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Captain Sarah Sutherland

Name Sarah Chloe Sutherland (KIA)

Position USS Venture Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 45
Date of Birth March 20, 2345
Place of Birth Glasgow, Scotland, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number MD-201-0026
Security Clearance Level 10
Duty Shift Alpha

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Body Art
=^= PNPC Owned by Evelyn Coleman =^=


Spouse None
Children None
Father Gabriel Sutherland
Mother Saundra Sutherland
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sarah is very easy going for a Commanding officer. She is very opinionated and while is somewhat loose on the leash with her crew, she does have zero tolerance for incompetents.
Strengths Ability to make friends and long lasting relationships. Her command skills are strong, and are highly intelligent.
Weaknesses Stubbornness and Pride tends to be her main motivator at times.
Ambitions To live up to the reputation of the ship she currently commands
Hobbies & Interests For recreation she prefers to relax with a good book, jazz music, and glass of red wine. She has an eclectic music taste, ranging from modern favorites to classical orchestra, and Klingon Opera.
Vernacular Smooth voice, even pitch.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Romulan, Bajoran, Klingon, Cardassian, and Vulcan

Personal History Sarah Chloe Sutherland was born on April 21, 2353, daughter of Gabriel and Saundra Sutherland. Her parents strove for her to achieve greatness, being an only child she learned to be self efficient and become an Independent woman. Sarah achieved success in countless activities but always felt she could do more. One day she decided to take life in her own hands when Sarah attended the rural University of California to gain a Bachelor of Political Science with Honors. While at this university, Sarah became romantically involved with her high school sweetheart Michael Richard. Immediately after the completion of her Bachelor of Political Science with first class honors, Sarah applied for the Starfleet Academy and was fortunate enough to pass on her first attempt.
Starfleet History While attending the academy, Sarah found friendships in a range of different species. Overall, she found studying at the academy an interesting period in her young life. One positive outcome of attending the academy, Sarah made plenty of friends and acquaintances, a task she had often found difficult in her civilian life. She even met a Vulcan, V’Pal who became a trusted friend to both her and Michael. Sarah had no clearly define dislike of any subjects, though the subject areas that she scored highly in were the ones she wanted to avoid. These were combat related, particularly zero-gravity, medical and engineering related. Sarah also enjoyed her studies in astrophysics and both starship and shuttlecraft operations. However diplomatic courses were her top priority in addition to intelligence and strategic operations. She also decided to Minor Psychology to assist in her facial expression reading training for Criminal Understating course.

Due to the Borg and Dominion threat by the time of her graduation, her first assignment was as an Intelligence officer of the USS Ludwig. Sarah was thrilled however her time one the ship was uneventful.

In 2371 she was Chief Intelligence officer of the USS Venture. She met various individuals and multiple friends during her time on the venture, including an El-Aurian that went by the name Tatiana. When the Dominion War broke out in 2374 she continued to serve on the Venture, she remained several years following the war.

In 2379 Evelyn transferred to the USS Kanji as Executive officer under the Command of Captain Benjamin Hokinson. After serving four years as XO, Starfleet finally offered her a Command of her own.

In 2383 Evelyn took Command of the USS Gemini a Galaxy class ship. During her command the ship encountered an Alien Gateway at the heart of the Albani Nebula, pulling her crew across the quadrant to the heart of Breen Space. It was there, on a planet,when they encountered a group of Starfleet offices, captured when the Breen entered the war, and were being used as slave labor. The Gemini liberated the officers and eventually made their way back to Federation Territory.

In 2386 Sarah was appointed a position at Starfleet Intelligence under Admiral Blacklock.

She earned command of her former ship the USS Venture when Admiral Blacklock personally recommended her for the position.
Service Record 2363 - Entered Starfleet Academy
2363-2367 - Starfleet Academy, Major Intelligence, Minor Strategic Operations and Psycology
2367-2371 - USS Ludwig, Intelligence Officer
2371-2379 - USS Venture, Chief Intelligence Officer
2379-2383 - USS Kanji, Executive Officer
2383-2386 - USS Gemini, Commanding Officer
2386-2387 - Starfleet Intelligence
2387- - USS Venture, Commanding Officer

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