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Petty Officer 1st Class Rhyan Davies

Name Rhyan Jacquelyn Davies

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30
Date of Birth July 1
Place of Birth Gault

Starfleet ID

Serial Number PV-919-3823
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Gamma
Quarters Unassigned

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0
Weight 95 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Short, thin, very small in every way. Bright blue eyes that glitter with interest around computers and machines, but close off around people. Walks with head ducked, trying not to make eye contact, avoiding notice.

Plain faced (or at least she thinks she is), she makes up for this with bright, colorful eye make up. Her hair is styled in long dreadlocks to below her shoulder, though they are put up in a ponytail to stay out of her way, with one or more always escaping within five minutes of putting her hair up.

Rhyan dresses eclectically off-duty, in clothes that swamp her lack of a figure. Her preference in fashion shows through in uniform with a few bangles threaded into her dreadlocks and a number of mismatched earrings (five in her right, four in her left). In civilian clothing, Rhyan dons a number of bracelets, some as simple as knotted color string, and others clanking beads. She also wears her grandmother's dog tags around her neck, hidden under her clothes.

Though unafraid of getting dirty, Rhyan prefers to be clean and her quirky outfits hold a subtle, feminine elegance.
Body Art Her family's names in binary wrapping around her bicep. The list has gotten quite long over the last decade.

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Spouse None
Children None
Father Alesander Davies, ret. Marine Sergeant
Mother Jiselle Davies
Brother(s) Maxs, Jonn, Boeris, Matthehw
Sister(s) none
Other Family Her brothers are all married with 15 children between the four of them, ranging from 15 years to 6 months old.
Grandmother Rhyan Davies, ret. Marine sniper, deceased
Extensive extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Soft-spoken, polite, seems weak and passive at first impression. It is when surrounded by her passions that Rhyan shows the steel hidden at her core. She will not speak up for herself unless pushed to the brink or when someone is doing something especially stupid. A once boisterous and always-smiling teenager, early harassment nearly crushed her spirit and taught Rhyan to hide her personality and avoid notice. She has learned to keep her head down and to be suspicious, because otherwise her kind and trusting nature will quickly be taken advantage of. She doesn’t show weakness to anyone, only breaking down when she is alone. Rhyan comes from a line of strong women, and at her heart she, too, is tough, determined, and reliable.

People wonder how this tiny woman could ever have hacked anything. Her quirky nature peeks through in her hair style, colorful eye makeup, and eclectic off-duty clothes. Friends notice Rhyan's impish streak, especially when she hacks their personal PADDs and other equipment, like making their communicator speak in high-pitched voices, or their replicator create everything in hot-pink colors. But even as she performs little pranks, Rhyan mothers her friends, cooking for them, making sure they sleep and take care of themselves.

Perfectionist, very self-critical, and often coming off as cold to begin with, especially with large men, who she is instantly suspicious of because of instances in her past. She may come across as over confident in her personal skills, and would rather do something herself than trust someone else to mess it up.
Strengths Genius with technology, especially computer systems. Specialties included damage control on both physical and virtual systems. Very apt at designing security programs and protocols, and just as apt at hacking through them.

Expert marksmans--she won the scorn and dotage of several Marines on her first posting when proved she could outshoot even some experienced Marines, thanks to teaching from her father and grandmother, an ex-sniper.

Keeps a level head in times of crisis, thinks very quickly on her feet.
Weaknesses Non confrontational, weak physically/low physical stamina--her body gives out long before her mind is finished. Dislikes leadership, more apt to working alone, unwilling to delegate, gets frustrated when people aren't as smart as her, becomes easily bored with monotonous tasks.

Very-self critical as a perfectionist.
Ambitions Eventually, Rhyan expects to start a family. She wants many children and a loving husband... but not if it means she has to leave Starfleet. In Starfleet, Rhyan doesn't much care about her rank, as long as she receives the security clearance needed to stay involved in the more interesting projects.
Hobbies & Interests Hacking (ssssh!), old school video games, phaser marksmanship, cooking homestyle food for her friends, tinkering with anything she can get her hands on
Vernacular Very soft spoken and proper, except when her specialty or skills are called into question.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, dozens of computer languages, some Vulcan and Cardassian

Personal History Child computer prodigy born to a farming family near Gault's arctic circle in 2359, last of five children, the other four boys. Doted on as the princess, spending much of her time with her grandmother until Rhyan was old enough to help with chores around the family's expansive farm. At age 4 she took apart her first replicator, by age 5 she could debug the more common computer systems, and by age 7 she'd created her first programming language.

When not bent over her latest project, Rhyan spent all of her time scrambling after her brothers, skinning her knees try to climb trees as high as them, getting lost in the fields because she was too short to see over the crops, loudly proclaiming her dislike for the many-legged critters dug up in the dirt by her brothers, a definite tomboy. Her mother taught her how to cook and keep a house of four growing boys in one piece and running smoothly, while her father taught her logistics of the farm and how to shoot.

Town was an hour's drive away, school was intimidating, but her four older brothers protected Rhyan fiercely from any child who dared tease their sister. But the protectiveness also kept Rhyan from making friends, scaring away her few age-mates.

At age 9 Rhyan 'accidentally' knocked out her school's computer systems with a program she'd written. After that, her Grandmother and namesake took Rhyan under her wing and instilled discipline in the young child. Rhyan now never does anything she knows she cannot undo. When she was 11, Rhyan was caught hacking a visiting Starfleet shuttle's computer systems, and when questioned, she said she'd noticed a flaw in their security system and wanted to bring it to the officer's attention. By age 15, every farm in the area consulted Rhyan when one of their systems failed, and even the town would call on her when something went wrong (sometimes it wasn't even one of her 'secret' projects).

In her later teenage years, Rhyan spent more time with her grandmother, who could understand that a farm held little challenge for someone with Rhyan's talents. Rhyan's father had been Starfleet, too, but it had been an unhappy service, and he'd returned to the family farm as soon as he could. Grandmother Rhyan, however, was a decorated Marine with countless stories from her time with the Fleet. It was only when she'd met a tall, handsome, stoic young man from Gault on assignment to deliver relief provisions to a refugee camp on the outskirts of Federation Space. She fell in love, they were married, and she retired to lord over a farm and a dynasty of children on Gault with the same tenacity that made her a great Marine. Rhyan ate up her grandmother's stories of the possibilities of the Federation, but she didn't want to leave her family behind.

Life on the fringes of the planet was not easy, winters especially took their tole on the land and people alike. Rhyan's grandmother died during one winter, after her craft was blown into a tree while traveling to another farm even further out than them to deliver supplies to a family in need. Rhyan was devastated by the loss, and still wears her grandmother's dog tags as tribute. She signed up for Starfleet the day after the funeral, determined to do honor to her grandmother's memory.
Starfleet History The military nor command were suited to Rhyan's temperament, so she signed up as an enlisted, and was sent to the USS Virginia after her training period. The Virginia was a large ship with a Marine contingent that patrolled the Federation-Cardassian border. The ship was stressful to Rhyan, having never seen so many people at once, nevermind being stuck in close quarters with them for months at a time without leaving the ship. Her adjustment was further harried by several Marines who saw the naive Rhyan as an easy target. It was only after several months of harassment that an older female Marine was transferred to the ship and took Rhyan under her wing, protecting the girl and teaching her how to deal with them. Rhyan, originally on the brink of quitting Starfleet entirely, recovered some of her old spunk under the older woman's protection, and even managed to befriend several of the kinder Marines, as well as her fellow non-military comrades.

It was with regret that Rhyan left her friends and protector behind and was transferred to USS Kanto. The ship also had a Marine contingent, but it was a larger ship and Rhyan mostly steered clear of them because of her earlier bad experiences. Eager to expand her horizons, Rhyan transferred to the USS Medusa, a small exploration vessel. There, she learned more about the general systems of a Fleet vessel as it traveled on a long-term mission exploring the boundaries of Federation space. After saving the ship from destruction when a malfunction took out half the Engineering department and nearly breached the warp drive, her commanding officers decided Rhyan's skills could be put to better use and transferred her to Starbase 212.

Rhyan alternatively loved and hated her time on the Starbase. On the plus side, she had access to more systems and knowledge than ever before. On the negative, she was overwhelmed by the number of people, and most of her days were spent doing the same rote functions, as the staff of the Starbase was so large she was put into the same duties, day after day. Nearly mad with boredom, Rhyan returned to her hobby and first love, hacking. Though marked in her file as extreme familiarity with security systems, Rhyan was a believer that in order to protect a system, you had to be the best at infiltrating and sabotaging the system first.

She was careful and kept her activities to safe, low-key systems, but eventually Rhyan's grey-hat hacking activities were discovered. Court martialed but found innocent, Rhyan was expecting her career to be ruined, but she was instead approached for special assignment. She spent the next three years in a remote, secret location (she isn't even sure what system they were in) working with the Technical Intelligence branch of Starfleet on ostensibly developing new cyber security programs and protocol for the fleet, but many projects held, in Rhyan's opinion, more of an offensive rather than defensive capabilities.

Her latest project completed, Rhyan was sent to the USS Venture to install the new cyber security systems, and while there, fell in love with a civilian scientist stationed on board, Doctor William Hart. Her commanding officer, a romantic at heart, transferred Rhyan to the Venture permanently.

Unfortunately, Will broke up with Rhyan when she was unwilling to leave Starfleet to marry him and start a family. Rhyan is happy he left, because only a month after his departure, the Venture took on an ill-fortuned mission that brought them in conflict with the Borg. Rhyan made it onto an escape pod, and was picked up by the Galileo, where she volunteered her services to make sure the ship would survive the catastrophic mission.
Medical History Rhyan is very sensitive to medications and substances like alcohol and caffeine, and nearly died when someone spiked her drink in an attempt to get her to 'loosen up.' She ODs on caffeine fairly often, trying to pull an all-nighter to finish projects.
She was treated for panic attacks during her first few years in Starfleet, but has not needed treatment for nearly a decade.
Her record is otherwise typical, with a few broken bones as a child, and a few phaser burns from target practice, all well-healed.
Service Record 2359 Born on Gault
2370 first hit Starfleet radar when caught hacking into a visiting vessel's systems
2377-2379 Enlisted, assigned to USS Virginia, Computer Systems Specialist
2379-2380 USS Kanto, Computer Systems Specialist
2381-2383 USS Medusa, Engineering Officer
2383-2384 Starbase 212, Damage Control Specialist
2384 found not-guilty of hacking secure files because of a lack of evidence
2384-2387 Classified, officially recorded as Computer Systems Specialist of the USS Pollux
2387-2389 USS Venture, Engineering Officer
2389--transferred to Galileo upon Venture's destruction.

Character Progression System

CPS Option Enabled
Primary Band Engineering
Secondary Band Intelligence

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Intelligence: Aptitude, Acuity
Department Skills Engineering: Repair
Department Perks Intelligence: Hacking
Engineering: Improviser

Skill Training