lower legs after a shuttle crash twelve months ago - only survivor and now walks with help of cane, while uses antigrav chair for work and longer distances. Lowers gravity in her quarters to assist with getting around.
Service Record 2384 - 2388: Starfleet Academy as a cadet in their Science department

2388 - 2390: Science Officer Starbase 12 in the Gamma Quadrant - She received a promotion and several commendations for the work the team did on a solid state Medical officer that can be used on smaller ships where they don't always have the room for extra air breathing and eating members of crew.

2390 - onwards: CSO USS Galileo -

Character Progression System

Primary Band Science

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Intelligence


+Coordination (upper limbs)

Department Skills Science
Department Perks +Academia

Skill Training

In Progress Science