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Lieutenant JG Kezmar Tsakti

Name Kezmar Tsakti Ph.D

Position Assistant Chief Research Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Selay
Age 27
Date of Birth February 22nd, 2363
Place of Birth Grythmz, Selay

Starfleet ID

Serial Number OR-311-7200
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 4 - Chief Research Officer's Office
Quarters 04-2522 JO
Roommate James Langley

Physical Appearance

Height 6'8
Weight 230 lbs
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description The Selay are a reptoid species from the planet Selay that evolved from snakes instead of primates. Much taller than the average human, Selay have green scales, large vestigial hoods, and forked tongues. They are also cold-blooded, with venomous fangs and slotted pupils

Kezmar is of average height for his race, though that is much taller than most races in the universe. He has an average build with some muscles, though he isn't as quick on his feet as people of other species. His sense of smell is also heightened beyond normal capacity, allowing him to track and identify scents when necessity calls for it


Father Rythls Tsakti
Mother Mrytha Tsakti
Brother(s) Chief Petty Officer Tithms Tsakti

Personality & Traits

General Overview A dour, cynical, and arrogant reptilian, Kezmar Tsakti isn't what most people would consider gregarious. Preferring solitude to company, Kezmar likes to work alone, and views teammates as more hindrance than help. Though normally quiet, when he does speak it's often something crass, offensive, or haughty, or a long winded rant involving a gratuitous amount of technical jargon. Though on occasion, he can pull off a sort of wry, oddly captivating charisma, albeit not often.

Patient, methodical, and meticulous, Kezmar thinks before he acts (though not always before he speaks). He plans, plots, and calculates outcomes, and always attempts to look at the bigger picture, even at the expense of some individuals. Able to make tough decisions, albeit harsh ones at times, he is often labeled as a harsh disciplinarian, though that isn't necessarily true. Uncomfortable with informality, he refers to people by their ranks or titles, even when off duty. Stiff and dry, he is reluctant to have fun, and his occasional wry humor can catch people off guard.

Despite all of this, Kezmar does have a soft side. Curious about mythology, astrology, and mysticism, he balances his natural skepticism with some culturally ingrained superstition, and these subjects put him in a comfortable mood. Another way to his heart is through cuisine, specifically, raw, whole corpses of mammals.
Strengths Kezmar's strengths are often related to his mental abilities. A technical and mathematical genius, he has no issue wrapping his head around complex problems, whether they involve non-Euclidean geometry, deuterium-anti deuterium reactions, or abstract Subspace theory. While primarily in trained in mathematics and quantum physics, he has a general understanding of chemistry and galactic history. Kezmar's strong work ethic allows him to concentrate on a project for hours and hours on end before needing a break, and his careful and methodical nature mean he always has a plan or trick up his sleeve, even in the stickieset of situations
Weaknesses Kezmar's expertise, however, does not extend to some of the other departments of a starship. His medical knowledge is little beyond first aid, and while his keen eyesight leaves him an accurate shot with a phaser, his poor reflexes mean he probably won't be able to fire off more than a shot or two before he is gunned down himself. Kezmar's sluggish reflexes also caused him to be barred entrance from flight school, and therefore has no flight experience or training. Kezmar also isn't particularly charismatic, sometimes leaving him as somewhat less than an asset during collaborative or diplomatic missions.
Ambitions A man of simple and realistic dreams, Kezmar simply wishes to reach the rank of Commander and become a project manager for Starfleet R&D, or a full professor at the Academy
Hobbies & Interests In his free time, Kezmar enjoys furthering his already considerable education, reading up on quantum engineering, mathematics, chemistry, and quantum field theory. He plans to start pursuing an additional Ph.D in Mathematical Logic within the next year. Additional free time is usually dedicated to chess and Strategema, as Kezmar is a Federation Chess League Candidate Master, and is working towards a full master ship. On occasion, Kezmar also reads science fiction and fences, though they don't hold the same charm for him that they did as a teenager.
Vernacular A mid tenor, Kezmar speaks in a crisp, almost British accent, though his s sounds are a bit slurred, especially those in the middle of words.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Selay, Federation Standard, Tholian

Personal History Kezmar Tsakti was born in early 2363, to a Selay a pharmacist and her husband, a spacefaring pilot on a cargo ship. Because his father was always far away on delivery trips, and his mother was at work most of the day, Kezmar spent much of his childhood alone at home, reading whatever he could get his hands on. It was clear from an early age that he had extremely high intelligence, but his parents didn't have the capital to enroll him in a private school. Not an inherently social child in the first place, the precocious Selay became reclusive with antisocial tendencies as time went by, though his mother either never noticed or didn't care.

In school, Kezmar excelled in most of his classes, especially mathematics and the sciences. An avid reader, he was knowledgeable well beyond his age and received several small accolades from winning geography and spelling bees, as well as interschool chess and Stratagema competitions. He was also captain of his secondary school's fencing team, though the best placement they ever earned was 3rd in regionals. Graduating 1st in his class, Kezmar applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted into the class of 2384
Starfleet History While interested in mathematics and science, what Kezmar really wanted to do was follow in his father's footsteps and become a pilot. Unfortunately, his poor reflexes and jerky movements on the controls caused him to fail preliminary testing for piloting school. Enrolling in the science program instead, Kezmar decided to dual major in quantum mechanics and mathematics, causing him to be a cadet senior for two years and bumping him back to the class of 2385.

Socially, Kezmar's quiet and dour nature, combined with his imposing height and continuous scowl, did not make him too many friends, though few enemies either. He competed on the Academy's fencing team to stay fit. The homework provided by his rigorous engineering and science courses ate up a lot of Kezmar's free time, leaving little space for extracurriculars besides the fencing team. Finally, after five years of work, Kezmar graduated summa cum laude with Bachelors of Science in Quantum Physics and Mathematics, and afterwards stuck around as a TA at Starfleet Academy, while working on his graduate studies.

After a year, he received a positional promotion to Research Assistant, assisting the Physics department in their studies of the universe. During this posting he finally earned his M.S. in Mathematical Sciences, prompting a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and an associate professorship, teaching courses in Mathematical Physics and Differential Geometry.

It was a difficult job, and left little time to continue his doctoral studies, but during his second semester teaching Kezmar finally earned his Ph.D in Quantum Mechanics with his doctoral thesis, "Effects of Concentrated Warp Fields on Subspace Integrity". Kezmar's doctoral studies caught the eye of Starfleet R&D, and he was transferred to the Daystrom Institue to join Project Hanoli.

Project Hanoli was a heavily classified R&D Project sponsored by Starfleet Intelligence, revolving around development of a subspace weapon, involving a subject very similar to Kezmar's thesis. By emitting highly concentrated warp fields at differing subspace frequencies, the researchers aimed to create small ruptures in Subspace itself, creating the potential to destroy entire solar systems. Kezmar assisted in determining the most disruptive subspace frequencies to use for the weapon.

Unfortunately, after two years of development, one member of the project decided to whistleblow and leak information about the project to the public, causing a large scandal. Public and media uproar caused the project to completely shut down, and the project researchers and leaders started receiving death threats and were harassed by fellow Starfleet officers and civilians alike. Hoping to lie low for a few years until the heat dies down, Kezmar applied and received a transfer to the USS Galileo as their Assistant Chief Research Officer
Medical History Lieutenant Junior Grade Tsakti has no pressing health concerns or issues
Service Record 2380-2385: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2385-2386: Ensign, Teacher's Aide, Starfleet Academy
2386-2387: Ensign, Research Assistant, Starfleet Academy
2387-2388: Lieutenant JG, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Starfleet Academy
2388-2390: Lieutenant JG, Project Researcher, Daystrom Institute
2390-: Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Research Officer, USS Galileo

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