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Commander Luke Wyatt

Name Luke Wyatt

Position USS Galileo-B First Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 61
Date of Birth 2355

Character Type

Category Secondary Character (PNPC)
PNPC Owner Jake Ridgley

Starfleet ID

Serial Number MC-003-7489
Rank Class Senior Officer
Security Clearance Level 7
Duty Watch N/A

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Copper Brown
Eye Color Jade
Physical Description Standing in the presence of the seasoned veteran, Luke Wyatt, evokes a mix of admiration and intrigue. As the years gracefully etch their marks upon him, his tall stature remains, though with a more dignified air. He stands at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches, his once robust and muscular frame giving way to a more slender and wiry build, indicative of a life spent in the pursuit of knowledge and experience.

Luke's brown copper hair, laced with strands of grey, frames his face with distinguished grace. It still crests his matching brows, but with a softer touch, adding to his overall air of wisdom. His piercing jade eyes, forever watchful, reflect a lifetime of encounters and challenges, yet there is a spark of curiosity that never ceases to burn within them. They dance with a mischievous twinkle, hinting at the hidden depths of his adventurous spirit.

The angular lines of his jaw, once defined as if cut from granite, have mellowed slightly, allowing a touch of warmth and approachability to soften his features. His mouth, still wide and expressive, radiates a gentle smile, inviting connection and companionship. The contrast of the glowing pink hue against the rest of his face adds a touch of vibrancy, illuminating the kindness and empathy that emanate from within.

While his posture remains upright, Luke carries himself with relaxed confidence, no longer bearing the imposing air of authority that once defined him. His shoulders are set back in a gentle disposition, exuding warmth and approachability, signalling his openness to others. His back holds straight and upright, showcasing a quiet strength, a testament to the resilience that has carried him through a lifetime of challenges.

Proudly sticking out his chest, Luke's stance reflects a self-assuredness that is not rooted in dominance but rather in the wisdom and experiences accumulated over the years. There is no need for overt displays of male prowess; instead, it is a quiet confidence that commands respect.

While the once solidly carved muscles of his stomach have given way to the passage of time, a small bulge hints at a well-lived life, a symbol of the joys and pleasures he has indulged in along his journey. It is a testament to the balance he has found between duty and enjoying the simple pleasures that add flavour to existence.

The support of his body lies in his strong glutes and legs, which, while not as muscular or large as before, still retain a sense of vitality. They propel him forward with a steady gait, a reflection of the resilience that has carried him through the countless challenges faced over the years.

Luke Wyatt, with his seasoned appearance and gentle charisma, is a man who has weathered the storms of life with grace. He stands as a living testament to the enduring spirit of exploration and adventure, embodying the wisdom that comes with age while never losing his zest for the unknown. To stand in his presence is to witness the transformative power of time, a reminder that even in the face of change, one can still retain their essence and continue to inspire others on their own journey.
Body Art Luke has a large tribal design on the back of his right shoulder and a the Marine logo on his pectoral muscle above his heart both of which in black.


Spouse Marisa Wyatt
Children Abbey Wyatt St-James. (deceased)
Abbey St James. MU.

Marcus Wyatt
Seleya Wyatt
Father Adam Wyatt (CEO of Wyatt Friegthing Ind.)
Mother Anna Wyatt
Sister(s) Charlie Wyatt (Security and Tactical)
Other Family Lillian St James (Deceased, Ex-Wife)
Pets Champion 'Champ' - Alsatian Pup.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Over the past few years, Luke Wyatt undergoes a profound transformation. He is no longer defined by his boyish ways and brooding behavior as a marine, but instead, he embraces his role and responsibilities not only aboard the USS Galileo but within Starfleet itself. With maturity and a deep sense of purpose, he grows into his position as [INCLUDE POSITION], fully aware of the potential he holds to protect and serve.

Luke's journey of personal growth is greatly influenced by his marriage to Marisa, a compassionate and supportive partner who stands by his side through thick and thin. Together, they weather the challenges brought about by Luke's memory loss injury, helping him recover and find a renewed sense of self. Marisa's unwavering love and understanding serve as a guiding light during his darkest moments, fostering stability and grounding that allows him to flourish in his role.

As a father to two new children and his continued fatherhood of Abbey, Luke gains a new perspective on life, understanding the importance of protecting and nurturing the next generation. The innocence and curiosity of his children serve as a constant reminder of the legacy he wishes to leave behind, fueling his dedication to creating a safer and more prosperous future for all. The love and responsibility he feels towards his family become a driving force in his actions, propelling him to go above and beyond to ensure their well-being.

The ongoing war, which consumes the Federation for the past 25 years, continues to test Luke's resolve and fortitude. He witnesses the devastating consequences of conflict firsthand, learning from past mistakes and vowing to uphold the principles of peace and diplomacy. The war teaches him the true cost of violence and the importance of seeking alternative paths to resolution whenever possible, especially now with the looming fall of the Federation.

Luke's physicality remains a defining aspect of his character, as he thrives on kinesthetic learning and hands-on experiences. He is a man who prefers to engage with the world around him, using his physical prowess to navigate challenges and find innovative solutions. This approach, coupled with his strategic acumen honed during his time in Strategic Operations, allows him to assume multiple roles and responsibilities in any given situation, further enhancing his leadership qualities.

Comradeship, openness, and bravery are values that resonate deeply with Luke. He values the bonds forged through trust and mutual respect, recognizing the power of teamwork in achieving shared goals. However, his disdain for deceit and dishonesty remains unwavering, as he holds a steadfast commitment to integrity and moral principles.

Despite the destruction and setbacks faced by the USS Galileo, Luke continues to protect and serve within the Federation, a testament to his unwavering dedication and the trust placed in him by his superiors. He learns to adapt and overcome, leveraging his combat experience and strategic expertise to ensure the safety and well-being of his crewmates.

Luke Wyatt evolves into a formidable officer, shaped by personal experiences, growth as a husband and father, and the challenges of the prolonged war. With a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of the importance of his role, he stands ready to face whatever trials lay ahead, a beacon of strength, resilience, and leadership within the Federation.
Strengths Luke Wyatt's time aboard the USS Galileo since his head injury brings about a remarkable transformation, amplifying his strengths as a battle-hardened Marine while infusing them with newfound virtues of morality and passion. He learns to channel his aggression and vanity, understanding the importance of embodying a higher purpose. Luke's evolution as a leader is grounded in his ability to be a keen listener, offering support and assistance whenever needed, making him a trusted and admired figure among his crewmates.

Luke possesses a remarkable gift for quick forward thinking, allowing him to navigate the complexities of battle with remarkable composure. Rarely does he falter in the face of adversity, his calm and resolute demeanor serving as a beacon of stability in the midst of chaos. He hones his skills through experience, learning from past mistakes and emerging as a wiser and more strategic Federation officer.

Throughout the ongoing Klingon war that spans a grueling 25 years, Luke's resolve is tested time and time again. The unrelenting conflict forces him to confront the true horrors of warfare, yet he does not succumb to despair. Instead, he draws strength from his moral compass, never losing sight of the principles that guide him. The war teaches him the value of every life, reinforcing his commitment to seek peaceful resolutions whenever possible, even in the face of unimaginable odds.

While Luke's capabilities as a starship officer are unquestionable, he also appreciates the immense value of friendship. He understands that building genuine connections and nurturing meaningful relationships is essential for his personal well-being and the well-being of those around him. Luke endeavors to cultivate these ties, recognizing that the support and camaraderie of trusted friends are invaluable sources of strength and resilience in times of both triumph and tribulation.

In his relentless pursuit of balance and well-being, Luke engages in various activities to stay physically and mentally fit. Whether he immerses himself in the pages of a captivating book or laces up his running shoes for an invigorating jog, he embraces endeavors that nourish his intellect and bolster his physical vitality. Luke understands that nurturing his mental and physical well-being is integral to his effectiveness as a leader and his ability to face the challenges that lay ahead.

Luke Wyatt, the battle-hardened Marine who finds solace in his marriage to Marisa, becomes a father and a Federation officer who learns from past mistakes. The ongoing Klingon war tests his resolve, yet he emerges stronger and more dedicated to upholding the principles of peace and compassion. With his remarkable strengths, his capacity for genuine friendship, and his commitment to personal well-being, Luke continues to navigate the vast expanse of space, a beacon of inspiration and unwavering leadership aboard the USS Galileo.
Weaknesses Despite his best efforts, diplomacy has never been Luke's strong suit. His direct and straightforward nature often clashes with the subtleties and nuances required in diplomatic negotiations. However, he recognizes the importance of diplomacy and continually strives to improve his skills in this area.

Luke carries the burden of acute PTSD from his experiences during the Dominion War. Over the years, he has worked hard to manage and control the effects of this condition. While he has made significant progress, there are moments when the trauma resurfaces, especially during times of heightened stress. Recently, during shore leave on Kreanus, the memories and emotions associated with his past resurfaced, testing his ability to serve and requiring additional support.

To relax and unwind, Luke has developed a penchant for drinking. He finds solace in enjoying a drink, considering it a temporary escape from the weight of his responsibilities. However, he is aware of the importance of moderation and maintaining a healthy balance in his habits.

Luke's journey is one of constant growth and self-discovery. While he may struggle in certain areas, he remains determined to learn from his limitations and become a better version of himself. He seeks support and understanding from his colleagues and loved ones as he navigates the challenges that come with his personal history and the demanding nature of his role. Despite his imperfections, Luke's dedication, courage, and unwavering commitment to serving others continue to shine through, defining him as a unique and complex individual aboard the USS Galileo
Ambitions Ambition
Luke's unwavering ambition centers around two crucial aspects of his life: supporting his wife Marisa and dedicating himself to the protection and service of the Federation aboard the USS Galileo. His love and commitment to Marisa provide him with a sense of purpose and drive, pushing him to be the best version of himself.

Luke's ultimate hope is to witness the restoration of the Federation and the return of peace to the Alpha Quadrant. The ongoing conflicts and trials that have plagued the region for years have left an indelible mark on him. He yearns for a future where harmony and cooperation prevail, where the values of the Federation can flourish once again.

Above all, Luke is deeply invested in ensuring the safety and well-being of future generations. He believes in leaving a legacy of peace and security, allowing the next generation to experience a life filled with meaning and purpose. Luke understands the importance of creating a nurturing environment where individuals can thrive, free from the constant threat of conflict and chaos.

With his steadfast dedication and unwavering determination, Luke remains resolute in his pursuit of these ambitions. He knows that his contributions, no matter how small, are vital in shaping the future he envisions. Luke's unwavering commitment to protecting his loved ones and serving the greater good fuels his actions, propelling him forward in the pursuit of a brighter future for all.
Hobbies & Interests Luke isn't all hardened and serious, as he often portrays himself to be. In fact, he cherishes moments spent with his wife Marisa, finding solace and joy in their companionship. They share stories of their day, discussing their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Luke's love for Marisa is deep-rooted, and their bond provides him with a sense of comfort and belonging.

As a father to Abbey, Seleya, and Marcus, Luke embraces his role with enthusiasm and tenderness. He relishes in the moments when his children eagerly gather around him, listening intently to his tales of adventure and heroism. In turn, he delights in hearing their imaginative stories, allowing himself to be transported to magical worlds they conjure.

While Luke may be known for his martial prowess, he has a softer side as well. He finds genuine pleasure in sports like football, rugby, fishing, and hockey. He surprises many with his ability to glide gracefully on ice, displaying a natural talent for skating. These activities allow him to unwind and connect with others on a different level, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition.

Music and acting are more than mere hobbies for Luke; they are his passion. Whether strumming a guitar or performing on stage, he finds a profound sense of self-expression in these creative outlets. Luke's love for music and the performing arts allows him to tap into his emotions and explore different facets of his identity.

Luke's thirst for knowledge and his love for the written word led him to immerse himself in books of various genres. Action novels with intricate twists and turns are among his favourites. With or without pictures, he revels in the power of words, allowing his imagination to paint vivid scenes of action and adventure.

One of Luke's unconventional yet beloved activities is scuba diving. Despite its contrast to his marine background, he is drawn to the allure of exploring the depths of the ocean. The silent serenity beneath the waves appeals to his adventurous spirit and his innate curiosity about the unknown.

In these moments of leisure and exploration, Luke finds balance and fulfilment. His diverse range of interests allows him to escape the rigours of duty and delve into the realms of imagination, sport, and nature. These passions are not only outlets for personal enjoyment but also sources of inspiration that shape the multifaceted individual Luke Wyatt has become.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Klingon.

Personal History On a warm summer's day in London, England, Anna Wyatt gave birth to her only son in 2355. Weighing 7lbs, 8oz at birth, he entered the world with small tufts of ginger hair and captivating hazelnut eyes adorned with blond swirls. From that moment, it seemed he was destined for a life intertwined with Starfleet.

Luke began his education at the age of five in 2360, attending Bedenham Primary School, which catered to children aged 5 to 11. Recognizing his potential, Luke's father utilized their family savings to secure his admission into the nearest private school for his secondary education. In 2366, at the age of 11, Luke embarked on a new chapter by enrolling in Haileybury and Imperial Service College, where he would remain until 2371, turning 16. However, this prestigious institution was not without its challenges for Luke.

Despite being regarded as fairly intelligent, Luke's most prominent feature was his towering height, which made him a target for bullying among his peers. However, his natural talent in sports quickly earned him respect and put an end to the torment he faced. As Luke grew older, his passion for sports blossomed alongside his studies in geography, languages, and history.

One evening, Luke sat down with his father, eager to listen to another tale of his younger days. This time, it was different. Luke spoke of his deep desire to join the Marines and follow in his father's footsteps, believing it to be his true calling. Initially, his father laughed it off, patting his head and suggesting there was ample time to decide. With a kiss on his forehead, his father left the room, and the topic of the Marines remained largely untouched. Perhaps his father did not want him to endure the hardships and challenges he had faced in his own Marine career.

Now at the age of 16, Luke found himself walking towards a Starfleet Marine Recruiting post in London. As he turned the corner, he paused, allowing himself a moment to gather his thoughts and prepare for what awaited him beyond those doors. Gathering his resolve, he proceeded and found himself face-to-face with a young Marine behind the desk. After a brief conversation and the completion of numerous forms, Luke was finally ready to reveal his decision to his father.

During the long walk home, a whirlwind of thoughts consumed Luke's mind as he anticipated his father's response. However, his dream to become a Marine remained steadfast, fueled by the stories of adventure he had heard from his father throughout his childhood. Upon arriving home, Luke found his father seated at the table, enjoying his lunch. Their ensuing conversation was lengthy and intense, as they delved into the depths of Luke's aspirations. But in the end, smiles exchanged and an immense hug conveyed his father's acceptance and support.

The day of Luke's first training arrived, and after bidding farewell to his pregnant mother, sister, and father, he embarked on the journey to the Starfleet Marine training establishment. Accompanied by a mix of excitement and nervousness, Luke took a seat near a window as the transport slowly picked up speed, carrying him to the Hub, where Marines passed through before joining their respective Regiments and Squads within Starfleet.
Starfleet History Luke faced a formidable challenge during basic training despite his size. He underwent a grueling Marine training program that broke him down and built him back up, instilling the core values of the Marines. During this time, his mother gave birth to Charleigh, his second younger sister.

The newly adopted marine training involved a specialized combat academy that focused on essential skills for war. There were no luxury courses or week-long sessions on sciences; instead, the goal was to create a formidable war machine. The training was intense, combat-based, and designed to prepare recruits for immediate deployment to the front lines. While Starfleet Security officers were well trained, the Marines were renowned as a well-oiled killing machine, proven successful during the Dominion War.

After completing the year-long training, Luke found himself on the parade square of the training establishment, waving and smiling alongside his mother, two younger sisters, and his father. However, his journey was far from over. He still had to undergo "The Crucible," a two-week intensive course for those going into specialized roles. The Crucible was a significant challenge, immersing recruits in an accelerated specialist holographic environment that compressed the year's training into two short weeks. Along the way, Luke made many friends, including a young lady named Lillian Graves.

Lillian, unable to meet the Marines' standards, decided not to retry and chose a different career path, considering the well-being of her baby. In October 2372, on week 37, Lillian gave birth without any complications. Luke, on the other hand, received a promotion, adding to the positive news. During his year at the station, he completed numerous courses, including Advanced Unarmed Combat Fighting, Team/Battlefield Medic, and a Signals course. While Luke and Lillian's relationship experienced strains, they managed to persevere.

His time at the station and in training allowed him to develop strong friendships and various skills, such as leadership, boxing awards, and linguistic abilities. He also discovered a passion for orbital diving.

Luke's first "real" posting was aboard the USS Entrepidites, an Excelsior-class ship with a rich history, commanded by Captain Swatton. He formed many friendships on the ship and experienced significant action during the Dominion War. The Entrepidites was part of a fleet of 600 ships heading towards Deep Space 9. Unfortunately, due to a systems malfunction, the ship never reached the battle.

After the retaking of the wormhole and Deep Space 9, the lull in the war allowed for extensive repairs and system upgrades on the Entrepidites. Luke's Marine detachment was transferred to Deep Space 9, where he, like many other marines, engaged in raid missions on frontline outposts and bases. They also defended these bases against counterattacks. The first few months of the offensive were particularly bloody for the marines.

In 2374, Luke's detachment returned to their assigned ship. After another year, during the final battle above Cardassia against overwhelming forces, Luke's marine detachment saw intense action on the ground. Despite the odds, they successfully eliminated key military targets. Luke's commitment and contributions during the war led to a well-deserved promotion.

By 2382, Luke received another promotion and a new posting aboard the USS Revelation, a frontier ship exploring the depths of Pirate territory, particularly focusing on the Marquis. The Revelation supported one of the five Marine forward operating bases, aiming to establish stability in the region. Luke served on the ship for five years, earning two promotions and achieving the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.

After the Revelation returned to Federation territory, Luke was offered a position aboard an Intrepid-class ship. Though there wasn't much to do, Luke pursued other hobbies such as orbital diving and continued his boxing training. Two years later, in 2389, Luke decided it was time for a change and requested a transfer to Deep Space 5.

During his tour of duty on Deep Space 5, Luke tragically lost his ex-fiancée, Lillian, in a terrorist attack when a shuttle exploded. This had a profound impact on Luke, resulting in his temporary assignment to the USS Venture, a Galaxy-class ship.

While serving on the Venture, the ship was destroyed by a Borg Cube during an exploration mission in the Satisar Nebula. Luke, along with other survivors, was rescued by the crew of the USS Galileo. Initially, Luke had a rocky start on the ship and even found himself in the brig multiple times. However, over the course of the mission, he integrated into the crew. The Galileo engaged in combat against the Borg and made a groundbreaking discovery of a new race that had harnessed the Borg as an autonomous defense system. The mission took a heavy toll on the ship, both in terms of damage and casualties, prompting their return to Federation space.

Upon returning to Earth, the crew took much-needed shore leave, including a ceremony to honor those lost on their previous mission. During this time, Luke joined some members of the command staff on a visit to Rigel, where he enjoyed a relaxing break. It was during this period that Luke developed feelings for Commander Scarlett Blake, a Galileo command officer. Luke requested to remain on the Galileo as a Security Officer.

Following their shore leave, with the ship repaired, the crew embarked on a mission to the Federation-Cardassian border, a familiar place for Luke. They were tasked with investigating disturbances caused by metaphysical manifestations in a colony's mines. However, their inspection revealed more than they expected, including ghostly encounters and the unfortunate loss of a crew member in the mines.

It turned out that an advanced race had transferred their consciousness into technology, and the mining activities had disturbed them, leading them to view the miners as aggressors. The mission escalated into a first contact situation, but the crew managed to defuse tensions by offering tribbles as a solution. The Galileo then returned to Starbase 84 for tribble decontamination and shore leave.

Following their departure, the crew joined a joint Federation-Klingon Defense Force wargame task force, testing new weapons and cloaking systems. During this time, Luke developed strong feelings for Scarlett, although his affections remained unrequited.

During the wargames, a malfunction in the Galileo's experimental deflector array unexpectedly transported them to the Mirror Universe. The crew was captured and subjected to torture, but the greatest tragedy occurred when Luke's daughter, Abbey, was killed during a boarding. Despite the challenges, the crew managed to escape and returned to Federation space, gaining a new crew member from the Mirror Universe, Luke's counterpart of his deceased daughter. After debriefing, the crew attended a science symposium, during which Luke and Abbey attempted to connect after their shared loss. Luke also met Ensign Miraj Deraini, narrowly avoiding capture during a routine planetary survey.

Luke returned to Earth and underwent retraining in Strategic Operations in San Francisco before rejoining the Galileo as they set off for Celes 3. Upon their return, they received a distress signal that led them to an ambush, resulting in the destruction of the ship and the capture of all crew members. They endured a harsh captivity, during which Luke suffered injuries and illness. Upon recovering, they were ordered to crew a Klingon Bird of Prey. The situation worsened when the Klingons mutinied, and the crew found themselves ambushed once again, this time by Klingons and Romulans. Fortunately, the Romulans eventually returned the crew to Federation space, where they were handed over to Starfleet.

During Luke's service on the Galileo-A, he sustained a serious injury in an accident. He took a sabbatical from Starfleet, and Marisa accompanied him to provide additional support during his medical treatment. They spent their time together writing and publishing papers in their respective fields.

After Luke was discharged from the medical facility, he and Marisa relocated to Vulcan, where he could receive further assistance with his memory. They continued their writing endeavors, and Marisa took on a temporary teaching position at the Vulcan Science Academy. Eventually, Luke and Marisa got married and started a family. Marisa accepted a position with Federation Sciences, which allowed her to work remotely with occasional trips for collaborative projects and conferences.

As the war intensified and qualified officers were in high demand, both Luke and Marisa were reactivated and assigned to the USS Thunderbird, leaving their children in the care of family on a small colony for their safety.

With the hope of making a difference in the war effort, Luke and Marisa eagerly accepted an invitation to join the crew of the Galileo-B alongside their former comrades. They embarked on this new mission, seeking to find a way to help turn the tide in the ongoing conflict.
Medical History Luke's journey was not without its challenges and setbacks. Along with the intense combat experiences and personal losses, he also faced his own share of physical injuries and memory loss.

During his time on the Galileo-A, Luke suffered a severe injury in an accident aboard the ship. This incident resulted in significant memory loss, affecting his ability to recall certain events and details from his past. Luke took a sabbatical from Starfleet to focus on his recovery and receive specialized medical treatment.

While undergoing treatment, Luke made remarkable progress in regaining his memory. Through a combination of therapies, including cognitive exercises and neurological treatments, he was able to restore much of his lost memory. Although some gaps remained, Luke regained a significant portion of his recollection and continued to work on his recovery alongside his supportive spouse, Marisa.

In addition to the memory loss, Luke also experienced a couple of additional injuries throughout his career. He endured a broken arm twice, a broken leg once, and sustained various sprains, strains, and bruises during combat missions and training exercises. Each time, he received prompt medical attention and underwent the necessary rehabilitation to fully recover from these injuries.

Despite these challenges and physical setbacks, Luke remained resilient and committed to his duties. His love for adventure and dedication to Starfleet's mission drove him forward, even in the face of adversity. With the support of his loved ones and the camaraderie of his fellow crew members, Luke continued to serve and contribute to the ongoing efforts to protect the Federation and bring peace to the galaxy.
Service Record Luke has had a Colourful Career in Starfleet taking every course possible to speed up promotion and to attain new life experiences.

Born - Stardate 2355

photo civilian_zps2048c242.png - Civlian

Attended Starfleet Training: 2371 - 2372

photo g-blank_zps5c2ff71d.png - First Quarter Marine cadet
photo g-blank_zps5c2ff71d.png - Second Second Marine Cadet
photo g-blank_zps5c2ff71d.png - Third Quarter Marine Cadet
photo g-e1_zps3c2f4d69.png - Forth Quarter Marine Pirvate

Completed Training
-Completed the following course's: Shuttle Pilot

Midway Station; 2372 - 2373

- Completed the following courses: Advanced Un-Armed Combat Fighting, Team/Battlefield medic and Signals. Promoted, New Posting.

photo g-e1_zps3c2f4d69.png - Marine; Private

USS Entrepidites: 2373-2377

- Promoted, New posting Requested.

photo g-e2_zpsf675585b.png - Marine; Private First Class

USS Devonshire: 2377 - 2382

- Promoted, New Posting.

photo g-e3_zps653d9882.png - Squad Junio Non-Cmmisioned Officer; Lance Corporal

photo g-e3_zps653d9882.png - Squad 2IC; Corporal

photo g-e3_zps653d9882.png - Squad IC; Corporal

photo g-e4_zps535c9cb3.pngg - Ship's Armourer; Sergeant

USS Revelation: 2382 - 2386

- Completed the following Course: Advanced Signals Promotion, Promotion to Gunnery Sgt, New Posting.

photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Platoon 1st Sergeant; Gunnery Sergeant

USS Vincent: 2386 - 2387

- Completed the following course: Interigation and Prisnor handling, New Posting.

photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Platoon 1st Sergeant; Gunnery Sergeant

DS5 - 2387

photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Platoon 1st Sergeant; Gunnery Sergeant

USS Venture - 2387

photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Marine Liaison

USS Galileo - Current 2391

photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Marine Liason

photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Security Officer

- Enlisted into Starfleet and Completed Officer Training

y-o1.png - Asst. Chief Of Security; Ensign

y-o2.png - Chief of Secuirty; Lieutenant Junior Grade

r-o3.png - Chief Strategic Ops Office; Lieutenant

y-o4.png - Chief Security Officer; Lietenant Commander

Character Progression System

Primary Band Security/Tactical
Secondary Band Command

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Charisma
+ Networking
+ Relationships

+ Alertness
+ Insight

+ Toughness
Department Skills Security/Tactical
+ Light/Medium Weapons
Department Perks Security/Tactical
+ Sheriff

+ Strategist

Skill Training

In Progress Security/Tactical
+ Detective

+ Administration