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Rear Admiral James Hurin

Name James Hurin

Position Task Force 72 Commanding Officer

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33
Date of Birth 2349
Place of Birth USS Independence

Starfleet ID

Serial Number RT-233-4160
Security Clearance Level 10
Duty Shift N/A
Office USS Nimitz - Captain's Ready Room
Quarters USS Nimitz - Deck 1
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall, athletic build. Beard, well trimmed and groomed.
Body Art =^= PNPC Owned by Markum Quinn =^=


Father Quintin Hurin - KIA
Mother Shell Hurin - KIA

Personality & Traits

General Overview James is a very loyal, sincere person. He believes very strongly in following the chain of command, and obeying your Superior officer. James also believes that having an open ear, a forgiving heart, an easy temper, and a firm hand, makes for a leader that people will be willing to follow.
Strengths Open-minded, Sincere, Loyal, Critical Thinker, Ambitious
Weaknesses Perfectionist, Overly Critical of Self, Persistent, Risk Taker
Ambitions James has set up very clear goals, and is not shy about sharing them. His current goal is to be the best Captain to his crew and take advantage of being a Task Group Commanding Officer, not to mention turn the Illustrious into the top ship of the line. He wants to learn all he can from his current Task Force CO, and use it to make himself a better leader. His next item is to make Rear-Admiral, and have command of a task force, and then on to the fleet. He hopes to one day retire with the rank of Full Admiral.

He knows his ambitions are large, and many think of him as arrogant for having such aspirations, but James feels you can only be as effective, and useful, as you allow yourself to dream.
Hobbies & Interests Piloting, Space Jumping, Rock Climbing, Camping, Gambling, Reading, Painting, Xenoarcheology
Orientation Heterosexual

Personal History James was born in 2355 to two Starfleet Officers, Lt. jg's Quintin and Shell Hurin. James father was a helmsman, and his mother an engineering officer, and both serving on the same vessel. James was born on the USS Independence.

James spent his entire upbringing on the Independence, as it was an Ambassador Class, and the first class to allow families. His youth was spent learning the ins & outs of the heavy cruiser, and schooling. He would dream of piloting a starship one day.

In Early 2373 James was accepted into Starfleet Academy, and was excited to join, as the Dominion War had just begun. James entered the Academy that fall, and began to work towards his ambition as a flight control officer. In 2375 the Breen attacked Earth, and laid waste to most of San Francisco. Later that same year, James received horrible news. The USS Independence was ambushed by Romulan Warbirds, and destroyed. His parents were listed as KIA, their bodies never found. James was on the verge of morbid depression, but managed to put his studies first, and focused all his attention on completing the Academy.

In 2376 James was accepted into Nova Squadron, and quickly advanced his positioning within the Flight Team. 2377, his Senior year, he was flight lead for Nova Squadron, and went on to graduated with High Honors, and a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Astrophysics. After graduation he went to the Starfleet Flight School, and then onto Advanced Aerospace Combat Tactics.

2378, now Ensign Hurin, was assigned to Starbase 1 as a support craft pilot. After only a year on duty, Ensign Hurin's uncanny flight abilities were noticed, and was quickly moved to the Assistant Chief Support Craft Pilot.

2380 was promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade, and transferred to Starbase 112 as the Chief Support Craft Pilot. In late 2382, his CO encouraged James to take the Starfleet bridge officer examination. Lt. jg., Hurin passed the examination. The next year in 2383 James received a promotion to full Lieutenant, and his dream of being on a starship was finally going to come true.

James was quickly being known for his piloting abilities, and was asked by the Captain of the USS John F. Kennedy to take his newly vacated position of Chief Flight Control Officer. James accepted, and with his former CO's blessings, transferred to the JFK in 2383. James showed his ability to remain calm in tense situations, and two years later was given the 2nd Officer tag. In late 2386 James was accepted to Starfleet Command School, and was shipped back to Starfleet Command on Earth. In January 2387 James passed Command School, and was promptly promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

The USS Nimitz was docked at Starbase 1, and was the new Flagship for the 4th Fleet. James found the CO, and petitioned for the CFCO position. The Captain accepted his offer, and was also given the position of Mission Advisor. He worked very close with the Captain of the Nimitz, and his XO, but grew hungry for a command of his own, and he knew the only way he would reach CO,was to first be an XO.

In the beginning of 2388, Lt. Com Hurin became aware of a new Insignia class vessel about to be newly commissioned, the USS Illustrious. In the Summer of 2388, Lt. Commander James Hurin transferred to the USS Illustrious as Executive Officer. IN the early part of 2389 James' CO became ill, and was relieved of command. James was promoted as Commanding Officer, and took the reigns where his former Captain had left off.

In 2389, James was promoted to Task Group Commanding Officer within Task Force-47. He took over the lead of 47-C, the "Kensai".
Service Record 2373 - Starfleet Academy

2377 - Graduated Starfleet Academy w/Honors (Nova Squadron Flight Leader) B.S. Astrophysics Degree

2377/8 - Cad - Starfleet Flight School / Advanced Aerospace Combat Tactics

2378 - Ens - Support Craft Pilot - Starbase 1
( 2379 Promoted to Asst Chief SCP )

2380 - Lt. jg - Chief Support Craft Pilot - Starbase 112
( In 2382 took Starfleet bridge officer examination *passed* )

2383 - Lt. - Chief Flight Control Officer / 2nd Officer - USS John F. Kennedy
( late 2386 Attended Starfleet Command School *passed* )
( Promoted to Lt. Com - Early 2387 before transferring to the Nimitz )

2387 - Lt. Com - Chief Flight Control Officer / Mission Adviser - USS Nimitz

2388 - Lt. Commander - Executive Officer - USS Illustrious
2389 - *Commander - Commanding Officer- USS Illustrious
2389 - *Captain / *Task Group Commanding Officer - 47-C "Kensai"
2390 - Stardate: 67416.0 ~ *Rear-Admiral / Task Force-72 Commanding Officer

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