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Senior Chief Petty Officer Keval zh'Erinov

Name Keval zh'Erinov

Position Operations Officer

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 35
Date of Birth August 28,2356
Place of Birth Latbok, Andoria

Starfleet ID

Serial Number MX-993-8446
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 6 - Operations Office
Quarters 04-1007 EN
Roommate Greg Mitchell

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 150
Hair Color White
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Keval has a slender wiry frame, his muscles built from time in the pool and the pommel horse, not the weight machine or the football field. (though he did play flanker for the Academy Rugby team. His hair is the typical white color of most Andorians and is usually worn short. His antennae are located on his forehead above his eyebrows and below his hairline.

He walks with with the natural grace of a dancer rather than the swagger of a middle linebacker.

When not on duty, he prefers loose fitting clothing usually black or dark purple.
Body Art Vine and roses tattoo on his lower back

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Spouse None
Children None
Father Thoris/D'nal(deceased)
Mother Raciel/Seria(decesed)
Sister(s) Sitarah
Other Family Ben and Mary Greysan adoptive parents
Ben junior

Personality & Traits

General Overview While he won't shy away from a fight when a fight is called for, especially when he see an injustice or his honor is questioned, he is more an artist than a warrior.

He is a determined and driven young man and is extremely competitive. He enjoys activities that challenge him mentally and physically and he is a helpless romantic who believes in marriage and commitment.

He is friendly and sometimes borders on being flirty.
Strengths Has a sharp analytical mind and is usually thinking about five moves ahead. Has an eidetic memory

Is a better with martial arts than energy weapons, but would rather talk his way out of a situation.

"Visionary" sees the big picture
Weaknesses He can be vengeful and his sense of honor has gotten him into trouble before. He doesn't suffer fools gladly and is not afraid to let anyone know it.
Ambitions Like most Star Fleet Officers he would like to have a ship of his own, but a merchant ship or one that owned would be just as good as a Federation Command in his mind. He is especially interested in smaller, faster ships.

He'd like to get married and have kids, even if the kids come from a surrogate or if he is adopted

He seeks to right wrongs and defend the innocent.
Hobbies & Interests He is an avid chess and Go player. He prefers to keep physically active by swimming and performing gymnastics. He is a third degree black belt in Krav Maga and regularly spars and practices. In his quieter moments he likes to paint, write poetry, sing, play the saxophone and is active in drama.

He enjoys watching and participating in holodeck adventures.
Vernacular His tenor voice has a Southern California flair to it, with terms like hella, cool, totally, etc.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Andorian, Standard, Betazoid, Spanish

Personal History Keval was born on August 28, 2356 to the th'Greysan family (he would later drop the th' from his name to make it easier for the pinkskins. Thoris and Raciel were scientists, D'nal an engineer and Seria an artist.

His sister Sitarah was two years younger than he is. All four of his parents were Star Fleet officers who served aboard the USS Monitor. Keval and Sitrah were on the ship with them. While on shore leave at Deep Space Five, when he was eight and she was six. She was taken captive and into exile somewhere unknown while the parents were all killed, their heads cut from their bodies. Keval had been at a friend's birthday party on the ship.

The murders and abductions were investigated but there were few crews. Four ships had been stationed there and left shortly before the bodies were discovered. The first was a Vulcan Science Ship, the Sarek The second was a Romulan "merchant" ship named the Vakair. The third ship was another Federation one, a Galaxy class named the Raptor and the final ship was Ferangi with no name given. With no real clues and no possible motive the investigation came to naught and was eventually forgotten by all but Keval.

Since none of his Andorian relatives were either willing or able to take him in he was taken to earth and adopted by the Greyson family. From the time that he was nine he lived in San Diego California. His adoptive parents were very well off and he was treated like one of the family.

One the one hand that was good, he had a place to live and people who cared for him. However Ben Greysan was determined that Keval and his brothers would take over the family business, a conglomerate of communication and media outlets.

Keval wanted to pursue an MFA and was pushed into getting and MS in Electrical Engineering. A bit more technical than his brothers, despite his artistic bent, he was tasked with running Eagle Communications Research and Development department, which provides much of the Federation communication and security systems.

At age 24 he became the CTO, (Chief Techncial Officer)not because of who his father was, but because of his abilites. He served in that capacity for about eighteen months before he found that his father was compromising the systems he was selling to the Federation which would make them vulnerable to the highest bidder being able to eavesdrop.

Much to the chargin of his other family members he testified against his father without hesitation. Ben was sent to a Penal Colony, Keval at age 27 joined the Federation.

Due to him having and MBA already and experience in running a company, he was only at the Academy for three years.
Starfleet History 2374-2378 USC BA Fine Arts

2378-2380 MS Electrical Engineering Stanford

2380-2383 CTO Eagle Comunications

2383-2386 Star Fleet Academy Major Starship Operations: Commnuications Minor:Transporter

2385 Cadet Cruise USS Resistance

2386-2389 USS Hornet

2389-Present USS Galileo

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