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Name Bruka

Position Colonist

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 32
Place of Birth Cardassia Prime

Starfleet ID

Serial Number N/A
Security Clearance Level 1
Duty Shift N/A
Office N/A
Quarters N/A
Roommate N/A

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 195lbs
Hair Color Black
Physical Description Tall and physically imposing. His posture suggests previous military service. His eyes are sharp and convey a shrewd, calculating mind. His hands are large and rough, a result of several years of manual labour. He stands out in a crowd.
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Personality & Traits

General Overview Bruka is naturally suspicious. Everyone has ulterior motives in his mind. He is a gifted liar and uses it to great advantage. He can very easily manipulate or influence others, but only does so when he doesn't see an easier way to further his goals. He prefers to always be in command of a situation or conversation and doesn't like having someone know something he doesn't or being 'one up-ed'.
Orientation Heterosexual

Personal History Nothing is known of Bruka's past beyond his mining career. He has told people everything from once being a farmer on a Cardassian colony before the war, to other times saying he was a soldier that fought against the Maquis. Whatever the truth is, it's very clear that Bruka has spent time in the military, but what exactly his role was during that time is unknown. Yet.

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Skills and Perks

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