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Lieutenant JG Emmarie (E'Ma'ri)

Name Emmarie (E'Ma'ri)

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 29
Date of Birth Unknown. Early 2361.
Place of Birth Unknown. Assumed Orion pirate vessel.

Starfleet ID

Serial Number NE-290-4628
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 6 - Operations Office
Quarters 04-0904 JO
Roommate Drusilla McCarthy

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7”
Weight 110 pounds
Hair Color Red/Auburn
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Emmarie is slightly taller than average height for a woman, and is rather slender, likely due to forgetting meals because she is too engrossed in her work. Her hair is a dark auburn which she lightens to a bright red, and is slightly longer than shoulder length. Despite the occasional inconvenience from a wavy lock falling into her eyes, she wears her hair down whenever she can. Her skin is a verdant hue that attracts her a considerable amount of attention, regardless of what she’s wearing at the time. She enjoys experimenting with makeup, particularly eyeliner and lipstick, though she tones it down a lot when she is on duty.

Her most noteworthy facial feature is her eyes, which are slightly oversized, almond shaped, and emerald green. She looks younger than her 27 years, which sometimes makes it difficult for her to be taken seriously by her peers. She greatly enjoys surprising others with demonstrations of her strength; like most Orions, she is considerably stronger than a similar size human female. Even without considering her green skin she is attractive, with angular features, straight white teeth, and a knowing smirk. Her lips are a thick, she has high cheekbones, and light dusting of freckles. All of these traits give her an elegant beauty.

She carries herself with both grace and confidence, and her gait shows signs of the dance classes she began to take when she was small. Much of her height is in her legs, which are rather shapely from both dance and hand-to-hand combat practice. Though she is less curvy in the chest than she would prefer, she has ample padding in her derriere to consider it her best feature.

She speaks in a lilting soprano, and even sings on occasion. She loves to laugh, even at inappropriate times, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. When she gets excited about something, her voice increases in pitch, and her words begin to come so swiftly that she trips over her tongue. When she is working by herself or reading, she giggles to herself, her skin coloring a darker green hue when she realizes that she’s done so aloud.

When Emmarie is on duty, she tends to wear the skant uniform, as she likes the freedom. Off duty, she enjoys fashion, and she even designs her own clothing patterns for the replicator. She prefers light, airy clothing that isn’t restrictive, and is nearly never seen wearing trousers. Her favored colors are generally jewel tones, particularly deep reds, sapphire blue, and amethyst. She has a few pieces of jewelry that she is seldom seen without, including a silver chain around her wrist, a garnet ring, and the locket she was found with as a baby. The locket has the name E’Ma’ri engraved on it, along with a phrase in the Orion tongue that she has never been able to properly translate.
Body Art None


Father Guillaume Chevalier (Adoptive)
Mother Amaline Chevalier (Adoptive)
Brother(s) Lucien Chevalier (Adoptive)
Sister(s) Amorette, Caroline, and Fleur Chevalier (Adoptive)
Other Family Biological mother is an Orion Matron (now deceased). Father is unknown.
Pets Ragdoll cat named Sadie

Personality & Traits

General Overview General Overview: If Emmarie’s crewmates were asked to describe her in one word, they would likely say she was analytical. They might also describe her as intelligent, clever, or studious. She possesses a nearly unparalleled thirst for knowledge and discovery, which is coupled with a drive to be the best person she can possibly be. While some people hate things like research and studying, she adores these things to such an extent that she frequently overlooks things like “socializing” or “eating.”

That’s not to say that she’s some introvert or shut in, as she does enjoy being around others, and she has an enthusiasm that is contagious. She has a considerable amount of self-confidence which makes her a great friend and colleague, as she doesn’t view others as threats. Because of this, she is always looking to make her friends and her teammates the best that they can be. This can cause tension with some people, who might assume that she is trying to make them feel stupid or inferior, when in reality she is merely trying to be helpful. She is generous to point of fault, often overlooking her own needs and prioritizing other people’s well-being above that of herself. She is optimistic and cheerful by nature, and this can seem inappropriate or even sarcastic to people who don’t know her very well.

Emmarie is a very independent person, and she doesn’t like to feel like a burden to others. She tries to do as much as she can to the best of her ability, because she constantly fears that other people might think that she doesn’t do her fair share of the work. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though, as her tendency to forego sleep or recreation to work means that she does get a lot of work achieved. Once more, this can irritate her peers, who may feel that she is trying to overshadow them.

Emmarie does have several legitimate flaws. She thinks faster than many people, which means that when she is forced to wait on something or someone else, that she gets irritated. Nearly every performance review mentions patience as an area of suggested improvement, and to her credit, she has been working to develop more patience. Lack of sleep can make her irritated or paranoid, so she sometimes catches herself snapping at people who didn’t mean her any harm. Confidence can come off as self-absorption, and she is a bit on the narcissistic side, though not in a manner that renders her harmful to others.

She has a rather short fuse, and she can “blow up” when she’s provoked. Fortunately, she’s not one to hold a grudge, and most times she recovers just as quickly as she goes off. She hopes that once she gets the patience straightened out that the temper will be resolved as well.

With as smart as Emmarie is, one would think it impossible for her to act without thinking. Unfortunately, though she can normally think things through in an instant, when she is caught out of her depths, she acts impulsively. She does get frustrated at things that she can’t figure out relatively quickly, or at least know what direction to search.
Strengths Analytic
Loves Learning
Weaknesses Selfish/Narcissistic
Impulsive at times
Terrible Pilot
Skittish around Orions
Guilt Over Family’s Actions
Afraid of Turning into Her Mother
Ambitions To become a department head, and eventually Captain her own vessel.
To make amends for the things her mother did.
To have a family of her own.
Hobbies & Interests Dancing, learning, singing, reading, fashion, makeup, jewelry, helping others
Vernacular Ordinarily, she speaks without noticeable trait of dialectical accent. When she’s angry, tired, or stressed a French accent is noticeable.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, French, Klingon

Personal History Little is known about the circumstances of Emmarie’s birth, or who her family was. During a confrontation between a Federation starship and a small fleet of Orion pirate ships, an escape pod was ejected from an Orion vessel mere moments before it exploded. Inside the pod was Emmarie, who was at the time an infant only a month or two old. Emmarie was taken back to Earth, where she was placed with an adoption agency. She would be adopted by Guillaume and Amaline Chevalier, who already had several children of their own and lived in rural France. The remainder of her early childhood would pass without major incident.

As Emmarie went off to school, she began to be exposed to a greater variety of people. When she was in her youth she heard murmurings, but nothing that really bothered her that much. However, at the age of 11 she began getting teased very harshly by the boys at her school because she was green. Sobbing, she ran home to her mother, not understanding why something as trivial as skintone would matter. Though she’d always known she was Orion, she only had the barest of understanding about what that meant. Amaline sat down with her and explained why Orion women were responded to in such a fashion. She stressed to Emmarie that no matter what she was or where she came from, she could be whoever she wanted to be.

Spurned onward by this knowledge, Emmarie threw herself into her studies. As she grew older and the other girls at her school began to date, she chose instead to study. Being gifted and driven, she graduated from compulsory schooling at the early age of 15. She’d hoped to go away to Starfleet Academy, but her mother feared that she was too young, and pushed her instead to go to college.

Emmarie was accepted into the prestigious Oxford University, where she felt challenged for the first time. The challenge only spurned her on further, as she eagerly took as many classes as they would allow her to take. While her peers-- most of whom were 3-4 years older than her-- went home for holiday breaks, she crammed for tests, and wrote essays. Her parents and siblings had to go to visit her, for she didn’t even wish to be gone long enough to transport home for supper. She still eschewed romantic and sexual partners, explaining that she didn’t have time and that they would only get in the way. Internally, however, she worried that if she had sex, it would unlock some part of her Orion nature that caused her to abandon intellect and science in favor of animalistic passion. She finally graduated with a Masters in Physics when she was 20.
Starfleet History After graduating from Oxford University, Emmarie enrolled in Starfleet Academy, where for the first time ever she was one of the older students in classes. Starfleet was accustomed to students with a wide array of academic prowesses, and attracted the best and brightest. As she’d hoped, Emmarie felt like she was truly where she belonged, and she embraced everything about the experience.

The Academy forced her to focus on a wide array of skills that she’d never thought much about, including hand-to-hand combat, piloting, and leadership. It also caused her to slow down a bit, and to get to know others better. It was in her first year at the Academy that she started to pursue romantic attachments, as she met other Orion women who were as intelligent and driven as she herself was. Her involvements were only casual until her third year at the Academy, when she met a Betazoid named Loran Maadi. She and Maadi were in several classes together, and were constantly in competition over their class ranking.

Loran caused her to work harder than she’d tried before, and at the same time gave her a near-equal to study with, to proofread her homework, and to remind her to eat. They spoke of getting married so that they would have a better chance of being assigned to the same vessel.

Their hopes were cut short, though. While Emmarie was visiting her family at home, she received a comm message indicating that Loran had committed suicide. Unable to understand what might have driven him to such lengths, she began to spiral out of control. She dropped from class valedictorian to being on the verge of expulsion. Her advisors did what they could to try and help her, but Emmarie was stubborn and refused their attempts. It was nearly a full academic year before she managed to overcome her despair and regain her focus.

She would go on to graduate Starfleet Academy, but without any of the honors that she would have otherwise easily qualified for. After the ceremonies and celebrations, it was time to say farewell to her family, and to embark upon her first ship assignment as an ensign.

The adjustment was harder for her than she would have cared to admit to. For years, she’d been one of the best and the brightest wherever she went, and now… she was an ensign operations officer. One of the lowest on the totem pole, given the assignments that the other officers didn’t want to do. For the first time in her life, she wondered if she’d made the right decisions, and if all her schooling was in vain.

She steeled herself, though, and reminded herself that everyone-- even the greats like Kirk and Picard-- had been ensigns once before. She forced herself to do the work she was given, no matter how boring, repetitive, or tedious it seemed. She slowly began creating a name for herself aboard the USS Trinity. There were definitely days where she wondered why she was pushing herself so hard, because it seemed as though she’d gone through so much work for so little reward. But she talked herself through it, and she finally began seeing the recognition and honors that she desired so strongly. She was promoted to Sensor Systems Specialist, and immediately went to work in trying to optimize the Trinity’s sensors.

Everything was going rather well for her until one day, when Trinity was docked at Deep Space 9 for repairs. She received a message that someone was waiting to see her in one of the station’s residences, and she hoped that the surprise was her adoptive parents. Unfortunately, it was two large Orion men, who attempted to kidnap her. The brutes explained that Emmarie’s mother was one of the more prestigious Matrons in Orion society, and had been replaced by her sister when she perished shortly after Emmarie’s birth. Now Emmarie’s aunt was dead too, and the family’s “empire” of 180 slaves was to be inherited by Emmarie.

Quick thinking managed to save Emmarie, who alerted the station’s security. Though she wasn’t physically harmed by the incident, she was terrified. Not of the brutes, or of others in her family who might seek to capture her, but of herself. For months afterwards she awoke to nightmares of the brutes’ words; their assurances that being a Matron ran in her blood, and that if she stopped taking the pheromone suppressors that Starfleet gave her that she’d easily revert into such a role.

She distracted herself from her fears by throwing herself even harder into her work. Recently, she’s been rewarded with a promotion to Assistant Operations Chief and a transfer off of the tiny Sabre-class Trinity. She’s eager to see what the future holds for her.
Medical History 2361: Minor cuts and scrapes, low core body temperature.
2369: Broken arm
2381: Exhaustion
2384: Heat stroke
2385: Dislocated Shoulder
2390: Broken nose and contusions
Service Record Service Record:
2381-2385 Starfleet Academy
2385-2390 USS Trinity - Operations Officer, Sensor Systems Specialist

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