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Ensign Natalie Chevalier

Name Natalie Juliette Chevalier

Position Ecologist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (1/32 Vulcan)
Age 25
Date of Birth November 17, 2363
Place of Birth New France Colony

Starfleet ID

Serial Number VR-007-5811
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Alpha

Physical Appearance

Height 1.55 m
Weight 50 kg
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Nat is a petite young woman with a slender build. Although she has pale skin, extensive fieldwork under natural sunlight brings out a smattering of light freckles across her cheeks and nose. Her brown eyes are quick and searching, matching the slightly knowing smile she typically wears, always creasing up in wry amusement at something. Her dark hair is usually worn cropped short. An incorrigible fidget, she is always tinkering around with something, never standing still for thirty seconds, and her squirming physical presence frequently leads to the mistaken assumption that she's distracted and not paying attention. Never a stickler for regulation, she is fond of rolling up the sleeves of her uniform. She shows no visible trace of her distant Vulcan ancestry.
Body Art None


Spouse None
Children None
Father Henri Chevalier
Mother Alexandre Léveillé
Brother(s) Oliver Chevalier (17)
Sister(s) Suzette (22) and Marie-Claire Chevalier (8)
Other Family Her great-great-great-grandmother was a Vulcan physicist who abandoned a promising research career to wed a human. Her grandmother, Catherine de Launay, was a respected surgeon. Her cousin, Arabella, is the only close family member to have joined Starfleet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nat sees her Starfleet service as a means to an end, not being drawn naturally to military service but recognising that the opportunity to explore new worlds and push the frontiers of science would have been much more limited had she chosen the civilian route. As such she is able to accept the trade off of adhering to a discipline structure she occasionally chafes at, in exchange for being part of some of the most advanced scientific research units in the galaxy.

Driven by a fierce belief in the importance of prioritising long term ecological goals over short term economic ones, she is a motivated and sometimes independently minded scientist. Her discovery of the study of evolutionary biology was the beginning of a fascination with the life sciences that has gone from a childhood spent playing with holo-animals to an academic career co-authoring advanced research papers.

Despite being proud of her New French ancestry, she mixes easily with others, human or not, regardless of their cultural background. But she is impatient and prone to hot flashes of temper when she feels she's let down or failed by someone else, or simply that they're slowing her down: she always seems to be bustling somewhere, constantly halfway out of the door before the meeting is even finished.
Strengths Nat is a bright, capable and resourceful scientist with a strong academic background, both as a specialist and a generalist. It helps that she genuinely cares about her work, seeing it as more than just a means to publication or advancement, but her way of contributing to the future of the galaxy. She's quick to learn and proficient in a variety of technical and computer systems. Outside of her work, she's sociable and genuinely interested in others, and respectful of cultural differences.
Weaknesses Nat can get very animated about what others perceive as trivial issues, and is impatient with those who don't keep up with her. Not always a great team player, she prefers to just do something herself rather than teach someone or rely on them. She's also not the most dutiful subordinate, sometimes treating orders as mere suggestions if she'd rather do things a different way. Although ultimately she tries to be forgiving, her easy frustration with others' perceived shortcomings can lead to clashes and conflicts.
Ambitions Nat has only limited ambitions for career progression, her focus mainly being on scientific and academic pursuits. Nonetheless, while she might not be interested in rank or title for their own sake, she accepts a certain need to play the game and climb the ladder if she is to achieve some of her long term goals: leading a survey team to an uncharted world, being published as the lead author of an article in a major research journal, personally overseeing a Federation nature reserve. Personally, she wants to make her family proud of her and not lose all touch with her New French roots; to make as many new friends as possible and learn about a wide variety of cultures; and, more prosaically, to learn how to ice skate, a childhood dream she never got around to fulfilling.
Hobbies & Interests Nat's interest in wildlife, nature and the environment goes beyond her academic pursuits: she takes any opportunity to go hiking, enjoys climbing – whether a rock wall or an alien tree – and is an avid cataloguer of wild species. Where possible, she prefers these experiences be 'real', but when limited to the holodeck, she has an ongoing program constructing and maintaining a rural shack in a nature reserve.

She enjoys music from many different cultures, and is an extremely poor guitar player. Coming from a busy household where she had to learn useful skills to help out, she is a proficient cook, predominantly in New French cuisine, but also having learned recipes from around the galaxy from her friends; she also enjoys social drinking, and is something of an oenophile.
Vernacular Nat's distinctive New French accent has become less pronounced since leaving the colony for Starfleet, a point of occasional light teasing from her family. Her naturally lower tone in normal conversation can rise sharply as she begins to discuss scientific matters, frequently reeling off complex technical terms at words per minute rates that leave others' heads spinning. Also noteworthy is a joke among her Academy friends: “How do you stop Nat talking? Tie her hands together,” as she accompanies her speech with animated arm waving and gesturing so extravagant it seems she's conducting some invisible orchestra.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, New French, a smattering of Vulcan profanity

Personal History Natalie “Nat” Chevalier was born and raised on New France, growing up in the hotel run by her family for several generations. The eldest of four children, she was always more interested in the wild, undeveloped rural expanses of the colony world than the urbanised population centres, and took every opportunity to escape the routine of daily life and go off hiking in search of adventure. She nonetheless enjoyed working in the family hotel, meeting visitors from all reaches of the galaxy and asking them about the wildlife of their home planets.

From an early age she was intensely interested in the interaction between the colony's need for expansion and the delicate environmental balance of the planet, and found herself on the other side from her parents when she became active in opposing the destruction of an ancient forest so as to build a spaceport expansion that would bring in more revenue. While her family supported her studies, her increasing activism brought many tensions to her teenage life, though she is also proud of the many minor environmental changes she managed to promote on the colony, from helping the hotel become more energy efficient to getting her school's replicators to use ethically sourced food products.
Starfleet History In 2383, Nat passed her Academy Preparatory Exam and completed the required Preparatory Program. She quickly began to distinguish herself as an outstanding academic candidate in the sciences, while having some difficulty adjusting to the regimented nature of life as a cadet. She selected her major as xenobiology and earned a place as a research assistant on an environmental survey during her second year. Although some of her professors suggested a career in academia, she was determined to take place in field surveys and undertook EVA and survival lessons as part of her training program.

After her junior year, she was selected as part of an officer candidate exchange program with the Regulus III Science Academy, spending a year there studying a specialist course in environmental biology. Her final coursework involved a six week posting to a field station on a Class O planet, monitoring the effects of the construction of habitation aquadomes on the planet's extensive coral networks. Her research paper on the subject was published in the Interplanetary Journal of Applied Ecology, and she was also listed as a co-author on two major research pieces and a half dozen review works during her student career. She returned to Starfleet Academy for her senior year and graduated with honours.

Commissioned as an Ensign in the Sciences Division, she unusually turned down the opportunity of a prestigious starship assignment for her first posting, instead being recruited by the Planetary Sciences Division as a specialist in ecology. She spent the next nine months working at a research base on a Q class planet. A largely solitary existence involving extensive periods on her own, it was a lifestyle that did not suit her well, and she requested a transfer. She was temporarily reassigned to the Kuthus IV colony as an advisor on the ecological impact of mining operations, and then was ordered to report to Starbase 185 to rendezvous with the USS Galileo and join them on a survey of the Rojar system.
Medical History Bumps and scrapes, from minor abrasions to broken bones, were a regular feature of a childhood spent restlessly exploring the natural beauty of New France, but the colony's advanced medical achievement meant such injuries were easily treated with no lasting effects. Generally healthy since, Nat has kept up with vast range of inoculations necessary for those in the Planetary Sciences Division. She is allergic to peanuts.
Service Record 2383 – 2386: Attended Starfleet Academy
2386 – 2387: Regulus III Science Academy (officer candidate exchange program)
2387 – 2388:: Graduated from Starfleet Academy, commissioned as Ensign
2388 – 2389: Planetary Sciences Division, Ecologist
2389: USS Galileo, Ecologist

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