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Petty Officer 1st Class Eric Anderson

Name Eric Cathal Anderson

Position Nurse

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Date of Birth 1st May 2359
Place of Birth California, America, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number EO-399-4760
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 3 - Sickbay
Quarters 04-0808 EN
Roommate Veri

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 180
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Anderson's hair is in loose waves which fall across his forehead.He always keeps himself well shaven and his uniform immaculate.
Body Art None

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Spouse None
Children None
Father Dr.Gary Anderson
Mother Dr. Mary Anderson
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Sarah Anderson - 20
Other Family None
Pets None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eric has a very tough interior and exterior. Having become a nurse in a family of Doctor's this is causes of arguments with his parents who think he is under achieving. Eric likes to party as hard as he works.
Strengths Strengths - Caring nature, ability to learn things easily
Weaknesses Weaknesses: Temper when he thinks people are judging him for being a male nurse. Partying habit as he enjoys still being young.
Ambitions To become a head nurse
Hobbies & Interests Partying, playing his guitar
Orientation Heterosexual

Personal History Eric was born to Gary and Mary Anderson as their first child. 10years later her sister Sarah was born. Eric is participial close to his sister due to the pressure their parents put on them to achieve and become either Doctors or high ranking within Starfleet.

Sarah is currently in starfleet academy studying her second year in intelligence, having decided to for go the norm, just like her brother did.

Eric is extremely proud of his sister and keeps in regular contact with her. He is the typical over protective older sister, not worried to swing a punch if someone upsets his sister.
Starfleet History During his time in school, it became apparent that Eric's test results were only average which caused a concern on weather or not he would be able to preform well if admitted to Starfleet Academy.

As a result, Eric decided to take the route of becoming an enlisted and learning as he worked. He knew that he had already obtained the basics due to watching his parents growing up and he could only hope that he would manage to move up from there.

In 12 years, Eric has served on three ships and one starbase. Each of his placements allowed him to be able to witness and participate in nursing in various areas such as surgery, pediatrician, midwifery; all of which has allowed the nurse to build a wealth of experience.

The placement on the USS Galileo is the first position which the nurse will hold on such a small ship and as such, it is one he is looking forward to.

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