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Ensign Mimi

Name Mimi

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Nekomi
Age 23
Date of Birth 7/4/2368
Place of Birth Kemi colony

Starfleet ID

Serial Number AG-221-7381
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 6 - Operations Office
Quarters 04-0606

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 126lbs
Hair Color Dull black compared to her fur
Eye Color Dark green
Physical Description OOC note: With the exception of Mimi the Nekomi are not known to the federation and most of the known galaxy. Mimi is the one Nekomi in the federation.

The Nekomi are for the most part human apart from their catlike features and mannerisms. They have tails covered in short but fluffy fur that reach the floor and large ears covered in the same fur. Their hands are very similar to human hands except for where the fingernails would be are very sharp but retractable claws and they also have rather sharp elongated canines.

Mimi is a little bit above average height for a female of her species but other than that is the epitome of typical for her species, with light brown sandy coloured skin and glossy black fur on her big ears and tail she wouldn't stand out amongst members of her species.

She is very lightly built but like all members of her species their strength lies in their nimbleness, flexibility and almost unnatural speed.
Body Art none


Spouse None- dating PO John Hollenday
Children None
Father Timor
Mother Naria
Sister(s) Tali- Twin sister
Other Family Mimi does not know if any of her family survived the attack on the colony. The only family she knows is her foster mother Maria Harker an operations officer on the USS Charleston, who rescued her from the colony.
Pets none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nekomi are very passive and will defend themselves if attacked only long enough to escape but if they are sufficiently provoked they will respond with bouts of extreme violence and aggression although it takes a lot to provoke them.

Mimi has a sweet and innocent look to her and the way she acts.
Gets embarrassed easily, especially if she says the wrong thing after misunderstanding whats being said or done.
Somewhat excitable
Takes great pride in doing things to the best of her ability
Has a strong sense of family.
Strengths Strong analytical mind, naturally very lithe and nimble
Capable of bursts of extreme speed. albeit at the expense of stamina
Weaknesses Until she was rescued by the USS Charleston Mimi had almost no previous interaction with anyone other than members of her own species and even after several years aboard a starship is still meeting new species and learning about them so she doesn’t always know how to act around different species.

Relatively high metabolism requiring her to eat or rest often.
Has a very strong disliking of Klingons
Dislikes being wet and cold
Can't swim
Obligate carnivore
After living among humans for around 9 years Mimi is good at English but doesn’t understand some words and phrases.

Her species are a semi pacifist species, they will only ever deliberatly attack someone if they are extremely provoked, something which takes a lot of doing, however when they are sufficiently provoked they will become hyper aggressive.
Ambitions To find her original homeworld again and find if any of her family are still alive. And when she does she plans to show her government with the help of her extensive trinket collection that the galaxy around them is full of interesting species and they should begin exploring properly.

To continue her first ever relationship with John and explore what it has to offer
Hobbies & Interests Mimi likes to explore, growing up she frequently snuck out of the colonies perimeter to explore the area around it which led to her finding the cave that catapulted the colony to prosperity.

Collecting trinkets that belong to some of the species she has encountered

Reads a lot, partially to increase her language skills and because she uses it to help her understand about different species.

Nekomi are very good gymnasts so althetics comes very naturally to them.
Vernacular The Nekomi language has so far proved hard for the Universal translator to translate effectively but Mimi has had tutoring in english and can speak it to a good level although she can struggle with long complex words, words with multiple meanings and slang terminology
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Nekomi, English

Personal History Mimi was raised on Kemi colony a small far flung colony of her species homeworld situated near the Klingon border. Her family were administrators and stores people responsible for ensuring the initially limited supplies they had were distributed efficiently and as Mimi grew up she was schooled and trained to follow in their footsteps.

During her pre teen years Mimi became rather mischievous and frequently snuck out of the house and the colony perimeter to explore on one such voyage she stumbled across a cave and overwhelmed with curiosity went inside and found the cave was full of outcrops of a glittering crystal that she thought she recognised from when she snuck into the colonies power generator room, going back to the colony she got caught by her mother who had been looking for her for several hours, Mimi told her what she had found and a survey team was sent to investigate the cave.

Several days later the survey team returned with news the cave was rich in dilithium.
A year later the colony became extremely prosperous and was selling the dilithium mined from the cave to nearby worlds. Mimi’s family were allowed to run the mine and in her early teens she began learning how it was run and how its produce was traded with the nearby planets and organisations.

After several years the prosperity of the colonies dilithium mining soon caught the attention of the Klingon empire who came to the colony in a flight of birds of prey, a party transported down to the colony and the colonies leader Hikay went out to meet him and a large crowd of Nekomi gathered to watch their first contact with the species, the Klingon commander explained that the world had been annexed by the Klingon empire and by that order they were now ‘members’ of the Klingon empire and demanded a large portion of the colonies output be given to the empire on a monthly basis.

Hikay told the Klingon that they would not do that and that anything the colony produced would have to be paid for in full and that the colony would defend itself if they tried to take it by force.
Hikay turned to address the crowd who as one let out a cry of shock as the Klingon raised his Bat’leth and embedded it into Hikay’s back. The crowd scattered in panic as several of the Klingons opened fire indiscriminately on them before transporting back to the birds of prey that started bombarding the colony from orbit.

The colonies meagre defences were decimated extremely quickly and general panic spread across the entire colony however they were able to send out a general distress signal.

Mimi ran to her home and family who quickly gathered some belongings and began to head towards the mining complex’s hangar where a pair of shuttles were stationed, Mimi tripped on some debris from a destroyed building and as she got up and started to catch up to her family a disruptor shot from orbit hit the hangar just as her family entered it, the hangar exploded sending debris in every direction, she was blown backwards several meters from the force of the explosion and was knocked out as her head hit the ground.

20 minutes later she regained consciousness and stumbled to her feet and went to the wreckage of the hangar to see if her family were there and still alive when another disrupter shot hit very close by and shook the remaining superstructure of the hangar, part of which came down almost on top of Mimi, it didn’t injure her but it pinned her down so she couldn’t move and she wasn’t strong enough to move it.

Night fell and no one found her laying there pinned under the wreckage and Mimi began to lose heart until she heard footsteps nearby and then a woman’s face appear over the wreckage. The woman was from starfleet and she along with the rest of the away team moved the wreckage and took care of her.

She was taken onboard the USS Charleston who had responded to the distress call but did not arrive in time to stop the Klingons and treated for the minor injuries she’d sustained, they questioned her about what had happened and where her homeworld was so they could return her, but Mimi couldn’t answer that question as she didn’t know as she was barely a few years old when they left. So they decided to grant her asylum in the federation and Maria Harker the woman who found her in the wreckage took it upon herself to adopt Mimi and raise her through the remainder of her teens.

It took time but Mimi eventually opened up to Maria and began to call her mother it took longer however for her get used to being around usual species she had never seen before. She gradually became interested in how the Charleston was ran and at her mother’s prompting and with the captains permission she started accompanying her mother and assisting her.
Starfleet History Fast forward to age 18 and Mimi decided to apply to starfleet as it seemed the right thing to do, after all she wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for a starfleet ship responding to the distress call.She passed the entrance exam with slightly above average marks and was accepted and left the place she now called home for the first time.

Mimi spent a lot of her free time at the academy in her quarters and kept to herself a lot it was put down to her being nervous about the new surroundings and people, she did fairly well in each subject apart from tactical training, her species are naturally very passive and despite everything the trainers did she would only ever block and evade strikes, using her natural flexibility and nimbleness to avoid them and escape. Mimi only ever attacked a fellow student once and that was when she heard him making a comment about the size of the training room and then when she was training with him he grabbed her by the tail and swung her around by it before letting go and turning to the person who made the comment to and said “See there is enough room in here to swing a cat” which caused a wave of laughter across the entire room.

Mimi saw red, hissed loudly and pounced on him, extending her claws she tore huge gashes down his cheeks and was only stopped from biting him with her fangs by the trainers pulling her off of him.
She graduated the academy in the middle of her class though a footnote was added about her abhorring violence unless it was a life of death situation and even then she would only do enough in order to escape.

Mimi’s first assignment was surprisingly to the very ship she left to attend the academy and she got to work alongside her foster mother again. Under her mother's instructions she learned more about the demands on a ships resources and how to handle them and make do with what she had along with a whole host of things they don't teach at the academy.

After 18 months of good service Mimi was unexpectedly given new orders when the Charlstone docked at Starbase 234, she was being reassigned to the USS Galileo and needed to catch a shuttle to rendezvous with the ship at the Celes system.
Medical History In an attempt to subdue her after she attacked several of the klingon guards Mimi received several blows to the face resulting in severe bruising and a broken jaw, showed signs of malnutrition over the same period.

Given a date rape drug and received facial bruising and a fractured hip in an attempted sexual assault by another crewmember, had several counselling sessions in the aftermath.
Service Record September 2385 starts Starfleet academy

2389 graduates academy, promoted to Ensign and assigned to USS Charlstone as Operations officer.

2390 Given orders for reassignment to USS Galileo as Operations officer.

2393- Given Acting Chief Operations position until arrival of a new department head

late 2393- acting chief position vacated but promoted to Assistant Chief Operations

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