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Chief Warrant Officer 2 Vasily Sokolov

Name Vasily Mikhailovich Sokolov Ph.D.

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 2

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45
Date of Birth 21 October 2345
Place of Birth Novosibirsk, Russia, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number HR-318-6008
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 7 - Main Engineering
Quarters 04-2118 EN
Roommate Taliesin Cynwrig

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 155 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Vasily has a deceptively boyish face considering his stern demeanor and history of substance abuse. Sleeplessness, anxiety and stress contribute to dark circles around his bloodshot eyes, both of which can be significantly worsened by heavy drinking. His most prominent features are a strong jawline and conspicuously large nose. Vasily goes through an intensive daily exercise routine that leaves most of his body in relatively good shape considering his lifestyle. He prefers to keep his hair on the shorter side, and he is always clean-shaven.
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Spouse Cecilia Saunders (Divorced); Sunisa Patel (Divorced); Sohaila Yazdani (Divorced); Claire Daniels (Divorced)
Children None.
Father Mikhail Ivanovich Sokolov (Retired Captain, SFMC)
Mother Natalia Petrovna Sokolova (Botanist)
Brother(s) Nikolai Mikhailovich Sokolov (Deceased)
Sister(s) None.
Other Family None.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vasily Mikhailovich is a man of extremes: extreme intelligence, extreme addiction, extreme personality. He is best described as belligerent, quarrelsome, forceful, and opinionated, attributes that didn’t halt promotions altogether but certainly slowed them down. He possesses a natural militancy that’s only been sharpened by serving aboard warships and experiencing numerous combat situations. His respect for the sanctity of life and the rule of law/morality during conflict has suffered as a result of his experiences. He believes very strongly in Starfleet’s responsibility to protect the Federation and often advocates first-strikes to eliminate potential threats. He is very vocal in his criticism of Starfleet’s war planning and general strategic preparedness, pointing to Wolf 359 and defeats during the Dominion War as critical examples.

In pursuing engineering work, he is an incredibly focused and driven perfectionist, always looking for new and innovative ways to improve systems. Unsurprisingly, he is highly critical of others’ work but at least takes the time to work with them toward improvement. Further, Vasily is cynical, dry and humorless...except when under the influence. He frequently abuses alcohol, and while the irony of manifesting his father’s faults isn’t entirely lost on Vasily, he nevertheless views substance abuse not just as a form of relaxation but as a release from his own intense personality.

Although he has remained stalwart about having no children of his own, he often feels paternal toward some of his younger crewmates; likely he sees in each of them the potential his younger brother had before being killed in the line of duty. With these younger crewmen, his criticism and cynicism are often more muted, and he is quick to jump to their defense.

Vasily’s four marriages, though generally short-lived and universally failures, speak to some ability to connect with other humanoids. He has been known to leverage his appeal as a tortured soul to his advantage on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, his ability to “connect” with others in this way often quickly leads to infidelity as he’s completely incapable of tempering his personal appetites.
Strengths + Well-Educated
+ Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
+ Combat Experience
+ Paternal
Weaknesses - Bad Attitude
- Lack of Respect for Superiors
- Substance Abuse
Ambitions Vasily has long surrendered any ambitions he may have once had in exchange for the pragmatism of simply making himself useful.
Hobbies & Interests Food and drink (mixology); warp theory & advanced weapons systems; military history; reading; outdoor activities (camping, hiking, hunting, etc.).
Orientation Heterosexual

Personal History Vasily Mikhailovich Sokolov was born on October 21, 2345 in Novosibirsk, Russia, Earth to Captain Mikhail Ivanovich Sokolov, SFMC and Natalia Petrovna Sokolova. Vasily suffered during an unstable childhood; his distant mother was frequently off-world pursuing botanical projects, leaving him and his younger brother in the care of their strict father. Neither of them seemed to express an interest in raising their children.

Mikhail Sokolov was administratively discharged from the Starfleet Marine Corps due to the irreparable neurological damage he suffered in a firefight with Orion pirates utilizing experimental weaponry. The condition was extremely painful and led to a life of substance abuse, including heavy alcohol use and addiction to sedatives and analgesic medications. The ongoing substance abuse created a rift between Mikhail and Vasily as he grew older; eventually, Vasily assumed responsibility for managing the family and raising his younger brother, Nikolai, in the absence of his mother and incapacity of his father.

Focused and driven even from a young age, he graduated near the top of his class from the Novosibirsk Day School and received a scholarship in physics to the Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology. Vasily took Nikolai with him to Moscow and spoke to his parents only once more in 2372 to notify them of the latter’s death; neither made any effort to reestablish contact with their children.

As Vasily graduated and prepared to begin a graduate program in starship engineering at Stanford University, his brother Nikolai announced his intentions to bypass a university education in favor of enlisting in Starfleet as a security officer. Vasily recognized that Nikolai had never been academically inclined but he did have a strong moral compass and sense of justice, making him an excellent candidate for the organization. Despite strong reservations, he encouraged his brother in his endeavors and turned to his own pursuits with vigor.

Vasily completed his master’s and continued on to the Federation Institute of Technology, where he received his PhD in Advanced Theoretical Physics. By the time he completed his education, Vasily had both married and divorced his first two wives, Cecilia Saunders and Sunisa Patel. His undergraduate and graduate education gave him broad experience with starship engineering, which was further refined by his research doctorate focusing on starship propulsion and weapons systems.
Starfleet History After receiving his PhD Vasily was immediately tapped by Starfleet to join the in-progress Defiant Class Starship Redevelopment Project; although the Defiant-class had been officially shelved by Starfleet, the small, low priority team was tasked with addressing flaws in the warship’s design in case the project was later fully reactivated. Vasily thrived in the military research environment, although his abrasive personality, harsh criticism and strong opinions on Starfleet incompetence made teamwork sometimes difficult.

In 2372, the First Battle of Deep Space 9 marked the beginning of the Second Federation-Klingon War. In the short skirmish, Vasily’s brother Nikolai, a security officer serving aboard the station, was killed in close combat with Klingon boarding parties. News swiftly reached Vasily at Utopia Planitia, and it served as the final straw for the engineer who had long been critical of Starfleet’s refusal to address security threats more seriously. He felt the fleet’s mission of peace and exploration was naive and dangerous when the Federation was surrounded by hostile belligerents like the Klingon Empire, Cardassian Union and the Romulan Star Empire. Its humiliating defeat at the hands of the Borg at Wolf 359 five years prior had actually served as the initial spark for his interest in weapons systems. Now its inability to protect Federation citizens had resulted in the loss of his only brother, a failure that hit far too close to home.

Arrogant but supremely confident in his ability to lend pragmatism and expertise to starship operations in an organization full of idealists, Vasily was furious when his request for a commission was rejected by Starfleet Command. The review board indicated he was unsuited for the officer corps due to a lack of positive leadership qualities, inability to work in a team environment and other “psychological difficulties.”

The rejection made Vasily all the more determined to both serve and seek vengeance so he enlisted with Starfleet in 2372, becoming one of the most overqualified applicants in history. Upon graduation, he was awarded the rank of petty officer first class and assigned as a weapons & propulsion systems specialist to the USS Vigilant, the first of many new Defiant-class vessels being produced for the war effort, owing to his experience with its design, performance and capabilities. His qualifications and technical performance in training could have earned him the rank of chief petty officer, but once again his personality problems had caused any number of difficulties at St. Petersburg and the offer was not extended to him.

Serving on the Vigilant put Vasily right in the heart of the Dominion War, and he discovered an incredible aptitude for applying his theoretical knowledge to practical engineering situations. He met his third wife, Sohaila Yazdani, aboard the ship and married her at the conclusion of the war. He served with distinction throughout the Dominion conflict and continued on with the Vigilant crew until we was reassigned to the Cardassian border as a matter/energy systems specialist with the USS Dauntless, which was tasked with combating piracy and lawlessness along the newly porous border. Distance, Vasily’s surly disposition, and infidelity led to the dissolution of his marriage to Yazdani while aboard the Dauntless.

After serving more than the average amount of time as a petty officer first class, Vasily was finally promoted as a matter of due course and reassigned from the Dauntless to the USS Horizon as a general engineering officer. He served aboard this third Defiant-class ship for three years, during which his working relationship with the chief engineer and commanding officer steadily deteriorated.

Friction with his superior officers culminated in a transfer to Starbase 39-Sierra along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Vasily would have once considered the transfer an insult but over the years his purpose in the fleet had evolved from a quest for vengeance into a path of service dedicated to his young brother, Nikolai.

Vasily’s time on Starbase 39-Sierra saw the destruction of Romulus and a flood of refugees & relief supplies being routed through the facility. During his six years of service aboard the starbase, he was married for a fourth time to a nurse several years his junior, Claire Daniels. Slowly he began shifting his mentality from war-footing to relief operations (something for which the usually distant engineer seemed ill-suited but actually adopted with enthusiasm) and flirting with the possibility of actually settling down. Seeking to expand his career prospects, he applied for and received a warrant. Unfortunately, the promotion placed him on the radar of Starfleet Engineering, which requested his reassignment to a design review team at Utopia Planitia pending a more permanent assignment on a starship.

Unsurprisingly, the stress of Vasily’s problems with infidelity and substance abuse while away from his wife and Starbase 39-Sierra served as the nail in the coffin on his fourth marriage right before Command reassigned him to the USS Nimitz as the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer.
Medical History Vasily's medical history reflects long years of heavy substance abuse and a struggle with insomnia.
Service Record 2390: Engineering Officer (Warrant Officer), USS Galileo [Nova-class]
2390: Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (Warrant Officer), USS Nimitz [Prometheus-class]
2389 - 2390: Design Review Team (Warrant Officer), Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
2383 - 2389: Engineering Officer (Chief Petty Officer), Starbase 39-Sierra
2380 - 2383: Engineering Officer (Chief Petty Officer), USS Horizon [Defiant-class]
2377 - 2380: Matter/Energy Systems Specialist (Petty Officer First Class), USS Dauntless [Defiant-class]
2373 - 2377: Weapons & Propulsion Systems Specialist (Petty Officer First Class), USS Vigilant [Defiant-class]
2372 - 2373: Starfleet Enlisted Basic & Advanced Specialty Training, St. Petersburg
2370 - 2372: Design Engineer (Civilian), “Defiant Class Starship Redevelopment Project”
2368 - 2370: PhD in Advanced Theoretical Physics, Federation Institute of Technology
2366 - 2368: M.S. in Starship Engineering, Stanford University
2362 - 2366: B.S. in Applied & Engineering Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology

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