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Lieutenant JG Randolf Eklund

Name Randolf Einar Eklund

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29
Date of Birth January 21
Place of Birth Terra, North America, Minnesota

Starfleet ID

Serial Number MQ-117-7509
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 3 - Security Office/brig
Quarters 04-2725 JO
Roommate James Langley

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 210
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Randy is tall, blond, and muscular. He was born to be an athlete or a security officer. He has bright blue eyes, and dirty blond hair. He grew up up in the northern part of North America, in what was the state of Minnesota. There he played hockey, hiked the woods with his siblings, and learned how to live off the land. This only added to his physical presence, making him broader and more muscular.
Body Art Tattoo of an acorn on his left shoulder blade


Spouse none
Children none
Father Magnus Eklund, 61
Mother Astrid Eklund, 60
Brother(s) Esben, 33; Gunnar, 31
Sister(s) Vivianne, 25
Other Family Large extended family
Pets None with him, several dogs at his parents' home

Personality & Traits

General Overview Randy is large, muscular, and imposing. This serves him well in his chosen profession, but sometimes makes it hard for others to approach him when off duty. He is extremely professional, and takes his duties seriously. This is sometimes seen as being cold or humorless. Nothing could be less true of him, though. Randy is an extremely warm person in his personal life. When around real friends or family, he all but transforms into a big teddy bear. He just has a very hard time 'turning off' being a security officer. He's been working on it, but it is still a struggle for him.
Strengths Randy excelled in tactics and strategy. He’s a crack shot with just about any weapon from a slingshot or bow to a phaser rifle. Randy also always defends underdogs and those he feels are under his protection like family and friends. He has a photographic memory and high IQ.
Weaknesses Randy is a people-pleaser, so he often gets himself into situations he wouldn’t normally want to be in just to make others happy; he just has a hard time telling people ‘no.’ Because of his profession, he tends to see things as more black or white, good or bad, than they really are. He’s very smart, but unfocused with it.
Ambitions Protecting others is part of who Randy is. He’s always done it, so security is helping him fulfill that. He has a bit of an artist’s soul, so he would love to be able to express that somehow. He doesn’t see an easy way to do that right now, though; it wouldn’t fit very well with his image. He’d also like to find someone special and settle down.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, reading, winter sports, ice skating
Vernacular Randy has worked hard at removing any accent, giving himself what many have described as the sound of a newscaster, but when he is stressed, his Minnesota accent will start to creep in
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Vulcan, Andorian, Tellarite

Personal History Randy grew up the son of anachronists. They had embraced their cultural heritage going full-on Norse. On the whole, it was a great childhood for him. The whole family was very athletic and outdoorsy. Randy and his brothers spent their time hiking the woods, playing hockey, swimming, fishing, and always looking after their little sister. Heaven help the young man who looked sideways at Vivianne; her brothers made more than one young man’s life a living hell growing up.

Personally, Randy found his three loves growing up, and two of them even lasted. First, protecting Vivi from suitors showed him how much keeping others safe meant to him. Second, being on the ice, on a pair of skates, set his spirit free. Really, just about any sort of athletic activity could help him get outside himself, quiet his ever churning brain, but ice called to him. And third, Garrett, was one of Vivi’s suitors. In the process of scaring him off, Randy and Garrett ended up together. It was young love and doomed to crash and burn as most young love does, but it was still transformational for Randy. It showed him that there was more to life than he’d previously considered.

Randy had always been viewed through the lens of his looks. Big, muscular, handsome...therefore he must be stupid, but he was far from stupid. When tested, he scored in the genius range, in fact he had taken it upon himself to learn the languages of the founding species of the Federation just because he was bored one summer, he just didn’t have a lot of academic motivation, preferring his sports and outdoor activities. After his short relationship with Garrett, Randy became more motivated. He decided he couldn’t continue the family tradition of seclusion from the outside universe, and, after graduating from high school, he applied to Starfleet. He was accepted to the Academy, where he excelled, graduating with honors.
Starfleet History Randolf Eklund surprised his entire family when he announced he was going to Starfleet Academy. His siblings were happy for him, but hurt that he hadn’t told them he was applying. His parents felt like he was rejecting their way of life, but they supported their son in pursuing his dreams.

He arrived at SFA for the fall semester of 2379. It was a huge adjustment for him. He’d grown up in a fairly isolated environment, but now he was thrust into the center of Federation culture and community. It was hard for him, initially, to keep up with other cadets who had grown up exposed to all the things he hadn’t been. It was also his first time away from home and entirely on his own. He didn’t go wild like so many freshmen do, but he did spend some time exploring the possibilities San Francisco in general and the Academy specifically offered him.

Randy joined the hockey team, he dated a handful of guys, and he started making friends. He found that he actually enjoyed many of his classes once he had knocked out the required core classes and gotten to the more security focused curriculum. He did well in all his classes, but his major classes just proved to him that he’d made the right choice.

His family’s frequent camping, hunting, and hiking trips had prepared him for his survival courses and marksmanship. He even took up fencing to learn another weapon he’d never had any exposure to growing up and did well enough to join the Academy’s fencing team.

Through the years as a cadet, he worked hard to do well, but also to mend fences with his family. When he graduated, it was with his whole family there in the audience. That was even better for him than the fact that he’d done well enough to graduate with honors.

Randy opted to remain at the Academy as an ensign to continue his studies with specialist training. He took classes in military tactics, specialized close combat, security protocols, and even diplomatic protective services. After those two years of classes, he asked for a posting to begin using his knowledge and skills.
Medical History Randolf Eklund is in excellent physical condition. His musculature and reflexes are well above average. There is evidence of multiple fractures and other serious injuries in his past, but those are consistent with both Security and someone who is an active athlete. He is physically fit for duty.

Randy has no significant psychological factors effecting his operational readiness. He does sometimes feel a bit inferior to those around him based on his relative lack of experience with galactic culture, but this does not rise to the level of interfering with his ability to complete his duties.
Service Record 2361 Born
2379-2383 Starfleet Academy, Cadet
2383-2385 Starfleet Security College, Ensign
2385-2387 Security Officer, USS Callisto
2387-2390 Security Officer, USS Lakota
2390- Asst. Chief Security Officer, USS Galileo

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