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Ensign Dasha Solari

Name Dasha Solari

Position Biochemist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Green-Skinned Orion
Age 27
Date of Birth Exact unknown, Adopted July 4
Place of Birth Rigel VII

Starfleet ID

Serial Number DB-102-3821
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Decks 3, 4 - Multi-Purpose Labs
Quarters 04-2522 JO
Roommate Nesh Saalm

Physical Appearance

Height 1.66m / 5' 5"
Weight 52 kg / 115 lb
Hair Color Dark Green
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description Her mannerisms are distinctly animalistic and agile, and despite a few attempts to hide it in the past, she gave up as she was never really successful in hiding that side of her. Dasha keeps her fingernails short, as she knows that the green-skinned Orion slave use of them as claws is considered barbaric by most in the Federation - something she doesn't want to be seen as.

Dasha has a slim athletic build due to a very extensive exercise regime consisting of running, sport, martial arts and gym workouts. When she was younger, Dasha was taught an Orion martial art that she never knew of a name for involving use of longer fingernails to rake and slash, but doesn't use it anymore due to cutting her fingernails. While at the Academy, she began learning the Vulcan martial art of Suus Mahna, which fitted her graceful agility and provided a way to defend herself without causing injury to others.

When off-duty, Dasha likes wearing all sorts of different clothing, sometimes skimpy and sometimes more refined. She loves accessories and has a number of piercings - ears and belly button. These accessories include jewelry, small daggers, rings, head chains, necklaces, anklets, wrist chains and other ornaments. She prefers items that are elegant, beautiful, expensive looking and have tiny compartments to hide sensitive items. In her quarters or where it is acceptable, Dasha doesn't wear any clothing at all.
Body Art Dasha has a flower tattoo on her left wrist and pierced ears. Her belly button is also pierced.


Spouse No permanent attachments and not really interested in more then casual
Children None
Father Unknown except for Orion in origin
Mother Unknown except for Orion in origin
Brother(s) Unknown biologically
Sister(s) Unknown biologically
Other Family was member of an Orion mixed-gender crèche group of 22 until sold.. No knowledge of their location or status though, although she does look out when she can for them

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dasha needed Counseling during her Academy years and was lucky to be introduced to Lieutenant Anastasie Ledoyen, a French counselor from Marseilles, who encouraged Dasha to try new activities. Anastasie taught her how to play the violin & became quite good at it. Dasha finds the sound to be very soothing, and does performances sometimes. Also, they both signed up for Suus Mahna classes.

Dasha loves cooking and regularly makes her own meals in the mess halls, including for others. However, those who partake should be aware that Orion cooking is described as exotic with a range of tear-inducing spices. The Orion firepot was one special method of preparing food. Orion foods were noted for treating wing-slugs as delicacies, a range of strong liquors, hot spices (some of which are classed as illegal drugs), and many things said to be aphrodisiacs. Dasha also has an incredibly sweet tooth, and has to temper it.

Dasha is intensely curious about everything, and often runs little experiments on all manner of science topics. She is willing to try anything.

Dasha's beliefs in loyalty mean that she will go above and beyond to protect her crew-mates and especially the staff in her department. However in a sense of weakness, the Orion sense of loyalty that she shares is quite complex - the strength of their loyalty was according to the responsibility and care the object of it took for them, the size of the group and the understanding its members had for one another. She believes in the Starfleet Marine Corps and accepts that the Federation is good in general. Dasha isn't an anarchist, nor completely uncoordinated and uncooperative, but has a fine and often-used sense of compromise, negotiation, and give-and-take.

Like a lot of Orions, Dasha gives off the view that she is very hedonistic, which often grates with Federation values and can cause trouble. She believes that she should live as well as she can within her means and aimed to enjoy life as much as she can afford- there was no virtue in being or acting impoverished and takes it as a point of pride, a display of her success and potential to help others achieve the same. She delights in partaking in the more civilized vices, including drinking - especially Saurian Brandy.

Dasha feels that revenge and spite are important like most Orions and willing to go to great lengths to hide the depths of any loss, grief or rage from her foes, in keeping with the Orion code of cluros, which encourages self-control and a cool head. Often, this includes befriending enemies to get closer for a sudden strike. This general attitude to revenge and spite has gotten her reprimanded a few times in Starfleet. The saying of 'Beware Orions bearing gifts' grew from an Ancient Greek saying for good reason.

Orion women, and particularly Orion slave girls like Dasha was, are legendary for their dances. These dances were commonly seen at grand Orion banquets, used as much for distraction of a rival as for entertainment. Their forms ranged from ballet to belly-dancing.

Dasha loves games of skill and cunning – even more so when only she knows the rules, not her opponents. In her eyes, even a game of chance could turn out to be really a game of skill and cunning.

Dasha has a male hedgehog as a pet, which she has named Sar.

Dasha plans to request permission to setup a personal distillery in her quarters, and to join the ship's orchestra.

Strengths + Pheremones - Dasha, like other Orion females, can produce large amounts of a powerful chemical pheromone that has a range of effects on different species and sexes, although she tries not to abuse it. In general with men, it acts like a love potion by accelerated the metabolism and increased adrenaline levels, inducing aggression and delusion, and generally making him highly suggestible to the Orion woman who produced it. These have been reduced by medical treatment, but still around a bit.

+ Radiation Resistant - like all green-skinned Orions, her skin absorbs ultraviolet radiation, keeping them relatively immune to its harmful effects and somewhat resistant to radiation in general

+ Scientific mind - Dasha has been interested in science since her time with the Ferengi, and has a passion for learning about the universe around her.

+ Cluros: Dasha has been taught that keeping self-control and a cool head can be used to allow. Often, this includes befriending enemies to get closer for a sudden strike.

Weaknesses - OCD: Dasha has a strong tendency to be obsessive about things to the level that they interfere with her life.

- Stubborn: Dasha has a dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good reasons to do so. This causes problems in her life, and has led to insubbordination issues a few times so far in her career

- Limited starship skill set beyond Science and basic medical: Dasha only bothered to learn the basics at the Academy in things that didn't interest her. So, she has limited skills in other departments.

- Impulsive: Dasha tends to reacts by instinct rather than any logic or thought. She has to really fight this in her scientific career.

- Inability to stay still for long: Dasha is quite energetic and has to pace at times when she is waiting for experiments to complete.

Ambitions *shrugs* Dasha likes what she is doing at the moment.
Hobbies & Interests violin, scientific processes relating to biology (biochemistry, biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, bioorganic chemistry), archery, Suus Mahna, dancing, cooking, knife fighting, playing with Sar (her pet hedgehog)
Vernacular Dasha has a strong Kolari Orion accent. She tended to speak in the lower forms of Orion during her childhood - so speaks with more nasal and exhaled language sounds, a sultry tone and broader vowels. When she is upset, she tends to drift into Low Orion without subconsciously realizing.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Kolari, Low Orion, High Orion, Yrevish, Ferengi, Federation Standard, Trader's Tongue/Trader's Script

Personal History Dasha was born as an green-skinned Orion slave girl (lodubyaln, literally 'life-contractors') into a special training house dedicated to the skills of the lodubyal, called fesin, literally translated as "hutches", but also known as crèches, and consequently, she was brought up not actually knowing her parents were. Instead, she was brought up to think of her crèche-mates as family. Though Dasha technically laid at the very bottom of the Orion social scale with no possessions or freedoms, she was also among the high elite of Orion slaves, seen as trusted companions and considered one of the pillars of their civilization.

She began her training at age five, when she and her mates were placed in the care of a retired Lodubyal Ot (a mistress of lodubyaln). and often kept in sheltered luxury & secure secrecy, rarely seen by non-Orions.

During that time, Dasha was extensively trained in a range of entertainment forms, so that she could serve as a singer, musician, artist, conversationalist, story-teller, and most famously, as a dancer. She also became good at socializing, gaming and gambling - along with trading and appraisal. Dasha also picked up more criminal skills, and learnt to defend herself, in either unarmed combat or with a knife. However, she was quite limited in what else she could learn.  

Her training was complete nine years later at age 14, and she was sold of shortly after to a nice enough Ferengi businessman - complete with a D'Kora-class Marauder and crew. She travelled on his ship for a few weeks before the hapless Ferengi captain & crew became susceptible for Dasha's Orion pheremones - allowing her to take control from behind the scenes. To keep up appearances, she stuck to the expected female 'dress code' of nothing and allowed them continue with their business. They kept her in the style of luxury that she had become accustomed to while giving her a lot of latitude on what she could do.

She taught herself how to speak and read Ferengi so that she could read up on Ferengi matters. At one point, she found a simple book on science, and begun reading it. She found that it was fun and gradually progressed onto other books. She begun investigating her own species and how she could get others to do things, becoming quite interested in it.

However, after just three years, the Ferengi vessel got impounded by Starfleet and Dasha found herself 'free', courtesy of the crew of the USS Naples. While this wasn't the optimum level, she took advantage of the opportunities.
Starfleet History After her rescue, she stayed on the USS Naples and was allowed to work in the lounge as long as she tried not to seduce all the male crew. One night while in the lounge, she found the Chief Science officer working on a problem. Since it was quiet and he was a bit distracted, he didn't mind when she started reading one of the data-padds.

When she began pointing out some ideas, he quickly realized that she had more in her head than others thought, and with the captain's permission, he began helping her boost her education while working in the Science department. He did have to brush off some of her advances at first though, but eventually, she accepted it.

After a couple of years, Dasha had managed to reach a level of education that would allow her to fulfill the minimum entry requirements for Starfleet Academy, and was sad to leave the Naples. Catching a ride back to Earth, she found the whole experience to be quite scary but exhilarating.

Although she stumbled at first, the counselors helped her until she got her 'Earth legs' & she did quite well in the Academy's Science track. Dasha was popular and dated a bit of both genders, which helped make her relax & fit in more. Dasha pushed herself quite hard, finding that she needed to work hard to get her basic skills up to standard but did excellent in her science classes.

During her second year, she applied to learn bio-chemistry with a minor in molecular biology, and also took some biology & medicine courses which complemented her studies. She especially enjoyed research, and was able to co-author some papers with her instructors. For about eight months in her second year, she dated a handsome English Security final year cadet, Henry Winchester, who got her interested in the English sport of archery. Dasha found that Orion strength allowed her to use the 6 foot English longbow quite effectively, and she has become practicing since. The relationship ended when he graduated and became an Ensign.

Graduating, she found herself assigned to the USS Nyx, an Intrepid-class science vessel, to the biochemistry part of the Science department. She quickly fitted in and her immeadiate chief noted that she worked well with others and had strong skills. Based on that and permission of the Science Chief and the captain, Dasha started her masters degree in biochemistry via remote study at the Vulcan Science Academy. Dasha completed her studies.

Two years later, the Nyx was involved in a a battle that caused serious damage to its structure before it was rescued by a Sovereign-class vessel, the USS Tokyo. Due to the level of damage, the majority of the crew have been reassigned.

Consequently, Dasha has moved to the USS Gallileo, a Nova-class vessel, as a biochemist. She has been contemplating maybe doing a PhD at some point, but not yet.
Medical History Dasha gets weekly treatment shots to reduce her pheromones, thus allowing her colleagues to continue their jobs.

Although she does not need to actually wear them or use them, Dasha finds that people treat her differently when she wears a pair of spectacles, as if they hide some of her animal nature. She enjoys this difference, so wears them often on duty.

Dasha is currently hosting a live tape-worm in her gut and has been doing experiments to see how it reacts to different foods.

Orion blood is copper-based like Vulcans, leading to their green skin, and are physically stronger than most other humanoid races (save Vulcans). Their metabolic ratios quite different from that of a human and lead to increased endurance.

Orions pay a great deal of attention to non-verbal communication and are natural experts in interpreting subtle body language, tells, tone of voice, importance of a subject and other minor clues to a person’s mood and intent. Orion communication typically involves a continuous exchange of a subtle, ambiguous code. Dasha has inherited these natural traits and uses them without even thinking of them.

Service Record - Waitress, USS Naples
- Civilian Contractor, Science Department, USS Naples
- Cadet, Sciences, Starfleet Academy
- Ensign, Biochemist, USS Nyx
- Masters of Science, remote study, Vulcan Science Academy (1 year)
- Ensign, Biochemist, USS Galilleo

Character Progression System

Primary Band Science
Secondary Band Medical

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Dexterity
+ Agility
Department Skills Science
+ Discovery
+ Investigation
+ Method
+ Observation
+ Research

Skill Training