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Lieutenant JG Rael Psy.D.

Name Rael Psy.D.

Position Assistant Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 27
Date of Birth March 14th, 2363
Place of Birth OSS Khadri, Beta Quadrant

Starfleet ID

Serial Number UN-900-2046
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Gamma
Office Deck 3 - Counseling Office
Quarters 04-2523 JO
Roommate Randolf Eklund

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 279 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Appearing to be an average, garden-variety Vulcan, Rael is tall but not overbearing and quite slim--much of his weight is not muscular or cutaneous--Rael has a denser skeletal system due to Vulcan's higher gravity. His sky-blue eyes are constantly scanning his environment with bright fascination, and his dishwater blond hair lends him a degree of casualness that garden-variety Vulcans rarely afford themselves.
Body Art His skin is decorated with a variety of brands, tattoos and scars.


Father Unknown.
Mother Unknown.
Brother(s) Unknown.
Sister(s) Unknown.
Other Family The Neilan clan of Vulcan has acted as his family for the past several years.

Foster parents: Shavar and Talih.
Foster brothers: Reshar and Kelan.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rael is a well-spring of indomitable calm and bone-deep peace. His posture is upright without being uptight, and while he displays all of the appropriate emotional control one would expect from a Vulcan--he does not appear to be unnecessarily cold or harsh. Frequently, one can even see the beginnings of a smile playing at the corners of his lips.
Strengths Rael is an excellent clinician who is able to compartmentalize the emotional difficulties of his patients with little trouble. This is his biggest strength, and conversely his largest weakness--that he is unerringly, unendingly clinical. Rael is reasoned, subordinate and intellectual without being condescending. These qualities typically ingratiate him to his superiors, whilst alienating him from his peers.
Weaknesses His rational approach to life and experience affords him few true friends--most view him as existing in some degree "above" others; immune to the illogical follies of mere mortals. In fact, Rael's clinical nature is a buffer; a way for him to work within his reality without allowing his own history to cloud his judgment. He is a bit of a "wounded healer," requiring long periods of solitude and self-reflection to remain at optimal functioning capacity.
Ambitions He is singularly devoted to ensuring that his life serves as a marker; a lighthouse in the murky dark of pain and suffering that others can use as a totem to guide them home. To this end, graduating from Starfleet Medical Academy and receiving his commission as a junior lieutenant has provided him with an immeasurable degree of pride and satisfaction. He hopes to be able to use his position for maximum impact.
Hobbies & Interests Most of Rael's interests are cerebral, though not necessarily scientific. He enjoys literature and philosophy.
Vernacular Rael's speech is precise and mellifluous without being pretentious. He uses small words, most of the time! Unless he is angry, and then he brings out his school words.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Fluent: Yreakriol (Yrevish Kriol), Low Orion, Yrevish, Federation Standard.
Conversational: Modern Golic.

Like most individuals who speak more than one language fluently, Rael tends to code-switch (that is, alternate between different languages rapidly) when he is particularly emotional.

Personal History His first memory was the smell of sulfur. A lit match.

Huddled together amid the swathes of bodies and metal, Rael learned to purchase affections from his captors with unwavering focus and calm. This was his life, and he sought to excel. His mother and father were illusions; his brothers and sisters were dimming corridor-lights and a raucous crew in endless pursuit.

Khadri was their word for family. His caj were spread out in molecules across the great expanse. The shimmering veils of heaven, a kindness he wasn't spared. Rael slowly appealed to those above him in rank and stature. Those who took him in with pity, fed him and taught him their skills which he absorbed with single-minded dedication. Language and speech. Reading and writing. Mathematics and suffering.

He learned these rules:

Speak formally and levelly to your opponents.
Treat those who are disarmed with respect and courtesy.
Never forget details.
Never allow distractions.
Never reveal you are injured.

They grew fond of him. They grew proud of him. Lightfooted Rael--the moniker given to him a marker of his status as Oru. They expected him to serve them well. You get out what you put in, and they dedicated themselves to his learning.

Gas fires lit with matches. Flesh against skin against bone. Blood welling. Bruises denting skin, like a soft peach. He served them well. He bore it all with grace and dignity. With perfect, unwavering loyalty. Thus, his betrayal came like the poison-dipped silver-knife of legends. Sliding in-between their ribs and breaking away the bones to get at the heart.

Rael escaped this life and was dropped quite suddenly into another.

On Vulcan, he learned c'thia and a'rie'mnu. Passion's mastery and logic in the face of horrific injustice. He un-learned his lessons of suffering, though not without great risk to his caretakers. Spitting and snarling, Rael did not give up coldness gently. Slowly. Surely, he revealed his history to them like little water droplets from a tap barely shut-off. The water droplets became a swirl; a storm of language and tears and wracking emotions. Wounds clawed with blunted nails.

His caj became his clan. His brothers became flesh-and-blood, Reshar and Kelan who took him to the library and the botanical gardens and laughed at him and laughed with him. Childhood. His clan became those who took care of him. Who wrapped him up in foundation and processing. Order and control to a mind who had never perceived such a thing. Who took him in, fed him and clothed him. Laid down the threads of bond in his mind. Anchored him.

He purchased their kindness with good grades, and impassive stoicism. He purchased his place in this world with the solemn promise that he would serve as a pillar of strength to those around him. Logic and peace. Show them peace, his new caj told him, and you will have peace.

It took many years, but eventually, he did have peace. He took it with him. To Starfleet Medical Academy. To the stars, where he now does his best to bring peace to others.
Starfleet History Rael is a new graduate of Starfleet Medical Academy.

His time at the Academy was marked with ease. Water sluicing over stone. Gentle and persistent in the pursuit of his degree. He impressed his instructors without overriding them--a trait typically associated with more Vulcan students--and produced work of consistently high quality in each of his classes. He joined the Mathletes and the astronomy club, and became Cadre 204 Leader in his junior year. In his senior year, he won a TA spot in Professor Gehar Lanrey's Post-Traumatic Psych (PTP1) class.

Among his more notorious accomplishments was his dissertation, titled Grief and Recovery: Telepathic Resonance. The study included several patient interviews as well as the employ of a neurotopographical scanner, which allowed him to visually map the process of telepathic bonding and observe how trauma and grief impacts the mindscape. He was able to mathematically quantify this vector-space as a Hilbert-like entity which conforms to a linear function, a line from A to B.

The implications of this research are as yet unknown, but Rael hopes to continue his studies even whilst aboard the Galileo.
Medical History 2386:23: Starfleet Entrance Physical Evaluation.
There are no physical or medical difficulties which would prevent Cadet Rael from performing his duties.

2386:23: Starfleet Entrance Psychological Evaluation.
There are no mental or psychological difficulties which would prevent Cadet Rael from performing his duties.
Service Record Starfleet Medical Academy (Psy.D. program, CADT)
USS Turing (Internship: trauma and psychological first aid, ENS)
USS Galileo (Assistant Chief Counselor, LTJG)

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