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Commander Allyndra illm Warraquim

Name Allyndra illm Warraquim

Position First Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Akkadian
Age 40
Date of Birth Low Summer 2353
Place of Birth Akkadia

Character Type

Category Primary Character (PC)

Starfleet ID

Serial Number LX-919-3896
Rank Class Senior Officer
Security Clearance Level 9
Duty Watch Team 3

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 95lbs
Hair Color Black with metallic blue streaks
Eye Color Sapphire blue
Physical Description Weight 95 lbs.(due to being hollow boned - see below)
She has deep sapphire blue eyes all of one colour without any white. The eyes are striking since Akkaidian's have compound eyes. The tiny facets tend to reflect light in a matter that to some they appear to be cut jewels.
Her hair is jet black in colour but with striking electric blue metallic highlights. The length reaches to the middle of her back but she normally keeps it in a high pony tail.
As with other Akkaidian's females, she has a small waist and slim figured.
Due to her physiology (please she below) she has much higher endurance then most humanoids (greater and more efficient respiratory system combined with three hearts) however since she lacks a diaphragm, like Terrain birds anything to constrictive around her chest will cause her to pass out or even suffocate.
In addition, female Akkaidians develop temporary wings during reproduction a reproduction cycle

Other Information : Akkaidians are humanoid creatures that are bradymetabolic with a heterometabolus development.
The Akkaidians are sexually trimorphic

breeding males being approximately 1.5 to 1.8 meters tall but weighing less then the average human adult male with ranges approximately 63 to 70 kg;
females which are all fertile range in height equivalent to breeding males but more gracile in structure with weights 40 to 50 kg.
A non-breeding sterile males are also present with heights 1.9 to 2.2 meters and weights of 95 to 115 kg average. Primarily work in heavy labor.

Respiratory system
Unidirectional Air Flow similar to Terran birds
Lungs with Air Sacs
One (1) Interclavicular Air Sac
Two (2) Cervical Air Sacs
Two (2) Anterior Thoracic Air Sacs
Two (2) Posterior Thoracic Air Sacs
Two (2) Abdominal Air Sacs

Respiratory cycle
Anterior Air Sacs -(1) Interclavicular, (2) Cervicals, and (2) Anterior Thoracics
Posterior Air Sacs - (2) Posterior Thoracics and (2) Abdominals
Inhalation - Air from outside the body into the Posterior Air Sacs
Exhalation - Air from Posterior Air Sacs to Lungs
Inhalation - Air from the lungs to the Anterior Air Sacs
Exhalation - Air from the Anterior Air Sacs out of the body

Visual system
Two eyes
Transitional compound eyes.
Parts of the eye in females are specialized an acute fovea (see reproduction)
Capable of perceiving light in 280 to 700 nm range. Thus, they are capable of seeing into the ultra-violet range but lack sensitivity in the red range compared to humans.

Circulatory system
Haemoglobin - iron based
There are a total of 3 hearts. T
The first consist of twin two-chambered hearts which supply blood to the respiratory system.
The third is a four-chambered heart to supply blood to the rest of the organism.

Optional hematophages.
They also feed on fruit, fruit juices and other fluids.
The females especially when producing eggs for reproduction become much more obligatory hematophages.

Internal insemination between breeding males and females.
The females if fertilized then produce eggs which they then lay in the shallow waters of the many coral reefs. In order to do so, they develop a set of membranous wings similar to dragonfly or technically damselfly wings since they lay parallel to the body. The wings drop off after the female lays her eggs.
The eggs develop and emerge as a sort of nymph stage and gathered again by the females and nourished as in mammals.
Hormonal variations in the milk determine if the developing youngling becomes non-fertile male, breeding male or female.

Akkadians are rare in part because as part of their reproductive process their bite contains a substance that serves as a pleasurable inducer. In other species it can range from a powerful intoxicant to aphrodisiac. This has lead to enslavement at times, and thus most Akkadians have withdrawn to their own world and become quite insular.
Body Art There are two small bluish green tattoos at the lower outside corner of each eye. These represent that she is a Mother of a House on Akkadia


Spouse Gerrin - deceased
Children none living
Father Rorin - deceased
Mother Attlya - decease
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family House Warraquim

Personality & Traits

General Overview Background : Allyndra is a polite person, but sometimes a little withdrawn.. She was chosen by her guild as representative of her world to Star Fleet due to help alliviate her grief over the accident that claimed her husband. Though she has her suspicions.

The guild to which she belongs and which she takes her last name illm Warraquim, means those who deal in knowledge. This is the controlling guild or house of all the ones on her planet.

Since Akkaidia is matriarchal and her house the most powerful, she used to being treated with deference but has learned to work past that

Akkadia is an allied world but independent thus one reason not many members are in the Fleet.
Strengths Extremly clever, interested in many fields and philosophies.

Physically her strength is great physical stamina due to a highly efficient respiratory system combined with three hearts (see reproduction).

The same strength as above is also a weakness, like terran birds she has no diaphragm and anything to restrictive across her chest will cause her to pass out.

To her it is quite natural, but she has found that many species frown upon Akkaidian heamatophagia (drinking of blood)

Coming from a species which is capable of flight, the natural ability to think in three dimensions made her quite good at navigating various ships.
Weaknesses Allyndra is not physically strong and her bones can be broken easily. As mentioned, she has no diaphragm and thus constriction across the chest will lead to coma and death.

Her highly efficient respiratory system has its weakness as it makes her much more subject to gases - the canary in the mine.

Being Bradymetabolic is also both an asset and weakness though more so that later. Since she is not homeothermic extreme cold or heat has quicker effects on her and she is less able to deal with it.
Ambitions She would like to fall in love again. This does not seem to be something in the cards as relationships have failed. Thus now she concentrates on her career and her House and being good in both.
Hobbies & Interests Anything and Everything. Almost everything and anything catches her attention but she jumps from project and interest on a whim as the next shinny bauble, or curiosity catches her attention. Her quarters tends to be a tidy clutter of various objects in various states of assembly or disassembly - one is never sure which, nor is she.

Recently she has trained herself in culinary skills especially Earthly French Haute Cusine. It is curious as she can basically do no more than taste a little.

She also loves water-dancing which is an Akkadian art form that looks much like Terran ballet, but one does it with ones toes just touching the water while on the wing.
Vernacular Akkadians natural tendency is to speak with a lot of trills and musical see-saw to their voices that most find very melodic but it can make understanding difficult. Allyndra tries to avoid speaking too much that way but it creeps in.

She is currently trying to learn Nekomi
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Akkadian, Federation standard a few words and phrases of others. Currently working on Nekomi

Personal History Allyndra was brought into the House of Warraquim along with five others when she was gathered from the sea. As a female in a matriarchal orientated society she was given the very best education from the most powerful Guild on her world.

She quickly caught the eyes of her tutors as she quickly learned various aspects of science, culture and technology far beyound even more senior students. As she matured she eventually fell in love with a man from the artists guild who seemed to balance her more scientific drive. It was considered a good match and she was married.

Returning from her first matron flight she learned that her husband had been killed in an accident. She fell into a depression and it seemed nothing would catch her attention. A consultation between the Guilds concluded that a change of venue, being removed from things that reminded her loss would be best and so they arranged to have her sent to the Fleet Academy. Such moves had worked in the past for promising individuals. Thus she left her world to be one of the few Akkaidians in Academy and the Fleet.

Allyndra at first found herself drawn to Counseling but found the lure of the more scientific principles to be too great. Though she excelled in sciences, she eventually followed a path into medicine. There were a few attempts to lure her into Navigation, since she showed remarkable adeptness at that skill due to the natural abilities that primarily female Akkadians have.

During a stint in the MU, Allyndra met her husband or rather his counterpart and became pregnant. She since has returned to Akkadia to make a matron flight. During that time, the Head of her House passed away and she was named Mother of the House. Currently, while still nominal head of the House, she has managed to set up a sort of regency to allow her to return to her duties aboard the ship.
Starfleet History Allyndra entered the Academy and at first was very quiet and reserved as the newness of a place and peoples she had never met or even heard about became her new reality. She was just a year out from her grief and only with the help of others did she persevere through her first years. These friends became very close even though scattered amoung the Fleet. They ended up calling themselves the Sisterhood of the Misfits. Allyndra took up both medicine and then continued on into counseling becoming a fully licensed psychiatrist as well. Her bend though was more into medical research and xenobiology. She does fancy herself an accomplished amateur anthropologist and archeaologist having written a paper on Iconian gateway technology.

Her very first cadet cruise was aboard this very ship. Allyndra has moved from ship to ship, and base to base as whims and directions have taken her.
It was aboard the USS Firebird that she found her greatest challenge when as Chief Medical Officer she had to step both into officially the Executive Officer role and at times be in full command of the ship. Though she deported herself with distinction she found that she much preferred to work as a counselor and doctor.

Since her time on the Firebird she was assigned to the science ship Galileo first as ACMO then taking over as CMO a position she held all through that ship's career. She slowly began to move up the ranks and then was appointed as second officer which she accepted as long as she could continue her primary duties as Chief Medical Officer.

During one voyage the Galileo was entered into the Mirror Universe and she met her husband or at least his counterpart there. It turned out that he had survived and she had not. The other thing was that the Mirror Akkadians had not put away their technology and this had a major influence on her.

On another voyage the destruction of the Galileo left her as the senior ranking member of the crew and she worked trying to improve the situation for her fellow crew mates on Kreanus. This gave her more a taste for command though she still felt drawn to medical and science.

The aftermath of this voyage had two major impacts. The first of which was that she had threatened to use a biological weapon on the Klingons. Akkadia was determined to be important enough strategically and not being a Federation member but only an allied world, the diplomatic channels intervened on her behalf and she retained her rank and position with a reprimand on her record.

The second major impact was that on a trip home to Akkadia right after that she learned that the Mother of House Warraquim had died and had named her as her successor. Thus she became the head of a major house on Akkadia. The Council allowed her to resume her duties with Fleet since they determined that having more knowledge of the Federation and the political landscape was of higher priority and allowing a proxy to physically fill her spot at the house or be guided by communications from her.

She spent a short stint as Executive Officer aboard the USS Schofiled, a science ship that was being retired for a routine science mission that turned out not to be so routine.

She is now back aboard the replacement Galileo and headed for new experiences.
Medical History Allyndra has no medical problems. Akkadians are sometimes called the Dorian Grey people for they heal quickly and completely until their last year or so of life and then suddenly age.

She has been given permission by Star Fleet to supplement her diet with synthesized transfusion blood.
Service Record Cadet Cruise : USS Galileo

Other Ships Served : Medical Officer USS Carlyle

Senior Staff Doctor USS Saratoga

Surgeon SB47


CMO USS Daedelus

CMO USS Firebird

XO USS Firebird

Chief Counselor USS Falcon

Chief Counselor Obsidian Colony

CMO Obsidian Colony

CMO/2O Galileo

XO Schofield

CMO/2O Galileo-A

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