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Alexander Iella

Name Alexander Iella

Position Bar Manager

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 30
Date of Birth December, 2359
Place of Birth Paris, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CV-882-0900
Security Clearance Level 1
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 7 - Callisto Bar
Quarters 04-1413 EN
Roommate Verity Thorne

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 153lbs
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description On the smaller side of Average for a male, Alex has Medium length ginger hair with Gray eyes. Standing at 5'10", weighing in at 153 lbs, Alex is somewhat skinny, and not overly muscular looking.

Body Art Though not technically body art, but Alex does have the Trill Body spots running down his entire body.
Portrait  photo tumblr_mmn7wrQ0xx1r4s63oo3_500_zps8693f616.gif


Father Teran Markoa
Mother Leroa Markoa
Sister(s) Ezri Markoa
Jeala Markoa

Personality & Traits

General Overview Since the joining of Alex and the Iella symbiont, Alex's personality has changed dramatically thanks to the influence of his former hosts. Originally a somewhat reserved, cautious, intelligent man who kept to himself, Alex has flourished into a dashing, charismatic and open man who loves to meet as many people as he can.

Before his joining, Alex had but one goal in his life, and that was to be successfully chosen to be joined. Though he was born on Earth and did not see his homeworld until he was 15, Alex was enamored by his people's culture and the rich history of those who are joined. Though select few actually get the privilege of being joined Alex promised himself he would be one. As a result he was very driven, worked hard, and rarely made friends or went out, always working towards that almost impossible goal.

Since his joining however, thanks to the experiences of the last 3 hosts and their influence over his own state of mind, Alex has become a new man. He has relaxed considerably, is much more open, talkative, and charismatic. He even discovered a hidden talent in Culinary Arts. He now works out regularly, talks to as many people as he can, and generally tries to have fun. Every once and a while though, he slips back into his old self when he gets fixated on something.
Strengths A smart and dedicated man, Alex enjoys what he does and is pretty good at it if you asked him. That being said, Alex is a competent chef, a good listener and a smooth talker. During his time at the Symbiont Academy, Alex focused on engineering, both theoretical and practical.
Weaknesses When stuck on something, Alex can tend to regress to his attitude and mannerisms from before he was joined with the Iella symbiont; a closed off individual. Because of his many years studying in the Symbiont program, Alex has little experience in most fields other than Engineering.
Ambitions Alex has achieved his early life ambitions in being joined. Since however, Alex has just been drifting from place to place, doing what he can and wants. Recently he has taken up the culinary arts and quite enjoys it. His current dream is to open a restaurant on Earth.
Hobbies & Interests Since his job is his downtime in his opinion, Alex enjoys creating new dishes and drinks, always trying something new. When he isnt in the kitchen or working behind the bar top, Alex enjoys reading, spending time in a holodeck or working out in the gym. A more recent addition to his hobbies is from one of his former hosts, an affinity for martial arts and their calming and focusing ways. Something Alex has found very beneficial.
Vernacular Alex has a cool smooth voice that tends to put people at easy.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken English, French, Trill, some Klingon and some Romulan

Personal History ~Alex's History~

Born in Paris on Earth in 2359, Alex is the youngest of 3 children to Teran and Leala Markoa, both workers at the Trill Embassy in Paris. An unusual name for a 100% Trill, Alex was named for one of his father's best friends, Alexander Hodgeson, a worker in the President's office. From a young age, Alex was fascinated with his species ability to be 'joined' with another consciousness, and he wanted to experience it.

Both Teran and Leala fully supported Alex's fascination and want to be joined and sent him to the best schools they could. Alex worked hard during his schooling to single himself out in the crowd, and discovered he had a knack for engineering and pursued it. By the time he was 12, Alex was a promising young mind at a prestigious academy in Paris.

The first time Alex saw his homeworld was when his parents were transferred back to Trill when he was 15. While Alex saw this as more of an annoyance as it took him his school, he saw the boon in the fact that he was now home, where the Trill Academy was.

~Symbiont History~
Host by Most Recent:
Ezra Iella - Starfleet Captain
Juxtan Iella -
Illesta Iella -
Starfleet History Alex has no Starfleet History.
Medical History Joined at the age of 28.

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