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Lieutenant Olsam Mott

Name Olsam Mott

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian
Age 38
Date of Birth 3 April 2352
Place of Birth Bolarus IX (Orbit)

Starfleet ID

Serial Number WM-899-6519
Security Clearance Level 6
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 3 - CMO's Office (Sickbay)
Quarters 03-1305 JO
Roommate Noah Khoroushi

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 165 lbs.
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description The fact that Olsam is a bit on the portly side reveals a lack of interest in athletics and an overdeveloped interest in cuisine. Like all Bolians, he is completely bald with a bifurcated ridge running vertically along the center of his face and body. He is a brighter, more vibrant shade of blue than most Bolians, which has always been a matter of vain pride. His eyes are a dull gold color, and he has a remarkably bright, cheerful smile.
Body Art None.


Spouse None.
Children None.
Father Mo Mott & Zipok Rixx
Mother Olba Tuk-Mott
Brother(s) Gwidon, Dorin, Hars, Darz, Korvin & Kot
Sister(s) Alba, Darazana, Harsana & Vado

Personality & Traits

General Overview Characteristically Bolian in nearly every sense, Olsam is overflowing with cheerfulness, joy and optimism. Open-minded about other cultures, he enjoys the company of all races equally and welcomes them to any team, department or ship where he’s posted. Fully embracing the Bolian belief that good teamwork is essential, he appreciates the value in diversity of thought and experience. He is extremely sociable and personable, which gives him a good bedside manner. In an attempt to be valuable to his team, he is very opinionated, even on matters in which he is not well-versed. Unfortunately, he happens to be clueless about quite a bit given his narrow focus on science and medicine at the exclusion of nearly everything else – some have called him naïve, others have used the more indelicate “idiot.” His advice and opinions often take the form of stories about his life or his many siblings, and he has not yet learned the human art of establishing boundaries about what should and should not be shared with others.

Some have described him as a nosy busybody, which is not far from the truth. The overriding need for good group dynamics and a Bolian concept of “group” that expands beyond mere department to encompass an entire crew (and perhaps the whole of the Federation) have led him to intervene on more than one occasion to help repair a perceived weakness in a shipmate’s life.

His colleagues have noted that he is extremely hard working and demanding of both his peers and subordinates, though not to the point of being unreasonable. His standards are exacting, but he is well-known for encouraging individuals to make an effort and only criticizing their failures to correct future action.
Strengths Growing up in an immediate family of 14 and an extended family of roughly 50, Olsam became very much accustomed to living in close quarters with large numbers of people. His association with Bolian group decision-making makes him especially well-suited to working in a team aboard a starship. The total lack of xenophobia in Bolian society and emphasis on group progress has allowed him to embrace virtually all of his crewmates regardless of their species, education or ability. Olsam rejects the notion that differences of opinion or diversity of thought are mechanisms for separation, dispute, hatred and strife; rather, he tries to befriend all crewmen and see that from a clash of opinions can come the spark of truth.

Olsam's dedication to Starfleet and the Federation comes second only to his dedication to his patients. He has an affable bedside manner that is well-matched with extraordinary medical competence, especially in the field of pathology.
Weaknesses His knowledge of medical specialties, aside from pathology and critical care, can be shaky, but he is perfectly willing to rely on the expertise of his colleagues in such situations (with a good dose of his helpful advice, of course). Like most Bolians, Olsam can become caught up in details, offer his opinion where it is not wanted or needed, and worry unnecessarily. Some people find Olsam's upbeat, opinionated nature to be extremely annoying and his busybody nature to be off-putting.
Ambitions Olsam is driven to excellence by his very nature, but he is generally more concerned about the success of the crew than advancing himself over others. Therefore, his ambitions are somewhat limited in scope: ensure the smooth operation of Sickbay, tend to the medical needs of his shipmates, and contribute toward the success of his current posting’s mission.
Hobbies & Interests Olsam considers himself an amateur chef, and he is keen to force his latest culinary experimentation on his crewmates (over the years he's learned that not everyone has as “refined” a palate as the Bolians, so the dishes are generally less offensive than one might expect). He maintains a passing interest in markets and finance thanks to his co-father's responsibilities at the Bank of Bolarus. Olsam eschews most forms of sports, preferring to socialize rather than exerting himself. Carried over from his Academy days, he enjoys the performing arts and often engages in holodeck recreations of famous productions and moments in history.
Vernacular Olsam’s voice is higher pitched than the average male, and he has a tendency to speak in rapid fire sentences. He is known to think out loud, often correcting himself mid-sentence. Unfortunately, he has a habit of expressing whatever passing thought crosses his mind without much regard for censorship or filtering.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Bolian & Cardassian

Personal History Dr. Olsam Mott was born in 2352 to Olba Tuk-Mott, an oceanographer; Mo Mott, a financial analyst for the Bank of Bolarus; and Zipok Rixx, a Bolian crystal steel dealer and freighter captain. Born near the warp core of his co-father's freighter in the same manner as his ten younger siblings would be, "Dr. Olsam" (as he prefers to be called) soon showed an early aptitude for the sciences that was matched only by his adventurous spirit.

His training in the sciences through Bolarus IX's renowned education system was punctuated during the annual seasonal breaks by service aboard his co-father's freighter, the true highlight of Dr. Olsam's academic year. While his schoolmates were enrolled in camps designed to give them an academic edge, Olsam's adventurous nature was indulged through travel with Captain Rixx. Although his duties were limited by his competence, his service taught him to work with others aboard a starship and allowed him to visit systems like Benzar, Teneebia, Alpha Centauri, Sol and Tellar at a relatively young age.
Starfleet History Olsam continued his education in the sciences by focusing on xenobiology at Starfleet Academy and internal medicine at Starfleet Medical. Although he was considered an exemplary student, he was noted more for the desire to acquire and apply knowledge than to perform admirably on examinations and that left him only within the top quarter of his graduating class.

During his time at the Academy, Olsam did not pursue his studies to the exclusion of other activities. He actively participated in a number of extracurricular activities, including the Wargames Committee, Engineers & Scientists for Sustainability Club, and the Theatre Arts Guild. He also volunteered with the Office of Student Services to help new cadets acclimate to living on Earth; served as secretary of the Bolian Cadets Association for two years; and reported for the Academy’s student media outlet.

His time at the Academy and Starfleet Medical was characterized by the outbreak of the Dominion War and its aftermath. For his cadet field training, Olsam's request to be posted on the Bolian Front with the Sixth Fleet was accepted. Assigned to assist the science department aboard a frigate whose responsibility was to support the Bolian Operation, he saw relatively limited combat action during his field training.

Like many medical students, he was pressed into trauma and triage duty during the Breen attack on Earth in 2375. For his work during the emergency, particularly in search and rescue, Olsam received commendations for teamwork, bravery and self-sacrifice that would later prove instrumental in securing his position in a special program sponsored by Starfleet Medical that sent teams of third years on their clinical rotations to medically underserved area of the Federation, principally colonies and outposts. After discovering a talent and interest in pathology, he spent his fourth year back on Earth conducting research in a bid to impress instructors from Starfleet Medical’s Institute of Pathology in advance of applying for his residency there.

Supported by his academic work, commendations and the support of his primary mentor at Starfleet Medical, Olsam was accepted into a three year residency in a pilot program with the Institute of Pathology in 2378. The new program paired residents with experienced pathologists who were dispatched across the Federation and beyond to assist in diagnosis and treatment of unusual, undocumented or otherwise curious illnesses that required the specialized assistance of a pathologist. Olsam worked with Dr. Melikcan Beder on a number of cases that took him beyond even the border of the Federation; notably, he spent almost a year participating in the Federation’s ongoing aid mission to the Cardassian Union to try to prevent the outbreak and spread of disease in the devastating aftermath of the Dominion War.

It was during these three years that Olsam discovered a love for practicing medicine within the fleet. At the conclusion of his residency, Dr. Beder encouraged him to apply for a two-year fellowship in a more traditional starship medical track focusing on emergency medicine, traumatology and critical care. The fellowship was split between initial training on Starbase 515 and field training on the USS Hope.

At the conclusion of his fellowship, Olsam finally entered service with the fleet aboard the hospital ship USS Tranquility, during which time his skills were tested by the ship’s mission of participating in post-conflict medical missions. Olsam also took on the added responsibility of helping to train the medical interns serving aboard the ship, where he gained a reputation for being an extremely tough and demanding instructor but widely admired for his breadth of knowledge, expertise in pathology & trauma and bedside manner.

Following two years of service aboard the Tranquility, he accepted a year-long research position aboard the USS Pulsar while it conducted routine planetary surveys. His research during the planetary surveys, while rewarding, failed to ignite a feeling of challenge or adventure. Subsequently restless and flirting with ambition, the doctor made a snap decision in 2386 to join the crew of the USS Odyssey for a three-year deep space exploration mission in the Beta Quadrant. Following his return to Federation space, he was re-assigned to the USS Galileo.
Medical History Olsam has no significant health problems, but he is considered to be overweight by Federation standards and exhibits the unique digestive system common to his species.

Additionally, he holds true to the adage that doctors make the absolute worst patients.
Service Record 2370 - 2374: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
2374 - 2378: Starfleet Medical Academy, San Francisco
2378 - 2381: Starfleet Medical, Institute of Pathology (Residency)
2381 - 2382: Starbase 515 (Fellowship)
2382 - 2383: USS Hope (Fellowship)
2383 - 2385: USS Tranquility (Medical Officer)
2385 - 2386: USS Pulsar (Medical Officer/Researcher)
2386 - 2389: USS Odyssey (Assistant Chief Medical Officer)
2389 - Pres.: USS Galileo (Assistant Chief Medical Officer)

Character Progression System

Primary Band Medical/Counseling
Secondary Band Science

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Charisma
+ Networking
+ Relationship

+ Education
Department Skills Medical/Counseling
+ Diagnosis
+ Treatment

+ Investigation
Department Perks Medical/Counseling
+ Bedside Manner

Skill Training