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Lieutenant JG Da'Kar

Name Da'Kar

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon/Betazoid
Age 25
Date of Birth November 18th 2365
Place of Birth Sherman's Planet

Starfleet ID

Serial Number WC-300-2369
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 6 - Operations Office
Quarters 04-2624 JO
Roommate Ibrahim Dragovic

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2''
Weight 187 lbs
Hair Color Medium Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Da'Kar is tall robust young man with caramel-honey skin tone, significantly lighter than the typical Klingon male. This is due mostly in part to his mixed heritage, having only one Klingon parent. Complimenting his somewhat towering stature is the man's fit athletic body with a fair amount of muscle, but by no means the body of a body builder. His hair is of a light to medium brown in color, but is from time to time highlighted with a crisp golden color. His eyes are extraordinarily dark, darker than most Klingon irises would be. This, however, is one of the traits that are predominantly Betazoid, and as such, Da'Kar inherited his mother's eyes. He may have his mother's eyes, but his hair was certainly from his father's side. Additionally, Da'Kar has minor Klingon cranial ridges on his forehead. However, these ridges are not nearly as prominent as those of a full Klingon.
Body Art Da'Kar has no body art.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Melkor (KIA 2375)
Mother Betina Abdul
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Da'Kar is the Klingon gentle giant with a gruff domineering appearance of a warrior, but has the heart and warmth of a sensual soul. Though he does have the brute strength of a Klingon, a respect and reverence for the way of the warrior, and is skillful with the bat'leth, Da'Kar is also empathic and has a rather tender side with a love for music and the arts. Though quite physically imposing and trained in hand-to-hand combat in several forms, Da'Kar's specialty and service career deals with computer systems and technology, not with arming torpedoes or defending the ship form an invasion from pirates or raiders. If need be, he can and will protect himself, the crew, and the ship. However, he is more likely to be found crawling through jefferies tubes and fixing consoles and conduits, or getting to the bottom of the mystery as to why power is being drained.
Strengths • Strong technical skills
• Problem solver
• Analytically observant
• Creative thinker
• Works well under pressure
• Empathic understanding of emotional well being of others
• Skilled with the Bat'leth
Weaknesses • Prone to extreme temper tantrums
• Mild bigotry towards certain species
• Impious to the point of sometimes being disrespectful
• Sometimes can be a bit of a brute
• Somewhat vain bordering on narcissistic
• Has been known to have a sarcastic, smart-ass sense of humor.
Ambitions • Da'Kar can be a hopeless romantic who would like to find his true mate, his Imzadi if one exists for him.

• He also would like to better develop his empathic abilities and learn to use them more proficiently.

• To find a sense of honor and comfort knowing that his father would be proud of him.

• Da'Kar would like to earn awards and decorations in his service to Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests • Robotics
• Astrophysics/Stellar Cartography
• Model ship building
• Three-dimensional chess
• Music & Art
• Poetry and other forms of Literature
Vernacular Warrior class guttural, a bit strident but layered with a slight elegance.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard & Klingon

Personal History Da'Kar, son of Melkor is also the noble son of Seventh House of Betazed, and possessor of the sacred harp of Anadine in addition to being a member of the Klingon House of Antaak. However, with a long and tiresome formal name from the aristocracy of his Betazoid heritage, and the honor bestowed upon him from his Klingon heritage, Da'Kar simply prefers to save himself and everyone else the time and simply goes by Da'Kar. He was born in 2365, the only son of Melkor and Betina Abdul on a world known by the United Federation of Planet's as Sherman's planet. The couple welcomed their one and only child into their lives after years of medical intervention in attempt to conceive a child together. Their romance and subsequent marriage was a most peculiar one.

Melkor was a well respected warrior in the Klingon Empire, a former General with the Klingon Defense Force, who later turned to a short life in politics when he served on the Klingon High Council for a rather brief interim period of time after the death of one of the members of the council. Melkor had gained respect and admiration in the Empire for his service with the Defense Force, commanding a B'Rel-class bird of prey in several campaigns against and skirmishes with the Gorn and the Kizinti. After leaving active military service, Melkor's bird of prey was decommissioned with full honor and Melkor was appointed to the Klingon High Council in order to fill a vacancy through the death of one of the members of the council. Melkor served on the High Council from 2352 to 2353 until a more experienced member could be named.

In 2353, Melkor relocated from the Klingon home world to a planet on the Federation-Klingon boarder, a mutually colonized and protected world known as ShermanyuQ to the Klingons, but as Sherman's planet to the Federation. Melkor resided on the planet for a couple of years. However, retirement was not the way of a warrior and statesmen like Melkor. He still had connections with the Klingon High Council and was in good standings with the majority of them. Upon his seeking to have more of an involvement with the empire, the High Council bestowed upon Melkor the title and responsibilities of an Ambassador. It may have not been a command, but it was a title and position that Melkor accepted as a great honor. He moved into the Klingon Empire's embassy on ShermanyuQ.

During a formal diplomatic function between the Federation and Klingon Empire being held on the planet, at the Federation's embassy, Ambassador Melkor met an aristocratic woman, Betina Abdul of Betazed. The elegant and refined Betazoid actually hit it off with the gruff Klingon Ambassador. The two traded many of stories and continued to do so well into the early hours of the morning, long after the embassy settled for the evening. They were an interesting pairing, not one that would have been expected. However, there was something about them that worked. One date lead to several more, and it was not long after their tenth date that the two had an actual serious conversation about a future together. Betina Abdul went home to Betazed, packed most of her personal belonging aboard a transport vessel and moved into the Klingon embassy on Sherman's planet. One year later, they were wed. As time went by, the couple made several attempts at starting a family with no luck. However, after a few years and the assistance of modern medicine, the couple welcomed their son into the world.

Born in 2365, Da'Kar had a relatively normal life for a Klingon child. He was on a planet that was predominantly settled by Klingons, and he was raised very heavily by his father in his early years. Da'Kar learned from an early age what it meant to be Klingon, and Melkor was very firm that his son was to grow up to be a great warrior, following in the footsteps of Melkor, and generations of Klingons before him. Like an average Klingon child, Da'Kar grew greatly in his first year of life, looking much like a small earth child only after a year. Over the next few years, Melkor had taught Da'Kar how to track and hunt Targ and other more fiercer creatures that had been brought to Sherman's planet by the Klingons.

As Da'Kar became older and more mature, his father, Melkor increased Da'Kar's training with Klingon weapons from the daq'tagh up to the haf'leth, and finally to the weapon of a true warrior, the bat'leth. Da'Kar had started to become mildly skilled with bat'leth after years of practice. When Da'Kar was approaching seven years of age, tension on Sherman's planet escalated between the marginal Human population and the Klingons. By 2372, the United Federation of Planets had come to the planet and Starfleet personnel oversaw the evacuation of all humans from the planet as the Klingons and Federation were on the verge of another war. Melkor, was personally opposed to a war with the Federation, though he understood and supported the Klingon Empire's desire to invade Cardassian space. Melkor had wanted his wife, Betina to take Da'Kar to Betazed where they would be safe as he was unsure that he could protect Betina from the Klingon instability on Sherman's planet if she remained. However, the Betazoid woman proved to be as equally stubborn as any Klingon woman. She would not leave the planet and was one of the few humans to remain on the planet during the Federation-Klingon War which was brief but brutal, coming to an end in 2373.

However, with the closure of one war, another one was coming into full bloom. No longer enemies, and once again allied more closely than before, the Federation and Klingon Empire engaged in war with the Dominion. Melkor could not sit this one out. He requested of the High Council that he be given command of a vessel. They granted the General's request, giving him a Negh'var class warship. Da'Kar saw his father off, expecting and anticipating of his father's return to hear the glorious stories of great battles. General Melkor, however, would not return home by the end of the war. One evening in 2375, after receiving a communique from the Empire, Betina Abdul came into Da'Kar's room, trying her best to be strong, but the emapthic abilities of Da'Kar permitted him a glimpse at the news before Betina could break it. Da'Kar dropped to his knees, looked up through the skylight of his room, and let out a loud thunderous howl.

The young half-Klingon did not feel very much like a Klingon in the following months after his father's death. So many of the Klingons on the planet who knew Melkor would tell Da'Kar that his father was a true warrior and went to Sto-vo-kor, that his soul was at rest among the most honored dead. This did not settle Da'Kar's ravishing emotions, it did not put him at peace. Sure, his father's soul was in a glorified Klingon heaven. That was all and good for the Klingons, but it did not make the pain of the loss fade. If anything, it just made Da'Kar realize that he really did not believe wholeheartedly in 'the way of the warrior' that his father and so many other Klingons had been teaching him.

After the war came to an end, and after the planet of Betazed was purged and all Dominion presence on the planet vanquished, Betina and her son, Da'Kar decided to leave Sherman's planet. They moved to Betina's old family home on Betazed where she and her family could take care of the growing Da'Kar. He had spent the first ten years of his life learning about his Klingon heritage, Betina had decided that it was time for her son to learn more about his Betazoid heritage, and more importantly his empathic and limited telepathic abilities. Da'Kar and his parents had been well aware of the adolescent's mental abilities. However, they had only begun to show a few years ago. However, Betina knew that the boy would be hitting puberty soon and puberty for Klingons was an extremely difficult time, and puberty for Betazoids was trying and tiring.

Shortly after his eleventh birthday, puberty came on strong, and it was tenfold. Da'Kar experience extreme rage from his Klingon heritage. He was constantly breaking things and smashing things. He had gotten into several dozen fights with Betazoid teenagers, and a lot of citizens in the city where Betina and her son resided, wanted the savage child to be taken back to where he came from. Betina would not allow her son nor herself be driven from Betazed. Instead, she dedicated all her free time to helping her son control his temper. She had discovered that Da'Kar had a love for music and the arts. However, Da'Kar also discovered on his own by reading his mother's romance novels that he had a more tender side, and a passion for writing poetry and reading romance novels about characters finding their Imzadi. He was unsure how he felt about the concept, but welcomed the possibility that he would find his Imzadi.

Over the next handful of years, Da'Kar had learned to use his empathic abilities. He had settled down emotionally, and eventually did come to properly grieve the loss of his father without fully surrendering or rejecting his own Klingon heritage. It was extremely difficult at times and was even almost contradictory to balance his Klingon beliefs and his Betazoid beliefs. He may not have firmly placed faith in either fully, but came to take pieces from both cultures and used them to mold him into a unique individual. What was also important during these teenage years, was Da'Kar coming to decide that he wanted to pursue an education and service with Starfleet when he came of age to take the entrance examination and enroll. The rowdy young teenager had an abundance of hobbies and interests over the years, but a select few stood out and endured: rock and mineral collecting, designing and assembling model starships, and astronomy. However, Da'Kar was also quite taken by the arts. Though art and music were more recreational activities than potential academic pursuits.
Starfleet History When he turned 17, Da'Kar applied to Starfleet Academy. A couple of months later, Da'Kar took the examination along with a few dozen other prospective applicants. It was extremely difficult and the hopeful cadets put in long hours of daily examinations that covered a handful of areas of study, critical thinking, and holographic simulations that put them on the spot to come up with unique solutions. Day after day, academy hopeful were let go, cut, or quit. By the last day, only about half the number of applicants were left. Da'Kar completed his examinations and returned home to Betazed, anxious to hear how he did. The wait, however, lasted several weeks. The communique did finally arrive and informed him that he had been accepted into Starfleet Academy, starting the next semester when he would be 18. What Da'Kar was left to think about until he could start at the academy was what path he would pursue and what did he want to major and minor in?

As a Starflet Cadet going into his freshmen year, Da'Kar opted to be bold and declared a double major in Applied Engineering and Probability Mechanics, with a minor in Astrophysics. It was ambitious for him to take on two majors and a minor, but it was Da'Kar's way of challenging himself to a warrior. Though it may have not be a traditional Klingon test, academics would be his adversary, and he would go into constant battle, using his fierce stamina, unyielding determination, and cunning intellect to survive his own little academic war at Starfleet Academy. A lot of his first and year courses were rather general for about all cadets at the academy, but as the semesters went by and Da'Kar got closer to his third and fourth years, his courses were very technically driven and scientifically infused. With his two majors and complimenting minor, Da'Kar's studies gave him a good balance of technology, engineering, and astrological sciences.

Da'Kar's first two years went by easily, and he was beginning to feel dissatisfied with the challenges. However, by the time that he was deep into his third year at the academy, Da'Kar felt the weight on his shoulders as he worked harder than he ever had in the upper level courses. Some of them were quite demanding mentally to the point that they were physically exhausting. However, Da'Kar had also gotten himself involved in some extracurricular activities such as Starfleet Academy's boxing team, and the three-dimensional chess club. Aside from his academic and extracurricular activities, the cadet made use of what little free time that he had by painting, sculpting, and reading, studying, or writing poetry. Among his favorite poets are: William Blake and Allen Ginsburg of Earth, T'Yal of Vulcan, Murk of Ferenginar, and Grothar, a Klingon love poet.

In 2387, Da'Kar graduated from Starfleet Academy with honors in Probability Mechanics. He received his commissioned rank of ensign and was assigned to his first posting aboard the USS Veldar as a relief Operations Officer, though Da'Kar was rarely called to the bridge and was often working on and repairing consoles throughout the Saber-class starship. Ensign Da'Kar did fair work aboard the starship and his immediate superior officer did make note of this. So, the Chief Operations Officer aboard the Veldar had always given Da'Kar good evaluations. The positing aboard the Veldar, however, was only for a handful of months. It was a stepping starting point for Da'Kar who in early 2388 requested transfer to the USS Katana, an Intrepid-class starship.

After joining the crew of the USS Katana, Da'Kar found himself an unorthodox starship with a strange crew and an interesting Commanding Officer. Though Da'Kar himself had been just a ensign who often worked in the lower decks of the starship, and often on the night shift as the Operations Officer on bridge duty at that time, it was the start of something. It gave him some experience, and got him noticed by several of the ship's senior staff who rotated command of the night watch. Sometimes, the Captain himself took night watch albeit rarely. Da'kar's more prominent position aboard the USS Katana was systems analyst. However, Da'Kar was slightly promoted via reassignment to materials officer in the Operations department.

Serving as the ship's materials officer was fine for someone who did not want to get out and stretch their legs, someone who had no interest in meeting new species and civilizations, someone who had rather remain aboard the starship than as part of an away team or landing party. Da'Kar was not this person. He was a young ensign who wanted to go on away missions, but in his first couple years aboard the Veldar and then the Katana, the only time spent off the ship was during repairs or shore leave. Da'Kar tried to let things work out naturally, but by mid 2388 he was very much in the same situation as he had been. He took the matter up with the Department Head, Andrea Carter who had been looking for a new Assistant Chief to fill the vacant position. She agreed to put in a request to assign Da'Kar as acting Assistant Chief Operations Officer. The ensign did not disappoint. He severed in the interim position for the rest of 2388, finishing out the year and earning the position on a more permanent capacity into 2389. One a few occasions in 2389 when Chief of Operations, Carter, had been injured or incapable of performing her duties, Da'Kar filled in for her at Senior Staff meetings. He also gained first hand experience on several away missions. He received a promotion to Lieutenant JG in February of 2390 and continued serving as Assistant Chief Operations Officer for several more months. However, at the urging of Carter, Da'Kar looked into starship postings that would help advance his career. She directed him to a position as Assistant Chief Operations Officer aboard the USS Galileo, a Nova-class starship with Obsidian Fleet. The transfer request was processed and later approved.
Medical History Da'Kar is in exceptional health considering that Klingons tend to abuse their bodies. However, they are quite sturdy and resilient individuals. He is in good physical health and is quite fit. He eats properly and quite healthy. He exercises regularly, but does not push himself beyond reason. That said, he has only had a few issues:

• Several past concussions (2381, 2385, and 2389)
• Broken ribs (2381)
• Prone to migraine headaches

Service Record • 2387 - 2388: USS Veldar
• 2388 - 2390: USS Katana
• 2390 - Present: USS Galileo

Character Progression System

Primary Band Operations
Secondary Band Intelligence

Skills and Perks

+ Problem-Solving

+ Alertness
Department Skills OPERATIONS:
+ Damage Control
+ Technology

+ Counter-Intelligence
Department Perks INTELLIGENCE:
+ Hacker
+ Guardian

Skill Training