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Crewman Corealina Vipsania

Name Corealina 'Lina' Vipsania

Position Nurse

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Radvani
Age 129
Date of Birth 2nd Moon of Souler (23rd to 27th August), Fourth Cycle of the NiDarth (2260-2262)
Place of Birth Sligo, Radve, Alnitak Star System, Beta Quadrant

Starfleet ID

Serial Number XB-100-2173
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Gamma
Office Deck 3 - Sickbay
Quarters 04-2219 EN
Roommate Scribonia Vipsania (child)

Height 5'10
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color White, with a hint of grey in it
Eye Color Pale yellow
Physical Description Coming from the Radvani people, Lina is typical of the species. She is of normal built with white hair with a slight grey tone to it, pale white skin and pale eyes. While the most common eye colour for her people is pale blue, hers are pale yellow. She is not considered a beauty amongst her people, but she has comely enough facial features. She colours her eyebrows darker with an eyebrow pencil, as she likes the more marked way that humans has theirs. She has a scar down the centre of her back that stands up as blue against her skin. When off duty she tends to wear long white, hooded dresses.
Body Art None

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Spouse Aeroon Lucilianous (estranged)
Children Scribonia Vipsania (adopted daughter, Cardassian/human hybrid) age 10. With prominent Cardassian features and dark hair, Nia is hot-headed, very intelligent and finds it difficult to be diplomatic. She is blunt yet regrets quickly when she has offended.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lina is a manipulative woman who is used to getting her way, although not by conventional means. Despite this streak, she has a strange idea of justice. She views the protection of loved ones as worthy of any shame or slight and will fiercely defend anyone she cares about. She is caring towards those she cares about and when people first meet her, she almost seems too eager to please, yet demure. However, she is learning to speak her mind more, even if sometimes it has to be coaxed out of her and is not always pleasant to hear. She is intelligent, well spoken and well mannered, with an expressive body language as used by her people. She is not violent and has rarely used violence as the women of her species are physically quite a lot weaker than the men. That does not mean that she is incapable of it or has no skills with weapons.
Strengths Lina is highly intelligent and articulate, able to get her point across.

Weaknesses She will often try and manipulate rather than asking and can be quite spiteful when she wants to be.
Ambitions The safety and success of her family.
Hobbies & Interests Lina is a keen swimmer and dancer. She is a good cook as well when allowed into a kitchen.
Vernacular Lina's voice is accented from her planet, making her soft spoken and not prone to raising her voice as it makes it shriller. She has a sing-song tone when she speaks and moves her hands with phrases when speaking her own language.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Radvani, Standard, Cardassian

Personal History Lina was born Corealina Vipsania into the Sacred social class of the planet Radva. The Radvani, the native humanoid species to the planet were a people who valued political intrigue over wars, are a technologically sophisticated people who have had warp capability for the last 500 years, which is not that long according to their own lifespans. Rather than fight wars, they would assassinate the leader of the other country or political party. Their home planet was rich in resources and as such the people were technologically advanced, as well as religiously orientated. The women, physically weaker than the men, were expected to obey their husbands and fathers and brothers and even sons. Even so, women were sexually liberated and often used sex to manipulate those that held power over them. And as long as the Radvani had been able to travel the stars, they had traded with the Cardassians, another Beta Quadrant native who were the first to make contact with the Radvani.

Into this world, Lina was born. She was the second daughter and third child of a Priest and as such raised to become a Priestess. She was a keen artist as a child, enjoying painting far above anything else, but her father disapproved and ordered her to stop. She disobeyed and as obedience was valued about all things from their deities, her father ordered servants to break her fingers. She went over to dance instead once healed. Her father was assassinated when she was twelve by her mother's lover and her new father allowed her more freedom than her father had.

Like all of her people, she reached teenage years at the age of 15, and would reach adulthood at 20. The aging would then slow, allowing her people a lifespan up to 300 years as long as nothing bad happened to them. The average lifespan was 180, given the assassinations that happened. Lina was wedded off when she was 19 to another Priest and claimed her Priestess robes the following year. Her people worshipped Rivar, the god of all things, and Riva, his female side, who also destroyed all that he created. Here, life was male and death female and as such no one could bury anyone except the Priestesses. Lina's husband, Aeroon, was a cruel man who wanted the complete submission of his wife. While sexually some could argue it came naturally, Lina's personality battled against it. She manipulated him as much as she could, in order to get her will and way. She had her other lovers too and got pregnant, only to miscarry later without her husband ever finding out. As the years passed and she did not get pregnant, he started blaming her.

Lina never claimed to be abused by her husband; she had taken care of that the first time he struck her. She had taken a knife to him in the night and carved her initials into his chest, warning him that next time he raised his hand at her she would start cutting things off. So rather than anything else, the two lived separate lives when countless of beddings produced no child.
During the Dominion Wars, Radva put up their global barriers and stayed, by default, neutral. They took no messages from the Dominion or Starfleet and harboured no fugitives. They stayed firmly out of it. Lina too lived oblivious to it, focusing alongside her people on the plague that raced through the lower classes. It diminished their population, or more work force as the lower classes were used for labour. When the war ended and the defeated Cardassians contacted Radva, the rulers were less than keen on opening those trade routes again. Eager to get the victorious Federation's approval, they declared all Cardassians unclean and therefore banned from the planet under pain of death. Of course, the Federation barely noticed, except the addition of some exotic flowers to their databases.

So when in 2387 a small ship crashed down and the only survivor, a male Cardassian and his young daughter were brought into the temple, it was clear by their laws both were to be put to death. Lina, outraged by the Priests' blindness to the child's mixed heritage, tried to argue that the child was not fully Cardassian and therefore did not fall under the species and the laws. When it failed, she pleaded for the youth of the child and urged them to contact Starfleet, to get the child and the father off the planet. That plea was turned away as well. Lina then volunteered to take care of the wounded man and the child before their execution, to make sure they were well enough to walk onto the forcefields.

Instead, she spoke to the father of the child and explained her plan. She had tried to contact both Cardassia and Starfleet, but no one responded. She would instead smuggle on a transport due to leave tomorrow, with the child and once in orbit request assistance from whoever got there first. The Cardassian, Ranour, agreed, but stressed that the child was all that mattered. When Lina asked the child's name, he didn't give it. Lina smuggled the child with her, having made one of the guards her lover and using his affections for her to make him leave his post. She got the child with her on the shuttle and at the first rendezvous, which was with a Starfleet vessel, she sought asylum for herself and the child. She explained the situation, but when her government was contacted there was no sign of the Cardassian or a crashed ship. It had been too late. Still, Lina knew she could never return home, that she would be considered a traitor. So she claimed the child as hers instead and sought asylum and was granted it.
Starfleet History Having no income of her own, Lina quickly realised she had a child to support and no means of doing it. She had, as a Priestess, experience with tending to the sick and dying. She applied to Starfleet and after some evening classes in history and language, she met the criteria needed to apply into the Enlisted Nursing Programme. She was a decent student, able to pick things up with some ease, although her bedside manners could either go from extremely polite, almost submissive, to cold and unfeeling. She explained to her instructor that she needed to adjust to what was expected from the Federation. The female behaviour here, both librated and strong, surprised Lina and she saw it as a brave new world for her and her daughter, who she named Scribonia but called Nia, to live in. The wild half-Cardassian, half-human often struggled against her new mother's calmness, yet the two loved each other fiercely and it was clear that Lina would never let her daughter be harmed. Lina graduated in 2390 and her first posting would be as a nurse on the USS Galileo, a science ship where children already lived.
Medical History The Radvani people are overall of good health. They have a high metabolism which means they need to eat more often than most or else their blood pressure drops. Their diet is similar to humans, although they are all allergic to shellfish. Their blood is pale pink, almost white, which is partly why they are so pale. They also have very little pigmentation in their skin. Radvani are humanoid and the only real differences in their organs to, for instance humans, is the lack of a gall bladder and shorter intestines. They also have a longer life span than humans as their aging and general cell decay slows down when they reach adulthood at the age of 20.

Common medical issues with the Radvani is light sensitivity to the eyes and bruising of the fleshier parts of their bodies, which appears like red blotches when it happens. Physically, a female Radvani has the same level of strength as an average human female, while the males are stronger, more like a Klingon. They all have a keen sense of smell and some have the ability to smell different species.

Lina in particular has had a miscarriage and will find it difficult to conceive again, although not impossible. She also has a scar down her back, from the nape of her neck to the top of her buttocks, clearly from some initiation process. She shows signs of broken fingers as a child as well as a broken arm; possibly caused by blunt force.
Service Record 2388-2390 Starfleet Medical Enlisted, Nurses training
2390-PRES USS Galileo, Nurse, Crewman

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