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Petty Officer 3rd Class Veri

Name Veri RN

Position Nurse

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Deltan
Age 24
Date of Birth Eighth Day of the Seventh Deltan Month, 2367
Place of Birth Deltan Homeworld

Starfleet ID

Serial Number HL-241-6472
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 3 - Sickbay
Quarters 04-0808 EN
Roommate Eric Anderson

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 3in
Weight 123lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Veri is petite and lithe, but her height holds no disadvantage (in her eyes). Because her people value their looks, her athletic build favors one built more for agility. Her complexion is also very clean and her skin pale and soft. A sign she is a young Deltan.

Appearance wise, she takes her uniform very seriously and to regulation, but because of the sensuality of her race, her off-duty attire is none at all, or robes that just barely cover up the parts of her most humans immaturely overreact upon seeing (in public).
Body Art N/A

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Father Keda, MD (55)
Mother Calou, MD (53)
Brother(s) Obris (25)
Other Family - Hodor (Mother's Second Lover)
- Paela (Father's Second Lover)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Veri is like most Deltans. Every new feeling, from whichever senses intercept first, is a blessing. She's a very cheerful, open young woman as a result. Most would probably see this as a big red flag for an oblivious person, but to Deltans, it is the sign of a fully matured Deltan.

While mostly jovial, she is often seen as clumsy when nervous or distracted. Veri typically tries to stay positive, no matter the situation.
Strengths Besides the Deltan species' heightened senses, telepathy, and numbing psionic ability? Veri always likes to see the bright side of things. It is very hard to discourage her as a result.

Because of her races' openness and positive attitude, she can be considered a very good friend to those that can separate their base desires for her. Unless they are also Deltan, that is.
Weaknesses The biggest weakness she has is the Oath of Celibacy. She had to undergo an intense training in learning not to want oneness from another species. For this reason, she often struggles with controlling her openness and sexuality to the non-Deltans.

Another good weakness is her age. She is not as experienced in life as other Deltans, therefore she does not always make the right choices. Nor does she have the best judgement in spotting shady people.

A few people have noted that she tends to go on tagents. As such, her bubbly, almost-hyper personality can sometimes grate on people.
Ambitions Veri wants to explore as many planets as she can, that none of her people have ever explored before.
Hobbies & Interests Veri enjoys a lot holodeck games. She is also rather curious about many forms of human entertainment. Mostly, their old movies and tv shows.
Vernacular Veri's accent sounds very close to a New Zealander.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Deltan and English

Personal History Veri grew up in a massive, welcoming family setting. Even though she had only one sibling, her parents' friends/partners/lovers also helped raise her among their own children.

Even with so many childhood friends, Veri was one of the rare Deltans who wanted to celebrate and reconnected with their ancestors' days of explorations. As such, from the earliest memories she always looked to the stars in hopes of one day going up.

Given her parents were in the medical industry, she too was also pressed to do so when she was a young teen. Prep college classes were chemistry, anatomy and physiology, biology. The usual suspects for someone wanting to be a medical professional. But always Veri kept her true agenda secret.

When she was sixteen, she went to a celibacy training center after school to learn how to discipline her free sensuality around others. This was because she had two more years until she would enlist into Starfleet. And for a time, the training sessions were successful.

Sadly, once her parents discovered where she went off to, that fight was not a good one. As a general rule, most Deltans did not see the need to explore much, since they had done so a long time ago. So Veri came close to being exiled from her family because they saw her wanting to leave, as an offense to the Deltan way of life. To leave a community so open with each other was not all that comprehensible to them.

It was her father, alas that finally gave Veri his blessing to go. It was also a sad day for her because of it.
Starfleet History Veri's service record is pretty solid. She has yet to be written up for behavioral issues and she has always been assigned to ships as a "filler". So long as she gets to explore the galaxy in a way her ancestors once did, Veri truly does not mind where Starfleet sends her.

USS Mercy was her first posting after BT graduation. And she enjoyed the medical ship a lot. Even though she was an orderly, it gave her a lot of hope that she would get to become a nurse. Especially a surgical one, given all the surgeries she rushed patients in and out of.

Next, about a year later, she was back at SFA's Enlisted Nursing School. A twenty-four week program. She passed the first twelve weeks of general nursing with high enough scores to specialize in the second semester as a surgical nurse.

After graduation, she returned to the USS Mercy with a three-year Tour of Duty. During that time she took several Continuing Education (CE) classes. She managed to keep very high evaluation scores too, even if she never had the highest scores in her graduating nursing school class.

By the time she was reassigned to Galileo, her CE classes in Diagnostic Care, Immunizations, Emergency Care, and Perioperative Procedures and Regulations, eventually earned her the Registered Nurse status (RN).
Medical History There are no known allergies or afflictions to note of at this time.
Service Record 2384:

- Begins BT at Starfleet Academy's Enlisted Training Campus in late May.
- Graduates in late September. Promoted to Crewman Apprentice. Assigned to the medical ship, USS Hope as an orderly until an opening at Starfleet's Nursing School opened up.


- Mid February, Veri reports to Starfleet Academy once more for the enlisted track's twenty-four week Nursing School.
- Upon completion, Veri is promoted to Crewman.


- Returns to the USS Mercy as a Gamma Shift nurse. She is signed in for a three-year tour of duty with the ship.

- Begins taking extra classes to further her nursing certifications, during her off hours.


- Sits the Starfleet Medical RN Certification test at Starbase 12.

- Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class after passing her exams.


- Transferred to the USS Atlas as a filler in the medical department. After the wargame, she is assigned to the Galileo as a nurse.

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