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Petty Officer 1st Class Taliesin Cynwrig

Name Taliesin Cynwrig

Position Master-at-Arms

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Date of Birth January 13th, 2353
Place of Birth Toshvot Trading Station, Jaradan Sector

Starfleet ID

Serial Number EQ-696-5280
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 3 - Security Office/Brig
Quarters 04-2118 EN
Roommate Vasily Sokolov Ph.D.

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78 m (5'10")
Weight 78 kg (172 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Though Taliesin is of average height and an athletic build that tends towards more lean muscle than bulk, the confidence with which he holds himself is an obvious indicator of his sheer toughness. His thick brown hair is often parted to one side, but can be somewhat messy at times, and he generally sports a few day's growth of scruffy stubble. Bright eyes of a deep brown colour lend him a natural sort of charm, and are quick to light up with amusement as is his broad smile. Taliesin presents himself neatly in uniform, but prefers civilian clothes when possible. His wardrobe typically consists of t-shirts and jeans, usually in dark blues or blacks, and his father's old black leather jacket. Out of uniform, he can easily blend into civilian crowds and not draw too much attention to himself.
Body Art A Celtic knot pattern tattoo that winds its way around his left bicep in black. The name of his father tattooed on his spine beneath his neck, along with date of birth and death.
Portrait =^= PNPC Owned by Cyrin Xanth =^=


Spouse None
Children None
Father Bedwyr Cynwrig, deceased
Mother Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taliesin brings with him a personality and experience that was formed outside of Starfleet over many years. With his background in law enforcement, he is dedicated to the idea of being able to serve and protect but this philosophy has been tempered by his past to make him wary and cautious at times. Though he is quick to share a joke, laugh, or reach out to help another, Taliesin is for the most part a serious man and can be quite stubborn. Justice is a driving force in his life, one that he can take too far as he can lack compassion for those who break the law.

Because of these traits and experiences, Taliesin has learned to be careful of sharing too much of himself too fast. He is slow to make friends, but when he does he is a steadfast and loyal companion to have. As for his enemies, Taliesin is even slower to either forgive or forget. He gives respect where it is due, based on behaviour and accomplishments rather than blind devotion based on rank or status. He still prefers to work alone, but has begun to understand the value of having a team to rely on.

With his inherent and specialized telepathic abilities along with years of both training and real world experience, Taliesin is a highly dangerous man to face in combat. There is a violence within him that Taliesin harnesses to use in his job, but the struggle this creates internally is likely one of the strongest reasons why he can take quite a while to draw close to others.
Strengths Taliesin is one of the rare humans that possesses a form of telepathy, though his is a highly specialized form that he refers to as 'motor-cortex reading.' Unable to detect the thoughts or emotions of others, his gift allows him to intuitively understand an opponent's next moves that he picks up from signals in their brain. His skill in combat, be it with melee weapons, ranged weapons, or his own body then allows him to respond with his telepathic insight in ways that gives him the advantage. Taliesin is a solid man, able to take a large amount of punishment and deal it out before he reaches his limit, driven on by both strength and adrenaline to a point beyond what most people can withstand. Years spent as a cop before joining Starfleet has given him a wide range of contacts and experiences to draw upon, including familiarity with a large number of weapons and martial arts forms.
Weaknesses Though he is not slow to learn by any means, his upbringing did limit his education in many ways, so he is oftentimes unfamiliar with the forensic and psychological sciences that can play an important role in police work. Taliesin's internal difficulties with his own violent impulses is ongoing, and though he has never lashed out against those who he didn't feel deserved it he has bent and even broken the rules in the past to get what he needed out of criminals to go after a bigger target. Though Taliesin has yet to break these rules since joining Starfleet, it might only be a matter of time before he goes too far yet again in the pursuit of justice.
Ambitions Having failed once to protect those whom relied upon him, Taliesin strives to never make those same mistakes again. He now hopes to prevent such events from happening again by learning more about forensic science and psychology and to use his position in Starfleet to spread his idea of justice in a broader sense.
Hobbies & Interests Taliesin has found an appreciation for new experiences he never knew he had since joining Starfleet, and enjoys the idea of exploring for it's own sake. He remains fit through plenty of physical activity, practising martial arts and weapons training, but also other sports such as rock climbing, acrobatics, and running. Old detective novels of various cultures fascinate him to no end.
Vernacular Taliesin speaks with an accent that is a kind of blending of numerous alien cultures that has softened only slightly over the years. His own speech may at times be interrupted with words from other languages, a sort of jargon he spoke on the station he grew up on and has worked hard at controlling since joining Starfleet.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Cymraeg, Orion, and a sort of trader's tongue that uses words from over a dozen different languages and is more commonly encountered in less reputable parts of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Personal History Taliesin was raised by his father, Bedwyr Cynwrig on board the Toshvot Trading Station. Of his mother, he knows practically nothing as his father refused to ever speak of her and records on the station make no mention of her identity. Bedwyr was the security chief of the station and the only law enforcement official on board, a seedy place where merchants and criminals from numerous sectors congregated to engage in deals, many of them illegal. For years, Taliesin watched his father struggled daily against the neverending efforts of people who did whatever they could to take advantage at the expense of others. This upbringing gave him the rather strict and harsh view of justice that he maintains to this day.

When Taliesin became a teenager, he started to assist his father where he could. Bedwyr taught his son all he could about his job, and trained the young man in combat skills. It was during these years that they discovered Taliesin's unique telepathic ability, his gift that allowed him to understand what a person's next move would be in a fight, and he quickly became quite skilled under his father's tutelage. Though Toshvot Station had a basic school that he attended, Taliesin learned far more acting as his father's apprentice than he did in the classroom.

At the age of seventeen, Taliesin saw his father killed by a disruptor blast when trying to apprehend a pair of smugglers. After he captured - and beat bloody - the two criminals, the station's leadership offered him his father's job. Accepting without hesitation, Taliesin spent many years living the same difficult and dangerous life that his father had before him. During this time, he dealt with numerous criminal elements, from smugglers, murderers, thieves, and worse. Taliesin wasn't always able to get those responsible for crimes on the station, but earned himself a reputation as a dangerous cop that didn't stay down no matter how badly he was beaten.

By the time he had reached his early thirties, the Orion Syndicate had begun to take an interest in the competition Toshvot Station posed to their efforts in the region. Through overwhelming use of thugs, intimidation, assassination, and violence, they managed to drive away these disperate criminal elements that had infested the station for decades. In doing so, however, they also destroyed whatever legitimate business went on there as well. Toshvot Station was abandoned, and Taliesin found himself without a job or home until out of desperation he decided to enlist in Starfleet.
Starfleet History Taliesin enlisted in Starfleet when he was thirty-one years old, attending bootcamp on Acamar. Given his background in law enforcement, he was unsurprisingly placed in the Security Department and his experience and dedication earned him rapid promotions in the first few years. Though he was posted on board ships now, rather than stations, Taliesin has been able to use his skills and experience to his advantage. He currently serves as the Master-At-Arms of the USS Galileo.

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