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Lieutenant Oren Idris

Name Oren Idris Ph.D.

Position Chief Research Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender N/A
Species El Aurian
Age 74
Date of Birth August 3rd 2315
Place of Birth Bajor, Alpha quadrant

Starfleet ID

Serial Number OA-203-4929
Security Clearance Level 6
Duty Shift Gamma
Office Deck 4 - Chief Research Officer's Office
Quarters 02-0203 SO
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm
Weight 65 kg
Hair Color Dark blond/ Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Oren’s green eyes, freckled complexion and lack of facial hair make him appear incredibly young (which, by his species’ standards, he is). With a thin frame and graceful, delicate features, Oren’s appearance causes confusion at first glance.

On duty, during his day to day duties, Oren wears the skant style of uniform, along with black leggings and boots. In uniform, in an effort to appear more traditionally professional, Oren keeps his hair swept back and usually limits himself to soft make up, if any.

Decidedly androgynous in his looks no matter the clothes he wears, Oren has a preference for form fitting, custom tailored clothing, which accentuates his small frame. The clothes are usually in bright colours, with lots of accessories and attention grabbing details.
Body Art Oren has an elaborate tattoo over the entire expanse of his back. He’d gotten it at the age of thirty and has been adding to it regularly.

Watercolor tattoo of a small, multicolored handprint on his forearm.

He also has a piercing on his tongue and right eyebrow, where he wears small, latinum barbells.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Idris Riaan (deceased)
Mother Idris Nomula (deceased)
Brother(s) Idris Dejen (presumed dead)
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Ayanna Claes, maternal grandmother (last known alias, circa 2376)

Pets Landi, five month old Irish Wolfhound
irishwolfhound kane

Personality & Traits

General Overview Warm and enthusiastic, Oren, without a shred of doubt, genuinely loves people. He sees everything and everyone as just one part of a cosmic whole, which grants him a great deal of empathy for every living thing he encounters, friendly or otherwise.
Strengths Personality

Observant - Oren believes that there are no irrelevant details or actions.
Friendly – Altruistic and cooperative, he does his best to be empathic and friendly in every situation.
Energetic and enthusiastic – Oren is always eager to share his ideas with other people and get their opinions in return.
Knows how to relax – He knows very well how to switch off and have fun, simply experiencing life and everything it has to offer.
Excellent communicator – Oren can handle both small talk and deep, meaningful conversations, although his definition of small talk may be somewhat unusual as he tends to steer conversations away from weather and gossip and more towards dreams and ideas.
Curious - Oren is very imaginative and open-minded. He enjoys trying out new things and doesn’t hesitate to go outside his comfort zone if necessary.


Cultural knowledge - As an anthropologist with almost 50 years of field experience under his belt, Oren has a thorough understanding of several cultures and finds it extremely easy to jump into different societies should the need arise.
Survival - Growing up with a naturalist mother and grandmother, combined with his knowledge of primitive cultures, Oren is an expert in primitive survival techniques. Before each away mission or visit to a new planet, he makes it a habit to research the local flora and fauna to make sure he knows his environment as best as he can.
Weaknesses Personality

Highly emotional - He tends to have very intense emotions, seeing them as an inseparable part of his identity. This often causes him to react strongly to criticism, conflicts, or tension.
Poor practical skills - Lost in enthusiasm and adrenaline, Oren sometimes finds it difficult to follow through and deal with the practical, administrative side of things.
Overthinks things - Oren always looks for hidden motives and tends to overthink even the simplest things, constantly asking himself why someone did what they did and what that might mean.
Gets stressed easily – Oren’s very sensitive and cares deeply about other people’s feelings.
Difficulty focusing - He tends to lose interest quickly if his project shifts toward routine, administrative matters. Sometimes he just can’t keep his mind from wandering.
Very independent - Oren loathes being micromanaged or restrained by rules and guidelines. He wants to be seen as a highly independent individual, master of his own fate


Combat - Oren has little to no experience in any kind of combat situation. He's had some training during his enlisted training but considering the time that elapsed since then, he doesn't feel confident in trying anything.
Pacifism - Oren is an extreme pacifist, so he detest violence of any kind.
Ambitions To achieve happiness through experience and understanding.
Hobbies & Interests Oren is never really at peace with himself. He always feels he should be doing something to improve himself, whether it be learning a new skill, perfecting an old one, reading something new or getting to know someone he barely speaks to.
Vernacular Having spent his entire life around different species, Oren speaks precisely and with careful diction as if constantly trying to make sure he’s understood. This is less evident in a more relaxed setting when Oren’s accent is revealed to be an odd Bajoran one. Under stress, Oren’s manner of speech also borders on melodramatic, with exaggerated gesticulation.
Orientation Asexual
Language(s) Spoken El Aurian, Bajoran, Vulcan, Betazoid, Andorian, Federation standard and Rihannsu fluently. He speaks several ancient, dead languages and is currently in the process of becoming fluent in Klingon and Cardassian.

Personal History Oren Idris was born in Jalanda city on Bajor in mid-2315. His family had settled there almost fifty years earlier after the destruction of the El Aurian home world by the Borg. On Bajor, they found a home among the Bajorans and Oren had a relatively happy childhood. When he was four years old, Oren got a brother, Dejen who, at three years old, became sick. He was taken away by doctors at the insistence of their parents and Oren never saw him again.

When the Cardassian occupation of Bajor began, Oren’s father was killed in the first year. Knowing the only way for her son to survive, Oren’s mother paid to have him smuggled away to be picked up by his maternal grandmother on Betazed. The cargo ship Oren was on traveled for almost three weeks before reaching its destination. Discovered alone, with no one to look after him, Oren was put in an orphanage. He was tossed from foster home to foster home before finally getting discovered by his grandmother a year later.

The two soon traveled away to a small El Aurian refugee colony on the outskirts of Federation territory. Once there, Oren enjoyed an uneventful life. In 2330, the colony was visited by a team of anthropologists wanting to study their unique culture. The scientists in charge made a huge impression on Oren, who couldn’t think of a more beautiful profession that traveling the universe to learn about different people and their customs. With his mind made up, Oren left the colony at 20 years old to travel to Betazed, where he enrolled in University. Four years later, he graduated with a degree in Anthropology and Immediately, he pursued a Master’s in Sociocultural Anthropology.

For the next thirty years, Oren devoted his life to the intense study of subcultures within the major races of the galaxy through participant observation. During this time, he earned a PhD in Socio-cultural Anthropology, as well as a Masters in Exoarchaeology after spending six years living on Al’Asayan, a small planet just inside Romulan space.
Starfleet History In 2371, while Oren was conducting an excavation for his work with the Daystrom institute, he began hearing rumors of a possible war erupting between the newly discovered Dominion and the Federation. Not wanting to be completely useless if such a thing should happen, Oren was inspired to enlist in Starfleet.

Oren knew from the beginning that he wasn’t fit for any kind of direct combat, just like he knew that an officer’s career definitely wasn’t for him. He did surprisingly well in his basic training before moving on to Advanced training in Medical and becoming a nurse. For the length of the Dominion war, Oren was stationed at a medical base, treating the wounded. Tired and emotionally drained, Oren resigned when the war ended and went back to work at the Daystrom institute’s Archaeology department.

After working at the Institute for five years, Oren couldn’t deny that the adventure in Starfleet was incredibly seductive to him, even though the idea of being an officer didn’t appeal to his free spirited mentality.

In 2379, Oren signed a ten year contract with Starfleet to serve as a civilian consultant and researcher for their Science Corps.

His first assignment was on the USS Dublin, working as an assistant archaeologist. Unfortunately, after a year, Oren quit out of dissatisfaction with his position. He transferred to a Nova class ship, the USS Belgrade, gaining the position of Anthropologist. He enjoyed his work with their Science department and remained on the ship for the remaining nine years of his contract.

In 2388, Oren took a one year break from Starfleet to study the J’naii gender-oriented subculture before signing another five year contract with Starfleet, when he was assigned to serve as an Anthropologist on the USS Galileo.
Medical History Oren’s physical medical history is simple. He’s never broken anything and is up to date on all of his vaccinations.

When under a lot of stress, Oren has suffered from mild panic attacks in the past, but he isn’t taking any treatment for it.
Service Record 2372– Enlisted in Starfleet
2372-2376 – Medical base Echo IX, Nurse
2376 – resigned from Starfleet

Character Progression System

Primary Band Science
Secondary Band Medical/Counseling

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Charisma
+ Relationship

+ Education

+ Detection
Department Skills Science
+ Investigation
Department Perks Science
+ Adventurer

Skill Training