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USS Galileo

Lieutenant JG Kyril Vale

Name Kyril Loren Vale

Position Chaplain

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid/Human
Age 30
Date of Birth January 26th, 2360
Place of Birth Betazed | Grew up in Southern Korea, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CP-380-1872
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Pending
Office Deck 3 - Sickbay
Quarters Pending
Roommate Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 139lbs
Hair Color Naturally dark brown, though he sometimes has the tendency to dye it blonde.
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Kyril has a statuesque figure, he is lean, evenly muscled, and quite graceful. He has a diamond face shape with a jawline that is slightly more defined than usual. His eyes are oval shaped, and are his most defining feature. Having inherited his father's Betazoid qualities his eyes are black. His skin tone is a pale cream color which highlights his dark hair.
Body Art - Right Pectoral (2) : Always keep the faith & Deferto Neminem (Accuse no man, from Shakespeare's Hamlet).

- Left Collarbone (2) : Two butterflies with the wings colored red.

- Left Bicep (1) : Hope to the end.

- Down The Center Of His Back (1) : In Hungal (without faith you're dead).

- Shoulder-blades (2) : One angel wing on either shoulder-blade.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Caabron Vale
Mother Jae-Eun Nahm
Pets A white scottish fold named Eri.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kyril is an overall spiritual and timid individual. He has some personal space issues that can get in the way of his job but he tries hard to get past it. He has issues with his inherited telepathy and empathic abilities as he feels it can interfere with his process with people.
Strengths Kyril is incredibly intelligent, he always did well in school and the academy. He can read people fairly easily if he truly wants to, due to his abilities. He is kind, compassionate, peaceful, creative, and loyal to those who become his friends.
Weaknesses Kyril has personal space issues, he doesn't like others to touch him or hug him unless he initiated it. He has never been quite sure why he is this way but he doesn't let it bother him. Kyril also dislikes his empathy and telepathy because he feels they are a huge violation of privacy so he tries not to rely on them too much.
Ambitions Kyril's ambition is to bring peace to others. To help them be loving towards themselves and to others around them.
Hobbies & Interests Kyril's hobbies include; writing, singing, reading, and playing guitar. From the age of thirteen he played guitar and continued to do so throughout his life. He can play the acoustic, electric, and bass guitar rather proficiently. When he isn't playing guitar he can most likely be found reading, alone in some corner, content on his own.
Vernacular Kyril's voice hold's a slight accent but otherwise he speaks very clearly.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Korean.

Personal History Kyril was born the only child in 2360 to Caabron Vale and Jae-Eun Nahm. He was born on Betazed where he spent the first year of his life. Shortly after he turned one his mother Jae-Eun decided that life on Betazed was far too stressful and left with Kyril. Caabron did not come with them to Earth, and Kyril has never gotten his mother to tell him the reason why. Jae-Eun raised Kyril in her home in Southern Korea. There she taught him both Federation Standard and Korean as languages.

From a young age he studied his mother's culture and her religion of Buddhism. Kyril became increasingly fascinated by Buddhism and the respect for inherent goodness it encouraged. He took that to heart by trying to help others everyday. Soon it became apparent that Kyril had inherited his father's telepathic abilities as well as an empathic ability. While his telepathic ability was considered below average for a Betazoid he still grew to dislike it. Both abilities made him feel like he was intruding upon people's thoughts and emotions. Especially in school where the other students would grow irritated with him for finishing their sentences, or bothering them about how they were feeling.

As he grew up he slowly stopped letting those opinions affect him. At the age of thirteen he found quite a few other interests to focus his energy on. Guitar seemed to be his calling and he took to it fairly quickly. After practice one evening he stumbled upon a small white kitten laying in the rain gutter. He scooped her up and took her home to his mother, begging her to let him keep her. After some convincing and what felt like a thousand promises, she allowed him to have the cat. He cleaned her up and fondly gave her the name Eri that meant blessing. The kitten was his best friend and the two continued to grow together.

In 2378, at the age of eighteen, Kyril enrolled into Starfleet Academy to further his education. Jae-Eun was unsupportive at first, nervous for her only child to go off into the world at that age, but she warmed up to the idea later on. Kyril decided to study Psychology so he could become a counselor or chaplain to further help the people around him. He met quite a few friends in the Academy, ones that he was fiercely loyal to. Jayk, a human from Finland became his best friend and the two were inseparable through most of Kyril's years there. In 2380 he graduated and left the Academy to take a one year break. This including leaving Earth, his mother, Eri, and his friends.

Returning to Betazed for one year he dedicated his time to trying to find his father. His mother gave him little to no information when he left so he was on his own. The year trickled by slowly with no further information, much to Kyril's frustration. So, when the year was up Kyril returned home to go on active enlistment. He joined Starbase 175 in 2384 as a counselor for the civilian popular on board. His time there was well spent and opened his eyes to what it would be like in the field.

In 2389 Kyril received an opportunity to join a Starfleet Vessel, the USS Galileo. Jumping at the chance he gathered his things, his beloved cat Eri, and said his goodbyes. It was difficult for him to leave his mother on her own and leave the friends he had made. However this was a new chapter for him, a new challenge, and he was excited to meet it head on.
Medical History Kyril has no real medical history besides minor visits for check ups. He has looked into therapy for his personal space issues when he was on in the Academy but it has never reaped any results. Kyril hasn't had any real medical issues or injuries while aboard the Starbase he had occupied a position in.
Service Record 2375 : Enrolled in Starfleet Academy to study Psychology.
2380 : Graduated from Starfleet Academy.
2380 - 2381 : Searched for his father on Betazed.
2382 - 2389 : Gave up his search and became a counselor on Starbase 175.
2390 - Present : USS Galileo

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