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Name Jynn

Position Support Craft Pilot

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Deltan
Age 26
Date of Birth April 1, 2364
Place of Birth Delta IV

Starfleet ID

Serial Number OU-387-0048
Security Clearance Level 1
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 4 - Flight Control Office
Quarters 06-1003 EN
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 130
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Dull Gray
Physical Description Sinuous and sinewy, Jynn's body is thin for his height, but every ounce of it is muscle. Like braided steel cables. In a word, efficient. Perhaps a perfect example of Deltan physiology, built specifically for continuous use, his form fits most any purpose, though Jynn believes he is obviously built for flight. Surprisingly, his dull gray eyes lead them to be perhaps his least examined trait, two overlooked spots in an otherwise stunningly decorated body. A Deltan trait, Jynn has no hair, instead his head is adorned with the same art that comprises almost the entirety of his body: the universe itself. At first glance he almost appears to be a Trill, though on close inspection, the speckles on either side of his head are revealed to be images of galaxies.
Body Art Over the course of his as of now brief career as a Starfleet flight controller Jynn has already accumulated a stunning tapestry of art on his body, covering almost every inch of him except for his face. The theme, unsurprisingly, is space. The final frontier, as it were. Most noticeable are the tattoos on either side of his neck and head that can be seen regardless of uniform worn. He almost resembles a bald Trill at first glance, but the spots are actually small galaxies. With most every place he's been and every ship he's flown drawn in, as well as various equations relating to his line of work, his canvas that is the entirety of his body is always changing by the month, sometimes by the week.


Father Fillik
Mother Elize
Sister(s) Merra, Mayrian

Personality & Traits

General Overview Interesting, exciting, and exhilarating. Jynn could use many words to describe himself, but these would probably be the first three to spring forth in his mind. And attractive (A fourth word). He definitely is able to attract, though he would insist it is his ability as well as is species' nature that does this and not just the latter. He is always testing himself and his surroundings, poking and prodding for some new feeling he has not experienced. If he finds one he attacks it in passion, making sure to experience it in the fullest before moving on to something else.

He loves to meet new people and interact with them. He swears he's made no enemies, but some people find his methods of excitement annoying to be sure. Even rudeness and hatred are welcome to him, just more sensations to be felt. Perhaps the thing he dreads most, perhaps the only thing, is sleep. Sedated. Unmoving. Like being dead. He makes sure to spend every waking moment living.
Strengths Jynn is unwaveringly curious, always seeking out new sensations and experiences. He is brilliant when he is focused, though this is often tough for him. Always the optimist, he treats even his failures as both learning experiences and as ways to experience even the usually undesirable emotions such as anger and sadness.
Weaknesses He is very impatient, especially when there is something new to be done. Jynn's mind always seems to be two steps ahead of itself and he often finds himself trying to keep up. He is also easily excited emotionally, both in the positive and negative realms of feelings. Finally, and most notably, his desire for new experiences and pleasures has made Jynn reckless. He takes risks even when they are not necessary and occasionally will place even his peers in danger, though he is usually more than qualified to remove them and himself from the danger if needed.
Ambitions To always find himself on the edges of space, time, and physical and emotional existence, pushing the limits of himself and whatever craft he finds himself commanding. Stimulating every sense to their peak.
Hobbies & Interests Extreme sports and extreme activities of any sort. Experiencing new sights, sounds, scents, sapor, and sensations, not to mention exciting any other senses that can be excited or distorted, such as one's chronoperception or vestibular senses to name a few.
Vernacular Quick to speak and not one to filter his thoughts before speaking them, Jynn's speech is often borderline cluttered. His thoughts also can come fast and disorganized at times, his internal monologue sharing the same speed as his spoken word. He is well spoken most of the time, but is also well versed in cursing if need be in an effort to add character to conversation.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Deltan (fluent), Federation Standard (broken), Varied curses, slang, and other situation-escalating word forms.

Personal History Born and raised on Delta IV, Jynn has experienced more than a lifetime's worth of physically and mentally stimulating situations. After a while he began to long for more and began to find himself participating in just about any activity that could excite the senses. Near death experiences, fast vehicles, anything that could break the monotony of stationary life.

After a time he set his goals high. He would join Starfleet. There he could experience worlds of different experiences, not to mention take the control of the myriad vehicles he would find himself able to use. The only down side? Abstinence. A heavy price to pay, but one that'd be worth it. After all, sex was just one sensation in a sea of excitements.
Starfleet History Jynn's time in Starfleet Academy was certainly exhilarating, between the challenges of learning how to fly and learning how to abide by his oath, it was certainly more than difficult at times. Persistence paid off, however, and he passed all his courses with flying colors. On his final test he aced every question, but, due to a typo, did not receive a perfect grade. This had certainly excited his emotions in a way he did not oft experience; anger. He took it in stride, however, being just another experience in his life to remember.

After the academy Jynn quickly climbed from a green ensign (though the word 'ensign' always sounded orange) to an experienced junior lieutenant in just a little over two years, constantly finding himself at the helm of new vessels and vehicles. He never skipped the opportunity to test pilot or otherwise use any fast moving equipment, be it on the holodeck or in actual flesh, blood, and steel. He also made sure to tantalize his senses through any means possible, competing with crew members or otherwise testing himself in many ways.
Medical History Jynn has considered himself blessed with the 'condition' of being a synesthete. The connections he experiences are numerous, and thus every activity he partakes in has more dimensions than even the typical Deltan can relate to. His speech and thoughts are also borderline cluttered, though this is undiagnosed. Aside from this, Jynn is a perfectly healthy Deltan with all his senses wonderfully sensitive. His species' abilities of attraction are also of medical note, though this is more detrimental to others than himself. He is sure to be in control of his attraction as much as can be controlled, but he is not perfect and being a person who finds it hard to concentrate has let his control slip on more than one occasion.
Service Record 2364: Born
2383: Starfleet Academy
2387: Ensign
2389: Lieutenant JG

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