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Lieutenant JG K’yerak Nikolaev

Name K’yerak Nikolaev

Position Astrophysicist/Cosmologist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 90
Date of Birth April 4, 2302
Place of Birth St. Petersburg, Russia, Earth.

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SN-667-1132
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Pending
Office Deck 7 - Astrometrics Lab
Quarters Pending
Roommate Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1''
Weight 190
Hair Color black
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Elizabeth Johanson (deceased)
Children Mark (29) David (26) Mary (24)
Father Piotr Nikolaev
Mother Anauk (Vulcan)
Pets Surak, Pythagoras (Both Turtles).

Personality & Traits

General Overview K'yerak's personality is considered outgoing and friendly. He is confident in knowledge of his abilities as well as his field. While he enjoys conversation he prefers to listen to people and gauge their personalities and how they think and believe. K'yerak will go out of his way to make people feel welcome and to make friendships, he will 'inform' them when they are factually wrong.
Strengths K'yerak's biggest strengths are his knowledge and his friendly outgoing personality. He is naturally curious about people and will strive to make them feel comfortable, to a point of making things awkward if they shut down emotionally. With him being half Vulcan, his physical strength has been equal to a typical Vulcan. K'yerak does not consider Physical attributes particularly desirable and prefers to rely on his knowledge and more relaxed persona. Above all, K'yerak prides himself on his intense loyalty to his fellow crew members, this has served him well in forming strong friendships where ever he goes.
Weaknesses One of Kyerak's strengths is also a weakness, with his mixed physiology his emotions are usually 'in check'. However he has been known to have emotional outbursts, particularly when around other Vulcans who question him following a more 'human' lifestyle. He does feel he has to impress or prove his knowledge and abilities, particularly with Vulcans, this occurred when he attended the Vulcan Science Academy. He also stresses about proving his abilities to non Vulcans, through out his life he has felt he has been an 'alien' towards everyone and not fully being accepted.
Ambitions To serve the Federation and broaden knowledge of scientific fields.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Running, performing experiments from his and other hypothesis, loves to paint landscapes and cook exotic cuisine.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Russian, Vulcan, Romulan and Klingon

Personal History K'yerak was born in 2302, the only child of Piotr and Anauk in St. Petersburg. Anuak, knowing that he might face certain prejudices in Vulcan schools made sure he was able to grow in an environment traditional to most human children. Throughout his childhood K'yerak displayed amazing intelligence but also found it difficult to control his emotional human side. K'yerak found it difficult to make friends, not due to prejudice, but due to the fact many weren't sure how to approach K'yerak being that he was a Vulcan that accepted emotions. Ultimately, this stopped being an issue when he entered High school. K'yerak applied himself deeply into his studies and decided he wanted to have a career devoted to sciences, but was unsure how to proceed. Eventually he was accepted into Starfleet Academy at the age of 16.

His Academy record was mixed, while his academics flourished he did have a few disciplinary problems due to his emotional status. It wasn't until he became friends with Thomas Ramsey, a fellow cadet, who he eventually formed a relationship with. K'yerak soon be able to calm his emotional struggle and found the balance that he and other who were born with Vulcan and Human parents struggled with. He also found that he had an exceptional talent with Astrophysics and complex mathematics. Through the urging of several professors K'yerak applied to follow up his education with the Vulcan Science Academy, K'yerak and his mother weren't convinced that they would accept K'yerak due to his following of a 'human' path, to their and others' surprise he was accepted and attended after graduating Starfleet Academy.
Starfleet History This change eventually ended his relationship with Thomas, surprisingly K'yerak was emotionally able to accept this and during his time on Vulcan became more 'logical'. K'yerak again flourished at his studies and was able to obtain his PhD in astrophysics and Mathematics. On 2322 K'yerak entered his life as a Starfleet officer, his first posting was a being a professor at Starfleet Academy as well as assisting with research and development at the Daystrom Institute. K'yerak found the monotony tiresome and wanted to serve on board a starship.

In 2330 his wish was granted when he was transferred to the USS T'Pau a strictly Vulcan crewed starship. With this posting he was able to research several blac kholes and along with several other crew members was able to demonstrate how certain black holes could be collapsed or grown and used as a efficient energy source. This research allowed him and the other research members be awarded the Vulcan Scientific Legion of Honor medal. An achievement that he had pride over, this commendation also allowed him to select another posting of his choosing.

In 2340 he was transferred to the USS Ambassador, this posting was a dream, not only for the advanced scientific labs that rivaled even that of the T'pau but the crew that was from every corner of the Federation. He made several friends and in 2351 met a ensign Elizabeth Johanson, this friendship evolved into a deeply passionate romantic relationship. The two were married in 2353 on board the USS Ambassador, a week later they both transferred to Earth. Elizabeth went to Starfleet Medical and K'yerak went to Starfleet Research and Development as well as teaching Starfleet Academy. This time was unlike the last time and his wife helped not make it monotonous.

Elizabeth and K'yerak welcomed their first child, Mark on 2363. After the birth of Mark, K'yerak filed to become a permanent professor at the Academy. Later on K'yerak and Elizabeth welcomed two more children David (2366) and Mary (2368), their family was complete. Then in 2373 with the start of the Dominion War. As the war progressed both Elizabeth and K'yerak were stationed on starships due to shortage of man power. Elizabeth was assigned to the USS Majestic and K'yerak was assigned to the USS Sutherland. K'yerak served with distinction even though he deplored the violence he saw. Unfortunately, Elizabeth was killed when the USS Majestic was lost during the battle to retake Deep Space 9.

With Elizabeth dead, Starfleet command transferred K'yerak back to earth where he can raise his children who had been in care of both his mother and Elizabeth's parents. After the war ended K'yerak still distraught at the death of his beloved wife resigned from Starfleet to raise his kids and he taught at the several universities on Earth. It wasn't until all his children entered Starfleet Academy that K'yerak realized that he truly missed Starfleet and again entered Starfleet in hopes of being assigned to a starship.
Medical History K'yerak is an extremely healthy individual, however during the war with the Dominion he was injured several times on board the Sutherland. During the battle of Betezed K'yerak suffered 3rd degree burns on his back and upper legs, while most of the burns healed few scars remain on his body. During a skirmish on the Federation Cardassian border K'yerak suffered a broken back, as well as a broken right shoulder and right femur after he helped assist fight Jem Hadar boarding parties. These injuries have healed overall however he does feel pain at unspecified times.
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2318-2322
USS T’pau 2330-2340
USS Ambassador 2340-2353
Starfleet Academy 2353-2373
USS Sutherland 2373-2374
Starfleet Academy 2376-2388
Reenlisted 2388

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