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Captain Scott Rowe

Name Scott Darian Rowe

Position Senior Ship Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49
Date of Birth 12/12/2340
Place of Birth Cincinatti, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SA-213-4570
Security Clearance Level 10
Duty Shift Alpha

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 170
Hair Color Blonde Greying
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Deceased - Allison Rowe
Children Deceased - Paxton Rowe
Father Captain(R) Johnothan Rowe
Mother Commander(R) Jennifer Rowe

Personality & Traits

Orientation Heterosexual

Personal History Born in 2340 in Cincinatti, Earth.

Rowe went to the High School Parrises Squares National Championship with his team from the Orion Senior High School 2357.

Entered Starfleet Academy in 2358, Majoring in Astrophysics. Joined the Academy Parrises Squares Team in 2359 and did quite well.

Graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2362 and entered Flight School.

He graduated from Flight School in 2363 and was assigned to Starbase 32 as a Flight Control Officer.

In 2364 he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and made the Night Duty Officer for Flight Operations on Starbase 32.

In 2366 he was promoted to Lieutenant and made the Chief of Base Flight Operations.

In 2367, Rowe led a rescue and retrieval mission to the site of Wolf 359 to search for survivors and classified materials.

In 2368, Rowe led a Squadron to escort the USS Bozeman to Starbase 32 as it exited a Temporal Causality Loop and was previously escorted by the USS Enterprise until called away.

In 2369 Rowe is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made Squadron Commander for the Fighter Squadron on-board USS Vincent. The USS Vincent was ordered to Bajor as Cardassian Forces withdrew. Rowe's Squadron provided trade route protection to and from Bajor during the transition.

In 2373 the USS Vincent is ordered to Sector 001 to assist in repelling the Borg Cube, the Vincent takes heavy damage and is mothballed. Rowe is assigned to Starbase 100 as a Squadron Commander.

In 2375, after the Breen attack on Starfleet Academy and the onset of the Dominion War, Rowe took a slot to return to Starfleet Command and Staff College and re-branched Strategic Operations.

In 2377 he graduates and is assigned to the USS Majestic as Strategic Operations Chief. On Stardate 55073.4 Rowe is promoted to Commander while attending a ceremony to mark the return of the USS Voyager to Federation Space.

In 2380 Rowe is promoted to Captain and transferred to the USS Sizemore as Sector Strategic Operations Chief, and then eventually Executive Officer.

In 2382 Rowe becomes the temporary Commander of the USS Sizemore and then after it is decommissioned he returns to the Federation Flight School to become a Principle Instructor.

Scott Rowe retires in 2384 after 22 years of uniformed service.

Scott is called out of retirement in 2386 to become the Commander of the 80th Space Wing on Starbase 80. He was called out of retirement because of his knowledge of Strategic Operations and his experience as a pilot. Both of which are needed for this fringe assignment.
Service Record 2358-2362 -- Cadet-Starfleet Academy
2362-2363 -- Ensign–Flight Trainee – Fleet Flight School
2363-2364 -- Ensign–Flight Control Officer – Starbase 32
2364-2366 -- Lieutenant Junior Grade–Night Flight Officer – Starbase 32
2366-2369 -- Lieutenant–Chief of Base Flight Operations – Starbase 32
2369-2373 -- Lt. Commander–Fighter Squadron Commander – USS Vincent
2373-2375 -- Lt. Commander–Squadron Commander – Starbase 100
2375-2377 -- Lt. Commander–C & S Student – Starfleet Headquarters
2377-2377 -- Lt. Commander–Strategic Operations Officer – USS Majestic
2377-2380 -- Commander–Strategic Operations Officer – USS Majestic
2380-2381 -- Captain–Sector Strategic Operations Officer – USS Sizemore
2381-2382 -- Captain–Executive Officer – USS Sizemore
2382-2382 -- Captain–Commanding Officer – USS Sizermore
2382-2384 -- Captain--Staff Instructor -- Federation Flight School
2386 -- Commander–Wing Commander – Starbase 80
2386- Captain - Commander of the Carrier USS Forseti

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