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Lieutenant Wilhelm Von Haeften

Name Wilhelm Michael Von Haeften

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Date of Birth 13 August, 2360
Place of Birth New Berlin, Luna Colony

Starfleet ID

Serial Number NC-600-4679
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 4 - Chief Science Officer's Office
Quarters 02-3417 SO
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Germanic-looking, with mildly pale skin, a straight nose of normal width. Thin lipped. Close-cropped black hair. Blue eyes. Of average muscular build, but keeps himself trim through running regimes. Clean-shaven at all times when able.
Body Art None


Spouse None
Children None
Father Georg Karl - 59
Mother Mathilda Adele - 56
Sister(s) Hilda - 27
Other Family Johannes Georg Von Haeften- Uncle, KIA Dominion War
Pets Tribble - "Rommel"

Personality & Traits

General Overview Has archaic ideas about military discipline, and has several anachronistic habits that either mildly amuse or mildly annoy his fellow Officers and superiors, such as standing at rigid attention when addressed by superiors, and saluting when both have fallen out of favor with the regular Starfleet. Wilhelm is nervous around women, especially Vulcan women, for he admires Vulcan’s logical mind and sharp intelligence. Wilhelm also is of German descent and very proud of this fact. He is still able to fluently speak German, and often does so unconsciously when excited or angered, with his accent slipping deeper and deeper the more emotional he gets, although he continues to see the Counselor to improve this habit. Very eager to prove himself to his new command. Very intelligent man with a passion for learning, he has earned his masters degree in history from the Andorian Science Academy and is currently working on the beginnings of his Doctorate.
Strengths Wilhelm is generally a warm, caring person, and open to others. Disciplined beyond the norm for Starfleet Officers due to years in the Reserves. Fairly intelligent, Wilhelm received excellent scores in physical sciences and history while at the Academy. He is always eager to learn new things. He has fair proficiency with ancient weaponry (bows, gunpowder weapons, etc) due to his father's hobby of collecting weaponry of bygone eras.

Being the son of a linguist has given him a flair for languages, although not to the extent of being fluent in most of them; his knowledge extends to being able to express numbers, simple concepts, and pleasantries.

A man of infinite thirst to know more, he has a great deal of knowledge about many obscure facts, although history remains his strong suit.
Weaknesses Wilhelm does not deal well with defeat, and will hold a grudge for longer than necessary. When embarrassed, especially in his job, Wilhelm will shut down emotionally, reverting to a colder exterior in order to contain his emotions. His fear of embarrassment also means he is slow to ask for help in his tasks. Due to the much stricter discipline in the Reserves, Wilhelm sometimes obeys the letter of the law more than the spirit, which makes him seem more blindly obedient than Wilhelm himself would like to think. The military culture of the Reserves has also made him somewhat outspoken and blunt.

He is accepting of most alien races, but is violently anti-Jem Hadar, blaming them for the death of his uncle during the First Dominion War. The fact that his uncle's body was never recovered or in fact even confirmed as dead matters little to him. If he encounters Jem Hadar, he will react with unrestrained anger and racist slurs.
Ambitions To join the Admiralty, marry, have children, and explore alternate universes.
Hobbies & Interests • Ancient Cultures, History, and Mythology
• Music (Bass guitar)
• 20th Century weapons
• Vulcan women
• History
• Reading
• Exploring alien cuisine
• Temporal phenomenon
Vernacular Typical teutonic accent. He makes a concious effort to ensure his voice has a measured staccato that projects intelligence and thoughtfulness, as well as an authoritative air. Time in the Reserves makes him pepper his words with military slang seldom used in the Active Fleet.

To his superiors, he is formal and terse. To his peers, light-hearted and energetic. To subordinates, he tries to act like a father-figure.

Germanic stock phrases color his language:

"Jawoehl" - Yes (lit: emphatic yes, as to an order)
"Ja" - Yes
"Nein" - No
"Natuerlich" - Naturally; of course
"Kommandeur" - Commander
"Leutnant" - Lieutenant
"Kapitaen" - Captain
"Konteradmiral" - Rear Admiral
"Kommodore" - Commodore
"Was ist los" - What's up?
"Los" - Move

Other terms will be explained as they pop up.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken English, German, Klingon (moderate)

Personal History Wilhelm as a child was quiet and unassuming, the child of career Starfleet Officers. His childhood to him was one full of wonder and amazement, as his parents were assigned to several research outposts, stations, and vessels. Although his parents were excellent Officers, commended for performance several times through their careers and serving with accolades and distinction, neither of his parents ever rose above the rank of Lieutenant Commander. This was due to their unwillingness to take assignments that would separate them, no matter how prestigious or advantageous to their career. As a result, they missed the majority of major Starfleet conflicts and operations, such as the Dominion War and Second Klingon War.

Growing up, Wilhelm’s parents taught him to value his heritage, and when alone, his father and he would speak German to each other, as his father’s father had done to him to keep the language alive in the Von Haeften line. Being the son of a linguist helped Wilhelm learn a few smattering’s of Klingon and Romulan, and his Mother’s culinary skill and insistence that the family try at least one alien recipe every month, ensured Wilhelm had a wide palate and appreciation for alien cultures.

Wilhelm knew he wanted to join Starfleet since he was a child; while other children went outside and played cops and robbers or were Arkalian Snowbeasts hunting for hexapumas, Wilhelm was on his imaginary bridge, giving orders, and always saving the day at the end. He was overjoyed when his parents were stationed at the Utopia Planetia shipyards, for he would always sit in his Father’s office after school and watch the starships being constructed, dreaming of one day serving aboard one.

When he was 14 and started at Pavel Chekov High School in New Berlin, Luna Colony, he immediately joined the Junior Starfleet Cadet Corps (JSCC), a youth group of high school students that practiced close-order drill and had a curriculum of “previews” of what was offered at the Academy. When he was 17, he graduated from high school with moderate honors and applied to the Academy, becoming accepted despite his difficulty in advanced math. It was during his teenage years that Wilhelm began honoring his family's history by remembering the German resistance of his ancestor Lieutenant Werner Von Haeften, who on July 20, 1944 was part of the German Resistance when they attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Every July 20th, Wilhelm plays the incident of his death on the holodeck, so as to remind himself that an Officer is not loyal to a singular person alone, but to freedom and justice and the rule of law.
Starfleet History At the Academy, Wilhelm made few friends, as he kept his quiet nature and bookishness from his childhood. His love of racquetball blossomed when the Academy had all students select a sport to participate in, and he picked racquetball on a whim, not enjoying the remainder of choices. He fell into the sport naturally, earning many accolades for his performance and winning the Mallory Cup at the Academy in his Sophomore and Senior years. He played feverishly, always willing to risk his body on getting the ball back into play, even if he had a commanding lead or was far behind. His proudest moment in the sport was when he was invited to participate in the Rigellian Racquetball games, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the sport, behind only to the Vulcan Master’s Tournament and the Andorian Olympics.

His academics were not as sharp as his racquetball skills, however. He placed near the bottom of his peer group in math and quantum mechanics, always having to be tutored to grasp the basic concepts. Despite this, he managed to pass his classes, although he had to repeat Spatial Trigonometry twice before he was able to earn a passing grade. He excelled in the fields of physical sciences, history, and Temporal Theory. At the beginning of his sophomore year, after the Academy had a distinguished visitor in Ambassador Spock, Wilhelm decided to travel down the science career path, as this was his strong suit and interest regardless. Eventually deciding that he may desire a command of his own one day, Cadet Von Haeften was sure to take extracurricular courses in command, ethics, and moral leadership. In addition to his studies, Wilhelm was the vice-president of the Starfleet Cadet Historian Society, a journalist for the school paper, and a member of the Academy Drill team for four years.

Wilhelm graduated Starfleet Academy in 2382, 60th in his class of 205. Wilhelm decided to stay close to Earth, and so accepted a commission into the Starfleet Reserves. The Starfleet Reserves for all practical purposes acted as the Earth Defense Force, and was infamous for its tighter discipline and more rigid, militaristic ways than the Active duty Fleet. Wilhelm learned many habits from these first Reserve assignments, some of which are seen as bemusing anachronistic habits at best by the Active Fleet Officers. His first Commanding Officer insisted on saluting, standing at attention, and formality at all times. Wilhelm still struggles with breaking these long-ingrained habits now that he is in the Active Fleet.

He was first posted as a Liaison Officer to the Klingon Defense Force contingent that trained on Mars. He earned their respect during this assignment due to his almost reckless abandon during social sporting events and his willingness to taste, and enjoy, Klingon food such as Gagh and Heart of Targ, and his eagerness to learn Klingon language and customs. He made some friends among the Klingons assigned to Mars and maintains social contact with some of them.

In 2383, Wilhelm volunteered to serve as an Admiral's Aide to Commodore Fikuda, Deputy Chief of Personnel at Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. During his tour, his service jacket noted that he was valued as much for his efficiency as an aide as he was at improving the Commodore’s Racquetball game.

In 2384, Wilhelm was posted to the USS Washington, a Starfleet Reserve Science Vessel that patrolled and catalogued gaseous anomalies as Junior Science Officer. Wilhelm had an unremarkable time on the Washington, his days full of typical space phenomena and cataloging quasars, pulsars, novas, wormholes, and the like. During his time on board, Wilhelm dedicated one night every two weeks to volunteer for the night shift on the bridge so as to gain command experience. His diligence and leadership were rewarded by promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, and appointment to the post of Assistant Chief Science Officer of the USS Washington in 2386. During his tour with the Washington, Wilhelm was able through correspondance courses to obtain his Master's Degree in History from the Andorian Science Academy.

Wilhelm applied for and was posted to Starfleet Academy in 2387, where he served as an Instructor in Earth History (17th to 21st century). While there, Wilhelm yearned for a return to the stars and exploring the unknown, and so, after 3 years of teaching, asked for and was granted a transfer to Starfleet active duty, and was assigned to the USS Galileo as Chief Science Officer.

In October, 2390, Wil was promoted to full Lieutenant based on time in service.
Medical History Mild racquetball injuries to legs during Academy career; no lingering disabilities or injuries.
Service Record 2378 - Enters Starfleet Academy
2382 - Graduates Starfleet Academy (B.A. History)
2382 - Liason Officer, KDF, Mars
2383 - Admiral's Aide, Starfleet Headquarters
2384 - Science Officer, USS Washington
2386 - Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Washington
2387 - Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
2387 - Instructor, History, Starfleet Academy
2390 - Chief Science Officer, USS Galileo
October 2390 - Promoted to full Lieutenant

Character Progression System

Primary Band Science
Secondary Band Command

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Intelligence
+ Education
+ Linguistics
+ Problem Solving

+ Awareness
Department Skills Science
+ Discovery
+ Research
Department Perks Science
+ Academia

Skill Training