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Lieutenant Commander Luke Wyatt

Name Luke Wyatt

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36
Date of Birth 2355

Starfleet ID

Serial Number MC-003-7489
Security Clearance Level 7
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 3 - Security Office/Brig
Quarters 01-1303 SO
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Copper Brown
Eye Color Jade
Physical Description To stand in the presence of Luke can be unnerving at the best of times he is a tall, robust and muscular man who stands at a whopping 6ft 2 Inches, towering over most humanoids and some Xeno races. He has brown copper hair which crests his matching brows and piercing jade eyes which always seem to be forever restless and always looking for the next possible danger. Luke carries with him a roguish facial expression full of mystery and mischievousness and has an angular jaw, defined as if cut from granite, his mouth wide with a glowing pink contrast to the rest of his face it radiates opening and warmth. He always holds himself with his head held high and forward in a watchful gaze, ready to pounce at a moments notice and has a air of authority that is palpable.

Lukes shoulders are set back in a gentle disposition, inviting warmth but radiating authority waiting to snap into action. He holds his back straight and upright, proudly sticking out his chest only adding to his air of authority and male prowess. His stomach is solid carving of muscle, hidden behind a small bugle which is his gut.

The support of this body his glutes and legs are strong, muscular and large filling out the remainder of his body disposition.
Body Art Luke has a large tribal design on the back of his right shoulder and a the Marine logo on his pectoral muscle above his heart both of which in black.


Spouse Lillian St James (Deceased.)
Children Abbey Wyatt St-James. (deceased)
Abbey St James. MU.
Father Adam Wyatt (CEO of Wyatt Friegthing Ind.)
Mother Anna Wyatt
Sister(s) Charlie Wyatt (Security and Tactical)
Other Family None.
Pets Champion 'Champ' - Alsatian Pup.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Luke has changed much over the past few years, he has come away from his boyish ways and brooding behaviour as a marine and now now fully accepted his role and responsibility not just onboard the Galileo but in starfleet itself. An easy going person Luke has since adapted to his new role and retained Chief of Security, a role which he knows he can fulfill to his potential as an Ex Marine brining both experience and out of the box thinking to the job.

He is a physical character who likes to learn things kinetically, he also responds well to acts of comradery, openness and bravery. Luke dislikes liars and cheats. He is a responsible and experiences man in both Combat and his time in Strategic operations allowing him to assume multiple roles in any situation and as such improve his leadership qualities, he has now retained his chief of security roles with the destruction of the Galileo.
Strengths Luke's strengths have only enhanced during his time on the Galileo he is still the battle hardened Marine but now he been able to contain his aggression and vanity with Morality and passion. He is a keen listener and often helps out as much as he can which makes him a perfect leader. He has quick forward thinking and very rarely falters in battle. Coming away from his capabilities as a starship officer Luke has also found the value of friendship and has endeavoured to make such ties.

Sport, robust and energetic Luke stays fit in a manner of ways both physically and mentally whether is reading a book or on a run, and sometimes both.

Weaknesses Diplomacy has never been Luke's strong side despite his best efforts, he also suffers from acute PTSD from the dominion war which he has learned to control over the years and has affected his ability to serve though his recent timeson Kreanus has allowed this to surface over the shore leave period. Luke is also a sucker for drinking, finding it a way to relax and unwind.
Ambitions Luke is doing his best to become a career officer, a defender of the ideals of the Federation, and a leader within the starfleet. Luke was a born leader he strives on the success of others and himself and always open to suggestions this lead to what he wishes to achieve in starfleet but overall he wishes to learn and make a name for himself within starfleet.

Luke has recently become emotionally driven and has set the foundations for a long prosperous relationship with Ensign Miraj Deraini he hopes to take the relationship further.
Hobbies & Interests He isn’t all evil as Luke would like most people to believe. He has shown to share affection and interest towards Sports such as Football, Rugby, Fishing, Hocky (yes he can actually skate!) and Scuba-Diving but sports aren't the only things that interest him another few things that interests him are music and acting both of these are hobbies in which he loves, he’s also obsessed with reading books and especially those with twists and a lot of action...

Branching of from each different subject Luke prefers and has a tendency with Scuba diving all though its not the most thrilling and probably the most unusual for a Marine of his type he loves to grab a mask and a oxy tank and dive in into the deep blue this is mainly because of his willingness to learn new things and see whats out there to other. Furthermore to his unusual favorable sport he loves to read in his own time he often gets lost in a good action novel. With or without pictures he need not care he could always read and see the plot and the action between the lines.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Klingon.

Personal History It was a warm summer’s day in London, England when Anna Wyatt gave birth to her only son in 2355. He weighed 7lbs, 8oz when he entered the world and had small toughs of ginger hair. His eyes were hazelnut with blond swirls and he was instantly thrown into a Starfleet life.

Luke started his education at the age of five in 2360 and attended the school Bedenham Primary school, the school catered for ages 5 to 11. His father had used their family savings to get him admitted into the nearest private school after primary and then attended Haileybury and Imperial Service College at the age of 11 in 2366 and until the year 2371 at the age of 16. Here, Luke would encounter his first of many life challenges. Within weeks he had already been seen as a fairly intelligent boy but this was not his main characteristic; he seemed to be a lot taller than most of the boys and soon found himself being picked on by the other children. This, however, did not last long at all, as when it came to sports of various activities.

As Luke grew up, he got more into sports and also started to study geography, languages and history. One night, Luke sat down with his father to listen to another story of his younger days. However, this time it was different. Luke spoke of his wishes to join the Marines and to follow his Dad's past, saying this was his true calling. At the time, his Father laughed and simply patted his head and told him that there was a long time until he had to decide and after kissing his forehead, his Dad left the room. Nothing much about the Marines was said after that. Perhaps his Dad did not want him to join the Marines and live a life as he did.

Luke was now 16 and on his way to a Starfleet Marine Recruiting post in London. As he turned the corner, he stopped; allowing himself to compose and think of what to say when he walked through the doors. After a slight pause, he continued and found himself at the desk being stared at by a young looking Marine male. After a short conversation, and the filling out of many different forms, Luke was now prepared to tell his father that he wanted to go off to the SFMC.

Throughout the long walk home, a lot went through his mind; especially what his Dad would say to him. However, nothing could stop his dream to be a Marine. He had wanted to do it ever since he was a small child listening to his Dad's tales of adventure.

He arrived home and his Dad was sat at the table eating his lunch, he turned and looked at Luke and asked how his day had been. The next hour contained a long and intense conversation Eventually the pair smiled at each other and Luke gave his Father an immense hug.

It came to the day of Lukes first day of training. He had said his goodbye to his pregnant mother, sister and his father who had walked him to the last transport. Wishing him luck, he nodded and smiled as Luke made his way to a seat near a window and in slow motion, the transport picked up and made its way to the Hub where all the Marine's pass through before joining the Regiments and Squads of Starfleet.
Starfleet History Although he was big, basic training was a tough challenge for Luke. He had been broken down and built back up in the ethos of the Marines and had learnt the core values of what it meant to be one. During this time, his Mother gave birth to Charleigh, his second younger sister. After a punishing year in the newly adopted marine training where recruits were taken to a special academy which specialized in combat training, starship system training and all the basics it would take to fight a war, there be no week-long courses in science’s or other ‘luxury’ course and instead the SFMC was to create a war machine. The course itself was long gruelling and straight forward combat-based training which would give the recruits the experience and training to be shipped straight to the front line. While Starfleet Security officer was well trained the Marines were a well-oiled killing machine and a complete success during the dominion war. After the year Luke found himself on the parade square of the training establishment with his Mother, his two younger sisters and his father waving and smiling. However, this was not the end of his endeavour, he still had to undergo ‘The Crucible’ which was a 2 week long intensive course for those who would be going into specialised roles. The course was which all proved a huge challenge which subjugated recruits to an accelerated specialist holographic environment which encompassed the years training in two short weeks. Along the way, he made many friends including a young lady named Lillian Graves.

Lillian did not meet the standard for the marines and instead of retrying and for the sake of the baby decided to take a new career path. The birth went well without a hitch on week 37, in the year 2372, October 21st. As if the news couldn't get any better he found himself on the receiving end of Promotion. In the year he spent there, Luke had completed a number of courses including Advanced Un-Armed Combat Fighting, Team/Battlefield medic and a Signals course. During this time Luke and Lillian's relationship was strained but they managed to keep going.

His time on the station and in training allowed him to build strong friendships and some interesting characteristics such as leadership skills, Boxing awards and his linguistic tongue. He had also found enjoyment in Orbital diving.

For his first 'real' posting, Luke was sent to the USS Entrepidites; an Excelsior class ship with a lot of history under the command of Captain Swatton in the year. He saw himself making many friends on the ship and in turn saw a lot of action in the Dominion war; the Entrepidites found itself in a fleet of 600 strong heading towards Deep Space 9. However, the ship was suffering a system's malfunction and never made it to the battle.

After the retaking of the wormhole and Deep Space 9, the lull in the war meant that the ship could undergo a massive repair and update of its system. During this, his Marine detachment was transferred to Deep Space 9, where he managed and like many other marines found themselves conducting raid missions on frontline outposts and bases, and if they were really unlikely defending those same bases against counter attacks. The first few months of the offensive was particularly bloody for the marines.

His detachment later returned to their assigned ship in 2374. After another year, the ship found itself fighting its way through the dominion and Cardassian fleet above Cardassia. During the final battle, his marine detachment saw a lot of action on the ground and against overwhelming forces, they managed to take out key military targets. Due to his commitment and edits in the war luke was awarded a promotion.

The year, now 2382 and Luke found himself with a new promotion and a new posting this time on the frontier ship the USS Revelation another Excelsior class ship whose mission was on the front of the Federation exploring the far depths of Pirate territory particularly the Marquis the ships itself was support to one of five marine forward operating bases attempting to gain a foothold and create stability in the region. Here Luke saw most of his action serving five years and earning two promotions and he achieved the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.

After the revelation moved back to Federation territory he was offered a position aboard an intrepid class ship here there was not much to do however here he managed to get into a few other hobbies such as orbital diving and continue his Boxing until two years on and the year is now 2389 where Luke thought it best to have a change of life and put in a transfer to Deep Space 5.

During his tour of Deep Space Five, Luke lost his ex-fiance, Lillian whom he had started to explore possibilities of their relationship starting again in a terrorist attack, where a shuttle had exploded, this had an impact on Luke which is why he had been put on temporary assignment to the USS Venture a Galaxy-class ship.

During the mission the USS Venture was destroyed by a Borg Cube when exploring the Satisar Nebula Luke was rescued along with other survivors by the crew of the USS Galileo, Luke had a rocky start aboard the ship and ended up in the brig more than once however he soon found that over the course of the mission Luke would integrate into the ship's crew. During this mission, the Galileo saw Combat against the Borg and discovered an entirely new race of beings who had somehow used the Borg as an auto defence system. The Galileo took heavy damage and heavy casualties and returned to Federation space short after being let go.

The crew and ship upon returning to Earth underwent much-needed shore leave, during this they held a ceremony for all those lost on the previous mission, Luke was then convinced by the crew to join a few of the command staff to Rigel where he spent a relaxing leave. Here he became fond of one of the Galileo Command Officer Commander Scarlett Blake. It was also over this period Luke requested to remain on the Galileo as a Security Officer.

Upon returning from leave and they ship repaired they set off again and was ordered to the Federation-Cardassian border a place Luke knew all too well. They were tasked with investigating some mines where metaphysical manifestations were harassing and disrupting the colony there, the crew got more than they bargained for. Upon their first inspection, they experienced voices and other ghostly goings on and unfortunately they lost a crewman in the mines.

It turned out that it was an advanced race who had transferred their conscious into technology and hen the mining began it had disturbed them and they thought that the miners were the aggressors and retaliated. The mission soon becomes a first contact situation the situation was defused after the crew found a way to deal with two problems by giving them tribbles. The Galileo returned to Starbase 84 for tribble decon and shore leave.

After they leave, the crew went onto joining a joining Federation KDF wargame task force who were testing new weapons and cloaking systems. During this time Luke grew a large fondness towards Scarlett however despite his attempts it was only one way.

During the wargames the Galileo faced a new terror, their experimental deflector array had malfunctioned and sent them into the Mirror Universe during this the crew was captured and tortured but the worst to happen was Lukes daughter Abbey was killed after the ship was boarded however after an intense battle the ship managed to return with one extra crewman, who was Lukes Mirror version of his daughter. The crew after debrief was invited to a science imperium during this time Luke and Abbey tried to connect after their loss. During this time Luke also met Ensign Miraj Deraini after they narrowly avoided capture during a routine survey of a local planet.

Luke returned to Earth and during this time retrained into Strategic Operation on San Francisco before returning to the Galileo as they set off for Celes 3, upon returning from Celes 3 they received a distress signal when they arrived the ship was destroyed in an ambush and all hands captured. The crew spent a harsh captivity period and Luke spent most of it injured and unwell, once recovered they were ordered to crew a bird of prey. The Klingons mutinied and they were once again ambushed by Klingons and Romulans. Luckily however the situation was that the Romulans took the crew back to Federation space where they were handed over to Starfleet. The crew are now currently on their way to Latari System, Pleiades Cluster.
Medical History Luke over the years has taken sme beating and most recently being shot, frozen and shot again, he still suffers from PTSD from the dominion war though this rarely surfaces. He is in good physical conditions despite a few scares.
Service Record Luke has had a Colourful Career in Starfleet taking every course possible to speed up promotion and to attain new life experiences.

Born - Stardate 2355

 photo civilian_zps2048c242.png - Civlian

Attended Starfleet Training: 2371 - 2372

 photo g-blank_zps5c2ff71d.png - First Quarter Marine cadet
 photo g-blank_zps5c2ff71d.png - Second Second Marine Cadet
 photo g-blank_zps5c2ff71d.png - Third Quarter Marine Cadet
 photo g-e1_zps3c2f4d69.png - Forth Quarter Marine Pirvate

Completed Training
-Completed the following course's: Shuttle Pilot

Midway Station; 2372 - 2373

- Completed the following courses: Advanced Un-Armed Combat Fighting, Team/Battlefield medic and Signals. Promoted, New Posting.

 photo g-e1_zps3c2f4d69.png - Marine; Private

USS Entrepidites: 2373-2377

- Promoted, New posting Requested.

 photo g-e2_zpsf675585b.png - Marine; Private First Class

USS Devonshire: 2377 - 2382

- Promoted, New Posting.

 photo g-e3_zps653d9882.png - Squad Junio Non-Cmmisioned Officer; Lance Corporal

 photo g-e3_zps653d9882.png - Squad 2IC; Corporal

 photo g-e3_zps653d9882.png - Squad IC; Corporal

 photo g-e4_zps535c9cb3.pngg - Ship's Armourer; Sergeant

USS Revelation: 2382 - 2386

- Completed the following Course: Advanced Signals Promotion, Promotion to Gunnery Sgt, New Posting.

 photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Platoon 1st Sergeant; Gunnery Sergeant

USS Vincent: 2386 - 2387

- Completed the following course: Interigation and Prisnor handling, New Posting.

 photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Platoon 1st Sergeant; Gunnery Sergeant

DS5 - 2387

 photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Platoon 1st Sergeant; Gunnery Sergeant

USS Venture - 2387

 photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Marine Liaison

USS Galileo - Current 2391

 photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Marine Liason

 photo g-e5_zps1193e967.png - Security Officer

- Enlisted into Starfleet and Completed Officer Training

- Asst. Chief Of Security; Ensign

- Chief of Secuirty; Lieutenant Junior Grade

- Chief Strategic Ops Office; Lieutenant

- Chief Security Officer; Lietenant Commander

Character Progression System

Primary Band Security/Tactical
Secondary Band Command

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Charisma
+ Networking
+ Relationships

+ Alertness
+ Insight

+ Toughness
Department Skills Security/Tactical
+ Light/Medium Weapons
Department Perks Security/Tactical
+ Sheriff

+ Strategist

Skill Training

In Progress Security/Tactical
+ Detective

+ Administration