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Lieutenant JG Cyrin Xanth

Name Cyrin Xanth

Position Astrophysicist/Cosmologist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Joined Trill
Age 25
Date of Birth June 12th, 2366
Place of Birth Mak'ala, Trill

Starfleet ID

Serial Number FP-679-2201
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 7 - Astrometrics Lab
Quarters 04-0904 JO
Roommate K'os Beaumont

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description With a slim swimmer's build, broad shoulders, small waist, and thin but long muscles, Cyrin Xanth's appearance shows his athleticism. However, he does show much of the shy scientist side, often trying to make himself smaller in groups of people, with careful movements and body language that obviously means he's holding himself back both physically and socially. The young Trill, with the usual dark pattern of spots, tends to keep his hair a bit longer than the standard for Starfleet. Cyrin likes to keep it up and with a messy look but some days when he has little time his hair falls down with bangs over his face. Cyrin's most notable feature perhaps are his grey eyes beneath thick eyebrows. They are expressive, easily showing his mood, and brighten under lights or darken when shadowed.

Cyrin's uniforms are kept neat but without overdoing it; there are more important things to be concerned about but he does make sure he at least matches protocols. Due to the design, the uniform can appear a bit loose on his thin frame, but his shoulders fill out the ribbed grey top of the duty jacket well. Off duty Cyrin's clothing is quite eclectic and depends on what he's up to. When he's practising his sports, Cyrin can be found in swimming trunks, football shorts, tank tops, or tight workout shirts. One might catch him in his custom EVA suit, one that is far less bulky than the standard Starfleet issue; the suit is blue and metallic, dark grey, allowing for ease of movement and speed. For casual clothing, Cyrin prefers long sleeved shirts and t-shirts, sometimes layered one on top of another. He has a leather jacket he's fond of, and a few pairs of denim jeans that are worn and comfortable.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Talor Fel, 55; Father; Antimatter Engineer; Mak'ala, Trill
Mother Jan'ara Fel, 50; Mother; Florist; Mak'ala Trill
Brother(s) Matak Fel, 31; Brother; Lieutenant Commander, Starfleet; USS Honshi
Abon Fel, 19; Brother; Cadet 2nd Class, Starfleet; San Francisco, Earth
Sister(s) Setasha Fel, 29; Sister; Music Instructor; Bajor
Jadmian Fel, 23, Sister; Ensign, Starfleet; Starbase 25
Other Family Numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and other relations.
Pets Cyrin and animals just don't seem to get along. They often turn aggressive around him and Cyrin has allergies to fur and dander.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

A False Dichotomy

Cyrin is a complicated young man, the union of two beings into one, and the first host of the Xanth symbiont.

Cyrin is quiet, reserved, and hesitant to express himself. Having the attention of his superiors focused on him and his work makes him nervous with stammering and stuttering. High expectations and demands can make this worse. At the same time he tries hard to overcome his lack of confidence, to impress his superiors, and to do the best job that he can. There is an obvious determination to show he is a capable officer.

At odds with his behaviour around others, when Cyrin is in his element his personality becomes quite different. He can be animated, lit up with smiles, enthusiastic in his speech, and expressing a youthful and infectious love of the world around him. There is a desire within Cyrin to experience the rush of competition and danger, to test his body and mind in the universe that provides endless fascination.

When it comes to his personal life Cyrin shows an awkwardness that comes from the sort of isolation he's dealt with. As a young man known as a prodigy, he spent most of his time in study and competition with the hopes of becoming Joined. Once he'd fulfilled that goal it was on to the Academy where the studying and competitions became even more intense. His first posting aboard a Vulcan science vessel gave him little opportunity to practise any sort of social skills. The result is a young man unsure of how to develop friendships, frightened by but longing for romance, and constantly worried that he is doing the wrong thing.

While his behaviour might confuse others, no one is quite as unsure about him as Cyrin is himself. His own expectations and worries are his greatest challenge to surmount. Someday he may realise that he is free to choose who he wants to be rather than worrying about what family, friends, the Symbiosis Commission, or even Starfleet expects of him.
Strengths + Science: Though he is a genius in the fields of astrophysics, theoretical physics, cosmology, and mathematics, Cyrin is humble about his accomplishments. He could be one of the leading young minds in the Federation for his speciality with the right focus.

+ Athleticism: Cyrin is strong and possess a notable stamina for prolonged physical activities. He is skilled in a number of sports but has not used this strength to learn any sort of martial arts other than the basic Starfleet self defence courses taught at the Academy.

+ Determination: There is a strong desire within to prove himself as a capable man despite his shortcomings. Cyrin strives to show that he is a good officer, a talented scientist, and enjoys competitive activities to test himself against the strengths of others.
Weaknesses - Timid: Cyrin struggles with expressing himself. Plagued with self doubt, he finds it hard to find the right way to say what he means, get his point across, or even speak up in the first place. Cyrin finds it much easier to try to remain in the background and not make waves. This can make it difficult for him to take on a leadership role though he tries hard to succeed at this when he must.

- Obsessive: With an intense urge to experience the universe, to explore every wonder that it presents, and to test himself against the challenges it brings, Cyrin can often take things too far. He has been known to work double or even triple shifts without orders. Sometimes he pushes himself too far physically, staying up for days, skipping meals to get more work done, or engaging in his dangerous sports that result in sometimes serious injuries.
Ambitions Cyrin's first goal is to protect the Xanth symbiont. To be given one is a great responsibility, especially given that Xanth is so young. To become a model Starfleet officer, one who is confident and doesn't suffer from crippling self doubt, is also important to him. Cyrin wishes to complete PhD's in a number of sciences and to begin to publish papers on what he encounters while serving on board a starship exploring the unknown. Finally, learning how to interact with people well, to create friendships and perhaps more intimate relations someday, is a long term goal.
Hobbies & Interests ~ Sports: Football, swimming, surfing, ion surfing, rock climbing, orbital skydiving and will try any sport he has the opportunity to

~ Vulcan Culture: Literature, art, and the philosophy of IDIC

~ Poetry: A secret and personal activity, one he would be mortified to share with another

~ Science: Studying and experimenting in his free time, forever trying to unlock the secrets of the universe
Vernacular A soft tenor, Cyrin doesn't normally speak very loudly. He has a tendency to use scientific terminology in his speech. When he's being particularly shy or is put on the spot by a superior, Cyrin can exhibit a stammer and stutter. On the other hand, when he is discussing something he enjoys or fascinates him, Cyrin will speak quickly with many gestures and a lot of enthusiasm.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Trill, Vulcan

Personal History

Reluctant Prodigy

Cyrin Fel was born the third child to a very large family in the capital city of the Trill homeworld. From an early age it became apparent that he was a prodigy, the sort of gifted young person that could learn far faster than the norm. Duty to the family was an important part of his childhood as well, and he was a well-behaved and obedient son. Cyrin's parents insisted on him studying science as a plan to have him be an acceptable candidate for Joining, and to participate in competitive activities to show his superiority. His parents loaded him with so much education and activities that Cyrin did not have a chance to experience a more normal childhood. Driven by his desire to make his family proud, Cyrin worked hard at establishing himself amongst the other candidates. He obtained degrees in physics and astronomy during his teenage years.

Throughout all the hard work and studying however, Cyrin had just one real wish for himself and that was to become a footballer. Introduced to the Trill population by the humans, he'd loved the game ever since he was a little kid. There were times, when the stress of his classes and his parents driving him so hard when Cyrin would want to escape, but always that duty to his family that held him back. Cyrin played on the school's' teams, but it was never allowed to be a focus in his life no matter how good he was.

Finally, when he was seventeen, the stress had grown to be too much and Cyrin rebelled. He quickly joined the competitions for a spot on the Trill League that year and was surprised when he was accepted despite his age. Trill went all the way to the final round with Alpha Centauri, and though they lost in the end to the young Trill it was the most exciting thing he could have imagined.

Soon after the commotion died down at his home, Cyrin was contacted by the Symbiosis Commision. They had found his academic achievements to be highly commendable, but up until that point they hadn't felt that he had the right sort of temperament outside of science. The drive he showed in taking his love of sports and successfully turning it into something he could be proud of with such determination was what finally decided matters for them. Cyrin was finally judged worthy to receive a symbiont, and underwent his Joining.

Cyrin Xanth emerged, an entirely different person. Unsure of himself, not knowing who he really was, and even frightened by the strange people around him. He still had the love of science and sports, but there were new dreams too that came from the symbiont. Now he had a need to explore and grow that the host had never shown a desire for. The stress of his family that had become unfamiliar to him and these new motivations quickly decided matters. At the age of eighteen, Cyrin applied to Starfleet Academy. He aced the academic and fitness qualifications, barely squeezed by on the psychological tests, and was on his way. The chance to see the galaxy, to get the training and education of a Starfleet Officer, and the opportunity to see things no other Trill had before was too strong a call to resist.
Starfleet History

A Path of His Own

Cyrin started his career at the Starfleet Academy annex at Beta Aquilae II. He spent all four years of his training there save for his cadet cruise. He did well academically and physically, taking on an impressive workload of science courses and becoming a member of the Academy's football and competitive swimming teams. He had issues with the discipline required at times, though not the angry and bold sort that some of his fellow cadets had. Rather, Cyrin lacked the confidence to put himself forward as a leader despite his instructors' efforts.

In 2386, Cyrin's third year, he served aboard the USS Monarch for his cadet cruise and to gain some practical understanding of what life aboard a starship would involve. Later, after the fourth year that he showed even more determination in, he graduated with high academic marks and notations about his athleticism. Cyrin's lack of leadership and sometimes social awkwardness saw him only ranked in the middling levels of his class however.

The USS Se'lok was Cyrin's first posting, a primarily Vulcan crewed science vessel that operated in Mutara Sector. Cyrin felt out of place during his time on board, a prisoner to his own emotions amongst a Vulcan crew who repressed their own, and was disappointed by the lack of any real chance to explore. The Mutara Sector had been charted a long time ago, and the Se'lok was concerned with sometimes fascinating, but ultimately unfulfilling experiments. That he was a lab assistant and not able to pursue his own goals was a constant frustration. Cyrin performed his duties adequately, but eventually asked for a transfer after a year and a half on board.

Cyrin's next post was to the USS Galileo as a science officer specializing in astrophysics, and he took the name of the vessel as a good omen. However, feeling out of place amongst all the expressive, emotional, and socially active people around him, Cyrin retreated from the rest of the crew. He spent his first year on the ship nearly alone, secluded in the laboratories or his own quarters, never attending social gatherings in the lounge or joining people in the holodeck for fun.

Medical History "Ensign Xanth is in satisfactory physical condition. He exceeds Starfleet regulations for exercise and weight with an active lifestyle. There have been few issues with his symbiont; two allergic reactions to insect bites that temporarily disrupted neural connections, and a case of the Anchilles fever that had him restricted to bed rest for three weeks. As for Ensign Xanth's...extracurricular activities, I have repeatedly advised him to be more careful, but he is like most other emotional beings and seems to have little interest in helpful advice. Ensign Xanth is pronounced fit for duty at his next post, but I recommend my predecessor keep an osteo-regenerator on hand; perhaps you will see him break his record of thirteen broken bones at once, someday." - Commander Vacel, Chief Medical Officer, USS Se'lok.


"I don't know what the kid's problem is! I thought a symbiont was supposed to give the host all sorts of confidence, but maybe that's for the really old ones for all I know. He didn't seem to lack confidence when he played with his team in the Federation Cup back in '84. Saw that one in person. Trill's team made it all the way to the final round. Four goals that kid scored, what a game! Sure, they lost in the end but what a thing to be proud of!

In my opinion, he's a bright young man with a lot to offer, and he needs to speak up for himself more often. This constant, low-level anxiety towards people's expectations of him is only going to hurt his career down the line. Nothing gets me miffed more than seeing these cadets go off into the galaxy without recognizing their own potential. If he can get over it, I think he'll make an effective leader. Until then, I deem him mentally fit for duty, if a frustrating brat who needs a good talking to. I have half a mind to..." - Lieutenant Commander Joshua Reynolds, Counselor, Starfleet Academy, Beta Aquilae II.
Service Record 2384-2388 Cadet, Science Studies; Starfleet Academy, Beta Aquilae II
2388-2390 Ensign, Lab Technician; USS Se'lok
2390 Ensign, Astrophysicist; USS Galileo
2390-Present Lieutenant (j.g.), Astrophysicist/Cosmologist; USS Galileo

Character Progression System

Primary Band Science

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Dexterity
+ Coordination
+ Speed

+ Education
Department Skills Science
+ Discovery
+ Method
Department Perks Science
+ Sensor Specialist

Skill Training