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Nevedno Lož

Name Nevedno Lož

Position Science Technician

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ramuran
Age 38
Date of Birth February 10, 2352
Place of Birth Ramura

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CV-449-4275
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Beta
Office Decks 3, 4, 5 - Multipurpose Labs
Quarters 04-2724 EN
Roommate Alethea Coleman

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4" (162.56cm)
Weight 105lbs (47.6272kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Short and practically emaciated, Nevedno is the least threatening person physically that you may ever meet. The first impression, which is every time, that is given is that he is a man that has lost all sense of personal upkeep. A man that no longer views himself of worth. He is mobile and he is functional, but beyond that he is frail and easily broken, much like his emotional state. His facial expression is always a burned out and exhausted image.

He has buzz-cut black hair and striking blue eyes. At times it almost seems his eyes alone are worthy of remembering, but upon another encounter, his peers are just as stunned as the first time. It's always the first time. Aside from this he is plain. No distinguishing features. No tattoos. Just the least memorable figure in the universe.
Body Art None

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Father Tajomstvo Lož
Mother Skrytý Lož

Personality & Traits

General Overview He has the burning desire of a thousand suns, though they have perhaps now gone dormant or otherwise ceased to burn. All he wants is to be known. To have a companion or friend that can actually remember him. At times he is course and rude, attempting anything to make an impression. For the most part, though, he has become reserved. He hates introducing himself, as he has a countless number of times. Anger, frustration, and hopelessness seethes just below the surface at all times. And guilt. Guilt for the price he paid to gain his freedom.
Strengths +Helpful at times.
+Knows almost everyone and is a good listener. He could be a good counselor if his words had and lasting power.
Weaknesses -Crushing depression and futility
-Relatively unskilled
-Unknown (see medical history)
Ambitions To be known. To stay free, no matter the cost. To find a connection with just one person.
Hobbies & Interests Though these are waning, he is interested in making a connection with someone, anyone. He believes that there might be one person out there that will remember him. Aside from this he attempts random pass times, sometimes by himself, sometimes with people.
Vernacular He speaks slow and emotionless, as though he has said the same damn thing a thousand times.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Ramuran

Personal History Nevedno's early life was spent as a science technician aboard a Ramuran research vessel. He was so low as to not be noticed by most everyone around him. He was barely known by even his own people. Perhaps a manifestation of the Ramuran equivalent of Karma focused on just one of them. A completely secretive race, he was almost unknown even among his peers.

But Nevedno knew why. He didn't belong there. He could feel it. He despised the secrecy. To embrace their natural affliction that had segregated them from the rest of the universe. It was not helpful, to him. It was a hindrance. He knew he had to get away, he knew the consequences of doing so, and after years of planning, he knew how he was going to do it.

::Red Alert. All Hands Abandon Ship::

Nevedno had studied the warp core technicians working and had gleaned enough information as to at least know how to mess one up. While his ship was on an expedition they had come very close to a Federation ship. The USS Liber. He was able to start, without being noticed, a runaway reaction within the warp core of his ship that would destroy it in twenty minutes. The cloaked escape shuttles had begun to leave and it was then that he made his move. He beamed himself aboard the unknowing Federation ship shortly before his ship exploded. The other Ramurans would believe him to be a lost hand aboard. The explosion was detected and scanned, but to the USS Liber, what ever had blown up was so thoroughly destroyed that it could not be deduced what it really was beyond hunks of scrap metal, though there was also the detection of organic matter. Nevedno was told this upon his arrival. There were people left behind on that ship, a fact that haunts him to this day.

He had approached the command staff as the sole survivor of the incident, protecting the secrecy of his people. He hated it, but there was still a sense of obligation to keep their way of life intact. He attempted in vein to describe his situation as best he could and asked for asylum. As strange as it had sounded, they agreed. He spoke of his engineering experience and offered to assist in anything that needed to be done around the ship, however limited his skills may have been.
Starfleet History Nevedno served aboard the USS Liber for almost six years. He helped when he could, and though he had enjoyed interacting with all the other crewmembers, he had grown increasingly distant over the years as no one on board truly remembered him, even with their helpful aides that they insisted work. The futility had started to set in. Nevedno put in for a transfer, wanting to escape the pain of the faces he so intimately recognized looking back at him as though he was some unknown guest. His pain of anonymity was heightened, but not surprising, when his transfer was met with the highest of criticisms, for not a soul knew this person and they were not willing to move around a person without proper clearance.

Fortunately his records confirmed his existence, and a transfer was deemed necessary by those in command over his life in Starfleet. Apparently someone was looking out for him, however difficult or fleeting it may have been. He was transferred to a science vessel, the USS Galileo, where he has been for the past six months.
Medical History All that is known about Nevedno's current medical status is that he releases a pheromone that renders any person incapable of forming memories related to him. Encounters with him are forgotten within a few hours. Aside from that, whether by technological or biological means, he is immune to many scanning technologies, such as tricorders, making it difficult to get an accurate record of his well-being.

Currently, Nevedno's record contains only the above facts. It is saved away in the medical database along with his physical attributes and a picture of him. It is rarely ever accessed as it is rarely ever needed. Nevedno prefers to stay out of sickbay as much as he can.

Undiagnosed, but suspected on every first encounter a doctor or psychiatrist has with Nevedno, are the myriad mental disorders or afflictions he may possess due to his unfortunate circumstances.
Service Record 2352: Born
2376-2384: Service to the Ramuran Science Devision
2384-2389: USS Liber
2389-Present: USS Galileo

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