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Lieutenant JG Lenaris Marika

Name Lenaris Marika

Position Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 22
Date of Birth January 1st 2368 (earth calendar)
Place of Birth Meluni, Kendra Province, Bajor

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SP-479-3100
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Gamma
Office Deck 3 - Multipurpose Labs
Quarters 04-2624 JO
Roommate Eelim Galan

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 7
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Marika is a product of starfleet academy training. Slightly athletic in stature, she has incorporated the physical regimen required at the academy into her daily life. A bounce in her step, and a tendency to exaggerate her movements, points toward hyperactive tendencies.
Body Art Nothing beyond her traditional earring when off duty.


Father Meriss
Mother Anel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marika is a driven personality, with the guts to act and the ability to pull through. She is very smart, sometimes too much for her own good. Friendly and playful, she is usually of a sunny disposition. A tendency to zone out everything when she starts on a project, she often needs to be reminded to eat or sleep.
Strengths Adaptable, Brave, Curious, Friendly, and Intuitive. These qualities she holds above all others.
Weaknesses She can be a bit brash, often a little too sure of herself. She has a tendency to gather steam if not kept in check. Her curiosity can sometimes be construed as misplaced, although it never is to her. She can also be quite silly.
Ambitions Discover something awesome; a new race, a lost civilization or a dead language.
Do something constructive, culturally or scientifically for the betterment of the Federation, and thus Bajor.
Hobbies & Interests Plays the Ehru and the Bajoran Oboe.
History, art, culture in all it's forms.
Vernacular Bajoran
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Half a dozen Bajoran dialects, Cantonese, Vulcan, Latin, Greek, English

Personal History Early Childhood
Marika was born a 9 months before the end of the occupation, and as such has no memory of those devastating times. Her childhood was composed mostly of structural and cultural rebuilding. Being raised in a society where the people are in the process of reconciling who they where with who they are now, did bring about its own set of challenges. Pushed in half a dozen different directions in an attempt to balance the truths of their present existence with the glory of day past, most kids of her generation did not have much of a choice but to stomp their feet down and make their own way.

She became friends with the child of a human engineer, here to help the reconstruction of Bajor.
From them, she got her first glimpse of another culture. Chin Yui, would grow up to become her best friend. Together they explored their first ruins (which incidentally was the neighbor's basement), uncovered their first artifacts (which was a 10 year old pot half covered in dirt), and
learned their first extinct language (in actuality a half ripped warning label in Vulcan). From an early age, both sets of parents could see their children’s sense of adventure.

Every night at dinner, her parents would tell tales of the days where the Bajoran people were a shining beacon of culture to the systems around. Every day with her best friend, she would learn the great stories of earth and it’s inhabitants.

The particulars of her upbringing fostered in her a strong sense of the marvels of the past, and helped a burning curiosity to take root. History, languages and art became her bread and butter. By the age of 9 she spoke 4 different Bajoran dialects as well as federation standard and some Cantonese she’d learned from her best friend. They both learned to play the erhu, a type of Chinese violin, and a Bajoran woodwind instrument similar to the earth oboe.

Teenage years
Time passed, she grew both in mind and spirit. Learning all she could of the her people’s past, she became engrossed in the journey. Seeing a culture’s growth and change was, to her, a spiritual experience. She fell in love with Iconian lore and later with tales of the Preservers and Seeders.

As she grew older, she opened her horizons to scientific pursuit and came to realize that the study of things past would require her to understand much more than what she had thought as as child. Both Yui and she knew they wanted to become archaeologists, or perhaps anthropologists, or historians or… why not all of those? So long as they pursued their passions and made themselves useful to society, they knew it would all work out.

As they glided through their teens, they both came to realize they wanted different things with their lives. Marika wanted to go out there and see alien civilizations for herself. Yui was content to stay on Bajor. Her family having become citizens a while back, she felt her home was here.
While saddened to see their life roads would part, Marika felt safe in the knowledge their friendship was secure. Besides, she would be back. Bajor called all it’s children back at some point.

Her parents weren’t surprised when she announced she wanted to join starfleet. While they would have preferred she stay on Bajor and help here, they did not forbid it. Her father was the most supportive of the two. Before everyone realized it, she had passed at the entrance exams, went through the six week preparatory program and was off to the academy.
Starfleet History Academy years
Her first year at the academy was a difficult adjustment. Learning about a culture and actually living in it were clearly very different. She loved every minute of it. The struggle to understand strange customs, the strain of being constantly misunderstood herself and the adjustments to starfleet life; all of it was simply glorious. Where before she had thrived in difficulty, here she bloomed into an incredibly eager and willing young lady.

Her second year was filled with as much planetary visitations as she could include. Picking every assignment that would let her leave campus, taking every night or day off to visit one end or the other of this planet she had heard so much about. Courses went well, she made a few friends and even had a short but highly passionate relationship with a senior cadet.

Her third year was the first one where she started to feel the strain of a high workload. In her eagerness to learn, pretty much everything, she had overextended herself. She took a few hard choices until she was back to a rhythm she could follow without pushing herself too far. One of those choices was Tai Chi, both the relaxation exercise and the actual combat form.

The fourth year was high in action and full of rumbling exits. Or so it would have seemed if Yui had taken her correspondence at face value. In truth between her final exams, her cadet cruise on an archive vessel, this was perhaps the less exciting year she had lived in her life. She weathered through it, taking what time she had to broaden her understanding of the universe.

Her parents and the Chins (including her best friend Yui) came to earth to celebrate her graduation. It was a very exhilarating moment she had the fortune to share with them. They spent the week in Hong Kong, where the Chins were originally from, enjoying each others company and catching up. The week was unfortunately over way too soon, her family and closest friends left, and she was sent on her first assignment, a few hundred kilometers from where she was standing.

Commissioned Years
She was sent to china to help a team of civilian scientists unearth an ancient chinese city. While it was not the assignment she has hoped for, aspiring to serve on a science ship, she took it rather well, it being in china after all. On site, she was met with her earth history professor from the academy. He had been the one to ask for her when he left for the dig site. They formed a very close mentor/pupil bond during the two years she was there. She was almost saddened when she learned of her transfer to the Galileo, almost. But this was what she had always wanted, and change was always an entertaining challenge after all.
Medical History Mild allergy to mint and mustard.
Service Record Born January first 2368
2384: Starfleet entry date
2388: Graduated magna cum laude with a major in Social Sciences
2388: Assigned to civilian dig in china.
2390: Assigned to USS Galileo as resident Archaeologist and Anthropologist.

Character Progression System

Primary Band Science

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Intelligence
+ Aptitude
+ Education
+ Linguist

+ Insight
Department Skills Science
+ Method
Department Perks Science
+ Adventurer

Skill Training

In Progress Sensors, Korean, Akkadian