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Lieutenant JG Natalya Kirilova

Name Natalya Aleksandrovna Kirilova

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34
Date of Birth Stardate 33116 (12 Feb 2356)
Place of Birth Spaceborn (ECS Adriatic)

Starfleet ID

Serial Number EP-069-0370
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 7 - Chief Engineer's Office
Quarters 02-0605 SO
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 1.67 m (5’ 6”)
Weight 54 kg (119 lbs.)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description A woman of middling height, slender build, and Caucasian features, Natalya is often seen as the epitome of casual efficiency by her peers. She has chestnut brown hair that is almost always worn down, falling to her shoulders, and eyes the color of duranium hull plating. She’s attractive by the standards of her kind, but other than that there is little about her that would cause her to stand out in a crowd. Natalya cares little for fashion trends, and aside from having a few daring outfits she favors traditional styles and seems more than content wearing a uniform every day; Starfleet dress codes are certainly in line with her taste, and her tailored jumpsuits compliment her figure far better than most of her wardrobe anyway.
Body Art Natalya has no tattoos or distinguishing body markings, natural or otherwise. She's been known to fancy a bit of lipstick and eye shadow to enhance her appearance, but rarely to a degree that would warrant a second glance.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Aleksandr Ivanovich Kirilov
Mother Zoya Vasil’yevna Kirilova
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None of note.
Pets None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Smooth and refined, Natalya has an air of experience and professionalism about her. She usually presents herself as a by-the-books officer to those she is unfamiliar with, but is willing to loosen up and build rapports with those around her. This approach makes her seem affable to a broad variety of people and personality types, but it also makes her seem rather two-faced to those who don’t see as much of her good side. Since becoming an administrator in her field, Natalya has more or less let go of the routine maintenance tasks in her department, leaving the hands-on work to her subordinates as she focuses on managing the big picture; to the casual observer she may seem lazy, and all too willing to pass unwanted tasks down the line, but in truth she always puts in a full day’s work… even if much of it happens to be spent at her office desk.
Strengths Natalya has over a decade of experience as a Starfleet engineer, primarily aboard large cruisers. Holding a doctorate in engineering as well as her commissioned rank, she’s all too willing to assert her authority among her peers, and if need be, get her hands dirty if it means getting the job done. Even though her duties require a strong intellect more than anything else, Natalya is also quite healthy and physically fit; she has little problem keeping up with those straight out of the academy.
Weaknesses Despite her experience in engineering, Natalya doesn’t have much to offer in terms of other realms of expertise. And though she’s physically fit, she has yet to put serious effort into self-defense techniques and martial arts. Personally, Natalya tends to be a bit of a pacifist… even when it comes to space combat: the thought of putting holes in a perfectly good starship is nearly unthinkable to her. This mentality may hinder her future efforts toward pursuing command opportunities, should that become her goal.
Ambitions Having already more or less achieved the goals she’d set for herself, Natalya is not fully sure about what to do with her future. While she continues to enjoy her career in Starfleet and the lifestyle it entails, she knows that she stands near a critical nexus in her life. On one path Natalya can continue on as a Starfleet engineer, but she knows that unless she dares step foot into the realm of command, any prospects of future advancement are dim. On the other hand, she could give up her nomadic lifestyle and settle down with a quiet professorship, or job in research and development; the prestige either job would entail hardly seems worth settling for a sedentary life though.
Hobbies & Interests Natalya is a woman of few active and demanding interests. She doesn’t enjoy most sports or athletic activities, games of strategy and chance tend to annoy her, and she’s never seemed to have the knack for creative expressions like music and art. Natalya has running and swimming routines to stay in shape, but she sees both as solitary habits, and not really recreational activities to compete with others. After her shifts she tends to seek solace in quiet, relaxing forms of entertainment, like reading and listening to music. All in all, many of her peers would see her as a rather boring person with an overly regimented lifestyle.
Vernacular Natalya is usually soft spoken unless the situation demands otherwise. She favors casual speech and layman's terms unless she purposefully wants to drown someone in technical jargon, a tactic usually only reserved for ensigns new to the fleet. Many find her lack of a regional dialect surprising, as if she should have a noticeable Russian accent because of her name.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Russian, Andorii

Personal History Childhood
Born on Stardate 33116 (12 Feb 2356) aboard the ECS Adriatic, Natalya Kirilova was the first-born child of young newlyweds headed out to the colonies, in search of a new life full of adventure. Part of the first wave of colonists to a recently charted and uninhabited world, Natalya’s parents had left their urbanite existence on Earth for what would prove to be a much harsher existence. Denali, as Natalya’s homeworld would later be called, proved to have much in common with its namesake. A land of jagged rock and ice, Denali orbited the far edge of its parent star’s habitable zone and had long winters, and only a thin stretch of land around the equator that could be considered temperate and accessible. Almost every permanent settlement had to be situated in this temperate zone, but unfortunately Natalya’s home was usually not one of them. Her parents, both engineers, had been tasked with helping construct mining facilities and refineries located deep within Denali’s frozen wasteland… the real source of the planet’s appeal.

As one of only a handful of children in the newly founded colony, Natalya had few friends her own age throughout much of her youth, and fewer opportunities for pursuing a typical childhood… Denali had no parks, playgrounds, toy stores, or youth sports leagues to occupy her time. As a result, she became quite attached to her parents and their work. While too young to do any work on her own, Natalya was always asking questions about construction equipment, building materials, repair procedures, and, of course, what made her frozen homeworld so special to those who had left Earth to settle it. Though her childhood might have been found dull and lacking by many of her future peers, Natalya didn’t see it that way.

As Natalya grew up and came of age, there was never any real question about what she would do with her life. The frontier sprit was in her blood, and her lifelong familiarity with engineering made that the ideal career path for her to choose. She would have been content earning college credits through remote learning programs, and then taking a job colony building with her parents, but it was they who suggested that she try out for something on a more grand scale… a career in Starfleet. Natalya didn’t score high enough to be accepted to Starfleet Academy on her first try, but she learned from the experience and saw much improvement on her second go.
Starfleet History Starfleet Academy
Compared to her frozen homeworld, Earth was a relative paradise. The first days spent there seemed filled with resplendent wonders… from the beautiful sights of San Francisco, the plethora of entertaining activities, and the crowd of bright, young cadets like herself. All of it was almost too much to take in at first, and Natalya initially had a lot of difficulty in managing a healthy balance between her studies, and taking advantage of all the opportunities her time on Earth had to offer. By her second year, however, the excitement began to wear off a bit. She fell back on her strong, motivated colonial roots, and approached her studies with a renewed sense of purpose. Though not an elite cadet by any means, Natalya showed herself to be a promising engineer, and her focused approach to her future career helped earn her the respect of many of her instructors.

As graduation neared and the competition between cadets grew stiffer, Natalya felt that she would have been content with most any assignment. She saw worth in the types of assignments that most of her peers sought to avoid: fleet yards, outposts, colonies, and starbases. All of the cadets, it seemed, wanted to be assigned to the newest and fastest starships out there. Though it was common knowledge that she would have been content with most any assignment, Natalya was chosen for a fleet posting immediately after her commissioning. The massive Excalibur-class ships were just rolling off the shipyard assembly lines in 2380, and Natalya found herself assigned as an engineer aboard one of the first batch vessels.

Starfleet – 1st Tour
The USS Excalibur, the frontrunner of its class, was built on a scale far larger than anything Natalya could have imagined. She spent her first couple weeks aboard the ship stunned, and continually lost as she roamed the hundreds of corridors trying to address the little quirks of the new ship as its crew put the Excalibur through its paces. Her first few months were quite stressful in general, as the admiral in charge was determined to see what the ship could do… naturally, that meant a lot of work for its engineers.

While many of the other junior officers around Natalya came and went, in search of opportunities and a rapid rise through the ranks, she ended up staying on the Excalibur for over ten years. While many of her fellow peers couldn’t wait to get promoted, become chief engineer, serve on their favorite ship or travel to a certain far away place, Natalya wasn’t as interested in those things as she was in mastering her trade. She proved to be a strong team player, and also believed in group-accomplishment… something not many of her peers couldn’t understand about her. During her early years in Starfleet Natalya rarely fought for her own accomplishments, and as a result she was constantly being brushed aside by those who were in a rush to get noticed, and thus, get promoted.

Starfleet – 2nd Tour
As the years passed by, Natalya began to master various aspects of engineering aboard the Excalibur-class, and was moved to various specialist positions as a result of her expertise. She became a respected addition to the crew, but the lack of personal ambition and drive in her early years came back to haunt her almost every time her promotion review dates came up. Her superiors seemed hesitant to elevate her to roles that she didn’t really seem like she wanted. Added to that, most of her superiors seemed comfortable in their roles as well. Aboard the Excalibur, there seemed to be little opportunity for upward mobility… at least for an engineer. Even after having seniority for several years, it wasn’t until 2386—seven years into her career—that the opportunity came for her to move up to become the assistant chief engineer of the ship.

The three years as assistant chief engineer proved to be the hardest one yet. The ship was involved in several crisis situations, some of which resulted in combat and even loss of life. A series of harsh wake-up calls for Natalya and her fellow crew, she somehow proved more able to cope with the hardships and danger, probably because of her focus on teamwork and the fact that she believed that her career in Starfleet wasn’t all about what she wanted.

Starfleet – 3rd Tour
Finally, in 2390—and after ten years of service aboard the Excalibur—Natalya felt the need to move on. The chief engineer had decided to sign on for another five-year tour of duty aboard the ship, and that translated to years of waiting before she could even hope to move up in her department. Applying for a transfer, a notion nearly unthinkable to her in the past, Natalya found an opening for the chief engineer spot aboard a much smaller ship—a Nova-class. Even though she wasn’t particularly looking forward to working aboard a comparatively cramped starship, a chance to do the job she’d been waiting years for seemed well worth the change.
Medical History Natalya's medical history is a surprisingly light read. She's been healthy and fit for most of her life, and has so far escaped noteworthy illness or injury. Her natural immune system is relatively weak from growing up in a remote, arctic environment and years of living on starships, but vaccinations and continued exposure to other people have strengthened it to acceptable levels.
Service Record Starfleet Academy (2375-79)
2375-76: Cadet Freshman Grade
2376-77: Cadet Sophomore Grade
2377-78: Cadet Junior Grade
2378-79: Cadet Senior Grade

First Posting (2379-89)
USS Excalibur (NCC-72001), Excalibur-class Explorer
2379: Engineering Officer
2381: Matter/Energy Systems Specialist
2384: Propulsion Systems Specialist
2386: Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Second Posting (2389-Present)
USS Galileo (NCC-80010), Nova-class Surveyor
2390: Chief Engineering Officer

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