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Lieutenant Asahi Kita

Name Asahi Kita

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31
Date of Birth March 16th, 2359
Place of Birth San Francisco, America, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number MC-380-2725
Security Clearance Level 6
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 7 - Chief Engineer's Office
Quarters 02-3216 SO

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 126 lbs.
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Asahi is short and unimposing, with dirty blonde locks that grow out due to a lack of remembrance to trim them. He is tiny, but not wiry, capable of squeezing through narrow passages if he needs to. He manages to keep himself fit, and his body type is suggestive of that.

He tends towards letting his expressions shine through his facial features, and mostly in his eyes. His eyes will glimmer and nearly shine in different hues of either green or brown when his mood suits. Regardless of his expression, his eyes are his dead give-away. His hair just barely fits regulations, and is rarely kept in any sort of condition that doesn't suggest he's been in the jeffries tubes all day.

Asahi rarely wears civvies unless very nearly forced into them, sticking to his Starfleet uniform in and out of most work environments. When he sleeps, it's usually in his underwear, unless his bunkmate is uncomfortable with that sort of thing.
Body Art None


Spouse None
Children None
Father Takeshi Kita (Retired Starfleet Officer, formerly XO of USS Grendel)
Mother Seshi Kita [nee Macae] (Circus Performer)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Shinji Kita (Retired Starfleet Officer, Rank Commander, highly decorated) & Ai Kita (Retired Starfleet Officer; Rank Lieutenant) [Father's side]

Jai and Mara Macae (Circus Performers traveling about with the family circus) [Mother's side]

Hojo the 6 Month Old Border Collie

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rarely seen without a bright smile on his face, Asahi tends to keep towards the more positive spectrum around others. He's loud and jovial, rarely letting anything beat his spirit down to his own height. He always happily strides in and attempts to raise the spirits of anyone around him. Even around his commanders and higher ups, he'll take orders with a smile, sometimes unnervingly so.

Though he'll happily take orders and he's quite possibly brighter than a sun, Asahi holds a lot of weighted thought underneath the smiles. He's not afraid to internalize much of his thought, even if he won't say a thing. There are rare occasions where he will let something out that he didn't mean to, but he keeps most of everything to himself. To those in front of him, he does his work and gets his job done. It is only in the jeffries tubes or deep into his work does one find the much-less shining Asahi. He concentrates on what's in front of him, causing his less tactful thoughts to filter through, and is seen as much more cold than he originally intends to be.

With or without prompting, Asahi is far from discouraged to ask questions. He was always a keen-eyed man with a sharp wit to match, and won't let a little discomfort stop him. If he's not entirely sure about an order, he'll ask in a clarifying manner, though he is more than likely to follow the order regardless. He may be an engineer by trade, but he's more than interested in many other topics, and spends much of his down time learning about them in any manner possible.
Strengths + Quick-witted, allowing him to weave mentally in and out of situations
+ Physically swift and flexible, allowing him to squeeze into many small spaces
+ Extreme patience both with living beings and engineering tasks
+ Adaptable to most subjects placed in front of him, and he knows smatterings in programming and other fields in order to get him in and out of situations.
+ Gifted with words, and though while not a diplomat or a language specialist, has and will use his calm and cheery demeanor to diffuse a bad situation.
Weaknesses - Extreme familial pride, which shows through when someone bashes at his direct family or even general family ties.
- Tactless when asking questions, which sometimes causes more of a problem than it's worth. If it's a hot button topic, he won't know, and that fact will show through.
- Tends to have a tunnel vision, at least when it comes to his work, and awareness of his surroundings drops.
- Ignorant to a fault. He may like learning, but sometimes his density gets the best of him.
Ambitions He strives to be an excellent Starfleet Officer, like his grandfather. Rank and designation mean very little to him, so long as he feels he was of use.
Hobbies & Interests reading engineering journals, reading just about anything, tinkering about with anything he can get his hands on, holodeck simms of the pirate-adventuring sort, collector of model ships and older machines
Vernacular Mostly bright and sunny, just like his personality, keeping to his generalized Earth accent. When excited, he'll revert to the Californian accent he has picked up from his early years. When in a more distracted state, his tone turns more cold and emotionless.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Denobulan, smatterings of Vulcan and Klingon

Personal History Asahi's existence had come as somewhat of a shock to Seshi Macae. The circus performer hadn't been seeing anyone for all too long, but it was clear that the short-time boyfriend at the time was going to have… quite a surprise of his own. The shotgun wedding was small and kept on the hush hush, as the Kita family line had… issues of their own with the Macae family. Of course, even in this day and age, a family of career traveling circus performers was quite… odd.

But they had their wedding, and Asahi was raised amongst the odd circus folk. Takeshi eventually sided with his wife and child, choosing the circus life over that of his family's space-faring, Federation officer lineage. So Asahi had a happy familial upbringing, complete with bearded lady and muscle man; a family full of circus folk.

Asahi was more than happy to grow up in this lifestyle. Any animals that crossed their path were predictably asked about at length. If someone from another species popped up, he asked about their history with such child-like curiosity that he (usually) got his answers in some manner. The boy was intensely curious about everything around him. Everything and everyone seemed to interest him, regardless of what the reaction. This led to some unsavory run-ins with some less-than-pleased patrons, and eventually led to his parents' decision to send him to get a more conventional, and hopefully safer, education.

He was sent to live with his father's parents in California as he attended school, which proved to be quite a different experience for the boy. The retired Federation officers found the boy to be a handful. If they weren't pulling Asahi out of the principal's office for causing a ruckus with his classmates, then they were pulling him away from playing with all the technology he was suddenly introduced to.

As the years wore on, child Asahi turned into teenager Asahi. While he never grew out of his troublemaking phase, he found himself excelling in most subjects put in front of him. Learning was easy, especially when most of the instructors stuck to such strict lesson plans. While tinkering about with the latest technology gave him some form of entertainment, both grandparents and school restricted him from doing much of what he wanted to do. He had and appreciation for learning from books and from stories, but the structure of classroom learning became dull for the imaginative teenager.

He was fifteen when he brought up the idea of going back to his mother and father to the circus. Neither Shinji or Ai had been all too keen on sending him back, which led to more trouble. The teen turned his anger towards fighting in school and causing mayhem with the technological knowledge he had gained for himself. One particular incident involving a relatively harmless explosion in one of the science rooms led to a suspension, alerting his grandparents of to his new behavior. After a heated argument with his grandfather about his own future, the boy ran away. A week later, he made a tearful phone call to his parents, who eventually agreed to take him back in so long as he agreed to resume his studies in some manner.

His return to circus life wasn't all he expected it to be. Despite being happy to have him back, neither parent was particularly pleased with his track record. Schooling resumed in the form of books and lesson plans given to him through his grandparents, whom he had apologized and made amends to. While learning, he picked up on his circus life once more, expressing an interest in acrobatics and more physical performances. In the few, short months he adapted to the new situation, Asahi discovered that he truly did like learning, but classrooms were not the place for him.

During his long-distance studies, he began to construct his own machines and devices, showing them off at first to his mother and father before deciding to show them to his grandfather. The elder man was overjoyed at the sight, recommending that the boy sign up for Starfleet Academy. Excited by the sound of space travel, Asahi agreed to make a visit with his grandfather while the circus was in the area.

Asahi wouldn't get his chance. Just before the circus rolled in to San Francisco, the Breen Attack on Earth took place. Among the casualties was his grandfather, who had been in the Academy during this time. Stricken with grief, the boy resolved to honor his grandfather's death and redeem himself by joining the Academy and becoming just as honorable an officer as he was. He dropped any other desire he had, and applied to the academy.
Starfleet History After passing the entrance exam with surprising ease, Asahi was admitted into the Academy in 2377. He immediately cleaned his act up, getting high marks in everything he could and becoming much more well-behaved. With his grief came a new no-nonsense attitude, as his new goal kept him narrow-minded and focused. Four years of Academy training later, he graduated, and was well on his way to achieving his goal.

His first assignment was on his father's old vessel, the USS Grendel as an engineering officer. The Kita name had carried over to it's new crew, giving Asahi a reputation to uphold the moment he boarded the vessel. Captain Maya Killick, the now-CO of the vessel, kept a close eye on the young man, her sights set on grooming him for command. It was swiftly discovered, however, that Asahi had very little interest in an accelerated track. If he was going to work, he was going to work hard. That was exactly what he did for four whole years with the Grendel, and another four with the USS Fargo. He earned a name for himself as a small, spry guy who worked quick and wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty on both vessels, though kept his activities to getting used to living in space and acclimating to the new environment. As much as he wanted to make his grandfather proud, he knew he would have to gain his bearings before catching too much of an eye with the higher ups.

His transfer to the Galileo was a sudden, but welcome change for him.
Medical History His father's side has a slight history of Iresine Syndrome.
Service Record 2377 - 2381 - Starfleet Academy
2381 - 2385 - Engineering Officer [USS Grendel; Ensign]
2385 - 2388 - Engineering Officer [USS Fargo; Ensign]
2389 - 2390 - Engineering Officer [USS Galileo; Lt. Jr. Grade]
2390 - Engineering Officer [USS Galileo; Lieutenant]
2390 - Recent - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer [USS Galileo; Lieutenant]

Character Progression System

Primary Band Engineering
Secondary Band Flight Control

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Dexterity
+ Agility
+ Coordination

+ Acuity
+ Problem-Solving
Department Skills Engineering
+ Improvisation

Flight Control
+ Support Craft Pilot
Department Perks Engineering
+ Mechanic
+ Tube Traveler

Skill Training