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Crewman Neo

Name Neo -tekerik

Position Support Craft Pilot

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 49
Date of Birth 2341-11-13
Place of Birth Miri'kahr, Vulcan

Starfleet ID

Serial Number XN-020-5725
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Beta

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 287 lbs
Hair Color Brown.
Eye Color Brown.
Physical Description Tall, lanky, thin. Wears glasses. Sharp, angular features, straight brown hair w/ small wave when uncombed. Typically neutral/mildly irate/scowly. At ease/casual/chill body language.
Body Art None.

=^= PNPC Owned by Liyar =^=


Spouse Shen (Ke-tarya champion, V'Ket admin).
Father Severen (Dahsaya-lan, Miri'kahr)
Mother T'Maile (Maat tela'at, Miri'kahr)
Brother(s) Liyar (Diplomatic officer, USS Galileo).
Other Family Foremother T'Zanith (grandmother). Adopted brother Sekhet. Cousin Rhiell. Clan-brother Sharivok (uncle). Clan-sister Anuin (aunt-in-law). Clan-sister T'Nira (sister-in-law). Clan-brother Niurek (brother-in-law). Clan-sister T'Reesa (aunt). Clan-brother Sokam (uncle-in-law). Clan-sister Sarai Dahan (aunt-in-law). Cousin Ni Sarahi. Neo is part of the Niram clan, the hereditary leaders of Miran province. His family is rather large, and close-knit, like most Vulcan families tend to be. Neo himself is distanced from them.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Knows things in the spectrum of his experiences. Seeks sensation and physical information. Detail-oriented. Cool/collected. Bit of a phaser jockey. Miran native culture (pragmatic/psi-native type folks). Stable, calm. Telepathy (P7 touch-telepath): mind-melding, operating bonds, healing trance, pain suppression.

Rarely anyone calls Neo by the official name on his records, not even his family.
Strengths Practical, modern, down-to-earth, unassuming. 3x strength, eidetic memory, time-sense, directional proprioception, autonomic control. Tactically intelligent. Laid back. Crosstrained, versatile. Obedient, subtle, crafty. Dependable, loyal, effective, observant, unpretentious, easily satisfied, relatable, humorous.
Weaknesses Ornery, unpleasant, default setting: dislike, jealous/envious, solitary, uninterested, disorganized, self-motivated. cantankerous, surly, taciturn, disapproving, superior, arrogant, egoist, rude, nihilistic, lies easily. Aloof, blunt. Predictable. More comfortable behind a phaser than a textbook. Easily bored. High-Mach logic/"The Economic Man" (Homo economicus). Prejudiced against non-Vulcans. Sarcastic/mocking. Unscientific, inept in cold/wet climates, not book smart, not a leader, highly pacifistic, uncreative, inattentive, uninventive, stagnant, unintuitive, skeptical.
Ambitions Ambition is alien to Neo, who has always done what has been expected of him and been happier for it, since he and his family want the same thing: him out of the way. He's been free to pursue his own interests, ultimately joining the VDF. Neo is interested in learning to pilot starships. For now, he can only pilot support craft, automobiles, hoverbikes and DTVs.
Hobbies & Interests Kareel-ifla, a form of extreme fitness training incorporating elements similar to parkour taught to the V'Ket. In his spare time, Neo works with wood and metal to make weaponry, carvings, and furniture. He also makes instruments and costumes for Miri'kahr's tvi-shal. His interests include phasers, weapons, the military and Vulcan history.
Vernacular Neo's speech is plain and to the point. He has traces of the Miran accent; F (V), J (DZ, Z) or SH (Z, S or S-HY) & elongated vowel patterns. Shi'kahr influenced (compound-additives/first syllable stress/upward shift). Rarely uses technical terms, works with what he has on hand, improv, experimentation. He uses contractions normally, and understands common idioms and tones of voice.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Vulcan (Miri'ahm gotavlu, Modern Golic), Federation Standard, Combative NFA

Personal History Lorin Neo-tekerik maat'Niram was born in 2341 in Miri'kahr city, Miran, Vulcan to the clan elder of Miran and the division leader of the province. His older brother was chosen to inherit long before Neo was born. For most of his life, Neo stayed out of the way, developing something of a grudge against his family at the juxtaposition of being left out and constantly compared to his brother. He and Liyar were never very close, being almost a decade apart, along with the fact that Liyar spent much of his time undergoing complicated training while Neo preferred to be alone. Liyar was the ironically unpopular one, being mentally ill and somewhat frightening to their peers, while Neo had little trouble forming shallow relationships. This would seal the future of their interactions, which were civil at best. Games of Velocity and Merako soon disbanded.

At the age of seven Neo began the trials and underwent the kahs-wan. His was uneventful, except near the end when he ran out of water and needed to use his rudimentary biological training for the last two days so he would not dehydrate. He hunkered down into a cave and drew pictures of his military engagement novels with his tricheq knife into the stones. When he returned home, he was bonded to another child named T'Alistra, but the two had an antagonistic relationship. Neo thought her unintelligent and vapid, while she felt he was insulting and barbaric. Their bickering and fighting was so pervasive that T'Maile feared T'Alistra would inevitably challenge, and dissolved the union, allowing Neo to wait until he was older before making the decision. The only real decision Neo has ever made for himself came around this time, when his family instructed him to participate in the ritual than-tha, the first mind meld. He refused to meld with Severen, believing his father's mind to be volatile and unpleasant after watching him and Liyar fight for so many years, making a moral objection to sharing his mind with someone he felt was dangerous. When Liyar was sent away to the Academy in the wake of Severen's plak vrie 4 years later, Neo was permitted to have his teacher stand in instead.

The rest of Neo's childhood was spent in solitude, or avoiding his parents and family whenever he could. As soon as he hit eighteen he enlisted in the V'Ket, Vulcan's ground forces service, and underwent law enforcement training. Most of the V'Ket deal with threats to Vulcan, intelligence dealing with Vulcan and domestic affairs such as the V'tosh ka'tur and other desert settlements. The V'Ket are the long arm of the Planetary Confederation of 40 Eridani (or simply the Vulcan government). Whereas the V'Shar are Vulcan's intelligence agency and deal with protecting Eridani itself and interfacing with the Federation. The V'Ket are more like military than like police, but they also function as civilian law enforcement. He shipped out to basic and didn't look back. He worked for many years doing assignments in Miri'kahr, but he kept trudging along, believing that eventually he would get a break and leave Miran.

This break came when an administrator for VIDA saw him participate in a ke-tarya tournament. He entered it without any real thought in an attempt to pursue one of the competitors, Shen, a visitor from Han'shir. He managed to come in third place, while Shen came in first. He didn't get the girl, who thought him little more than an idiot, but Administrator Sirek saw tactical potential in him. Sirek pulled him from the city lines, making the inquiry into whether or not Neo would be interested in close protection detail training. Neo instantly jumped at the opportunity and he was sent to VIDA's CPD in the Sas-a-Shar desert (known as The Forge to offworlders). He finished this training in a much shorter period of time as it was high-intensity, seventeen hour days every day for two years straight.

Neo came out of this training with much more discipline, both physical and mental. During the tal'oth part of the training, where recruits were expected to survive two weeks in the desert with only a knife, one member of his group was killed by a le-matya, driving home the grueling, exhaustive environment and encouraging the rest of the trainees to go above and beyond. He graduated and was assigned to the S'iktael Spaceport's ground operations in Shi'kahr as a high-risk operator. His assignments were mostly as protective detail on the variety of foreign dignitaries and governments that made their way through the port, and to secure passengers, shuttles and flight cargo on their way to and from Vulcan. He enjoyed this much more, since it was far less repetitive. He only had a few close calls, but this increased dramatically during the Dominion War, when Vulcan became a target for the Dominion. The S'iktael spaceport entered a state of lockdown, and for good reason, as the Dominion made several attempts to annex it and several other ports in orbit of Vulcan. Neo was posted to a number of different vessels interested in protecting the Eridani system.

During the Dominion War, Neo saw Shen again. It turned out that Shen was also a V'Ket officer, and Sirek was her brother. Shen was assigned to the MTV Terash along with Neo as part of the security detail. Neo made his intentions quite clear, unfortunately for her. Perhaps it was persistence, or maybe she was just as cantankerous as him, but somehow he weaseled his way into her conscience and befriended her. The two of them eventually fought at P'Jem as part of the assault team responsible for driving the Dominion forces back. His brother was injured severely in that conflict, and Shen stayed with him when they returned home for the proceedings. At thirty-seven, Neo went through his first pon farr, and he asked Shen (again) if she would marry him. Much to his relief at not-dying, she said yes.

After the Dominion he and Shen were dual-assigned to the Womb of Fire, a dangerous and volcanically active area of Vulcan territory where a group of V'tosh ka'tur operating under Old World Te-Vikram ideals claimed responsibility for several attacks, considering them incursions into their property. Volcanic activity made their task difficult, but eventually the group were apprehended and remanded to meditation cells. This assignment took a year to complete in its entirety. He participated in similar deployments for the remainder of his career. While criminals on Vulcan were either placed in locked facility hospitals (like meditation cells) or exiled to the desert, those exiles often formed volatile groups where crime ran rampant. Neo's unit was tasked with ensuring that these people did not end up violating mainstream Vulcan space. Most of these assignments were with Shen. Unlike his brother, he didn't understand the concept of being separated from her for long periods of time. These deployments were broken up only by Neo's second pon farr at the age of 44. He returned home for a few days of leave before heading out again. Until 2387, Neo alternated various assignments in Vulcan's vast desert forge, sometimes not seen for years by his clan or friends as they worked tirelessly to prevent threats from reaching Vulcan's mainstream society. He was posted to Shi'kahr in 2387 after the Hobus disaster and the threat situation against Vulcan became more prevalent as people looked for someone to blame. Fortunately no serious incidents occurred.

In 2389 Liyar's wife was killed by an Andorian xenophobic group and Neo was pulled from his deployment to return home to Miran. Their reunion was short-lived, but Neo attended T'Yron and Raek's funeral service. He pushed Severen to re-bond Liyar as soon as possible, but T'Maile overruled them both, insisting that would not work. Neo didn't get to continue the argument. He was redeployed shortly afterward to Kari'shol compound, an area of politically volatile territory controlled by the V'tosh ka'tur Kari'shol camps and under attack by the neighboring group. Nari'shol had captured a group of V'Shar officers and one Starfleet officer who had been on their way through when separated from their team. The only way out was straight, and they entered the wrong area while seeking cover from an electrical storm. Neo and his team were sent in to retrieve the officers. With the help of his cousin Rhiell, a member of the Kari'shol sect, they launched an offensive raid with the sole objective of bringing their people home. While this worked, Neo was caught in a 'farewell' bomb. He spent six weeks at Shi'kahr medical center, four of those in a coma.

He was promoted shortly after and then pulled from active duty. It was then that he received his new directives from his family, to follow Liyar to the Galileo. Utterly abhorrent of this suggestion, but without sufficient means to counter it, Neo begrudgingly entered the rapid-deployment enlisted service at Starfleet, skipping BCT and directly entering the month-long AIT program for support pilots. He kept his dissent about the entire process characteristically to himself. Personally, he found it ridiculous that his family considered him a glorified babysitter. He hitched a ride on the USS Venture and transferred to the Galileo shortly after their arrival in the Rojar system.
Starfleet History
Starfleet Certification:

Starfleet spatial geometry. Starfleet shuttlecraft and auxiliary systems. Starfleet regulations. Shipboard duties and guidelines. First aid. Swimming certification (30% fail). Interspecies ethics. Federation ideology. Type II and phase compression rifles (Starfleet issue). Uniform standards. Trigonometry. Trajectory, velocity, three dimensional cartography. LCARS. Impulse engines, electroplasma systems, EPS tapping, power alignment. Air traffic control, colsig/lightsig, shipboard communications, flight planning, navigation, aerodynamics. Weather theory, forecasting. Takeoff and landing, VTOL, ISAR. SAR operations. CAT4 medical cert. High-G training. Zero-G training. Null-gravity combat exercises. LOFT.
Medical History Smoke inhalation, trioxin. Phaser injuries, partial lung transplant. 2nd/3rd degree burns; 30% body mass. MIC, stasis. MED4 EYE EXAMINATION (Flight certification): CVD-Tritanopia. Corrective ARA lens. Retinax, -2.00 +1.50 x 180.
Service Record

Hardware, combative NFA [Non-Federation Aligned] (language). Shuttle mounts/dismounts, search procedures, bailout. Attack methodology. Overt/covert. Site surveys. Movements by road/escort/walking. (Vulcan): Culture analysis, threat assessment. Counter espionage, using translators, informants, dress codes. Language pattern analysis, loyalties to group, NFA body language. Deceptive body language. NFA sec/tac, NFA priorities. Escaping ropes/tape/wire/handcuffs, ion restraints, force fields, gravity assisted restraint (GAR) systems. Resisting psi-weapons & tech assisted interrogation. Surviving beheading/execution/directed energy/edged weapons. Deceptive approach, totally dark environments, sabotage, movement against sensors. Counter vehicle hijack, commandeering. Starting vehicle w/o codes. Managing hostages, manipulating ODN, deceptive comm. Rifle ops, reactive shooting, drawing weapons, kneeling, prone, falling back, moving targets, injured/disoriented, in motion, in cover, moving vehicle, weapon malfunction, weapon transition, position shooting (turbolift), high pressure. Resisting biological/instinctive behaviors, operating while mentally incapacitated, self-confinement procedures. Weapons disarming (phaser/compression rifle/projectiles). Counter-ambush, sniper elim, mob attack, containing multiple individuals, kareel-ifla, ponn-ifla, pressure points, joint-locks, immobilization, countering FED HTHC, feints, multiple attackers, ahn-woon, lirpa, lipitah, tricheq, speed/coordination/stamina, flexibility, obstacle courses. IEDs construct/recognize, traps, sensor/monitor detection, NFA-explosive, CQB, limited visibility, evac procedures, silent comm/silent/noisy approach, camouflage, dealing w/ hostile desert animals. Tal'oth, vehicle mod/emerg, DTV evasive maneuvers (180d turns, reverse 180d turns, reverse 270), high-speed, full-stop, NFA engine config, weight/aerodynamism, automobiles/steering/joystick/braking, obstacle course, split-second decisions, functioning while pursued/in pursuit.

Deployments [[TCHA'BE'SHE, 42ND GUT, VK]]:

Miri'kahr city law enforcement, ulef-lan
VIDA: Camp Tcha'be'she, terseht-lan
S'iktael spaceport ground control
S'iktael spaceport orbital control, wuh-lan
MTV Ketan
MTV Saren, fosh-lan
MTV Terash
MTV Tianko
Womb of Fire, ot-lan
Fire plains
Shi'kahr medical center, tra-lan

Starfleet [[FCON, SCP]]:

SEAM: Camp Pike, crewman
USS Venture, shuttle maintenance
USS Galileo, support craft pilot

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