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Chief Warrant Officer 3 Alexion Wylde

Name Alexion Wylde

Position Medical Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 3

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vaeron
Age 229 (approximately the physical equivalent and appearance of a 37 year old human)
Date of Birth 12th March 2162
Place of Birth City of Sol, Vaeron

Character Type

Category Secondary Character (PNPC)
PNPC Owner Scarlet Blake

Starfleet ID

Serial Number MV-338-0002
Rank Class Warrant Officer
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Watch Team 1

Physical Appearance

Height 6’1’’
Weight 157 Ibs
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Blue/bordering on violet
Physical Description A man who keeps himself physically fit, despite his vices, he has broad shoulders and chest, but with narrow hips. His blue, almost violet, eyes can be piercing, cold and harsh with just how pale they are in colour, but a strangely youthful grin can warm them up.
Portrait AlexionNew31.jpgDHUv6Hw.gif


Spouse None
Children Son, Laeon, 54 (physical and mental equivalent of a human aged 15-16 years old. He is still considered a ‘minor’; Vaerons aren’t considered legally adult until the age of 70 on Vaeron.)
Father Jaimes Wylde, High-Pralor of the Vaeron Council *deceased*
Mother Veola Wylde, Actress *deceased*
Brother(s) Jaq Wylde, Actor, 240 (approximately the physical equivalent and appearance of a 37 year old human)
Sister(s) Solly Wylde, *deceased*
Other Family Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alexion, above all else, is blunt, honest to a fault and not afraid to say what he thinks. He doesn’t have a particularly good bedside manner, is often outspoken and even stern with patients if he sees them as having brought something on themselves, as well as often being sarcastic and impatient. However, his poor bedside manner is made up for by his being genuinely good at what he does.

He’s a man of many vices; smoking, drinking, gambling, fraternising to name a few. In many ways he’s reckless and has a disregard for his own life and lifestyle, but on the other hand he’s a fiercely protective father to his son, Laeon, and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for him.

Alexion enjoys a drink with friends or strangers alike, but it takes a little while before he’s willing to talk much about himself. He never discusses his people’s abilities unless he’s directly asked about it. He can find it difficult to trust, and his abrasive and blunt manner can make it trickier to make friends at times, but once he is a friend, he’s loyal, warm and generous. He has a sharp sense of humour, sometimes dark with it, but enjoying a good laugh and some fun now and then all the same. On the other side of that, he sometimes has more difficult mood swings and periods where life seems difficult and it’s hard just to get through a day at a time, no doubt from the trauma of what happened on Vaeron.
Strengths Excellent at practicing medicine, treatment, emergency treatment, especially surgery, and researching unknown viruses and diseases. Highly intelligent, keen instincts and the Vaeron ‘transference’ ability. Always ‘gets the job done’ and can be tenacious.
Weaknesses Has a bad bedside manner with patients, including being blunt and impatient. Was the same with his students. He knows little to nothing about engineering and how to fix machinery, however he is able to pilot.
Ambitions To continue to be able to both raise and provide for his son by himself.
Hobbies & Interests Holonovels, theatre, films, reading, drinking, smoking, gambling, training, hand-to-hand combat, running, climbing, swimming, driving, flying.
Vernacular Speaks good standard as well as his own language, although he has a slight accent that most people can’t quite put their finger on.
Orientation Pansexual
Language(s) Spoken Standard, Vaeron

Personal History Born the second son of one of the High-Pralor’s of Vaeron, Alexion was brought up in luxurious surroundings. His father had inherited the title, the estate and the right to rule on the Council of Vaeron, as all High-Pralors did, just as Alexion’s older brother, Jaq, would someday do as the first born heir. Alexion was educated at home in the large mansion like estate, just as his brother and sister were. With their father a High-Pralor and their mother an Actress, whose fame reached beyond the world of Vaeron, Alexion and his siblings were well protected children.

Alexion would often find ways to sneak away off the estate as he grew up though, preferring the company at the local drinking halls and markets. His older brother, Jaq, tried to dissuade him, but Alexion was his own person and stubborn even at a young age. Like all Vaerons, Alexion developed abilities as he matured into adulthood. Vaerons’ abilities varied across the race however, and the type a person developed often dictated the career they would train for. His older brother, Jaq, wasn’t affected by his own development, as the heir to the Wylde estate, his career was already chosen for him, as the High-Pralor to be. Alexion, however, with no such duty as the younger son of the aristocratic family, was anxious about what his ability would be, not wanting to be pushed into a career he had no interest in.

As it turned out, he had the Transference ability, like his father, able to transfer and take energy and some elements of the mind like memory and sensation from another person through touch, but also able to give it to another person from his own body as well, most often used on Vaeron in emergency medicine to make a person heal fast, but not always with full success. His fate was sealed, Alexion would become a doctor.

He was an intelligent young man and did well in his studies, but he never took it seriously. He had no real enthusiasm for medicine, and he wasn’t thrilled at the idea of being a doctor. His marks were good though, and his frustrated lecturers and mentors had high hopes for his natural abilities and instincts. Alexion didn’t though. He wasn’t fond of being put to work in a medical centre as he neared the end of his training, and when he was offered a spot to train further as a surgeon because of his marks, he agreed mostly just to put off having to work as a doctor. Most nights, instead of studying, he could be found in the drinking halls – smoking, gambling, drinking, inhaling and fraternising his way through his youth, and becoming known for it, despite his name and powerful family. He didn’t care, and anything that distracted him from real life was good for him. It only continued on and became worse as he became a fully working doctor and surgeon, several years disappearing between work and the drinking halls. He was called irresponsible and scandalous by his father and brother. He didn’t really care too much.

His carefree lifestyle caught up with him though, when a young woman he’d been seeing fell pregnant with his child. His father was furious, but Alexion refused to marry her all the same. She had absolutely no want to marry Alexion either. They maintained a friendly relationship, but nothing more, and Alexion was a father to his son, Laeon, on those terms. It made Alexion calm down his carefree lifestyle a little, even if it didn’t change his being any more enthusiastic as a doctor. He was known for his terse bedside manner, often telling a patient what he thought if he felt that what was wrong with them was their own fault. What saved him was being genuinely good at what he did. Treatment, surgery and medical research were all strong areas for him, and his ability to transfer energy and promote healing and regeneration through touch by giving his own energy up was less hit and miss than many others with the ability, although he only ever used it in emergencies due to the dangers involved.

Somehow along the way, he found himself promoted to a senior doctor and surgeon. He was more settled than he used to be, with a son to bring up, guide and most of all, love. But he was still no angel and still held little love for his position. His real love became his son, Laeon. As his son grew up, he realised there was nothing he wouldn’t do for him. He was also doted on by his grandparents and uncle and aunt; despite Alexion’s father’s original disapproval of the bastard child, he grew to love Laeon just as fiercely and he was accepted as a fully recognised member of the Wylde family clan.

The beauty and prosperity of Vaeron was shattered in 2366, when Alexion was the equivalent of a human 34 year old, and Laeon the physical and mental equivalent of a human 14 year old. Vaeron was attacked by an alien force that sent a large number of ships and vehicles down to the planet. Communications were severed and their calls for help never got through. The alien attack went on for four days, systematic destruction of the Vaerons. It was on day two that it dawned that this wasn’t an invasion meant to conquer the Vaerons, it was a slaughter meant to wipe them out. Ships trying to escape the planet were shot down. Injured and wounded were killed. A surrender was ignored. It was only when some of the alien soldiers finally came out of their ground vehicles and were seen unmasked and talking that it was realised they were Xaeons, the people of a close by planet.

The week long slaughter of the Vaerons woke Alexion’s duty and responsibility as a doctor. His parents had been killed on the first day in the attack. He’d been separated from his son, whose mother had also been killed on the first day. Alexion’s brother, Jaq, finally managed to get Laeon to relative safety, but the doctor was swamped with the injured and wounded pouring in. On day two, he realised, like the others, that this wasn’t an invasion, but a slaughter, and that’s when he knew he had to get them off the planet and take their chances in a ship against the enemy fire and extermination of escape shuttles; it was still better chances of staying on the planet.

Alexion managed to get his brother and son to one of the Council escape ships that was left; the last Council ship being prepared to escape the planet with the last of the Fleet and Army vessels as chaperones even though they faced certain destruction in trying to protect the Council ship. He told them he had to stay, to try and treat people left on the planet, and made his brother promise to take Laeon and look after him. Jaq agreed and wished his brother well before taking the boy with him off the planet. Alexion had no idea if they’d managed to slip past the enemy ships or not as he went back to the hospital. Soon it was under attack though, targeted specifically to eradicate as many Vaerons as possible. They made the decision that those who could walk should try and escape the city.

With no let up in the slaughter, the majority of the Vaerons were soon dead. Groups trying to escape the cities were the only ones left, and they were hunted down and killed systematically. Alexion was torn between his new found sense of duty to stay and protect who he could while he could, and knowing it was hopeless. To abandon their home felt like a betrayal, but it was over. They’d lost. Vaeron had been taken by the Xaeons, and the Vaerons as a people had been virtually wiped out, all in a few days days. Resisting the urge to just lie down and wait for the Xaeons in the bleakness of the situation, Alexion’s resolve strengthened with the help of the others in the group of survivors from the hospital. The group decided to head back to the outskirts of the city to get to Alexion's family's home in hopes that their shuttle remained to try and get off the planet. The chance of it being still in tact and being able to escape the planet without being shot down, however small, was still a bigger chance of survival than staying on the planet that was being wiped clean of Vaerons.

They finally managed to escape in one of the Wylde estate’s ships. The small group were relieved, but no one celebrated. They’d escaped with nothing but what was on their backs, and they’d just witnessed the annihilation of their people, even if it hadn’t quite sunk in yet. They were picked up by a Starfleet ship and told that a few other ships had been picked up further out with survivors, but in total, not many survivors were left. Only a handful of Vaerons had escaped, the rest had been massacred.

It took a couple of days for Alexion to find out what he’d been waiting for. Both his brother and son had been on one of the few ships that had managed to escape and had been picked up by the Fleet. The three were finally reunited and faced with trying to build a new future out in the universe.
Starfleet History It seemed that they were just getting a grip back on their lives. Alexion was trying to find a new home with Laeon, and Jaq was out seeking a new career now he wouldn’t inherit the position of High-Pralor. It wasn’t long before another force rocked the lives of those around them. The Borg. The sudden and terrifying threat threw the Federation into turmoil. As a fleet was put together to combat the Borg, the call went out for civilian doctors to volunteer as an emergency response team. Not able to stand by at what felt so familiar to what happened on Vaeron, Alexion left Laeon with his brother and volunteered as a doctor and surgeon. His training had been based a lot around the Vaeron physiology, but he’d also been trained in other prominent species as well, enough to give emergency treatment.

The battle of Wolf 359 had been brutal, but Alexion had played his part trying to heal those he could. His performance impressed one of the senior doctors enough to be invited to enrol with Starfleet. He’d never particularly loved being a doctor, but that had been when he was supported by a powerful and wealthy family. Now, he had to support himself and his son, and his medical skills were all he had to do it. He accepted the invitation and after he was tested on his knowledge base, a customised intense course was given to bring him up to speed on the elements of other species he would need to be familiar with. He had no intention of training for yet another four years on top of all the training he’d already down in his life, and it was agreed that he could enlist rather than go through officer training and serve as a doctor and surgeon.

He served as such for a few years, Laeon always living with him on ship, before Alexion was moved to Starfleet Medical to serve there. He preferred it, settled in one place, so letting Laeon settle also. It wouldn’t last though, as the break out of the Dominion War saw him sent back out into space to be on the front lines. For the first time, he didn’t take Laeon with him. Despite his son’s protests, he made him stay with his uncle while he joined the war. It was a difficult two years that didn’t seem to show any signs of stopping, but he got through it, although drained. He’d had enough with working with patients and out in the field after the war and he was granted a position in Starfleet Academy, teaching medicine to students.

Over his years working as an Instructor in the Academy, he gained a harsh reputation, often as blunt and bad tempered with his students as he was with patients at the bedside, and he was a tough task master, driving his students hard. He knew how difficult the medical life could be; if the students couldn’t even survive him, they’d never survive service. His reputation preceded him with many medical students; some dreaded being taught by him, others were pleased with it, for as harsh and slave driving he could be, it got results.

A few years later, the fleet had different plans for him. A smaller pick up of medical officers alongside growing hostilities led to Starfleet pushing their experienced medical personnel back to serving out in the fleet to practice medicine on the ‘front lines’. Alexion wasn’t given a choice when he was sent to the USS Ji’an, but he at least was able to have Laeon with him. After movement across a couple of other ships over the following years, and showing that his bedside manner hadn’t improved at all, Alexion was sent to the USS Galileo.

He found more work for him than he had perhaps expected on a small Science ship, and he was plunged into several dangerous situations, including borg and cardassian zombies. However he managed to always scrape through somehow. Enough to find himself promoted at least. A year later, he was unexpectedly transferred to fill a sudden vacancy at Starfleet Medical. It took some getting used to being on Earth again after life on ships for some time, but he fell into the routine again. He made it clear however that he wanted to return to more active service on a ship when possible, and once a suitable replacement was found after a year, Alexion and Laeon were able to return to be with the crew of the USS Galileo.

The Galileo they had known had been destroyed in their absence, but they were posted to the USS Hathaway, a ship where the majority of the old Galileo crew had reunited, to take out a group of cadets on a training cruise. But it soon turned into a highly dangerous rescue mission. They later moved to the USS Schofield, for what was meant to be a simple research mission, but it turned into a test of nerves, duty and the ethics of the Prime Directive.

Soon after, they moved to the new Galileo, along with the majority of the veteran Galileo crew, when it was launched on a mission to the Pleiades cluster.

It took months of relentless travel and upon arrival, they were detoured from their route to their new base of operations, Regula I, to investigate two colonies that had fallen silent. After another ethical maze involving the genesis particle and the destruction of colonies, it took a few more months to travel to Regula I, and on arrival, instead of being granted the shoreleave the crew sorely needed, they were sent straight back out to investigate Cold Station 31...a base that was conducting secret and unethical research on behalf of Starfleet, but hadn't been heard from in sometime. After fighting off Ferengi boarders and then dealing with the fallout when the away teams from the Cold Station returned, he was well and truly ready for shoreleave.

Upon returning to Regula I, despite still not having had the chance of any real shoreleave between back to back missions and transit, the Galileo was sent back out to space for systems testing after only three days of resupply.
Medical History Vaerons develop different mental and physical abilities when they reach adulthood. These abilities are called the 'Talent'. These vary from person to person but tend to be inherited through a bloodline. Alexion’s Talent is Transference. He can transfer a myriad of different things either from himself to another person, or from another person to himself. This ranges from energy and vitality right through to memories and emotion. It can allow him to ‘heal’ them by using his own strength and energy to increase the other person’s natural regeneration and healing factors. There are risks involved however, and many Vaerons have died while going ‘too far’ with the Transference technique. Alexion’s son, Laeon, has started to show a few signs of developing a similar ability.

Vaeron lifespans vary greatly depending on the ability they develop and their lifestyle. On average, as far as mathematical statistics go, Vaerons live around 600 years, however many live much longer, and many others don’t live that long. The speed of ageing can also vary depending on the ability developed, but all Vaerons age much slower than humans. The only speed of ageing that is the same for all Vaerons is the younger years before adulthood, and the fact that ageing slows down even more at around the age of 250. Between birth and the age of 70, a Vaeron is considered a ‘minor’ and legally still the full responsibility of their parents, during this time they are the physical and mental equivalent of a human child, then developing into the equivalent of a human teenager.

Vaerons are much more sensitive to hot and cold and have fast reflexes and hand/eye co-ordination. They also have a good sense of hearing and sight, but the other senses are on par with humans.

They have two hearts even though only one is required for survival. This led to a belief that they have two souls rather than just one, and that they have two gods, 'The Brothers'.

They require sleep every three days rather than every day, they require more food and drink though. If Alexion uses Transference to give energy, then he requires a large amount of sleep to recover, however, he does not like to use his abilities anymore and tends only to use it with his son and brother. Many Vaerons are more susceptible to fevers and illness than a lot of other species.

Alexion indulges in most vices, which requires repair of his body just as with a human. His medical record before joining Starfleet is lost. He has been treated for various injuries during service.
Service Record 2367 – Volunteer, Doctor & Surgeon
2367-2368 – Starfleet Academy, Supplemental Medical Training
2368-2369 – Starfleet Academy, Medical Doctor, Crewman Recruit
2369-2371 – USS West, Medical Doctor, Crewman
2371-2372 – USS Hart, Medical Doctor, PO3
2372-2373 – Starfleet Medical, Medical Doctor, PO3
2373 – USS Firebird, Medical Doctor, PO3
2373-2374 – USS Tiger, Medical Doctor, PO2
2374 – USS Fortuna, Medical Doctor, PO2
2374-2375 – USS Highland, Medical Doctor, PO2
2375 – USS Aurora, Medical Doctor, PO2
2375 – USS T’Zarl, Medical Doctor, PO2
2375-2385 – Starfleet Academy, Medical Instructor (general medicine and surgery), PO2-WO
2385-2386 – USS Ji’an, Medical Doctor, WO
2386-2387 – USS Endeavour, Medical Doctor, WO
2387-2389 – USS Rising Sun, Medical Doctor, WO
2389 - USS Venture, Medical Doctor, WO
2389-2390 – USS Galileo, Medical Doctor, WO-CWO3
2390-2391 - Starfleet Medical, Medical Doctor, CWO3
2391-Present - USS Galileo, Medical Doctor, CWO3

Character Progression System

Primary Band Medical/Counseling
Secondary Band Security/Tactical

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Strength
+ Brawn
Department Skills Medical/Counseling
+ Surgery
+ Treatment
Department Perks Medical/Counseling
+ Field Medic
+ Steady Hands

+ Brawler

Skill Training