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Lieutenant Amaranai Franklin

Name Amaranai Elizabeth Franklin

Position Deputy Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26
Date of Birth December 4, 2363
Place of Birth London, England, Earth

Character Type

Starfleet ID

Serial Number VN-471-3725
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Watch Beta

Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 120
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Though Amaranai does not tower over most people, she is more than capable of standing up for herself. Her demeanor, friendly, for the most part, can be considered stone-faced or hard to crack, especially in stress-related instances. She keeps her brown hair up while on duty and lets it down as soon as she gets into her quarters. Her blue eyes are striking and vibrant but convey her resilience through her life's ups and downs.
Body Art NA


Spouse NA
Father Gideon Franklin, 61
Mother Ellen Franklin, 60, deceased
Brother(s) Ethan, 33; William, 30; Devin, 28
Sister(s) Lily, 25; Isabelle, 21; Charlotte, 15

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amaranai Franklin would not be considered a model Starfleet officer, but she is a good officer. Amaranai has been a member of Starfleet for ten years and has enjoyed her time immensely. Her desire for adventure has led her on several different types of missions and to different posts, each with their own unique situations to overcome. Though Amaranai has family on Earth, she currently chooses not to see them in person, relying simply on other communication methods.
Strengths Amaranai tries to maintain a good attitude in the presence of danger, only because she knows that regardless of the danger, positive attitudes usually prevail. She also uses humor to lighten the mood, if necessary, but knows when to be serious. She has always had an adventurous spirit, which has taken her through some difficult situations when she was younger to where she currently is, in Starfleet. Amaranai is very independent having made decisions about her life when she was still in secondary school and eventually choosing to go against her parent’s wishes to leave home and join Starfleet. Despite the need for independence, Amaranai makes friends easily. She tends to stay close to her friends that she has made through the years in Starfleet, even contacting them more than her own family.
Weaknesses Amaranai’s drive for adventure has also given her a need to get things done at the moment they are needed. This has led her to becoming impatient with bureaucracy and the chain of command. She does her best to keep her thoughts to herself but will become agitated if not being able to advance the missions. The impatience hasn’t been the only thing to suffer for Amaranai, however. She has been known to be reckless at times – charging into situations without thinking simply because she is tired of waiting for things to happen. Being on her own has made Amaranai feel as if she is better than her peers. She keeps it in check most of the time but sometimes her arrogance will show, especially when under stress. Though independence has served Amaranai well at times, it has also led to poor decision making as well. This, in conjunction with her impatience, has led to some discipline issues. She works hard at avoiding these problems, but can slip back into the bad habits very easily.
Ambitions When Amaranai began at the Academy she merely wanted to graduate and travel the galaxies. When she graduated, she changed her mind to consider being promoted to a Chief position. As that didn't happen as soon as she would have preferred, her ambitions changed to simply being able to stay in Starfleet. Now that she is on the Galileo, her ambitions have changed again - not just to become the Tactical / Security Chief but to eventually move on to First Officer. Amaranai can admit to herself that she isn't ready to be a captain but she feels that she is capable to make the decisions required to be a First Officer.
Hobbies & Interests - playing cards
- 20th Century Earth Literature
- eating
- listening to music
- archeology
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard

Personal History Amaranai was born in England to parents that had built a successful off-world trading company. This company had become quite profitable and allowed Gideon to retire early, leaving others in charge. It would have been expected, then, that he would spend his money on the family that he and Ellen had begun. Instead, her parents donated varying amounts to research, donations and other charities to increase their status in society. Amaranai was the fourth of five children and by the time she was born, her parents had practically given up trying to raise their children the "proper" way. Instead, each were given free reign to do as they pleased, within reason, and the strictest her parents were was to ensure that each child finished secondary school.

As she grew, Amaranai was close to each of her six siblings, except her brother Ethan. To Amaranai, Ethan was a bully, though their parents never understood the situation. Instead of fighting him, however, Amanranai did her best to ignore him, which worked for a time. The two siblings reconciled more recently and Ethan apologized for being a bully to his sister, suggesting it was their parent's inability to control their children's attitudes toward each other, let alone other people.

The independent childhood that Amaranai and her siblings partook in led Amaranai to discover many hobbies. Some of the hobbies that Amaranai found were known to be less than savory and some even illegal. She was caught a few times and not caught many more times, but since her parents never stopped her, Amaranai continued living the life that she chose, all while attending school and trying to determine how little work she would have to do to survive the future.

One day during a tenth grade assembly, Amaranai was introduced to Starfleet Academy. Of course Amaranai knew about Starfleet and all they did and suddenly, the future that hadn't been very bright was now clearer than ever. Amaranai changed her attitude and her lifestyle and started working toward an acceptance into Starfleet Academy - she was lucky she still had two years of school before she would need to take the entrance exam.

Her parents, though happily encouraging their daughter to pursue whatever dreams she wished, were silently bothered by her choice to join Starfleet, having never cared for the organization and its need to explore the galaxy. When Amaranai was accepted to Starfleet and even when she graduated, her parents were proud of their daughter's achievement but only to their immediate family and not to their friends.

Not only did her parents not prefer their daughter to be in Starfleet, they didn't want her to go into space. The family had a long discussion which ended up in a repeat of the constant argument. Amaranai, having had enough of her parents wanting to keep her on Earth, had enough of the argument and left home, choosing to wait for her assignment elsewhere. This was the last time that Amaranai saw her parents and family, though she would contact them on occasion to let them know she changed positions or ships.

Amaranai's history with her family soured from then on. From outside of the bubble, Amaranai realized just how terrible her family was and was suddenly glad to be rid of them. She did contact to give them updates, but eventually realized that they didn't care. She had practically given up home on her family until she discovered her youngest sister in trouble once again.

Practically kidnapping the youngest Franklin and setting her up with a friend in San Francisco, Amaranai left on her next mission. After several years, Amaranai returned to San Francisco out of necessity and worked with her sister to rebuild their friendship.

A new adventure that occurred because of her rescue from Kreanus. She started speaking with, and getting to know the Captain Saalm. The affair started innocently enough until it blossomed into love. The relationship lasted a short time before Lirha was sentenced to prison and though they remained together, it was difficult for Amaranai.

The relationship took a positive turn when Amaranai was summoned for an interview and while Amaranai assumed it was with one ship, it turned out to be for the Galileo-A, with Lirha commanding. She was angry and elated at the same time as they could rekindle their love.
Starfleet History During her first year at the Academy, Amaranai was unsure of what to focus on in terms of specialty. Eventually, with the help of her roommate and one of the counselors, Amaranai decided to look into Security and Tactical. She didn't mind the physical training - in fact, she kept most of the training routines to keep herself fit. There were some courses that were difficult for her to grasp but with help of her classmates, Amaranai passed.

After the Academy, Amaranai made several changes, beginning on the Farragut. Her time on the Farragut didn't last very long - eight months - as she got into an argument with another officer. To Amaranai, it was an affront to her as an officer, though, looking back, she most likely was at fault. Her job at the time was to assign security teams across the ship after an incident with Romulans. The Chief checked the assignments later and wondered why Amaranai had not assigned more to key systems and Amaranai argued that she had grouped larger teams to secure what the Chief to be non-essential, which the Chief did not find suitable. When she tried to defend her decisions and actions to the first officer, Amaranai was labeled as insubordinate and was immediately reassigned to Deep Space Six. The insubordination, though unfounded, followed her for the next several years.

Upon arrival at DS6, Amaranai decided that she needed to avoid any other encounters that could lead to her insubordination label coming true. Because of that, Amaranai simply followed orders and completed assignments as they were given. She was still a good officer and did her best to come up with better solutions in order to make the station more efficient.

Amaranai was assigned to oversee general resupply of the USS Hawthorne and struck up a conversation with the Security and Tactical Chief. Amaranai, who had mentioned not only her lack of confidence but her unwillingness to step on any toes in terms of speaking up, suggested Amaranai request a transfer to the Hawthorne as a way to get her confidence up again. Taking the suggestion, Amaranai requested a transfer and it was granted.

Her time on the Hawthorne was much more eventful than DS6, mostly because, thanks to the Sec / Tac Chief, Amaranai had regained her confidence and was more willing to speak up, or at least speak to her superiors when problems arose.

Within a year of arriving on the Hawthorne, Amaranai was promoted to Lieutenant JG and given a few more responsibilities, including taking the lead on different shifts and coordinating drills for the senior staff. On the Hawthorne, Amaranai met Henry Stennis and the two hit it off for a while. They were never an official couple, though Amaranai did think that she was pregnant with Henry's child for a while (it turned out she was not pregnant). She knew that a pregnancy would ruin her chances at advancement and made sure to be more careful in the future when getting intimate with someone. She also had a brief relationship with Erin Cook, but it didn't end well.

As she neared the end of her second year, Amaranai decided that she wanted to challenge herself even further. She had grown up in more ways than just maturing and felt more confidence than she ever had in her life. Because of it, she requested a transfer and after a short time, it was granted. Amaranai met up with the Galileo and is ready to do what needs to be done.

Amaranai's time on the Galileo seemed like one adventure after another. Not just her actual time on the bridge or missions but meeting new people and learning. She kept learning and working with her team to do the best she could.

When Galileo was destroyed and the crew captured and taken to Kreanus, Amaranai, along with Commander Luke Wyatt, stayed hidden for some time until the commander was in dire need of medical help. She saved him and herself while the rest of the crew was saved and sent on a new mission with Captain Saalm leading it. However, things were done on that mission that Amaranai wished had never happened. She was removed from service during the investigation and waited and waited until she could be free to apply for a position again.

She was headed for an interview with one ship when she was sent to an interview with Captain Saalm. Having formed an intimate relationship with the Orion, Amaranai was unsure initially and eventually decided to join the captain on the Galileo-A.
Service Record 2379 - 2383: Starfleet Academy
2383 - 2384: USS Farragut (Ensign)
2384 - 2387: Deep Space Six (Ensign)
2387 - 2389: USS Hawthorne (Lieutenant JG)
2389 - 2390: USS Gemini (Lieutenant JG)
2390 - 2391: USS Galileo (Lieutenant JG)
2391 - Present: USS Galileo (Lieutenant)

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