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Petty Officer 1st Class Aurora Aries

Name Aurora Athene Aries

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Orion
Age 28
Date of Birth Stardate 39253.3 (3 Apr 2362)
Place of Birth Paris, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number PF-752-5674
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 4 - Flight Control Office
Quarters Pending
Roommate Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 4” (1.63 m)
Weight 134 lbs. (61 kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Aurora is the classic example of one stuck in two worlds, and not truly part of either. Her Human features and pale green skin tone mark her as racially impure among Orions, but around anyone else she is viewed as one and held to Orion standards and stereotypes just the same. Rather than try to fit in one way or the other, Aurora has adopted a fierce independent streak and sense of style, doing whatever feels right to her at that point in time. This is reflected in the numerous uniform dress code violations marked down on her record, as while the need to blend in is inherently important to her, it seems no match for her desire to stand out.
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Father Col. Brice Aries (age 53)
Mother Syala Aitaxin (age 50)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like many, much of Aurora’s personality is nothing but a front, a guise, manufactured to hide her own shortcomings and insecurities. Unlike many, the veil hiding her true persona is easily breached, far more easily than she would like to admit. She tries to pass herself off as a smooth operator, mysterious and haute, with a touch of danger lying just under the surface. In actuality she is a socially awkward military brat, predictably raised on Marine Corps values, and one subjected to danger far more than being any real cause of it. Her career has suffered due to various issues with authority figures, and she often clashes with people with aggressive personality traits.
Strengths Well trained, experienced, and reliable, Aurora possesses most of the core traits common to professional Starfleet officers. She has combat and crisis experience in both small starfighter squadrons, and an array of larger fleet vessels. She has also demonstrated a willingness, and ability to take initiative in the absence of orders.
Weaknesses For all her strengths, there are several areas where Aurora’s abilities fall short of expectations. She is not a talented leader and has difficulty managing anything more than a handful of subordinates. She has also shown herself to be a very poor role model, especially in terms of discipline and respect for Starfleet regulations and traditions. Her disciplinary record is rife with incidents of uniform dress code violations, improper fraternization, public intoxication, and interservice altercations (mostly involving marines). She is no longer an officer, and is clearly still struggling with the fact.
Ambitions Despite knowing that she has fallen far, and is very unlikely to be promoted further to a higher rank or position, Aurora has shown no real inclination to leave Starfleet. Perhaps she has no other serious ambitions, but a more likely truth is that she just doesn’t have it in her to quit. She has been known to boast, however, at the vast array of interesting careers available to her after Starfleet. These include, but are not limited to: nightclub owner, stage actress, ‘disc jockey’, daredevil pilot, trophy wife, or, failing those, perhaps a dabo girl or exotic dancer. Due to the fact that these were discussed in ‘tongue in cheek’ fashion, it is probably safe to assume that Aurora has no real ambitions beyond her present circumstances.
Hobbies & Interests Anyone who knows Aurora knows that her favorite pastime is music, both listening to and creating it. She is not adept with any of the classical methods of manipulating sound, but is quite skilled with using computers to do the work for her. Despite having impressive vocal talent, this is surprisingly the one aspect of music that she shies away from and few would know about it. Aside from music, Aurora has displayed interest in trying out new fashions and cuisines and tends to use much of her personal resource allowance on both. Competitive and fitness-related activities appear to hold little interest to her, especially those requiring teamwork. The exception to this is Tennis, and she was a popular competitor during her time at the academy.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Orion, French

Personal History Aurora Aries was born in Paris, France on Stardate 39253.3 (3 Apr 2362). She is the only child of Brice Aries, a former Marine officer from the colony of New Quebec, and Syala Aitaxin, an Orion dilettante and daughter of Amirta Aitaxin, former Orion Ambassador to the Federation.

Though Aurora’s first few years were relatively stable, with her father working as part of the Marine security detail in the Presidential Estates in Paris, the rest of her formative years could be considered anything but. Rapid promotions took her father from one assignment to another throughout Federation space, and the family did not adjust well to the nomadic lifestyle. Aurora’s mother was accustomed to a lifestyle of Orion opulence that was cast in the spotlight of Federation politics, and found insufficient glamour in being a military officer’s wife. Her parents divorced when she was ten, and Aurora’s mother returned to Orion space, where it is believed she remains to the present day.

Aurora declined the chance of a different upbringing with her mother, she found Orion culture to be strange and intimidating. But she found no more comforts living with her father, traveling from place to place. With her father’s career becoming more demanding by the year (especially during the wartime years), she was left to her own devices more often than not and never managed to fit in at any of the places her father was stationed. Aurora was repeatedly, and increasingly alienated, due in part to her mixed heritage, transience, and her father’s increasing position. She alternated between periods of cloistered studiousness, and outright rebellion, with her juvenile record highlighted with several incidents of violence toward other children after being subjected to bullying and unfortunate humor.

Eventually Aurora learned to ignore her desire to be socially accepted, and started avoiding people her age altogether. This was probably for the best, as she was easily provoked into rage by juvenile drama and jokes made at her mother’s expense. Her academic studies flourished as a result, and Aurora became the top student in almost every class she was in from the age of 15, up until her graduation from high school. At this point it should be noted that the concepts of maturity and forgiveness were not yet parts of her repertoire; Aurora’s Valedictory speech was said to be inspiring to many, yet also included some insidiously subtle remarks that transformed more than one childhood rival into an enemy-for-life.

Though by all accounts Aurora had no desire of following in her father’s footsteps in being an officer in either the Marine Corps or Starfleet, she faced significant pressure by her father, mother, maternal grandmother, and many of her instructors to do so. That pressure, and perhaps a lack of any real goal or plan for the future drove her to apply to attend Starfleet Academy. Though her entrance examination scores were initially not the highest, evidence of cheating resulted in the top-scoring applicant’s disqualification and the opportunity to attend the academy was passed on to her instead.

Surprisingly, much of Aurora’s time at the academy passed without incident. Perhaps she was overwhelmed by the highly structured and competitive atmosphere and had little choice but to devote all her effort into her studies. Whatever the case, her cadet record was exemplary, and Aurora had many things going for her during this time. She was popular, had outstanding grades, won the academy Tennis championship her third year, and showed promise as one of the finest pilots in her class. Most of her instructors at the academy fully expected her to go on to do great things.
Starfleet History After Aurora’s graduation, some troubling patterns began to emerge. Like many young, skilled pilots, she had ego problems that led her into conflict with fellow pilots and the occasional superior officer. Her ability spoke volumes about her worth, but her independent streak and ‘lone wolf’ mentality were a hindrance to her career. There was also the fact that a usually productive professional rivalry between her aerospace group and its Marine counterpart led to some serious escalation into grudge matches that occasionally erupted into violence. Aurora was passed over for early promotion because of this.

Disciplinary issues were not enough to keep Aurora from working her way up the chain though. Over the course of the next four years she moved two steps up the chain of command in her unit, first becoming element leader in her pair of fighters, then becoming flight leader over a group of eight. Despite her antics she was poised to move up even higher, but a series of combat incidents changed all that.

The USS St. Lo patrolled a route notorious for piracy, and Aurora’s squadron often found itself skirmishing with birds of prey, and other small attack craft favored by pirate factions. During one such incident her craft was damaged in the initial attack, and her squadron was left behind to continue escorting a freighter convoy while the carrier group gave chase to hunt down the rest of the pirate vessels. A cascading power failure knocked out her craft’s engines, and despite her wingman’s protests her squadron leader made the difficult choice to leave her behind. She was alone, stranded in a dying starfighter for over thirty-five hours before she was eventually recovered.

That incident more or less marked the end of Aurora’s career in the Aerospace Corps. Though she sustained no injuries, there was observable psychological trauma, and despite her best efforts to face her fears Aurora never managed to regain her edge. She was given the choice of an honorable discharge, or transfer to a flight operations position with the fleet. Though the choice might seem like an easy one to make, such a transfer would be a humiliating blow to any starfighter pilot’s ego.

Over the course of the next few years Aurora learned to hide her scars well, but eventually the disciplinary problems that plagued her early on in her career returned. She showed promise as an outstanding helm officer, but couldn’t break free from the ‘lone wolf’ mentality, and never built up the leadership skills she would need to rise any higher in the chain of command. Despite wearing out her welcome on a series of ships, Starfleet decided to keep her on, posting her to smaller ships and relegating her to positions requiring fewer responsibilities.

Now, recently posted to a Nova-class surveyor, Aurora probably knows that she has more or less reached the end of the line. She’s also lost her officers commission after one too many unfortunate incidents during shore leave. Despite her stubborn insistence to forge ahead, it is unlikely that any would bet on Aurora staying in Starfleet for much longer.
Service Record Starfleet Academy (2379-83)
2379-80: First-year Cadet
2380-81: Second-year Cadet
2381-82: Third-year Cadet
2382-83: Fourth-year Cadet

First Posting (2383-87)
USS St. Lo (NCC-59917), Normandy-class Carrier
VFA-49 ‘Vanguards’
2383: Fighter Pilot
2384: Element Leader
2386: Flight Leader

Second Posting (2387-88)
USS Sumara (NCC-71145), Sovereign-class Explorer
2387: Flight Control Officer

Third Posting (2388-90)
USS Falchion (NCC-61209), Sabre-class Frigate
2388: Flight Control Officer

Fourth Posting (2390-Present)
USS Galileo (NCC-80010), Nova-class Surveyor
2390: Flight Control Officer

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