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Jonah Chaparral

Name Jonah Alexander Chaparral M.D.

Position Epidemiologist

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Elasian
Age 30
Date of Birth April 5, 2360
Place of Birth Casablanca Morocco, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number UT-290-4701
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 3 - Sickbay
Quarters 04-2320 EN
Roommate Seleya Qellar Ph.D.

Physical Appearance

Height 5 10"
Weight 185
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jonah is an outdoor type, used to trekking through jungles, fording mountain streams and running marathons and Iron Man competitions. So he is in good shape. He’s not especially muscular, but he has a lot of physical stamina. He’s just a shade under six feet and is thin. His medium length hair is light brown and his eyes are the color of champagne.
Body Art A dragon tattoo on the back of his neck and across his shoulder blades. He also has a phoenix that starts on his abdomen and goes down to his groin

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Spouse None
Children None
Father Jamie Chaparral (51) Human
Mother Ulani Chaparral (49)Elasian
Brother(s) Jhammon 18
Sister(s) Rose 15
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jonah was born in Casablanca Morocco to Jamie and Ulani Chaparral, both of them had retired from Star Fleet. Jamie had been a nurse who eventually became a forensic pathologist and his mother an intelligence operative. Jonah was the oldest of three children, conceived in a heated night of passion when two rivals became lovers. His home was warm and loving with no tragedies to taint it.

It wasn’t the most conventional of families, the boundary lines were rather loosely drawn but there were some rules. Each of the children were expected to work hard, learn at least one language, pick a field of study they were interested in, apply themselves to it and to always do their best. Jonah was always inquisitive by nature and loved study and research. He chose epidemiology and like his father forensic pahtology.
Strengths Jonah’s intelligence borders on the genius level and he tends to catch on to new concepts easily. His thinking is logical and concise and he tends to color inside the lines. He is strong willed and virtually fearless when it comes to dealing with and treating unknown diseases. He is friendly and outgoing and has no problems in meeting new people or sharing his opinion.
Weaknesses Other than a rudimentary knowledge of martial arts and the ability to use a phaser, Jasn is no warrior. He is not the person you want on the front line of a battle. His willingness to share his opinion sometimes gets out of hand as he sometimes voices it at inappropriate times.
Ambitions He would like to explore the stars like his parents did applying his particular area of expertise. He’s just ambivalent towards doing it in a Starfleet uniform. :
Hobbies & Interests :Marathons, extreme sports, outdoor activities, research, his two fields of specialization.
Vernacular Jonah tends to match the tone and body language of the person he is talking with
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Arabic, Elasian, some Vulcan

Personal History Jamie Chaparral first served on the USS Magistrate as a nurse. With the encouragement of his friends there, including Captain Katrina Jarsh he switched careers to forensics and soon found himself on the USS Resistance where he met Ulani an Elasian and the chief of the Intel department. It was anything but love at first sight. Jamie was gay and despite Ulani’s good looks and Elasian ways was in no way tempted. For her part Ulani was in love with the Captain, Benjamin Gates a former lover.

Jamie and Ulani continued to butt heads and thought the other was inconsiderate, rude, and pretty much unacceptable. Whenever they had tyo work with each other, sparks flew and they weren’t the romantic ones. Then one time, as part of maintaining her cover the two had to dance the Tango together. There was a heat there that neither wanted to accept, but that eventually neither could deny.

Nothing changed instantly, in fact for a time things seemed to get worse. Then one day when they were both trying to save the Captain they got into an argument about how to do so. The verbal assault escalated and eventually became physical. Then the physical went from violent to sensual.

Eventually they became regular lovers, something Jamie thought would never happen with a woman and eventually, when she became pregnant with Jonah they married.

Jonah was born in Casablanca when they were on leave. He stayed there for a few years. They served in Star Fleet until the end of the Dominion War when they retired and moved to their home on Earth.

Jonah was curious about life and death from an early age, perhaps it was because his grandfather and uncle were infectious disease doctors. He read his father’s textbooks and just about anything that he could get his hands on about infectious diseases, epidemics and pathology.

He knew what career path he wanted to go down when he was in Middle School. He also knew about that time that he was gay. Of course his parents were quite open and accepting as were all of his friends. He had a few boyfriends growing up but nothing serious and no serious breakps either.

He chose to by pass the academy and go directly to college. He has two Masters now, one in forensic pathology and the other in epidemiology He is working on his doctorate in epidemiology.

Because of the war stories that his parents told him while growing up he had no real desire to enter Starfleet. But he did have a yearning to explore the stars. His parents were indifferent to the former and encouraged the latter. .
Starfleet History He is not a Starfleet officer.
Medical History Broken leg and collar bone from extreme sports injuries, also some cracked ribs and a concussion.
Service Record N/A

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