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Tarishiana Barel

Name Tarishiana Barel

Position Science Technician

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 29
Date of Birth 2360
Place of Birth Betazed

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SS-740-6382
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 3 - Multi-Purpose Labs
Quarters 02-0605 SO
Roommate Markum Quinn

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 118
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Build
Tarishiana is small in stature with an athletic build, which is keep by a loyal exercise regimen.

When off duty her hair hangs in chestnut waves around her slender shoulders. When on duty however, it is pulled back into a loose bun, but it is inevitable that the curls in the front will eventually fall down framing her face

Tarishiana's eyebrows are a light brown like her hair and are arched delicately across her features. Her eyes are alluring which is accented by her black betazoid irises.


Spouse Markum Quinn (Fiancé)
Father Talim Breal
Mother Diviana Barel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tarishiana is quite gregarious in nature. It has been said that she would be able to make a bulk head have a conversation with her. She is she is relatively grounded, thinking through a situation before she speaks. She has an average level of telepathic and empathic abilities, but she respects Betazed law before entering someones mind....unless her life or the life of her fellow crew depend on it. incredibly outgoing which added to her loquacious nature, she makes friends easily. Despite her lineage
Strengths Telepathic & Empathic
Good mind for Operations and Engineering
Relates well to others
Relatively leveled headed

Weaknesses Avoids confrontation
Can have a one track mind
Ambitions Starfleet
To achieve the rank of Master Chief, or the position of CoB
Experience what it feels like to be in love
Fullfill family obligations, even if they are delayed.
Hobbies & Interests Interest
Medieval Terran Weaponry
Mythology from any race

Vernacular Although not a quiet person her voice is light and somewhat airy. She has a very melodious sounding voice when she choose to sing, which is not often.
Orientation Heterosexual

Personal History Tarishiana was born in 2360 to Talim and Diviana Barel. Coming from an influential family, image was everything. This was the primary motivation for Tarishiana’s genetic bonding to Lestian Tomick, a son of the third house of Betazed. Despite the best efforts and high hopes of the two families neither Tarishiana nor Lestian ever developed affection for one another.

At the young age of eleven Tarishiana began her trainings to enhance and control her empathic and telepathic abilities. She may have only developed average strength in both areas but she quickly became a master of both. She has an innate ability to achieve anything she puts her mind to.

Avoiding her wedding was one such task. At the age of seventeen she was sent to live with Lestian and his family, the wedding set for the day following her eighteenth birthday. Lestian, three years her senior, was willing to uphold his family obligations despite Tarishiana’s objections. With the weight of both families’ expectations riding on their shoulders, the pair prepared to fulfill their obligations to wed.

The first delay in the wedding plans was brought about my Lestian’s own desires to attend the Starfleet academy in San Francisco, reason being he did not want to be married as a cadet and the wedding was postponed until his graduation. This gave Tarishiana eighteen additional months to find a way out of the bonding or she would have to honor her obligations.
On a whim, Tarishiana applied to the Starfleet Academy. To her own amazement she was accepted. She toiled over the decision to leave, wondering of all the ramifications of running away would have between her and her family. It came as no surprise when the option had been forbidden by both mothers. This forced Tarishiana’s hand.

Two weeks before her wedding to Lestian in 2378, Tarishiana boarded a transport shuttle bound for the Terran system. She arrived in San Francisco and enlisted with Starfleet, training in science. Both families were furious with her actions, however, Lestian understood. A deal was arranged between the pair that if neither had developed nor found an Imzadi by Tarishiana’s thirty-fifth birthday she would leave Starfleet and they would wed.

Much to the dismay of Tarishiana's parents, the engagement with Lestian was called off officially after the announcement of her relationship to Markum Quinn. Barel and Quinn met on her first assignment on board the USS Galileo. Their world wind romance was swift, but resulted in her departure from the ship to return to Betazed to deal with the circumstances of her romantic decisions.

Eight months after returning to Betazed, Tarishiana has returned to the USS Galileo with a new assignment as well as news of her own.
Starfleet History In 2379 at the rank of Crewmen 2nd class Tarishiana was stationed on the USS Kodiak Island. Originally positioned in Operations she spent many years learning her trade between the Operations department and Engineering. It wasn't until one day that she had been assigned to work with one of the Language specialists on board the USS Kodiak Island with the universal translator.

After spending a week under the tutelage of Commander Melike, Tarishiana found her calling in xeno-linguistics. It wasn't long before she traded in her gold uniform for a teal one. After seven years, four with in the science department, Tarishiana was transferred to the Science Department on board the USS Genevieve.

Her time on board the USS Genevieve was...uneasy. During an encounter with a Romulan armada Tarishiana was granted the field commission of Lieutenant. She held that rank and the responsibilities until the resolution of the encounter three years later.

The damage to the USS Genevieve was too much to warrant repair to the Miranda-Class vessel. While the ship was put into storage, Captain Hiker was given command of a new Intrepid Vessel. Requesting a demotion in rank back to Master Warrant Officer and a transfer to another ship Tarishiana met resistance from her former CO but was granted a new position on board the Nova-Class vessel the USS Galileo as the Chief Science Officer.

Due to personal reasons, She took a leave of absence from Star Fleet. When her six month leave of absence expired she officially retired after twelve years of exemplary service.
Service Record 2378 – Enlisted in Starfleet

2379-2385 – USS Kodiak Island

2385-2389 – USS Genevieve

2389 – 2389– Chief Science Officer, USS Galileo

2389- Retired from Starfleet

2390 - Present - Civilian - Science Corps Technician

Character Progression System

Primary Band Science
Secondary Band Operations

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Dexterity
+ Coordination

+ Linguistics

+ Insight
Department Skills Science
+ Observation

+ Computer Systems

Skill Training