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Chief Petty Officer Juliet Finch

Name Juliet Finch

Position Operations Officer

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27
Date of Birth 29 May, 2362
Place of Birth Winnipeg, Canada, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SD-632-9334
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Alpha

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7''
Weight 137lbs
Hair Color Red/Orange
Eye Color Green
Physical Description By all accounts, Juliet Finch would be considered petite. She is short, skinny, and small-boned. Her skin is milky white, but not unhealthy-looking, and is lightly freckled everywhere but her face which adds more colour to skin than there actually is. Her face is sharp, but feminine, and she has blended freckles beneath her eyes and over her nose. Her eyes are usually bright and she usually carries an inexplicable friendliness, or perhaps an eagerness, that is hard to place.
Body Art None

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Personality & Traits

General Overview Finch decided at a young age that exploring space was the only thing that she could do. For a living, that is. She could not imagine herself doing anything else for her entire life than being a 'grease monkey', except that she wanted to be 'grease monkey' in the stars. She loves getting her hands dirty and any time someone is needed to climb into a Jefferies tube, she's the first to volunteer. She is easy to fit in among her peers and fellow department, though she freezes up around officers and heads of other departments. Though she has been asked many times why she didn't pursue an officer's career, she always maintains that she has no desire to be in control of others. She entered Starfleet so she could work on ship's systems and computers, analyse and interpret logistics, and see the galaxy, not tell others what to do.

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Strengths Finch is very good at what she does because she is doing exactly what she wants to do. She is able to approach problems from several directions and offer multiple solutions. She is friendly, sociable, and even has the ability to disappear in a crowd if she wants to. People never seem to have any complaints about her, which she has always seen as a good thing.
Weaknesses Her clumsiness around officers and those who she feels are superior sometimes gets her into minor troubles. Dropping spanners and spilling toolboxes, mixing her words, and even visible shaking, all earn her some strange questions from time to time. Being an enlisted crewmember, however, prevents her from having to interact with those she isn't familiar or those who ranked significantly higher.
Ambitions At the moment, Juliet feels quite content where she is. She feels like she has reached exactly where she wants to be.
Hobbies & Interests Juliet likes to play her flute, but seldom gets the chance because of the nature of her shared quarters. She also enjoys singing and dancing. Also, Juliet takes an interest in wildlife and the outdoors. She is quite skilled at badminton, too, which surprises a lot of people because of how small she is.
Vernacular Juliet has a soft, airy, voice. She rarely has to yell, but when she does, it turns into an embarrassing high-pitched mess, so she tries to avoid shouting at all costs.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken English

Personal History Juliet grew up outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her parents ran a small farm, raising mostly sheep and using their wool for handmade clothing. Her brother decided to begin his own shuttle-repair on the same property, which he had learned from his uncle, and she had always been fascinated by her brothers stewing in the garage. This is how she developed her interest in operations; her brother took her under his wing, essentially, from a very young age, allowing her to help him as a sort of apprentice in his shuttle-repair garage. By the time she came of age, she immediately decided to enrol in Starfleet to become an enlisted crewmember in an operations department. Her brother and parents thought she would have done better in engineering, but she always thought engineering to be too much responsibility. Anti-matter containment had always distantly frightened her, and the implications of screwing that up were not something she ever wanted to consider.

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