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Ensign Ibrahim Dragovic

Name Ibrahim Osiron Dragovic

Position Astrometrics Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22
Date of Birth March 10 2368
Place of Birth Logan City, Terra Nova

Starfleet ID

Serial Number EQ-488-5378
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 7 - Astrometrics Lab
Quarters 04-2624 JO
Roommate Da'Kar

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 180
Hair Color Black but typically shaved
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Leland has a lithe, svelte build, well-toned but not powerfully built by the standards of most. He has medium-complected skin and strong facial features, a combination of the half dozen Terran ethnicities that make up his ancestors. He typically keeps his hair clipped within millimeters of the skin mitigating, not quite concealing a prematurely receding hairline.
As part of his reluctance to use replicator without an extreme need, and a heavy amount of nostalgia for his homeworld, he tends to wear the same clothes he had since he left Terra Nova, where replicators are still rare. Naturally, most are in a state of distinct disrepair. Favorites include "I Beat the Plasma Pepper Chili Challenge at Nasty Nate's Grub Hut" t-shirt and a hooded pullover sweatshirt featuring the title of the Novan cult classic teen comedy holonovel "Hall Monitor." He also is rarely found on duty without his signature ceramic mug with the "Logan City Diggers" basketball team logo.
Body Art Mid-length sleeve tattoo depicting mural of nautical symbols on upper right arm, sextant on left shoulder
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Spouse None
Children None
Father Leland Dragovic, Terra Nova Councilman, Age 63
Mother Malika Ramazan, PhD, Professor, Nova University,, Age 67
Brother(s) Staver Dragovich, Terra Nova Council staffer, Age 30
Sister(s) None
Other Family Xander Ramazan, Maternal Uncle, Dean of Nova University's College of Xenology, Age 58
Kismet Ramazan, First Cousin, Singer aboard the luxury cruise liner S.S. Eden, Age 22

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ibrahim is, overall, a laid-back individual who is rarely roused to anger or even annoyance, although some wonder if he is just very good at hiding it. He is always unfailing polite, going as far as to use "please" and "thank you" when speaking to computers, but can sometimes be construed as overly familiar. He is laconic, taking to heart the ancient Earth proverb "brevity is the soul of wit," and feels overly loquacious individuals are hiding something or otherwise have some sort of agenda. He has a well-developed sense of humor and a knack for wordplay. He retains many Novan cultural quirks, which occasionally leads to awkwardness with more thoroughly acculturated individuals. Notably, he, like many Novans, finds replicator technology vaguely distasteful as a too-easy shortcut and not also truly comparable to the 'real' things that have been 'earned.' He recognizes that they are a necessity aboard a starship, but uses traditional methods when possible.

His other most identifiable Novan trait is a certain aversion to priggish-ness, formality and authority. Like most Novans, he regards true loyalty as something that can only be earned through true leadership and not given freely to those sporting a sufficient number of pips. Over the course of his time at the academy, he has largely trained himself to be convincingly deferential when dealing with superiors.
Strengths Ibrahim has an exceptional capacity finding patterns in large amounts of data, which most often starts as a gut feeling that becomes clearer as he studies. He has a remarkable knowledge of stellar cartography memorized as well (he likes to say he has a "'stellar' memory" when someone comments on it, usually to much groaning). As a formally active member of both the Starfleet Academy's triathlon club and an intramural basketball team, Ibrahim has continued to engage in regular cardiovascular exercise, giving him impressive reflexes and speed. But perhaps his greatest strength is his ability to adapt to changing situations and a focused coolness under pressure.
Weaknesses Despite keen reflexes, a robust physique, a relatively high tolerance for pain and basic levels of technical proficiency with martial arts and weaponry, while at the Academy Ibrahim struggled with combat simulation evaluations. After some review, instructors have attributed this to a psychological block caused a pacifist upbringing and an overall gentle disposition, rather than cowardice or idiocy. Ibrahim has sworn to defend the Federation and the Prime Direction with force if necessary, but he would never do so lightly. Additionally, he can be hesitant to take charge, possibly due to an overall aversion to telling people what to do.
Ambitions Ibrahim craves knowledge and uncovering of the unknown. Careerism, fame and accolades do little for him. It is the thrill of revelation that drives him, and the continuing of humanity august and ancient tradition of exploration.
Hobbies & Interests Ibrahim has always been an avid cyclist, a particularly popular pastime on Terra Nova, and enjoys most outdoor pursuits in general, but personally dislikes recreating them in holodeck settings because of a perceived lack of authenticity. An amateur student of Earth's and Terra Nova's maritime histories, he decorates his quarters with scale models of ancient sailing ships from throughout Earth's history, from biremes and longboats to frigates and galleons. Since few Starfleet replicators have patterns for of relatively rare Novan herbs and spices saved, Ibrahim also has a small(ish) desktop hydroponic kit to give replicated food a taste of home.
Ibrahim is also a big fan of Novan pop culture (and to a far lesser extent, Earth's), including its bizarre music scene, planetary sports leagues and irreverent comedy holonovels. His appetite for the Human beverage 'coffee' borders on addiction, and he tends to drink it throughout the day.
Vernacular While Terra Nova has adopted much of the culture of Earth and the Federation at large, most Novans use slang particular to the planet, particularly the profanity.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Archaic Novan, extremely limited Risian vocabulary

Personal History Ibrahim was born to Leland and Milika on Terra Nova, one of Earth's first extra-solar colonies that suffered from a major environmental disaster that left it completely cut off from the rest of humanity until contact was reestablished generations later. As such, the political situation on Terra Nova is somewhat contentious, with many skeptical of the Federation.

Ibrahim has come from a long line of politicians, jurists, statespersons, and journalists that have traditionally challenged many of the Federation's policies. His mother, Milika, a history professor at the sparsely populated planet's lone university. Leland, his father, was a legislator on the Novan Council. Both were absolute pacifists and outspoken critics of Federation's policies, including what they argued was a 'militarization' of Starfleet.

Their first son, Staver, adored his father and always hoped to follow in his footsteps. Between their demanding careers and cloying eldest, Ibrahim soon became the rebel of the family, getting into several disciplinary incidents throughout his childhood and teenage years, mostly for pranks on priggish teachers. After several parent teacher conferences, Ibrahim's parents, eager to find another to occupy him and distract from his mischief, enrolled him in several advanced courses, one of which was basic astronomy. And that's how, at the age of 14, Ibrahim found his true love. Like so many Starfleet officers, he stared out at the stars in wonder from a young age, wondering what lie on other planets from an early age. He also studied the early days of Human exploration on Earth and considers himself a successor to a proud and ancient legacy of human explorers. And of course, he lived in an era of unparalleled exploration thanks to the Federation and Starfleet. Despite his parent's pontifications, he dreamed of joining them.

Of course, his parents and brother discouraged the notion for largely political reasons and insisted that Terra Nova had perfectly fine observatories and an admirable Astronomy department at the university, but Ibrahim would have none of it. He wanted to be out there, among the stars, and Starfleet was the only way there. They were somewhat assuaged by his desire to join the Science Division rather than Security or Tactical and so didn't exactly disown him, even if it is a point of some tension in the family to this day.

His late teen years were otherwise uneventful. He stopped getting in trouble (partially from becoming smart enough to cover his tracks). He found a friend in his cousin Kismet, who came to live with the Dragovics after her mother died and her father struggled with alcoholism. Both outcasts, they quickly became best friends, although they gradually grew apart after Ibrahim left for the Starfleet Academy on Earth and Kismet stayed on Terra Nova to study at the Logan City College of Performance. In the years since, her father, Xander Razaman, has apparently made a complete recovery and is now completely sober.

On his Starfleet Academy entrance exams, he scored in the highest of all five of Terra Nova's applicants that year, and in in the 81st percentile federation-wide.
Starfleet History At the Academy, Ibrahim majored in Astrocartography with a minor in warp physics. Coming from an isolated, sparsely populated and nearly entirely human colony, he initially had trouble fitting in the Academy. Always eager to learn and adapt, Ibrahim quickly came to love the diversity and challenging course load, if not the rigid schedules and dress code. His grades in his lecture courses were middling, but he performed very well in hands-on science exercise and lab courses. He was also a member of the triathlon club and played in the intramural basketball league each year.

His cadet cruise was on board the U.S.S. Frontier, an Akira class vessel, during its survey of a section of the Hromi Cluster. While investigating unusual energy readings from a binary star system, a massive and sudden solar severely damaged the ship's engines and completely disabled the her communications array, transporters and communications.

At the time, Ibrahim was with two of the Frontier's officers aboard the Osage, the Frontier's runabout surveying gravitational anomalies on the far side of the star's system. The flare caused the smaller, more fragile vessel lost power completely, leaving the trio without communications, engines, or life support. While the vessel had sufficient oxygen for the three of them, the warmth drained from it without power, absorbed by the coldness of the surrounding void. For three days, the three survived without food or water, gradually freezing, until Ibrahim knew that this was it, his parents were right in trying to talk him out of Starfleet, and that that would be the last thought he ever had. He closed his eyes for what he was sure was the last time.

And in the next moment he opened them again in a well-appointed bu unfamiliar sickbay. It took them two days to bring the power online and another two days to repair the engines and sensors to mount a rescue operation. He had been unconscious in the Frontier's sickbay for another five days before being transferred to the hospital ship U.S.S. Mercy, where he remained for two weeks before returning to the Academy. He was informed that he was the sole survivor of the shuttle.

His parents were, of course, apoplectic and blamed Starfleet for gross negligence. There were even rumors that his father would discuss secession with other members of the Council. It was only through much pleading on Ibrahim's part that dissuaded them, but ever since they have been protective of him.

He never admitted it to them, because they were difficult enough to calm down as it was, but despite being eventually given a clean bill of physical health, he has struggled with some psychological scars from the incident, including survivor's guilt. He keeps up his joke-telling facade to mask his pain, but it has been difficult for him to overcome guilt over completely accepting his death. While the experience has perhaps made him braver, in that he faced death and accepted it, he has had some minor difficulties with depression following the incident, occasionally engaging in cognitive behavioral therapy with counsel on his bad days.
Medical History August 2385 - Initial physical examination - High resistance to certain toxins and radiation that occur in high concentrations in Terra Nova's atmosphere, technically uncommon in most humans but relatively frequent among Novans.

March 2388 - Treated for a dislocated jaw during Spring Break on Risa.

July-August 2389 - Treated for injuries sustained sustained following the disabling of the shuttle of the U.S.S. Frontier.

August 2389 - Ongoing counseling relating to trauma sustained during the disabling of the Frontier's shuttle.
Service Record 2286-2287 - Cadet Freshman Grade
2287-2288 - Cadet Sophomore Grade
2288-2289 - Cadet Junior Grade
Summer 2289 - Cadet's Cruise - U.S.S. Frontier
2289-2290 - Cadet Senior Grade

Character Progression System

Primary Band Science

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Dexterity
+ Speed

+ Acuity

+ Detection
Department Skills Science
+ Discovery
Department Perks Science
+ Activist
+ Sensor Specialist

Skill Training