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Josephine Lemieux

Name Josephine Lemieux Ph.D.

Position Colonist

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 41
Date of Birth 2352
Place of Birth Port-de-Paix, Haiti, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CL-480-1281
Security Clearance Level 1
Duty Shift N/A

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 147 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Josie is tall for a human female. She makes a modest effort at keeping up her appearance but never invests too much time or attention in vanity. She prefers fairly plain clothing and, as far as accessories go, wears only the occasional pair of earrings.
Body Art
=^= PNPC Olsam Mott =^=


Spouse Gerhard Kiesinger (Deceased)
Children None.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Once a confident intellectual powerhouse, Josie saw her personality slowly overshadowed and eclipsed by the domineering presence of her husband. Over the course of sixteen years she slowly withdrew from her social life, cutting herself off from friends and family and abandoning her hobbies. With the help of Federation counselors at the facility on Kairus IV she has slowly recovered her sense of self and regained some of the presence that made her so formidable in her field.
Strengths + Well-educated
+ Expertise
+ Colonial Enthusiasm
Weaknesses - Emotional Trauma
- Stigma of Incarceration
Ambitions Most of Josie's academic ambitions were laid aside following her conviction. She recognizes she has no hope of returning to the Daystrom Institute but hopes that she may make a more practical mark on the galaxy through contributions in the field.
Hobbies & Interests Sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, and skiing.
Vernacular Josie speaks with a slight French Creole accent.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard

Personal History Josie's formative years were normal and well-adjusted though she always tended toward self-isolation from her peers, preferring to think and study over socializing and partying. While studying at ETH Zurich, she met and fell in love with her husband, Gerhard Kiesinger, a post-doctoral student of chemistry. The two dated throughout the majority of her undergraduate education and married prior to her graduation. While Josie continued her studies in Zurich and later on Mars, Kiesinger entered academia as a professor of chemistry.

It was a storybook romance from the beginning - sailing Lac Leman, skiing trips to the Alps, weekends on the Dalmatian coast. Every Sunday in the spring he would make a picnic for us on the Schanzengraben near the Alter Botanischer Garten, and we'd spend the afternoon under the trees watching the people go by in their canoes. We'd discuss Grunbaum and Ch'vothren and T'Kaas. We'd struggle to find new applications for chemistry in nanoscience. I thought he admired me, the way he looked at me. ... It was a long decline into the violence, and I was slow in recognizing it. For the past sixteen years I have reflected on why I allowed myself to be subjected to such a torturous existence. I internalized. I rationalized. I blamed myself. The literature on domestic abuse seems almost absurd to an outsider, but, it is frightfully accurate to those who have lived it. ... I think he truly made an effort to control himself most days, but, ultimately, he could not deny his nature. There was always an evil beneath the veneer. He was a sick man who could not be cured. - Recording from pre-trial deposition of Dr. Josephine Lemieux, Stardate 66349.2

During a scientific conference at the Regulus III Science Academy, local authorities were summoned to the hotel room of Josephine Lemieux and Gerhard Kiesinger at 0220 hours on Stardate 66331 following an altercation overheard by other guests. Forensic evidence supported the conclusion of investigators that Dr. Lemieux had attacked and killed her husband, reportedly following years of physical and mental abuse. She confessed to the crime and entered a guilty plea to the charge of voluntary manslaughter before the 47th District Court of the United Federation of Planets. Her remorseless did not play in her favor during sentencing; she was given five years rehabilitation at the Seqshir Federation Penal Settlement on Kairus IV.

Three years into her sentence, she was recognized by administrators for good behavior and making sufficient progress with her rehabilitation. Combined with her invaluable technical expertise, she qualified for early probation under a Federation program matching offenders with new colony projects. Still nursing the wounds not only from the trauma of her marriage but also from what she saw as a miscarriage of justice, Josie was eager for the opportunity, challenge, and solace promised by a simple life.
Service Record 2370-2374: B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich, Earth
2374-2377: M.Sc. in Nanoscience, ETH Zurich, Earth
2377-2382: Ph.D. in Nanoengineering, Daystrom Institute of Technology, Mars
2382-2388: Post-Graduate Research, Daystrom Institute of Technology, Mars
2388-2390: Assistant Professor of Nanoengineering, Daystrom Institute of Technology, Mars
2390-2393: Inmate #1139742, Seqshir Federation Penal Settlement, Kairus IV
2393-Pres: Colonist, Celes III

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