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Chief Petty Officer Pax Inyo

Name Pax Inyo

Position Master-at-Arms

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Grazerite/ Human
Age 32
Date of Birth 2358
Place of Birth Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number YH-649-4020
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 3 - Security Office/Brig, Armory
Quarters 06-1009 EN
Roommate Keval Grayson

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 135
Hair Color Copper Red
Eye Color Hazel/ brown
Physical Description Pax looks like a female 'Satyr' from Terran lore (although they were for the most part supposedly male). She has a thin covering of ginger colored fur and shortly croped copper colored hair. Her head is crowned with a pair of horns that curve around slightly, but not very far as she's still rather young and half human. For fingers, Pax has four on each hand (three fingers and a thumb) which are very articulate and thickly padded. Combined with similarly articulate toes and a great sense of balance and timing, Pax is an expert climber. Her horns are always uncovered. She's tallish, fit and trim- athletic build.


Father Heveron-Inyo

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stubborn. Hot-headed. Fun loving. Fierce. Intuitive.

Her fiery attitude can get her into trouble more often than not and requires someone to keep her grounded and calm. She's a very faithful friend and has a cheerful disposition under typical circumstances but she thrives on physical conflict at any opportunity and is quick to take offense, particularly from those outside of her closest friends. She makes the enemies of her friends her enemies.

She's somewhat social but likes time to herself as well, which is generally spent exploring, training, and on self improvement. She's pretty decent at various card games and board games involving tactics, but she's usually more prone to physical games like Springball and Rugby. Her favorite outdoors activities are climbing and swimming.

Pax' least favorite thing ever is waiting or being on hold. She goes batty if she's not doing something. Generally, she can be impatient to the point that if someone takes too long forming a sentence she'll rudely try to finish it for them. Given the options between short and long stories, Pax elects for the shorter explanation. However she will read and listen to novels if they are adventure, sci-fi, ghost tales, westerns or genres of that nature. She likes a well told yarn.
She has a somewhat sensitive nose and sharp hearing. Her eyesight was poor and surgically corrected in her youth. She has honed all her senses spending time outdoors.

Although meat eating is particularly abhorrent to her upsol and her family, Pax hunts and is omnivorous. She doesn't know how to live without bacon or a good pemmican, loves a medium rare roast and has an especial love of cheeses.
Strengths +Intuition (Strong gut instincts)
+Agile, relatively strong
+Friendly, Fun loving
+Proficient in Arms
+Faithful/ Loyal
+Practical, Resourceful, Observant
Weaknesses -Short tempered/ Impatient
-Adrenaline junkie
-Poor Tact/ Not subtle (Poor diplomat)
-Poor Actor/ Poor Liar, unable to hide secrets well
-Sticks out in a crowd
-Unrefined/ common taste
-Not scholarly
Ambitions Pax loves to learn and improve herself in her areas of interest. She aspires to share her passions with others. Her primary motivations spring from her childhood love of heroic tales, even if they are tempered by the reality of her adult experiences. She wants to do her part in defense of the federation and followout those childhood dreams. So far she feels very fulfilled and imagines she will continue on the same path for the rest of her life.
Hobbies & Interests Most of her hobbies are active ones- climbing, swimming, flying, driving, diving, riding, racing. She is a woman in motion.

Although she's not educated or well trained in it at all, music is important to Pax and she plays a modernized lyre and sings. She's performed small shows with friends and is interested in similar opportunities. She has a large library of music. Music is one of the rare things that she is willing to be still enough to listen to, the others being reading adventure novels or watching an action holovid.

Pax has a collection of hardware that travels with her whenever possible including new, old, and rare fire arms and blades. She maintains these meticulously. She both delights in and respects a fine weapon.

Much of her time she spends in physical training, marksmanship, additional qualifications and self improvement.
Vernacular Pax speaks Federation standard, but was raised on earth and read a lot of genre fiction, much of it from the 20th century. Her vernacular fits her friendly but no frills nature. Sometimes she makes references to old popular Earth culture.
Orientation Heterosexual

Personal History Heveron-Inyo first came to earth as staff with the then Grazerite Conselor to the Federation Jaresh-Inyo (who would later be elected President of the UFP). While working on earth, Heveron became intimate with a human who shared the Grazerite ideals of peace. The Inyo upsol (an upsol being the Grazerite version of a herd or tribe) proudly supplied the Grazerite homeworld with some of the most sucessful statesmen and influential leaders on the planet and in the Federation. When she was born, Pax was named after her parents' most sought after ideal, in an ancient earth tongue.

From the time she could pull herself upright she brought anything but peace into the family. As a child Pax was inclined to climb everything and today still has a desire to scale anything significant that presents itself. She fussed when they would tie hats to her infant head. By the time she was school age, she made a great many friends with young boys and took a shine to their hobbies and interests, liking sports, monsters, racing and flight, ships and machines, monster and ghost tales, reptiles, weapons and fire and explosives and knives, and especially anything that smelled like adventure or involved combat. Although she hated sitting still, she was actually a bright student and absorbed most subjects easily. Her test scores in grade school were terrible as she couldn't bear to sit still, but when she'd reached high school she managed to discipline herself better.

When war with the Dominion broke out, she was 15 and she followed the news constantly and studied all of the weapons and equipment and tactics she could possibly read up on. Her parents blocked her access, fearing she had an unhealthy preoccupation, but she would just learn about it from her school friends. She got along famously with both sexes as a teenager, being drool worthy (if a boy could see past her bifurcated nose, horns, and knobby fingers) and joshing around with other girls, being generally a very dependable and amusing friend. When conflict would arise, she would side stubbornly with her friends and never back down. More than once she reacted strongly and pushed the whole affair to blows rather than look for resolution like she'd been taught, leading to bruises and visits with the school authorities. But she always came away smiling. A good brawl was cleansing. She remains easily provoked as an adult as well, as though she's itching for a reason to put up a fight.

As a teenager, Pax refused to wear her horn coverings any longer. Her parents were scandalized by it and tried desperately to reason with her to keep her from going uncovered, but Pax would not be persuaded. The horn covering represents a commitment to to peacemaking and to declining confrontation- to deferment and politeness- everything the Grazerites believe most strongly, particularly the Inyo clan, and her mother as well, who had taken to wearing a headcovering when she'd married Heveron. Pax would have none of it.

She went on as many camp outings as she could and decided early on with a group of her friends to enlist in Starfleet the first chance they could. Many of them enlisted early with parental consent. Pax grew angry at her parents for not letting her go with her friends. At long last she reached legal age and there was really nothing they could do about it anymore. Her father tried to give her a head-covering to match her uniform as a goodbye present, but Pax refused it to his face. He told her very meekly, eyes moist with tears, that one day she would understand the path of peace and that he was glad at least her name would always go with her.
Starfleet History Pax's first assignment was as security officer on a small ship and involved peacekeeping on the border worlds. There was quite a good deal of routing out Orion pirates, as well as chasing escaped criminals and other smuggling and illicit activities. Enough of it culminated in brawls, wild chases, and firefights to keep Pax busy. She had regular rotations in armory and brig duty and obtained zero-G training and experience.

She also served on the Io, a long range science vessel where she was assigned often as security on away teams. She completed flight certifications during that tour and saw more action with a variety of different hostile situations. More than once she had to be told to stand down from a conflict, which she then promptly did.

Her hotheadedness unfortunately crossed with her department head on the Io who finally had enough of Pax. Although she hadn't done anything to merit demotion or other punitive action, he managed to swing having her reassigned to a very quiet outpost where he suggested she cool her heels a while.

After a couple of years bored out of her skull (and putting co-workers on edge) she found a way out by expressing interest in advancing her career beyond just being the team muscle in hopes of becoming Master at Arms. Her training helped her with her itch for action some and having a goal gave her something to work towards and a reason to keep out of trouble (more or less).
Medical History A scan of Pax reveals multiple healed bone breaks and fractures through out her life (As many sustained in youth as in her time in Starfleet). She had corrective eye surgery as a young adult to fix irregularly shaped lenses.

Her record is a long list of blunt trauma, lacerations, broken bones, sprains, other minor injuries and more than a few phaser burns. Two ballistic weapons injuries- one to her leg, one to her abdomen. She has been treated for food poisoning, venomous animal bites, and a few oral surgeries to fix broken teeth.

Oddly enough, she never seems to catch a common cold. Her immune system is pretty incredible.
Service Record 2375-76 Basic, Security track. Advanced enforcement training.
2377 USS Shearer- Security (PO2)
2381 Security, USS Io (PO1)
2385 Security, Outpost Delta (PO1)
2390 Security, MaA, USS Galileo (CPO)

Has training in:
Self Defense
Basic Emergency Medicine
Advanced weapons handling
Shipboard weapons
Various Hand-to-hand combat, armed and unarmed
Ground vehicle operation
Advanced Piloting and navigation
Skydiving/ parachuting/ gliding
Diving (Aquatic)
Basic Operations

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