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Seeker Wisdom

Name Seeker Rock Wisdom

Position Colonist

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24
Date of Birth December 3, 2366
Place of Birth Near Lolo, Montana

Starfleet ID

Serial Number N/A
Security Clearance Level 1
Duty Shift N/A
Office N/A
Quarters N/A
Roommate N/A

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 190
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Seeker is a stocky built individual of Salish Native American Tribal heritage.
He has sharp facial features (although he is a fairly good looking young man), sloped shoulders and long arms. His skin is of deep ruddish color.
He is missing his left leg due to a mining accident and wears a metal, articulated prosthesis.
Body Art Large bald eagle with wings spread covers almost his entire chest and upper arms.

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Father Vicious Wolf (deceased)
Mother Chasing Duck Feathers (deceased)
Other Family Madeline Moon Dancer- his personal assistant and current "mining mother" as she is called by the local miners of Lyshan III. She is actually not related but she rescued him off the streets when Seeker's mother and father were both killed during an altercation outside a bar in Lolo, Montana.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Seeker is a very private individual who only truly trusts his "mining mother" Madeline Moon Dancer and the miners he works with.

Seeker is a person with Autism and this challenge in his life effects him in various ways (see strengths and weaknesses below)

He has Madeline as his personal assistant and liason to help him when he is not in mines and with dealing with people (other than her and his fellow miners)
Strengths Due to Seeker's Autism he is hyper focused on anything and all things geological; most especially rocks and geologic formations and details. There is almost nothing he doesn't know about rocks, minerals, metals, strata and other geological items. Other miners swear that Seeker can see, touch, feel and even "understand" the very earth and the structures within.

Seeker can discern the slightest cracks and weak points in stone and earth works, he can quickly discern rock and mineral types and communicate the best course of action to deal with these new findings. Some have called him a "Rock Whisperer", others call him a "Living Rock Spirit Incarnate".

He has risen to become not only a miner, but an inspector and pathfinder of sorts. He the one usually referred to when a new digging is to be made, a new vein of the mine opened up or when new barriers or possible trouble points are met, as he is able to quickly see the situation and solve the problem or make suggestions to the next steps that need to be taken.
Weaknesses Due to his Autism, Seeker has absolute ZERO social skills.
Social topics not related to rocks or geology or mining or military based are beyond him in conversations.

He is a loner with his only friends being Madeline, his service animal (a beagle named Sapphire) and his fellow miners.

Women are almost too much to handle for his psyche. As bad as he would love to have a girlfriend (after all he is a healthy young man!) he is almost incapable of any social graces whatsoever and has no idea how to react around females.
Ambitions To be forever a miner and to one day have a girlfriend.
Hobbies & Interests Rocks, Geology, Rocks and more Rocks.
Vernacular Fairly well spoken when it comes to geological topics, nearly rudimentary when not a geological topic.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Miner Slang, Salish

Personal History Not much is known about Seeker except that his parents (especially his father) were brutal towards him both physically and mentally. He was beaten, insulted, neglected and tormented almost every day of his life growing up.
When he was fifteen, his father and mother were gunned down outside a bar near Lolo, Montana after an argument became very heated. Seeker was left confused and alone. He wandered around hungry and looking for anyone to help him. A former barmaid, exotic dancer and prostitute, Madeline Moon Dancer, took him in and cared for him.

She took a job as a cook for the miners in Lyshan III, taking Seeker with her. He quickly gained notoriety for his abilities as well as his "quirks".

In 2383, a mine shaft collapsed from a horrible gas explosion that took the lives of eight miners. Seeker was severely injured in the collapse and eventually lost his leg during his rescue. He now wears a metal, articulated prosthesis with no coverings to make it look "real". He sometimes refers to himself as "Robotman" when the topic turns to his prosthetic limb.
Starfleet History n/a
Medical History Is a person with Autism in which he has a personal assistant (Madeline Moon Dancer) for most societal related issues and a service therapy/comfort animal (a female beagle named "Sapphire") for his own personal well being.

He wears a metal, articulated leg prosthesis for his missing left leg.

Otherwise he is very healthy and physically active.
Service Record n/a

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